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Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

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I want to send a great big thank you to all my family, cousins and friends for the best summer I’ve had since I left the state of Kentucky 36 years ago. Who needs the Smoky Mountains when you have the hills and mountains of eastern Kentucky? The four-wheeler ATV is the best investment me and my husband ever made. I married a Buckeye and now he loves eastern Kentucky as much as I do. When you live in a city with a very fastpaced life it’s hard to believe that you can find such beauty, peace and fresh air like you do on top of the mountains in Kentucky. So, thank you, all my fellow Kentuckians, from the bottom of my, Betty Kelly, and my husband Bill Kelly’s heart for the best summer we’ve ever had. Long may my old Kentucky home stand. Thank you.

You truly are a trashy tramp. You show how stupid you are with that little comment. You’re so afraid of a confrontation that you would jump in your vehicle and watch me through your rearview mirror. What did you do, lock the door and sit and shiver? No wonder people think you’re a big joke. I’m going to laugh at you from now on. You’re pathetic.

To a certain woman: My response to your comments last week are in your heart you know what you did. You’re not getting out of this one. They’ve got you. Now it’s setting in. You know I gave you every ounce of my love. You took advantage of that. You always told me you were sweet as snake venom. Well, I found the antidote in me. You don’t have any control over me. I’m not going to let you play games with my heart. I don’t look at your name in the mirror anymore. You’re playing a religious game with everybody that only you have to answer to God to. My time away from this place did me more good than you’ll ever know. You turned your back on me the first night. All I have to say to you is game over, doll. I will always love you. I can’t change that. It doesn’t feel good to have your own game turned on you, does it? Good-bye, doll. Outlaw.

I do not know why honest, God-fearing Christian people have to be subjected to what we are subjected to. Every community has at least one troublemaker, and that draws other troublemakers. They get drunk and tear up and down our roads at all hours, endangering us and our animals. They drive through our yards and yell insults at us. They have parties that seem to last for days. They steal our tools and our outdoor furniture and if we dared to leave for two or three days they would break in our house. They take anything that isn’t nailed down. They even steal our timber. They consider these communities we have worked so hard to build to be nothing but playgrounds for them. They occasionally get checked by the law but nothing seems to happen to them. Why doesn’t the law do something about this shameful situation? We have called the offices in Whitesburg, but I don’t think they are very interested.

When George W. Bush leaves office he will have been president of the United States of America for nearly one-fifth of my life. How depressing. And how scary, when you realize what this idiot and his cronies have done to destroy America’s standing in the world. Great presidents like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Kennedy, and even Reagan must be rolling over in their graves.

I hope the fiscal court doesn’t take seriously this misguided request to throw out the ban on smoking in public buildings in Letcher County. Jim Ward and the magistrates would be committing political suicide if they do what the man who presented the petition, Mr. Lee, wants them to do.

To the woman who was running a certain business operation the other day: You need to take lessons on personality. You know, the best advertisement is word of mouth. It can help you or it can hurt you. In your case it’s not going to help. I’m going to tell everyone how you wouldn’t even help me when I wanted to buy that light fixture. Plus, you had a smart attitude. If I have to pay full price for something I’m going to get it somewhere else before I come back in there.

You say because you’ve been a soldier you have the right to smoke at the Mountain Heritage Festival and anywhere else you want to, and that if people don’t like it they don’t have to be around it. People have the right to go to the Mountain Heritage Festival without having to inhale your cigarette smoke. They have the right to go into restaurants without having to inhale cigarette smoke, too. People shouldn’t have to stay at home just because you choose to blow your poison in their face. If you ever light one up around me, soldier or not, I will shove it down your throat.

The Letcher County Central High School band deserves recognition for the great job it has been doing at football games under the direction of Jason Griffith and Jason Sparks.

