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To the mayor and council members of Jenkins: Please reconsider the fine now being imposed on the citizens of Jenkins for being late on purchasing a city sticker. In these hard economic times it is hard enough to come up with the ten dollars to buy each sticker, let alone trying to pay the extra $20 for forgetting to get them. If I give you $30 for each sticker I will be placing myself in a position of not having the money to get my diabetes and blood pressure medicine. There are people living here that are tagging their vehicles in other states to avoid things such as city stickers and the school tax while driving on the same roads as I do and sending their kids to Jenkins schools. I have to admit that I just plum forgot to get my sticker and there wasn’t even a grace period, but to walk in and get them now I just can’t afford it. Once again, I ask you to please do us a favor and remove the extra $20 fine. That would be a generous move for you to do. Also, if you do this please let it be known in the paper and on channel 98 so not only me, but other citizens could purchase their sticker. Thanks.

. I would like to speak my piece about the recent book fair held at Burdine Elementary School. They charged my child $9 for a book that had a price tag that clearly stated just $3.99. The reason I know this is because they gave my child a receipt that had only one thing charged on it and my child only bought one thing. There were also no taxes charged so I know it could not have made that big of a difference. I think someone needs to check into this and see what is going on. I gave my child $10 to spend and they took every bit of it. My child could have bought at least one more thing if they had not charged so much for the one book.

. I was wondering if anything has come of the situation at the Letcher County Extension Office. Have they decided to audit the account? In the past year there has been a lot going on up there. One lady that worked up there 20-some years never said why she left, but I feel like it was because she was forced to retire. She never had any complaints against her except one. She had a disagreement with one of the agents and then all at once she retired. There has been a lot of stuff like the bid that wasn’t made public, and I just wonder if anything has been done about the bid that was handled wrong. You all did mention that in The Mountain Eagle and I just wondered if anything else has been found out. I am just a curious spectator wanting to know what was going on up there and how it is being handled.

. Diana Ross hit it head on the money. It is a shame that we lost Whitney Houston. We all loved her and she was so talented. We just hated to give her up, but what can you do?

. Listen up, people. This is your assignment for today.

Find the grammatical errors in the following sentences. 1. Where are you going to? 2. Give the package to her mother. 3. It is me calling to say hello. 4. The milk cow is getting fat. 5. The subjects and page numbers can be found in the indexes of books. 6. The man is shoveling snow with his cigarette. 7. The mainstream media is mostly liberal. 8. The majority of the citizens were in favor of the motion. 9. One glass is fuller than the others. Now for a hint of wisdom: Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two Wrights make an airplane. Good luck and good day. Now that I have got you wondering why nine sentences rather than 10, here is number 10. If I was going, I would go by train. What is the miscue in this sentence? Think subjunctive mode. This is the M.P. Please let me know your score.

. My grandfather said that Social Security was FDR’s socialism. My great uncle paid all his medical bills and refused government help. My uncle ran his business with men who paid him cash as contract laborers. They have no Social Security coverage. Conservatives consider Social Security and Medicare socialism.

. I am just wondering if anyone would like to call and talk about the happenings going on in the neighborhood. I found a free conference setup that we could all use. It’s free. It is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana number. Everyone has long distance now. It should work out. It’s 225-726-2203. Just call up there and everyone meets in room one. It’s live conversation. We talk about politics and everything. Check us out. We meet on Saturdays at noon, central time. Give us a call.

. I think it is a shame a mother can give up a child, then every now and then wants to come back like nothing has happened and blame it on the child. Grow up and be a parent.

. To a guy who rents apartments in the Ermine area: I wonder how you can sleep at night by ripping people off. Respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece and let me know.

. This goes out to the people who keep sticking up for the peanut butter bandit and say he is a good guy: You say you are real good friends with him and that he was going through a lot. Well, that might be true, but you can’t just pretend that their actions don’t exist. I, myself, have done a lot of outlandish things under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Now that I have straightened my life up, I am still living with some of the things I have done. People don’t forget things like that. He is just going to have to deal with what people are saying. Anybody who breaks into a store and rubs peanut butter all over himself is going to be made a joke. He is just going to have to pray about it and get on with his life and deal with it. In 10 years or so people will forget about it,

but right now he can’t go back in time and take that away. That is pretty bizarre behavior. Wouldn’t you agree?

. To a lady who lives in Hall Hollow: Can you come up to the head of the creek and get your nose so you can keep it out of people’s business? You know who I am.

. Congratulation again to Kevin Looney of Burdine. He is now No. 5 nationally and No. 7 globally on ReverbNation’s country charts. He just passed Trace Adkins to move into the Top Five. You can support him by becoming a fan at www.reverbnation.com/ kevinlooney. And remember you must sign up to join ReverbNation to become an official fan. Also, I love and miss you Mary.

. We wanted to wish Jasmine Nicole Guthrie a very happy 4th birthday on February 27. We love you, little girl. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Bubby, Mamaw, Papaw, Auntie, and Uncle.

