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I have become a fan of ‘Snake Man of Appalachia’ on Animal Planet. The producers actually found mountain people who have teeth and can speak intelligently. I hope this series will help dispel the image of the stereotypical mountain people. I would venture to say that there are thousands of families throughout the United States who would love to come to Appalachia and enjoy a vacation riding four-wheelers, jumping on a trampoline, hiking and snake hunting in the beautiful mountains and attending the Jenkins Homecoming Festival. As for the little family squabbles, that is reality television at its best. It certainly beats those silly show about Housewives of New York, Housewives of Atlanta and Housewives of Los Angeles. Have you seen even one episode of those silly, spoiled women doing anything even remotely similar to being a housewife?

. Anyone — including Mittens — who thinks getting the endorsement of The Donald is significant needs to take the Presidency more seriously.

. Can the Letcher County Board of Education please tell me why they are closing schools to save money, yet they are giving a big building to just 30 to 40 kids? How will that be justified?

. Are any stores running a special this week on chocolate and peanut butter — slightly used and cheap?

. I love going to the ballgames at Jenkins, but there is always this one little certain group that sits together and won’t speak to anyone. Every one of them thinks that they are all special just because they work for a certain coal company. I have worked on strip jobs all of my life and probably make more money than they do. Stay in your little crowd and have fun.

. It is certainly none of my business how the Snake Man decides to worship, but I would like to see two things — less people on the fourwheeler or at least helmets on the children. Be safe.

. To a certain man: You need to quit buying things, selling things and borrowing money to pay those women for favors. When you hit 55 it is either time to slow down or quit. It is not a good thing. It is going to get you broke fast.

. How does it feel to have had $160,000 and within a month not have even two dimes to rub together? How immature.

. The J.C. Penney commercial with everybody hollering ‘no’ has got to be the most irritating commercial I have ever seen.

. Happy Valentine’s Day to Mary Bates. I love and miss you and the kids. One more

year! Love ya’ll.

. As of February 5, Letcher County country music singer Kevin Looney was No. 7 in the USA and No. 9 globally on the ReverbNation country charts. Also, he’s No. 147 in the USA and No. 312 globally for all genres. That’s out of more than two million artist. Congratulations, Kevin.

. I know how the person felt in last week’s paper about their friend from Neon who shut them out. I, too, had a friend although they weren’t from Neon. They are from the TECO subdivision and they shut us out for some reason. Friends don’t do that to friends.

. I just want to say thank you to The Mountain Eagle. I am so grateful that we have Speak your Piece. I have mixed emotions. Every time I read it I usually have a laugh or I feel ashamed because of what people’s comments are.

. You all quit hating on Snake Man. Mind your own business.

. I was about to write that Newt Gingrich is not the only two-time marriage loser in the country. We have another one right here in Isom, but today I heard the latter was about to become a three-time loser. What kind of psychosis does he have?

. I have the greatest girlfriend in the world. She is the love of my life. She is my best friend. I love you, Samantha. From your baby daddy.

. I think everybody knows the reason Grandma is going to church.

. This is from a family member who has a loved one with cancer. We would like to thank whoever paid the power bill and the water bill for us. God bless and we love you. Thank you so much.

. To a certain man from Deane: I love you, baby. Love, Alexa.

. This is something I have discovered and I guarantee it is your problem. I would predict that at least 12 people out of 100 in a nursing home have severe vitamin deficiencies. I also predict that if you are nervous and your mind is scattered and tattered, you have a severe vitamin deficiency. I have started taking vitamins. My nerves have calmed down 100 percent and my mind is no longer scattered. I know for sure if it happened to me that there are a lot more who have this. I try to eat fairly well. If you are nervous, have anxiety and are tense all of the time, I guarantee that you have a severe vitamin deficiency.

. I would like to wish my husband, J.D.H., a belated happy 29th birthday. It was on February 1. There aren’t

enough words to express how much I love you. I’ve known you since you were 15 and have watched you become a man throughout the years. You are such a great dad and husband. You are the hardest worker I have ever known and you always put your family first. I am so proud of you and I know your dad would be, too. We have had a lot of struggles over the years, but we never gave up and it only made us stronger. Like you always say, we are soul mates and meant to be. I love you, babe. Your wife, S.L.H.