This is to the Letcher County Fiscal Court: Please keep our county smoke-free. We love going out to eat with friends and family. I know some people love to smoke when they drink, but please do not put that before our health. It does not take long to step outside to light up. If you smoke around people with health problems they are up most the night and may in end up in the emergency room. I know this to be true. I have asthma. My children and my grandchildren have it also. Help us to continue enjoy going out to eat. Judge Ward, if you recall there were a few nurses talking about the health risk to our children when they passed this law. Please don’t let our county move backward.

Sometimes it pays to take the path less traveled. Also learn to what paths to take and which one leads to the water. Is it a tomahawk path or warriors’ trail? Or is it just a game trail? Who muddied the water? Was it you, preacher? A true man of God will scout the trail he is on, because he is a soldier of Christ and he is on the warriors’ trail and can see through the muddy waters. He knows where each foot stone is that leads to Christ. He doesn’t go off the beaten path made by Christ while He was here on Earth. He goes by the letters the Father and Son left him – the true map to salvation and eternal life. Is that you, preacher, sending up smoke signals for help? I hope so. You sure do need to clean your water up. Think about it.

What kind of nurse gets a five-day suspension from Pikeville Methodist Hospital for improper patient care yet is good enough to be hired by ARH?

To many people, a nurse may be someone who didn’t get to you fast enough when the call bell was rung. What people need to realize is how many patients the nurse might have that day, or the acuity of the patients the nurse might have that day. Nurses are often insulted or belittled by drunks, drug addicts, or angry family members who don’t understand a nurse’s job. On top of that, nurses are exposed to numerous contagious diseases or infections, like staph infections, hepatitis, herpes, TB, and HIV, just to name a few. There are many other professions with exposure to known hazards. For example, coal miners risk black lung and receive compensation for their exposure. To my knowledge, there is no such compensation for nurses who come into contact with such diseases. I find it insulting that people are calling these nurses who are on strike greedy. These are people who care for your families – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. A nurse will care for you whether or not you have insurance. Try getting a doctor to do surgery willingly if you do not have insurance. If you have ever been in an ARH hospital and received what you received good and friendly care, chances are it was one of those nurses standing on the picket line right at this very moment. I say support the striking nurses no matter what they are striking for. Thank you.

I think it’s a shame that an alleged major drug dealer on Cram Creek is out of jail while all of his family is still in jail. Another drug dealer is on the run, and everybody else has to put up with them. But it’s getting better. Thank you. My wife says hello. Bye.

This is ol’ copper man one more time, responding to the guy who thinks I should shut up and forget about it: Well, it’s twothousand dollars of my money. I worked hard to get it. It’s not over until the fat lady sings, and she darn sure hasn’t sung. I’m going to get some kind of satisfaction. If you’re happy with losing your money, be happy. I’m not happy, and I’m not going to be happy until I get some kind of satisfaction. And I will. Now this to you and anyone else who thinks I should quit calling: I pay for the paper, I read the paper, and I’ll call with my comment. If they don’t like it they don’t have to print it. Thank you.

This message is for the longnosed woman who doesn’t have the guts herself to tell anybody what she thinks: You always want someone else to do it for you, and I’ve seen you do this more than once. You always want someone else to speak your mind.

I am so sick of all the satanic aliens plaguing Jenkins. Every time I try to take a walk at night, I see them. They think that they’re smooth, sly, sneaky things. They aren’t. It’s sad that I can’t take a peaceful walk without seeing these things looking at me. Why do they have to stare? I really don’t care that they’re around, they’ve never done anything to me, but I hate being stared at, especially by satanic aliens who think they’re better than everyone. There was one cool one though one time. He talked to me and stuff and was like ‘Man hey I got some totem polez, lets bust em up!’ I was like ‘No man, that stuff is mega wack! I don’t do that!’ and he acted all sad. Then he was like ‘aye dood I got some old cars from the 80’s if you know what I’m saying! Let’s shave ’em!’ and I was like ‘No man, that is way crazy, you think I’m an ultra dummy?!’ He acted way sadder this time, then I told him about being hard-core and being straight edge. So I philosophized to him about the straight edge way and he was totally into it. So I converted him to the edge. He’s a way rad dude now, I love him, his Earth name is Gonzo Chicken Alfredo. If you see him, be nice to him.

