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The laws of kilowatt hour expense will be proportional to what the sleazy Kentucky Power lobbyist donated to the re-election of our governor. Look for a huge increase.

. Happy birthday, Mom. Love, Zooey, Junior, Stephanie, and Diana.

. I have been watching Snake Man of Appalachia’ on Animal Planet and I have concluded that Mr. Short has no intention of working a real job. He doesn’t want to work on a strip job because it affects the environment and he doesn’t want to work in an underground mine because it’s dangerous. Maybe if we got a pie factory to locate in Gateway Business Park in Jenkins he would be interested. On the positive side he may have stumbled onto something to bring in a little extra money, but how long is that television program going to last? Maybe he could make a living in Hollywood as an actor. He is pretty good at acting like he wants a real job.

. I see that the Kentucky State Police are now accepting new applications. I was curious, so I did some investigative work after hearing rumors that a few of our local police officers were planning to apply. Kentucky State Police is an organization committed to enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as well as the United States and doing so in a legal, fair, honest manner without prejudice. The state police have a very high standard for persons chosen and charged with the responsibilities of serving not only the citizens of this great Commonweath but those who may visit, travel, or work here. State police officers must be law abiding, honest, and of good moral standards. Myself and others in this community have been harassed, falsely accused of a crime and falsely arrested by local police officers that would like to join the state police. Many of us have been verbally abused, physically assaulted and threatened and then had our complaints and concerns thrown to File 13 by the administration of the City of Fleming-Neon, never to be heard of again. My complaints are with the Neon police, and I know I am not alone. The mayor and council have not acted on any complaint in such a manner that would show concern or support for the citizens. Apparently we all make up bad stories on this one police officer. The city officials have no interest in anything other than patting each other on the backs with no concern for our safety or wellbeing. Guess what, friends? I found someone that will listen, that will examine the evidence, read the complaints and concerns and act accordingly. Express your opinion to the Kentucky State Police in Frankfort, because we should have a voice in the selection of applicants for men and women charged with the duty of protecting our rights. I have done just that.

. To big dog: I still love you just like I used to and always will. Please call me.

. I think it is a shame that they falsely advertise cell phones and stuff on television. Thank you very much. Get back in touch with me at 633-3891.

. I guess one good thing about Newt Gingrich’s surge in South Carolina is that the Republicans are finally giving up the falsehood they are the party of family values.

. This is to the woman in Jenkins who drives the gray car: The next time you run me or one of my children off the road I am going to do something about it. There is no reason to be driving on the road when you are high like that. You are too high to drive and what if you hurt someone? If you don’t care about yourself you should care about others. Next time, lady, you get high and run one of my children off the road you are going to have to deal with my family and we have the Lord on our side. I’m sure if you live in Jenkins you have seen or heard of these people. They live in the apartments at Joe’s Branch and everyone knows who they are and we want them out of Jenkins.

. I live in Cincinnati have numerous family members who live in Letcher County. I would like to know what the powers that be are doing about the phone lines that seem to be down every other week. I have an aunt and a father plus cousins who live up on Crases Branch. Since Christmas they have maybe had their phones working two weeks. Once again my family does not have a phone in service. I lost my uncle during the Christmas holidays and had to let my father know about this through a smoke signal. His own brother had passed and I couldn’t call him and tell him because the phone lines had been down. It was 11 days before the service was back on. What kind of idiots are running the show down there? What are you going to do, wait until someone dies then actually get off your bum and take care of business? Does anyone down there know the meaning of liability? I know that it is the fault of the losers who are stealing the copper wiring that is causing this, but since this is happening every other week, wouldn’t it be benefi- cial to have something put in place to help prevent this issue from happening again and again? I am wondering how many times the courts have let these losers off with probations and fines? Just curious! Sincerely, a very aggravated daughter. If I knew who the losers, deadbeats and scum of the earth are who are cutting down the lines I would defi- nitely make it my mission to make their life as miserable as I could. I would be your worse nightmare.