. To the person wanting to know how old Verlin Short is: Why do you want to know his age? Are you interested? If so, please respond back in next week’s Speak Your Piece.

. All the man who broke into Food World wanted to be was an early Valentine Reese’s Cup.

. I was reading the comment for the First Self-righteous Church. I strongly agree with the caller. I know the church you are talking about. There are women there that will throw and talk about people like dirt. I think we should start naming names. These women will hide behind the preacher, but they are not hiding from God. Vengeance is mine, too. Let’s show this community exactly what these people are made of.

. What’s the matter, Brian? Did you miss that day in the police academy when they taught you how to drive? I saw your car piled up down there. You need a reckless driving ticket on it.

. It sucks when you have kids who are sick and people you thought were your friends never call and check on them after all you have done for their kids.

. I read in Speak Your Piece last week about the three people in the jail and one of them supposedly being innocent. He is guiltier than the woman is. The woman isn’t guilty of anything and will have been in jail a year this April. The county hasn’t done anything. I think they should let her out. She is more innocent than anybody.

. I can’t understand why Martha Jane Potter Elementary School is being blamed for the fact that Beckham Bates Elementary School is closing. It is not their fault. It’s not any kids’ fault. Nobody thinks they are any better. The fact is that Whitesburg and Cowan aren’t going through any changes. If they are going to say anything to anyone, why don’t they say something to those parents? They think they will get their behind kicked. That is why they won’t.

. I got my Mountain Eagle and read that Frank Riley will be running against Edison Banks for the office of Letcher Commonwealth’s Attorney. Edison has been a good, fair person to all the people and children of Letcher County. I would vote for him anytime, as would the other members of my family, just because of the little games Frank Riley thinks that he can play in the courtroom.

. Everybody knows that the drunk that lives down Bowman Hollow is making the mess in Eolia, not the coal trucks or a coal company.

. This is to W.S. from the Jenkins guy: Boy, do I remember the years gone by when we had such a good time together — Pine Mountain, Deane Mountain and Virginia. Do you remember them? They are sure in my mind.

. Could someone recommend an attorney? I have been watching football on television and I have some kind of brain damage. I believe I got it because I have been watching them hit each other so hard and I want to get in on a lawsuit with anyone else that has the same problem. We are going to sue the NFL for brain damage from watching too much hard hits.

. To the person who called in and said if you are high on dope you really shouldn’t be driving the roads: I have only one reply to you. You are jealous of someone or something. You are very jealous. You are probably on them yourself.

. I’m sure everyone who read the paper this week saw the story about Andrew Toothman being arrested. I have driven this boy to work with me and we have become close. I am proud to call him my friend. Andrew and I lost our jobs. Andrew supports and helps his mother, his mentally-challenged sister, and adores his two-year-old nephew. He gives him diapers, food and love. Andrew couldn’t take the world falling on him. He couldn’t help it. Please, folks, this boy needs your love and support. Thank you so very much. This is by Wiley Roberts.

. This is for our state representatives and our state senators: Don’t vote for this bill that Greg Stumbo has come up with. All you are going to do is open the door for more Florida pipeline pills and more stuff coming from Michigan. You are just beating a dead horse to death. You are hurting it instead of helping it.

. It stinks when you are sitting home doing nothing while people who you thought were your friends are out doing stuff with other people mainly because you have been replaced with people who have more money.

. The Letcher County and Jenkins schools could use a whole lot of help in learning how to discipline their kids. We have a lot of kids who have problems that need to be in a special unit, but are staying in a regular classroom all day. Teachers are constantly having to discipline students instead of teaching them. Maybe if we had parents who disciplined their children at home and had a little more help in our schools, we could accomplish a whole lot more.

. I would like to wish my great niece, Olivia Meyer, a happy first birthday on February 8. Love Aunt Mert and Tiffany.