To a real good friend of mine who works in the courthouse: The truth will come out sooner or later, and I am not the devil some people claim I am. Some people go around and tell stuff about me and my family behind my back to get certain people in the courthouse to believe it. The truth will come out. I don’t know who told you what, but me and you are still friends as far as I’m concerned.

I was just calling to voice my concern about all of these children in the grade schools going around selling magazines and sending notes through the mail. I wonder how many more people here in Letcher County are tired of the schools begging people to buy stuff from them on top of all the taxes we already pay. I think it’s a shame a school system will send children from door to door to get money. I think they get forty cents a magazine or something like that. The school system ought to be ashamed. It’s another gimmick for these magazines to sell a product. I’m fed up with it. Letcher County, I hope your school system goes down the drain.

Could someone tell me when Kentucky Eagle Coal Company was in Carbon Glow, Kentucky? Thank you.

Please keep the smoking ban in effect, Jim Ward. Business owners should have no say in this, because when you allow them to they are going to be harming the health of all of their employees and customers who do not smoke. We non-smokers are not putting other lives in danger. Why? Because we have more sense than that. If you want to harm your own body by smoking, that’s your choice. But don’t allow others to harm babies, children, the elderly with heart and lung problems, as well as all of us healthy folks. I work in a public place, and when I started there the smoke was so bad I kept a sinus infection. Since breathing nothing but fresh, clean air the past year I think that’s the way it should stay. We should have a say-so in this. Please don’t do it. Thank you.

To Witchy Woman: My name may be Little Miss Felon. I am pregnant, but far from yellin’. A plea bargain isn’t always acquired from squealing. I was in the Letcher County Jail for a total of eight days. If I had squealed on your daughter, I think she would have gotten her time plus a little more. Thirteen days I served in the Pike County Jail was taken off my time. I pulled two and a half months. I will succeed, because I am clean. I have a child on the way, and nothing is more important to me. I am sorry your daughter messed up three good things, but one thing is for certain – a good mother I will be.

To the person who hit my pup on Elk Creek: Normally, when people see a child beside the road they slow down. You should have stopped and told her you were sorry or something. She is just 11 years old and that tore her up. You need to slow down coming through that straight stretch or you will regret it.

I would like to thank all of the scab workers at Whitesburg ARH. Some people think you are doing a great job.

I would like to say we had a wonderful revival at the Colson Pentecostal Church, where our pastor is Josh Sturgill. If you don’t have a church to go to, come out and visit us. He is really a man of God. He can really preach. We had a wonderful service during the revival. I think there were two souls saved. May God bless you and keep you is our prayer.

I hope the person who owns all the junk across from the Mayking Post Office will be next to be fined. No wonder people from other states have such low opinions of people who live in Kentucky. stop being so lazy and clean up the eyesore. We’re tired of looking at it.

If I was the KNA nurses I would beat the breaks off those scabs.

I like to go coon hunting with a certain friend in Blair Branch, but here lately he won’t let me go with him. All I want from him is a fair chance to go hunting with him, but he won’t give it to me for some reason. How much longer am I going to have to wait for this chance? Now is the time for us to start hunting together like we used to.

I’ve figured out that it doesn’t do any good to try to help the law with these drug dealers. They’ll turn around and let the drug dealers know what you say about them.

To the dumb people who think the striking ARH nurses in Whitesburg are uncaring: You need to work for someone like ARH so you will see why they are standing beside the road on strike trying to get better working conditions and better materials to work with when the patients are there. They’re not uncaring, they are very caring. There are some sorry people in Letcher County who don’t seem to care about anything besides their sorry selves. Thank you. You can print my name if you want to. It’s Paul Stevens.

My hat is off to the registered nurse who makes between $45,000 and $60,000 at ARH. She worked four to six years to get that degree in order to be able to make that money. I support the unions and I support the nurses up there on the picket line. If I can help them I sure will. Thank you.