. This is for my friend who lives in Neon, or a person who I thought was my friend: I was always there for you when no one else was, day or night. I don’t know why you have shut me out, but real friends don’t do that to friends. See ya.

. In reference to a column on the editorial page concerning the Republican debates: A gaggle of geese, a skein of geese if they are flying, a congress of baboons,

pride of lions, a murder of crows, and the best of all, a giggle of goons.

. To a certain slut: You think you have won the ballgame, but the ballgame isn’t over yet.

. Why did a certain woman wait 30-some years before she turned bad again? (To borrow a line from the great Jerry Lee Lewis, maybe she went ‘Middle Age Crazy.’)

. To the person who was bad-mouthing the Sierra Club: I suggest you read the entire article on the Sierra Club you want everyone to Google. This club has done more to protect our environment, wildlife, and natural resources (forests, streams and mountains) than all the coal companies ever created. The Sierra Club was among those who helped develop our national park system and they continue to fight against the willful destruction of nature’s beauty. Every miner I have talked to hates that their job involves destroying our mountain habitat. I support our miners because, let’s face it, they cannot tell their bosses they refuse to do what they say since they know if they don’t do it they’ll be fired and someone else will still do the deed. However, you sound more like a mine boss or other parasite than a miner. What do you have against being able to still see beautiful mountains instead of bare wasteland? How many golf courses do we need? Do you even play golf? Those people who support mountaintop removal should have to live on that mine site while it is being mined. I was born here and still live here because I enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the mountains — or, should I say, I enjoyed both when we had them. Now when you cross into Kentucky from Virginia you see our ugly side. You should build you a house there. You would fit right in.

. I was wondering if anyone besides me has a problem trying to see a doctor. You can go, but the doctor doesn’t come in — not even the nurse practitioner. They just send in students. They look at you and you still don’t get your problem solved. So here I go to Lexington today to see if I can get to see a doctor. Why do they charge doctor fees and office visits when all you get to do is look at a student? These people are trying to be doctors, but can’t because they haven’t passed the test. And the students are only trying to be nurse practitioners.

. This is concerning a comment made by ‘Big Daddy US’ in the Topix Whitesburg forum: Your comment on the Mason family is false. Pardon me, but I guess you are just jealous because the Masons are outstanding people in this community.

. This is to all the people who live in Jenkins: I wonder when everyone is going to get together and go to a city council meeting. People who live here cannot pay their water bills, tax fees and everything else. They have to let their houses run down and then the city can come by and demolish it and you have to donate the land to them. Actually they run everybody they can out of the city limits. I wish somebody would check into this. If I knew whom to call I would do it.

. I wish some people would have a little more respect for the ones trying to rest in peace instead of piling their garbage and junk cars all around the graveyard. Come on, people, get a life. Pile your garbage elsewhere and learn what respect is. Doing this for Mom, Uncle Marty, Nan and Poppy. We love you all so much and miss you all so much.

. When a person makes 800 to $1,000 a month and the cheapest health insurance cost $600 dollars a month, how are they to afford the health insurance? Ron Paul said a 30-year-old man without health insurance got what he deserved in health care and should pay for his own health care.

. Why doesn’t the newspaper cover the signing of the seniors who go to different colleges on a scholarship? I know they do the football, basketball, soccer, but there are other sports at Whitesburg. I would give anything to hear of the others being congratulated. (The Mountain Eagle is happy to report on all scholarship recipients. However, we also have to depend on coaches, athletic directors and the colleges offering the scholarships to let us know who is signing where.)

. Grandma thinks she is in love again and she thinks she is happy. I don’t think she would be happy with any man.

. I was calling about hospitals saying they won’t take certain insurances, but the Medicaid patients that have been forced to sign up. What about people on Medicaid who might have a bad accident near the hospital and are unable to tell anyone not to take them to that hospital but are taken there anyway? They are going to be up the creek, aren’t they?

. Does anyone know the age of Verlin Short the ‘Snake Man of Appalachia?’