. I would just like to say it’s sad that Beckham Bates Elementary School is closing. I went to Colson Head Start both years. I went to Beckham Bates from kindergarten though eighth grade, and I loved it. It’s the best. I will surely miss that place. It will sure seem different. I like how everybody knows everybody. You have the same teachers as your sisters or brothers had, even some that taught your parents. BBE now has the best principal it’s ever had. I was lucky enough to have him as a teacher when I attended BBE. The teachers are great. They actually care about your education. The school is great, the community members are wonderful. We are truly losing something special. I will miss BBE and the wonderful staff.

. In response to the comment in Speak Your Piece to Mr. C. and happy Valentine’s Day. Will you be a little more specific about where Mr. C is from?

. I know Frank Riley is going to be running against Edison Banks for Letcher County Commonwealth’s Attorney. Guess what? Edison is going to get my vote because I know he will at least do the job right. Good luck, Edison.

. The lawmakers in Frankfort need to gather facts before they begin passing laws about pain medications. I am more than 70 years old and I use pain meds and I am sure a lot of politicians do the same. If they would collect evidence of each suspected overdose, they would find out that the drug that does it all is antianxiety pills like Xanax or anti-depressants. They are the culprits in all overdoses, just like the last singing star. Don’t make it hard on the people who need pain meds. Just like they did during prohibition, people kept on getting alcohol. Prohibition didn’t stop it and this won’t stop the pain meds either.

. We would like to wish Albert and Lola Wilder of Crases Branch a happy 50th wedding anniversary on Feb. 25. We love you all. Have a good anniversary.

. I wonder if Grandma is happy that her daughter is single like she is.

. I do want to voice my opinion about the Snake Man. It is nice that someone from these hills has gotten on T.V., and it is nice that they show their family and everything. It really is nice. I admire him for what he does and for what he is all

about. It seems to me that he is trying to raise his family right. I think people are just jealous because this is the era of everyone getting on T.V. with every little thing imaginable. I admire him for being one of the many, but yet one of the very few in this part of the country to be able to be on T.V. I just read in The Mountain Eagle that it has been put on hold. I haven’t read why. Maybe things will work out. This is someone who is concerned that does read the whole Speak Your Piece and the whole Mountain Eagle.

. I want to give a great big shout out to the man from East Kentucky Correctional Complex that said Jerome Boggs was there. Maybe he will walk the yard 5,000 times. Maybe he will just walk it a few. We don’t know these things do we?

. To the guy in the S-10: I had a good time. Thanks.

. I hope this man who keeps calling in childish and pathetic stuff to Speak Your Piece gets his life straightened out before he leaves this world. He needs to grow up and act like a man. Signed, birthday girl B.C. You have a family. Act like it.

. We as a community think it is an outrage that the Letcher County Wolves semi-pro football team in Whitesburg has had the success they have had, especially on defense, and Coach Holbrook has decided to fire the defensive coach Randy Johnson for no apparent reason. The truth is that Randy Johnson put the $600 up last year for the team to play in the playoffs and he has not been compensated for his money or his time. Is this why Mr. Holbrook decided to just fire him? The defense is what kept the team going and the defense is a lot better than the offense. We think this is an outrage.

. I would like to make a comment about a certain business in Jenkins. Every time you go through the front door you have to hear the ‘f word’ about six different times. My wife went in there the other night and they said it about three or four times before she could even get through the door. They need to straighten up their act.

. Listen. I am not panicking one bit over this Snake Man reality T.V. show. As far as I am concerned, I wish they would take it off television. First off, there is this man they call the turtle man who kisses turtles, which I understand him because he gets rid of critters for people, especially skunks. If I had a skunk, I would be calling him. Now I turn on Animal Planet and here is this man from Mayking and he is calling himself the snake man. I see him jumping on a trampoline. I guess they had to jumpstart him into reality and say the show is centered on snakes so he went out and caught a snake. My point is, and I am not trying to be mean, I don’t want people to have this persona of us as being these backwoods, dumb, ignorant hillbillies. There are a lot of people here in the Appalachian Mountains who have some real talent. Why don’t they do a show about that? Let us keep some respect. I talked to a lot of my friends and a lot of them ask if that is what everyone else does back there. And I am like, no, that is not what we do here. Let’s just have some respect about here. There are other people you could have a show about that would uplift us instead of trying to put us down. Honestly I am not trying to be mean. If there is anybody else out there who agrees with me,

please let me know.

. I’m calling concerning social services. We coal miners get out and do our job and I think they have a job to do and they are paid by the state. I think they should do their job by investigating to the fullest and by doing the requirements they are supposed to do. All they do is sit up in the office and drink coffee and talk about people. They need to do their job right because there are so many kids going without food and people partying around them and abusing them. They could be on the road investigating.

. I would like to give a shout out to a birthday boy on Feb. 23. Jeffrey, happy birthday, son. Your daddy loves you very much. You rock on, son. You rock. Happy birthday.

. I just wanted to wish Kelsey a happy 16th birthday on Feb. 24. Have a great day, Kels. Love you.