This comment is to the editor of Speak Your Piece in response to the comment about the drought in Jenkins not being the mayor’s fault: If the mayor had employees who knew how to efficiently run the water plant and operation, then the drought situation wouldn’t be nearly as bad as it is. I don’t think we saw that in the last administration, did we?

To the stupid idiot who wrote that scabs are safe, caring, amazing beautiful souls who are going to save our ARH: I have news for you. Scabs are degenerate. Scabs are nasty. Scabs are not clean. They are not pretty. They are not to be treated as humans. They are of lower class. They should be wiped off the face of the earth.

To a certain person in Jenkins: I saw you today. I couldn’t talk to you, but it’s really killing me not being able to be with you. You need to come back home to me. We need to get back together, because I love you with all my heart just like I always have.

To the people who are upset about not getting the women’s center because of the fiscal court’s decision to withhold the coal severance tax from ARH: You need to think about Perry County giving ARH the millions of dollars to move the corporate headquarters to Hazard. They’re not moving the headquarters to eastern Kentucky and never planned to move from Lexington, so you probably wouldn’t have gotten the women’s center even if you did give ARH the money.

You would think a bunch of grown up people would have something better to do. I know who all of you are. I know your tag numbers and the makes of your vehicles. Guess who they’re going to come see first if something happens to me? This has gone way too far. I am not responsible for anything that happened to your friend, but if you don’t leave me alone, God is going to fix you just like he fixed your friend. Believe it.

This is a certain guy from Richmond responding to the two girls looking for guys between the ages of 17 and 27: I’m single, but I no longer live in Letcher County. If you want to, we can meet sometime when I come back into town. Please reply.

I read a comment in last week’s paper about someone being called a trashy tramp: I’m pretty sure that comment was made to me, and I’m pretty sure I know who made the comment. That’s pretty immature of you to do that. At least I’m not the one who is obsessed with lesbians.

A comment to the county judge and magistrates of the fiscal court: Leave the smoking ban alone. Breathing clean air is about the only positive thing we’ve got going in this otherwise pathetic county.

I just wanted to say that I am behind the RN’s in their strike against ARH. I’m glad to see people stand up for what they believe in.

I think it’s funny where someone said in Speak Your Piece that they need to quit busting the pain pill dealers in Mayking and concentrate on the cocaine dealers coming across the state line. Yeah, right. Pills are the main source. People are going to meth, too. Cram Creek and Pine Creek are getting cleaned out, and it’s working. It’s nice to see people be able to get out and move around without getting run over on the road. Thank you to UNITE.

If people want to smoke, let them stay home and poison themselves. The rest of us don’t want to breathe that junk.

I would like to wish a happy birthday to Estes Pryor and E.R. Hammonds. Estes’s birthday was on October 23, and E.R.’s was on October 24. Love, Mom and Dad. We love you, sons.

Kids don’t want to come to school at Jenkins because they are tired of being bossed around by the principal. She takes our cell phones for no reason and looks at our call logs. That is none of her business.

This is for the two women who try to look just alike by wearing their hair cut with the same look, holding their cigarettes the same way and blowing their smoke in the same direction, talking the same bad language and letting their daughters talk the same bad language: Neither of you is a lady. You both need your mouths washed out with some strong bleach. Do you wonder what people think of you two? You think all of the stuff you do makes you look real big, but it doesn’t. You’re already big.

Honey, we’re not impressed with our men, either.

Al Gore winning a Nobel Prize? Come on, give me a break. Conserving energy for the environment? No, his power bill runs about three-thousand dollars a month. His agenda? It’s political and financial, not scientific. Is it working? Why yes. He’s made millions of dollars off the book and the movie, ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’ Is there really global warming? Yes, but it comes in cycles and has for millions of years. We’re now in a warm cycle. Gore knows this and is exploiting it for his own personal gain. Will the seas really rise 20 feet in the next 25 years? Of course not. If the current pace continued, the seas could rise as much as seven to twenty-four inches in a hundred years based on most science. Does man cause global warming? No, but we do contribute to it from cars and power generation and simply breathing. But carbon dioxide is less than one percent of the greenhouse gasses. Don’t panic.