. Reva Short said on the television show ‘Snake Man of Appalachia’ that the reason why they have a ringer washer and save rainwater for their clothes is because they have sulfur water, not because they couldn’t afford an automatic washer.

. To a sweet and special girl celebrating her first birthday on February 8: I love you so much. Love, Aunt Melissa.

. Just because the Snake Man handles snakes doesn’t make him a phony — extreme maybe but not phony. And the Snake Man is a big deal. Someone is obviously impressed with his faith. He is on national television and you are not. Open your mind. He said the spirit of God came on him and he felt like he had rubber gloves on. Don’t you believe in the spirit of God? This is your chance, skeptics, to try something new. Ha ha. Laugh out loud. I don’t think I would like to try it anytime soon, but he can do it all he wants.

. This is for the people at The Mountain Eagle: Do you have fun printing Speak Your Piece or is it miserably boring? Just curious.

. We would like to wish our daughter, Olivia Grace, a very happy first birthday. You are the love of our lives. We love you. From Mommy and Daddy.

. Happy birthday, Rebecca. We love you. Aunt Melissa, Uncle Charlie, and Cousin J.D.

. Happy birthday, Olivia. We love you. Mamaw and Papaw Blair.

. I am a parent from Beckham Bates Elementary School. I was reading The Mountain Eagle and came across the article about the January school board meeting. I became so angry as I

continued to read. Martha Jane Potter and Fleming- Neon parents were protesting the board’s decision in December to consolidate their schools. Beckham Bates parents and some staff attended every board meeting since the beginning of the school year until December, including myself, protesting, arguing and begging for it to not be closed. When the vote was taken in December to close BBES and send students to Letcher and at the same time turn Martha Jane Potter into a K-5 school and Fleming- Neon a middle school only, we the parents at Beckham Bates were told pointblank that this decision is final, as well as everyone else at the meeting. One parent even asked for a recount. We were told by Board Chairman Will Smith that it is over and there will be no recount. I also watched Supt. Anna Craft on the government channel on the ‘ Tuesday Morning Roundtable.’ She also said these decisions are final and have no chance to be overturned. Now after pressure from Martha Jane Potter parents they were told that they would gather information and are looking to refine this a bit. Will Smith treated the Beckham Bates parents terribly. He was not concerned about our feelings or our students. Our children have just as much right to their school as the students who attend these schools. Anna Craft says that BBES has to be closed for lack of funding because it is a transition school. She could change this status from transition to permanent. All she has to do is say the word. BBES had been open for 50 years as of 2011. If that is not a permanent school then I don’t know what is. If this decision regarding MJP and FNES is overturned, then ours should be too.

. Herman Cain came out in support of Newt Gingrich? What is this, the Cheating Husbands Wing of the GOP? Of course he’d support a fellow philanderer. The Democrats couldn’t have written a better script.

. Cumberland River Coal, think you need to make these people who lease of these trailers at Frank’s Creek at Eolia clean up their trash or not lease the property to them. They throw garbage everywhere. This is a disgrace to our neighborhood. And yes, the garbage warden has been told that these people over here at Frank’s Creek are throwing garbage in the creek. I talked to him in the parking lot at the Dollar Store last year and he was supposed to check it out. Several of our neighbors have complained. Please do something about it.

. Have you seen that little store next to the dairy bar in Isom? It is like a vendor’s mall. I am not sure what they call it. Whoever has taken over has done an excellent job. They have done a little painting and it is really looking better. The prices aren’t bad I don’t think. I think we should all help small businesses when we can. Keep up the good work, whoever you are. I think they are in most of the time. They are off on Mondays.

. You are my special Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day to my angel.

The weirdness of the Mormon religion has reared its ugly head again, this time with the disappearance of the 28-year-old mother of two in Utah, followed by her husband blowing up their house and killing himself and the couple’s two little boys. As bad as I may dislike the Democratic Party and President Obama, there is no way I could ever vote for Mitt Romney for president, as he is a leader of this cult religion known as Mormonism or the Latter Day Saints. These people and their religion scare me as bad as the Muslims.