. People, while standing in line at restaurants, banks, grocery stores, etc., please stand back at least two feet away from the person in front of you. I was standing in line at a restaurant the other day and the person behind me was so close to me that their breath was blowing the back of my hair up, and I could smell their Hai Karate cologne so strongly that I almost choked. It’s simply good manners to respect another person’s personal space. After picking up my takeout order, when I turned around to leave, I stepped on this person’s feet because they were standing so close to me. Please just stand back. The line won’t move any faster if you stand on someone’s heels. The line moves when the line moves.

. In the February 8 edition of Speak Your Piece a caller called Herman Cain’s support of Newt Gingrich the Cheating Husbands Wing of the GOP. I think there is enough adultery going on in both parties. The caller must have selective or no memory of the Democrat Party’s transgressions. He or she must not have remembered Bill Clinton’s transgressions of adultery in the White House or Ted Kennedy’s affair with Mary Jo Kopechne that left her dead in his car in a river. Also, after several children, he discarded his wife and remarried. Then, there is the Rev. Jesse Jackson who had a baby with his mistress and a former Democratic candidate for president in 2004 from North Carolina, John Edwards, a real scumbag who had a baby with his mistress while his wife had cancer. Also, do not forget Al Gore who divorced his wife, Tipper. Just a few that come to mind. There are probably a lot more.

. You just can’t make this stuff up. So now the Republican Party gives us a sheriff from a county in Arizona by the name of Paul Babeu, who built his reputation as a conservative star by taking a hardline stance against immigration and attacking President Obama. Well guess what? It turns out the conservative Republican superstar was having a homosexual affair with one of the Mexican immigrants he was taking such a tough stance against. Sheriff Babeu is the perfect example of the hypocrisy and lies that make up today’s Republican Party. As one commenter put it so well, the illegal immigrant having gay sex with Babeu was only doing the work American gays wouldn’t.

. A foggy morning here in Letcher County, and people will still not turn their headlights on. It boggles the mind.

. You Letcher County druggies really should stop doing drugs. It could be you who ends up living in a van down by the river.

. Is the new restaurant on Main Street ever going to start serving lunch? I’ve been by there a few times around lunchtime and no one’s ever there.

. I have a solution to the ongoing copper theft problem. This is a problem that could be solved much easier by the phone companies themselves than by the dimwitted and subpar local and state law enforcement agencies. When the copper is stolen, or even beforehand, it should be replaced with fiber optic cable rather than copper communication

line. Fiber optic cable can be used for the same purpose as the copper line, and is worthless to thieves. Fiber optic cable is much more efficient than copper communication line, but it is also more expensive, which is the reason our local communication companies prefer not to use it. It just seems to make a lot more sense to me to go fiber optic. It would immediately stop theft of copper communication line, interruption of communication services, and at the same time provide us with faster and more reliable communication services. Fiber optic cable is used in most other areas where technology is more important than it is here. In my opinion, the common people of eastern Kentucky are being done just as much harm by the communication companies themselves as by the copper thieves. If the greedy communication companies would just reach into their pockets and switch to fiber optics instead of primitive copper wiring, communication line theft would immediately stop, and so would service interruption. We would also be caught up technologically with most of the rest of the civilized world. I only hope this letter helps people realize that. The big cheese communications companies could put an end to those thefts and service interruptions if they would just turn loose of a little bit of cash from their huge wallets. People in this county are smart enough to know that this problem cannot be solved by our underfunded and incompetent little local police forces. If you want this problem solved, the police are not who you should contact. Those who can solve this problem are the big communication companies and their lobbyists in the big political circles. So if you really want to help get rid of communication line theft and service interruptions, start calling, writing or emailing your local communication companies, senators, congressmen or regulatory agencies and demand that copper be replaced with fiber optic line. Make these companies shell out for superior fiber optic line and let’s put an end to communication line theft and service interruptions. Signed, Someone with a better solution.

. Why does no one talk about the price of gas? A friend of mine told me that BP should have the right to sell gas at any price — that’s what’s called capitalism. I disagree. When a government controls business that is called socialism. When business owns the government, it is fascism. Extreme socialism is called communism. Extreme capitalism is called fascism.

. The buildings that house Jenkins High School and Jenkins Elementary schools are not deplorable, and I fail to see how a new building would improve academics. Academics depend on the instruction that is given to the students. The superintendant states the system has state-of-the-art technology and that the required infrastructure has gone up. Does that mean we need a $25 million building? Two years ago all three buildings got a new roof. If they were not properly put on, who is to blame? Also, new tile was put on the floors at Burdine and McRoberts, along with a new lighting system. In many cases, new tile and lights were not needed. The heating system was also replaced recently. Let’s take care of what we have and improve our schools academically.

. This is no laughing matter. There is an inmate at the Letcher County Jail who cooks for the staff and the rest of the jail population. He was caught on camera by the jailer and jail staff shaking his privates at another inmate in a different cell than him. He was taken out of the cell, talked to, but wasn’t in any way punished. The staff said that he would have to have someone supervise him while cooking. This is already supposed to be. This lewd act is against the law, even in Letcher County. That same inmate is still cooking for the staff and the rest of the inmates there at the jail. Does this individual even wash his hands after using the bathroom? This needs to be corrected. This is a statefunded facility we’re talking about here. Do something about it or I will. Thank you.

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