To a certain woman who left her son behind: Do you sleep well at night? Do you ever wake up hearing the little words, ‘Mama, I need you. Mama, get up’?

People, let’s get real. Letcher County needs to take care of its people and children before we give $300,000 to animals. So many people don’t even have sewer – it flows into the creek. Many don’t even have running water in their homes. Many children in this county go to bed hungry. Please rethink your giveaway to the animals. Yes, they are God’s creatures, but mankind comes first. And by the way, I would like some questions answered: Is this Letcher County’s humane society or a personal society? I know it has a name, ‘Pawz and Clawz,’ not the Letcher County Humane Society. We need answers. Who will make the profit from this venture if there is any profit?

I would just like to thank our magistrate in District Three for answering the call every time we have needed him. Paving Box Rock Road was needed, because there were dangerous gravels in the road. The people at 53 Emerson Drive would like to see our road paved, too. It wouldn’t take much, and we have three people who are on oxygen. If it was paved once it would never have to be touched again. The gravels just aren’t helping much. So please, Mr. Gibson, try to get our road paved at 53 Emerson Drive on Cram Creek. Some roads around us were paved twice before you got into office. But you are smart and know which roads need it. The other magistrates pave the same roads all of the time.

To Brian: Happy anniversary. We’ve made it seven years. We did have a few rough patches, and we may have more, but we always come out stronger in the end. I never imagined loving someone the way I love you. You are my best friend; you are my soul mate. You are amazing. I love you. Christy.

I think it’s a shame that students are not being encouraged to participate in cross-country and track. When I was in high school it was the best thing you could do. I think they need to at least put a schedule in the paper of when the events are going to be held so that people can go and support their teams. When I was in school we were supported fairly well.

To a certain woman: Are you going to keep dragging your children from one place to the other until you destroy them? Why don’t you just take them home where they can live together and be happy? You have two beautiful girls and a handsome little boy, but if you don’t watch it you’re going to destroy their lives.

My man is in jail this year for his birthday, and I just wanted to wish him a happy birthday and let him know that we love him and miss him. From Janie and his family.

To the person who commented about Al Gore getting the Nobel Peace Prize and wondering what President Bush would get: Well, the joke going around is that Al Gore didn’t get it – that the Supreme Court took it away and gave it to George W. Bush.

To our teen-age girls in Letcher County who can’t decide if they want to be a lesbian or not: God created man, then God created woman from man’s rib to be company for man. That means at his side, under his arm for protection. At his side means to be equal to him, not to be behind him or not to be in front of him by being pushy. If God had wanted woman to be with woman there would be no need for man. So, girls, quit being so stupid. Don’t go to hell for it. Straighten up. Life is too short to be dumb. Parents with teenage daughters: You need to teach them that they are females and they’re not to be lesbians. The school systems are going crazy. Teach them that if it wasn’t for their mommy and daddy they wouldn’t be in this world.

If you want respect, you must first give it to the other person.

I really think it is a shame the way some women want everything they can get their hands on. I was at a certain home the other day and listening to some talk about this lady and her daughter taking her ex for everything he was worth – taking things that weren’t really theirs. I know for a fact the daughter has been caught shoplifting in Isom and Jenkins, then she took his stuff. Well, one day someone will have to pay – maybe sooner then you expect.

To Hawk: Time flies when you are having so much fun. Happy anniversary, babe. I love you with all my heart. Forever friends, Bambi.

To David: I just wanted to let you know that I think about you a lot and that I miss you very much. You were my best friend. I could talk to you about anything, and I miss that. Love always, Punkface.