. What have UK and South Park got in common? Respect my authority.

. Have you all heard the latest news? The peanut butter bandit of Neon and the so-called Snake Man are teaming up to star in a showing of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

. You hear so much talk about bullying. I was bullied as a child and had no one to defend me. I didn’t let it destroy me and I rose above it. If anyone takes their life, there is something else going on. I never once thought of committing suicide. It makes me sick how people will blame the bully’s parents like they learned that stuff at home. All children are rebellious anyway from their parents. It’s sickening to hear parents say, ‘My child don’t say or do stuff like that,’ or ‘They are good and sweet.’ None are. You’d be surprised how these socalled Christians’ children act away from them.

. To a certain woman: If anyone is a slut that would be you. I always have and I always will beat you at any game you choose to play. You don’t have what it takes to beat me at anything, loser.

. One may wonder if the condition of our country is related to the murder of those babies that are unborn. The unborn cannot speak for themselves, so it is up to us that are pro-life to speak for them. Those people that that believe in abortion can be called guilty of believing in killing the unborn. Those that say a woman has the right to do what she wants to do with her own body are those who say it is right to do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences.

. Who would believe that someone stole a quilt throw at a funeral during prayer? Easy to do — wrap a coat, send to car. Shame. Shame.

. I have lived in the City of Jenkins for many years. Recently, while watching our city council meeting on the Government Channel, Mayor Kincer said the Jenkins Independent School System wants to build a new school. This is totally ridiculous. The citizens of Jenkins have had to pay unreasonable and excessive school taxes since they built the other school. These bonds were paid off years ago, but the school taxes were never lowered or taken off of our county or city tax bills and the citizens of Jenkins deserve an explanation as to why they were not lowered or taken off. Can you imagine how much our tax bills will be if they build another school? Also notice on all of your utility bills how much more the school taxes add

to those bills. Many of the citizens of Jenkins are on fixed incomes and simply cannot afford higher taxes. The cost of living has gone through the roof with higher gasoline prices, which have inflated everything else. Jenkins Independent Schools should have merged with Letcher County when they built their new school. Our school system simply does not have enough students to justify building a new school nor does it have the money, and I certainly don’t think another burden should be put on our citizens. Now is the time to speak up and let them know how we feel before it is too late.

. To all Letcher County citizens: I am an inmate at Eastern Kentucky Correction Complex. I would like to inform all of the public that the scum of the earth, Jerome Boggs, is now here. I don’t know how he can live with himself after murdering that young boy. Hopefully his time here will be short. It pains me to see him lie about his charges to other inmates and live free of worry. Someday he will get what’s coming. So good night and good luck.

. To a certain hairdresser: Please stay off the phone while you’re cutting my hair. This makes twice that you’ve cut my hair much shorter than I asked you to, and both times you were talking and laughing on the phone. One more time and I’ll find another hairdresser to color and cut my hair. Three strikes, and you’re out. I pay enough money for your services to have your complete attention while you’re doing the work on my hair.

’Each time a man stands up for an idea or act to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.’ — Robert F. Kennedy

. Dancing on a string pulled by the man. Who is to say we should obey the laws they make for their own interest and to our hurt? You manage your world for yourselves because it is our world. Guard against outside meddlers, otherwise men will put the ring in your nose. You have strength and wits. Use them. Whose footsteps are you following in? Drugs are too hard a life. You know the before and after. Just look around you. Do you see a poverty stricken town, a local reputation for foolishness? The Bible is roots from which you can grow. The poverty and fear and degradation are too awful to be acceptable to any man of spirit. We need an underground Robin Hood. We truly can go in peace with peace of mind, and new and fresh road fully prepared to reap the golden harvest. Drug free, drug free. Great men are not born great men, they grow great. Honest men, honest work pays off. A saint from heaven, a link in the chain running the long race. Forgive, forget. Life is full of misfortunes. Be a survivor. God didn’t make any empty promises. He is a man to whom everybody can come to for help. Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Who you? Yes, you. Matthew 7:24-27.

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