. It is a shame that you two people who live in Stinking Branch won’t leave other people alone. Isn’t that fighting going on up there enough for you or don’t you get enough beatings by other people? You had to go across the state line and cause trouble between two families. Well, one good thing about that is you are banned from over there and the cops have your names and your car tags. If you go again, you will go to jail. Ha! Ha! Ha! Keep to yourself and stay out of other people’s business and leave those two families alone. They want nothing to do with you.

. This is a citizen of Letcher County. I am responding to the ‘Snake Man of Appalachia.’ I don’t knock anybody and their religion, but lies are lies. Concerning the episode showing Mr. Short looking for work and running upon the guy in Whitesburg who hired him to climb the tower, Mr. Short cleaned his own tower. That wasn’t someone else’s tower. That was his brother’s tower right in his front yard. If the show is going to do any good, it needs to be based on the truth, not on a lie. So far that is what I see. That is what gives the state of Kentucky a bad name.

. I just read Mr. Mark Vandyke’s response to the new ordinance outlawing the synthetic marijuana. Mr. Vandyke, if you feel your product is truly potpourri — just something to smell good — then why in the world do you only sell it through a window and tell us that you only sell it to those who are not under age? Why would you have to sell something you consider to just be bath salts from a locked building? The answer is plain to see and if you want only decent people to come to your window I suggest you quit selling synthetic drugs.

. If Letcher County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward is in charge of how tax money in the county is spent, why is he not more aware of how money is going with the Letcher County Extension Office? He is a good and honest man. I just think he should be more involved with the goings on with the Letcher County Extension Office. That would keep down some of the problems.

. You know, they talk about the schools being overcrowded. If they would put a stop to the ‘holdbacks’ they wouldn’t have a problem. They say the students are being held back because of maturity issues, but it is really over sports. Twentyfi ve kids were held back at one elementary and middle school last year, mostly in the fourth and sixth grades and all because of sports. Superintendent Anna Craft, why don’t you check into the schools and put a stop to it? That would help with the problem of having overcrowded schools.

I’m trying to get the attention of a certain lady in a certain beauty shop in town. She needs to get herself together because she is on the phone too much. People don’t like going in there to get their hair cut with her standing there chewing gum and talking on that darn phone. She needs to let this be a wakeup call for her.

. Is something going on at Letcher Elementary School that parents should know about? I keep reading stuff on Facebook and no one is commenting. I would just like to know what is going on.

. Is there anyone out there who watched that movie on Lifetime about a 10-year-old little girl who hanged herself because of bullying? Well, here in our schools they call it ‘nitpicking.’ How far will they let ‘nitpicking’ go before it is bullying?

. To the 52-year-old man who called in and gave me good advice about high blood pressure: From what I can find out you are right. Thank you, sir. I appreciate the information. You have a good day.

. Concerning the week of January 12, I just can’t figure it out. My family member got stopped one time and was accused of a DUI and drug possession charge. It made the newspaper, and come to find out it was only a Bayer aspirin. A certain other person gets pulled over and is charged with DUI, resisting arrest and drug possession and nothing was said. Is there something special about this person and his business that nothing was said? Wake up, Letcher County.

(If the charges against your relative were dismissed because he had an aspirin, please call us at 633-2252 and tell us who it is so we can set the record straight. As for the rest of your comment, perhaps the ‘special person’ you speak of hasn’t been indicted.)

. To a nurse that works at Whitesburg Hospital: You think you’re better than anyone else. You’re not. Only thing you got going for you is your money. That’s all. The only reason you got a job there is because of your parents. Get off your high horse. Nothing to brag about.

. To the woman who said they unsubscribed to someone on Facebook because they had too many love songs for their love, that there must be trouble in paradise: Are you so ignorant that you don’t know? Probably a whole lot of your friends think you’re talking about them and unsubscribed from you. Why don’t you just delete them? Don’t you think maybe they like that stuff and there’s not trouble in paradise? Let them know so they can delete you.

. A certain store at Isom needs to get rid of a certain woman. She’s a meanhearted person to the customers. You’ve printed far more details than this. Everybody knows this.

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