To my dearest Boo-Boo: I promise to be your warm spot to cuddle up to when you feel cold. I promise to be your soft place to land if you should fall. I promise to be the first one to say I am sorry, even if I was right. I promise to be there for you in all of your times of joy and sorrow. I promise to support you no matter what your decision, even if I don’t agree. I promise to make a new memory with you each and every day. I promise to love you without change. I promise to make you laugh. I promise to make you cry. I promise to give you strength when you are weak. I promise to love you forever. I promise to cherish you and your love. I promise to compromise with you. I promise to make you and our children my first priority. I promise to never take your love for granted. I promise to never lose faith in you. I promise to never give you a reason to distrust me. I promise to always trust you. I promise to work with you to resolve our conflicts. I promise to always be proud of you. I promise to never let you feel alone in this world. I promise to find new ways every day to keep the fires of passion burning. I promise to be the best mom I can to our children. I promise to always keep you as an equal partner. I promise to never say things to you in anger. I promise to be your partner for life. I promise to be your shelter from the storm. I promise you a love everlasting. I love you, Tam.

An intelligent, thoughtful and aggressive person was selected as grand jury foreman and was allowed to serve for a while. Then he was reportedly replaced by court officials, presumably because he was working in areas which they did not want him to work in. They reportedly used as an excuse for his replacement that he had outstanding warrants in different parts of the country and planned to extradite him. While he was replaced, he was not extradited, apparently because there was nothing to their charges, and he has since taken a permanent job with a reputable organization. This requires an explanation and will not go away.

A school board member is arrested for selling drugs in a school zone and gets three months. A county official gets caught for stealing more than $16,000 of the public’s money and gets probation. Criminals steal the musical instruments and burn down the church in a poor community. They get six months, which is a lot less than it takes to rebuild the church and replace hard-to-come-by musical instruments. This seems distorted and unfair, to say the least. Where is the problem here? Is it lenient judges, indifferent prosecutors, or just an ineffective legal system?

It would be a shame to change the smoking ban. It’s bad enough to have to breathe it now and in the offices of some of our elected officials. It is so bad you can’t breathe. Keep our smoking ban and enforce it now.

Congratulations. I am so happy for you. May God continue to watch over you and fill your life with peace and joy.

To the gifted poet who writes of sadness and hopelessness: The answer is Jesus. Leave all of your baggage behind at His feet. Follow Him, trust Him completely and don’t look back. Then you will find peace, joy and true happiness. You will be full and whole, and you will be a beacon of love wherever you go and in whatever you do. I know, for I am one of His most unworthy angels speaking wisdom from my walk down the same road that you have traveled.

Just about everyone has the Internet now, everyone knows what Google is. When you’re having one of those days and nothing to do I suggest you go to Google and search the word abortion. Take a look at the images that are there – the tiny fingers, feet, heads, and bodies that are sucked out of a mother’s womb and killed. This goes on everyday. What is wrong with this world? It is obviously consumed by Satan. Seriously, you need to take a look at these graphic images to see where you stand on this subject instead of what you think without seeing this.

I would like to start by saying I support the nurses. But why are they crying about working overtime? Do you hear miners complaining about working 12 hours a day or more? Or the coal truck drivers complaining about their hours? I think not. Doesn’t overtime put more money in their pockets and food on the table?

Can some one tell me why the county’s economic development office is spending so much time on local businesses that already employ people of Letcher County? I thought the goal was to bring new and higher paying jobs to the area. I have yet to see that. Oh, I forgot that Drillers is in here, even though they told me, when I called them that they were using their people from Pennsylvania. Get some good high paying jobs in here other than the ones that are taking our land and natural resources.

The actions of the fiscal court become more and more frustrating, and the way they are spending our money is really scary. In a county where most don’t have water service, and some now don’t any water at all, and hardly anybody has sewer service, they are proposing and funding an animal shelter, continuing to fund an amphitheater, continuing to fund the old Jenkins School, which has no support outside one small group and has no hope of ever returning any benefit to the community, giving money to ARH and then marching against them, and doing other similarly erratic things. The latest is a consideration to bring up the smoking ban again. I just want to say to the fiscal court, forget it. This has been decided and everyone is satisfied with it. Let it go. You must all love swimming upstream. If you want to take a stand for individual liberties then try to do something to curb the wave of crime that jeopardizes everyone’s liberty.

