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Thank you to the county for the new road into Crases Branch. Would it be possible to move the telephone pole that is in the center of the road? It is going to be a challenge to miss it on icy days and I do not want to hit it or end up in the creek trying to miss it.

. Everybody wants war except for the common people. When we go over there and annoy the Iranians, they get mad and do stupid stuff. If we flood them with American goods and secular materials, we might create a change in the mindset of the Iranians. Sanctions do nothing but make common people mad at the outside world and support the regime more. If we had a plane fly over Iran and drop lottery tickets and dollar bills, what would the consequences be?

. Hey, Newton, you keep saying that Republicans want a genuine conservative rather than a Massachusetts moderate, but you’ve only been able to garner less than one out of every six of that party’s votes. How in the heck are you going to get independents and Democrats to vote for you? Could it be that there are actually Republicans who think moderation is better than extremism? People who learned something from the death and destruction of the George Bush disasters?

. Maybe Grandma has found her a man that she and her best friend have not been with.

. I think my family members should mind their own business and not run back to the cult members and tell them everything I say.

. Happy Valentine’s Day in Ashland. I love you, baby.

. I’d like to wish Mr. C a happy Valentine’s Day. I miss you. I love you and will always love you. I hope if you have it in your heart to ever call me that you will call me. I love you, dear.

Happy Valentine’s Day, big dog.

. I appreciate you telling me thanks, but as far as calling The Mountain Eagle, I really didn’t want to. I’ve been listening to the Bruno Mars song, ‘It Will Rain,’ over and over. It’s says, ‘If you ever leave me baby, put some morphine at my door.’ I think I have listened to it 10 times. Sometimes in a person’s life they come to a road and there is nothing but an exit. The only way out is if you love God. He says no religion can save him. But it is the only thing that saves me. I don’t know if I love you or not, but I think I do. When you call I’m mad at myself and when you don’t call I am even madder.

. Speak Your Piece, need some advice. I have been having these crazy dreams and nightmares. I dreamed that my husband divorced me because I was overweight. He is a kind and gentle man, but he doesn’t understand my fetish. When we got married we both were slim and trim. We have been married 20 years and he is still 140 pound and I have ballooned to 240 pounds. He used to bring me boxes of candy every day, gave me hugs and kisses, whispered sweet things in my ear and then said he wanted to make love to me. Sounds good so far, doesn’t it? Well, here is the problem: I wanted the candy more than him. All I wanted to do was sit around in a recliner with my remote control in my hand and watch old television reruns and eat candy. My husband began to look more and more like Don Knotts on the old ‘Andy Griffith Show’ and I looked more and more like LuLu Roman on the old ‘Hee Haw’ show. I was afraid of losing him so I joined Chocoholics Anonymous, but I still couldn’t lose weight. When my husband left me, that cut off my supply of candy so I started stealing to feed my addiction. I got caught shoplifting in the candy department at Walmart and now I’m in the Letcher County Jail. I dreamed the jailer put me in a cell with the Reese’s Cup bandit who broke into the grocery store and smeared peanut butter and chocolate all over his nude body. To make a long story short, I have fallen in

love with this bandit. He is the only man I have ever met who understands my addiction. We plan to get married when we get out of jail. Abby, am I going crazy or what? Signed, Chocaholic.

. Something has to be done to shut down this ridiculous excuse for a business at Mayking. To the owners: You say you are not worried about the product you are selling hurting others? Why are you concerned with only decent people coming to you window? Why do you only have a small window for handling sales? Most businesses I know have a door which you walk in and look around at the products for sale. Why does it matter if someone is under age if the product you sale is on the ‘up and up?’ If you know the product you sale is not for human consumption and it says so on the package and you clearly know that it is being used for human consumption, then why do you continue to sell the products? Do you have any morals?

. Here is your psychic reading for the night. This is not about me at all. She still loves you, but she will not love for you and she will be gone. You can either straighten up and be something to her, for her and with her or you will be without her. She is not a broom. She is not a mop. She is a person. She’ll find it somewhere. If you can’t give it to her, somebody is giving it to her already. It is just not quite fitting the bill.

. You are in my every thought. You are a beautiful lady. Happy birthday to Carla on Feb. 10.

. Hey parents out there in Letcher County. If we don’t all wake up and do something about getting rid of the superintendent and board Chairman Will Smith, they are going to destroy all of the Letcher County schools.

. Your dad thinks you are but a joke.

. All of Verlin Short’s family are on ‘Snake Man of Appalachia’ except his brothers. How come?

. I’d just like to say that the insurance company needs to check out the burning of a certain house really thoroughly before they pay out any money. There has been a lot of talk going around about that house burning.