I can finally enjoy a meal with my children in a restaurant for the first time in thirteen years without someone blowing smoke in our faces and having to leave. And now they are considering taking the smoking ban away? Please do not do this. It’s not fair to every one of us who like to breathe fresh air. Both my children and myself have asthma and cannot breathe properly if we have to breathe others’ cigarette smoke.

Our Pentecostal church was burned and the musical instruments taken. If my memory serves me right, the ones who did that have now been charged with other crimes. My question is this: What is the status of these people related to the first crime?

This is in reply to the comments about the striking nurses having second jobs: There are only a few nurses striking that have a second job. This is America, and we have the right to work more than one job if we choose. Many of the nurses that have crossed the picket line have second jobs. I have never called in sick to ARH after working my shift at another facility. I definitely don’t make double the money, so if you know of a hospital that will pay me double what I made at ARH, then please let me know. Then I wouldn’t need two jobs. I have a second job because I have children to support, bills to pay, and it takes two incomes to do those things. In case you have forgotten, 90 percent of working households are two-income families. If there is no husband with income, then I have to do what is necessary to support my family. I choose to work two jobs instead of quitting work and receiving a check from welfare, as so many people do here in Letcher County. And yes, it’s true, so get mad if you want. The majority of patients here have Medicaid insurance, which is a medical card issued by the government. Many people here don’t want to work. So, please don’t bad-mouth nurses for working, or standing on the picket line. ARH has been a crappy place to work for a while now. Employee morale is terrible. Just look at the faces of some of their employees. Supervisors are unhappy, but don’t portray it to anyone because they are afraid of losing their jobs. If I never return to work at ARH, then I will be all right, because I know that I was a good employee and a good nurse to my patients. I can sleep at night with a clear conscience, knowing I am standing up for what I believe is right and what I believe in. I have never bad-mouthed anyone, but yes, I am ashamed that my coworkers and friends chose to cross the picket line and not stick together. Someday it will haunt you. People who are supportive of this strike, please choose another facility for your health care and procedures. I understand emergencies, as they can’t be helped. But elective surgeries can be postponed, and local physicians have privileges at Jenkins, Pikeville, and Norton and can admit you there if necessary. And speaking of salaries, many of the administrators at ARH make well into six figures. So keep complaining about how much nurses make, but just for the record, the higher up the chain you go, the higher the salary of that person. Ignorance and stupidity are so sad.

I’ve heard a lot of people say they’re going to join the shiftless bunch who won’t pay their garbage bills. I’m not going to do that because it is irresponsible and juvenile and self-serving. What I am going to do is pay my bill and go to the fiscal court and ask them why they aren’t doing their jobs and getting these funds collected. People only paid their property taxes after they had become so large they became good investments for outside companies, certainly not from any pressure from the county officials responsible for collecting them. The reasons for not correcting this decades-old problem were pathetic. Decoded they were simply that they may offend voters and cause that greatest problem of all for politicians – a little sincere hard work.

If someone purposely tries to run your car off the road it is called attempted murder. If you press charges they could spend the rest of their youth in prison. Mount a digital camcorder in your window and when they try it again you’ll not only have evidence, but you can legally shoot them in self-defense.

‘Starving to death in poverty,’ by Crazi Poet: You say living in poverty/ Is hard for me/ But you will eventually see/ How hard it can be/ We got little kids starving to death/ You can see their ribs/ You can see their bones/ Always gasping for breath/ Some living in rundown rat cribs/ While some have no homes/ They barely got enough for one bite of food/ They got nothing left to spare/ Hundreds are dying each day/ Half of us people are stuck up and rude/ Some of us have plenty but don’t want to share/ As we let lives slip away/ Sometimes we say we’re so hungry we could eat a cow/ Sometimes we say were starving to death/ But for most here it’s not true/ Some of us sit and wonder how/ We could just let them starve to death/ So what would you do/ I know some of us here don’t have a lot of money/ But to the one’s that do/ You can save a life/ Please help feed the hungry/ I ask would you/ Help them end the strife/ Let me ask would you want that to be your family/ It doesn’t matter it it’s a different country/ We need to help one another/ Everyday they’re crying mainly/ We’re hungry/ Think of it as your sister, your brother/ If your child died of hunger/ Cause no one would help/ Cause they just didn’t want to/ Would you be filled with anger/ To want to cry with a loud yelp/ To wish for just one day they would have to live like you/ To the ones that think they are too good or better than the rest of us/ If only for one day you would have to walk in their shoes/ You would see their poor lifestyle isn’t that good/ Would you still be heartless/ Would you still refuse/ Just take a look around the world/ Just look what we got/ Ethiopia/ South Africa/ Indonesia/ Cambodia/ Asia/ Just take a look around the world/ The ones that are lost and forgot/ Now do you see/ How hard it can be/ To live in poverty/ I know I’m poor but it ain’t me.

So the Letcher County Fiscal Court is going to take up the smoking issue again. I thought we had that one settled, and almost all the people I talk to are happy with the ban. Why, with all the problems we have in this county – wells running dry, a minority of the people with water service and even fewer with decent sewer or septic service, unemployment, drug abuse, littered roads, stream pollution, and plenty else – why is the fiscal court going to reopen that issue? Let’s save our energy for fighting some of the real problems in this county. Nobody is going to die from not smoking. We’ve done the right thing, so let it alone.

Someone called in a week or so ago and defended the decision by the Letcher County Fiscal Court to spend $300,000 on an animal shelter in Letcher County. One of the justifications cited is that the county pays $12,000 a year to Perry County to use its animal shelter. I started looking at that arithmetic. With that $300,000, we could pay Perry County for 25 years. Furthermore, once the shelter is built, it will have to be manned seven days a week, because animals have to be fed and watered every day. To staff it seven days a week, and to allow for sick leave and vacations, you need at least two people. The $12,000 we are paying per year won’t pay the salary for even one of those people, counting health benefits, FICA, and the like. It will probably take $40,000 to pay two, so in addition to the $300,000 up front, we will be paying $28,000 more every year than we are paying now. That doesn’t count the cost of food for the animals, supplies for the shelter, utilities, and all the costs that go with maintaining a building. It makes no economic sense at all, so there must be another reason. Is it to assure that no animals are put down as they are at Hazard? If so, we are being unrealistic. Eventually, if no animals are put down, there will be thousands of animals at the shelter, requiring dozens of staff members and constant expansion of the shelter building and the budget. I don’t know if anyone on the fiscal court looked at the economics of this, but I hope they will take another look at whether this makes sense. The money would be much better spent to pay vets to spay animals for free, to bring water to more homes – for any number of things. I urge the fiscal court to reverse their vote on this.

I live in Summerville, South Carolina. For many years I lived in McRoberts. I am trying to find a friend. In 1949 he lived in Seco. I think he would be somewhere in his seventies now. His name is Harold Moore. If anyone knows this person, please call 1- 843-875-2735 or e-mail me at Thank you, Lillian.

This is to our fiscal court: Please keep don’t change the ban on smoking. Our children already don’t have much to do in the county, but we can take them out to eat on weekends now without worrying about ear and sinus infections. Many of our children and adults have allergies, asthma and breathing problems. Please keep our county moving forward as all of you promised.

I’m going to speak my piece. Reach for your soul. Become
a body in a soul, rather than a soul in a body. Allow youself to choose positive
behavior, not negative. Then you will get gifts of the spirit – humbleness,
forgiveness, clarity and love. It is exciting to come of age spirtually. Just

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