. You people who complain about the TV show ‘Snake Man of Appalachia’ ought to take a deep breath and think about what you’re saying. The truth is that the producers of this Animal Planet show and the Verlin Short family have made our part of Kentucky and Appalachia look much better than what we deserve. If the producers had really wanted to make us look like the white trash they easily could have, they would show our shacks and broken down trailers that are in every community. They would also show the trash and filth that is all over many of our front lawns and clogs nearly every ditch along our highways. What if Animal Planet had trained its cameras on our highways and showed all the drug syringes some of your needle junkie family members have thrown out of their cars after shooting up their pain medicine? How would that look to the rest of the world? So let’s all get real and stop complaining about the Short family and Animal Planet and start worrying about cleaning our own act up. We should be thanking Animal Planet for covering up our ugly truth instead of acting as if that show degrades us in some way.

. I think I know who the three-time Isom loser is. If I’m right, his most recent ex isn’t showing much gratitude for his helping her to destroy her sons’ lives.

. This is in response to the remark about someone stole a quilt at a funeral. It was our grandpa’s funeral. It’s a shame you have to feel like you have to do that to get a keepsake from your own grandfather. Thanks for the message.

. This is regarding the remark in last week’s paper about someone stealing a throw at a funeral: If you don’t know what you are talking about, you really shouldn’t say anything. The throw was taken for the person it was intended for. It wasn’t stealing.

. Preacher in Jenkins, you should remember two things. After all, you are supposed to be a preacher. One of the rules in the Bible says with their tongues a hypocrite will destroy their neighbor and the liar will have no part of the kingdom of God. You don’t mind to do either one of them.

. Who determines which hospitals are chosen for awards such as ‘hospital of the year’? What is the criteria?

. I think all counties should be against the proposal to make UPike a state university, because all the money they are going to take is what the counties operate on. We need our severance tax money to do things for our county. We do not need another state college.

. To my beautiful daughter: I am so sorry for reacting as badly as I did the other day when you got caught up in having your affair. When I think about what you said, you were right — hardly any of us in our 40’s and 50’s would still be married today if we’d had all the technology available to us that gets your generation into so much trouble today.

. I’d like to wish a very young, special man in our life a happy birthday on Feb. 23. Happy birthday, Jeffrey. You are a very special, loving child. We love you very much. This is from your family who cares so much about you. We love you, son.

. I was just wondering

about the job of energy director for the Letcher County school district. I know there was a job posting and someone got the job, but I hadn’t heard anything about it. Who is it? What do they do? How much do they get paid? Who pays them?

. I was at a certain school one day and coming up the hallway was a teacher wearing the tightest cheerleading uniform. That was the most disturbing thing I have laid eyes on. What in the world are you teaching the kids down there? It is okay for a teacher to go back to her high school years of being a cheerleader?

. I have a trade proposal: Let’s send Superintendent Anna Craft and all the central office employees responsible for the dismissal of former Letcher Central basketball coach Raymond Justice to Knott County for the rehiring of Coach Justice and the return to Letcher Central of his freshman son, star guard Cameron Justice. Getting rid of Coach Justice a couple of years ago will go down as one of the worst sports blunders since the Cincinnati Reds traded future Hall of Famer Frank Robinson. Just how stupid can you be to fire a coach who was doing such a great job to begin with while knowing that his son was destined to be such a great player? Craft, Letcher County Board of Education Chairman Will Smith and all others associated with this extreme showing of stupidity owe every long-suffering Letcher County sports fan a detailed explanation. At least when the old Fleming Neon High School lost future UK star Johnny Cox to Hazard it was because his dad got a better job. Each time we hear the name Cameron Justice we are reminded that he should be starring at Letcher County Central High School instead of Knott Central.

. From a concerned friend of Andrew Toothman, now known as the nude burglar. I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, so here is mine: It is a crying shame everyone thinks this is all a joke. I have known the boy for more than five

years and he is one of the most genuine men I have ever met. No matter how down and out I was, he could always put a smile on my face. He is a good person to be around. Instead of talking about him we should remember him in our thoughts and prayers. As far as being a Valentine, he can be my Valentine any day. Sincerely, Margaret.

. Everyone seems to talk about the deficit and the cause. It takes 108 billion dollars a month to supply the troops in Afghanistan. Is not a trillion dollar war a cause of a trillion dollar deficit? Both sides seem content to take our Social Security dollars and pay for a war.

. I’m calling in regard to Andrew Toothman. I think it is a shame everyone made a joke of the situation about what went down. Until everyone knows all the facts, people need to take into consideration what the boy was going through. I have known this boy for a long time. Sometimes when the world is coming down on your shoulders, it is tough. I know what he did shouldn’t have happened, but come on, people. He was trying to take care of his whole family. It’s sad that Andrew is going through what he is. Andrew is very liked and loved in this community. He couldn’t have a life because of responsibilities that shouldn’t have been his. I hope and pray to God he will get straightened out and will be able to have a life like the normal person. Andrew is loved by many people and was willing to help anyone he could. God, please watch over Andrew and bless him and get him straightened out so he can become a man and live on his own and find someone who can love him for what he is.

. The biggest problem for closed societies like Iran is TV sets and the Internet. When a government gets into trouble, the first thing they want to do is try to sensor things like television and the Internet. One government tried to cut out cell phone communication when it got in trouble.

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