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If you happen to be riding over to Virginia today and you happen to see a pile of copper lying around, it belongs to Copper Man. I think it will by lying pretty close to that one yard that’s close to Coeburn. Maybe it’s not there; maybe it’s gone somewhere else. This is just Copper Man wanting his money.

I would like to address this to all of the people in the county who want to keep the smoking ban in effect: Call your magistrate and tell him you are against having the smoking ban done away with. Also, everybody needs to be at the fiscal court meeting to show your support for keeping the smoking ban in effect. The county took a giant step forward by imposing the smoking ban. If we let them do away with it we are taking two giant steps backward. Also, we will remember who votes and how they vote come Election Day. Thank you very much.

To a certain mean and coldhearted woman who thinks she has the sheriff’s office under her thumb: Enjoy it while you can, because sooner or later every dog has its day. You will be back behind bars someday. This time you won’t have any help from anybody. If you think you know who this is, you are wrong. It might be a member of your own family or a member of your own gang. Your time is coming to an end. Sooner or later the sheriff is going to put handcuffs on you.

Letcher County Central High School needs new secretaries. If your kid is absent and he or she forgets to turn in their parent-excuse, the school doesn’t let you know they didn’t turn those excuses in until a month later. Then the school has the nerve to send you letters in the mail to tell you they only go back for 20 days to back up so they’re not counted absent. Don’t waste your time and don’t bother sending letters in the mail to us unless you are going to let us know ahead of time so we can do things the way you want us to do. Get yourselves in gear.

(Shouldn’t it be your responsibility to ask your child if he or she remembered to turn in the excuse you wrote for them?)

I certain hope that someone – hopefully one of the magistrates – has the courage to stop this nonsense of the county pledging to give $300,000 to the animals. This money isn’t even going to the real Humane Society. It’s going to a private organization. Let’s get the court to set all of us up in our own business. Thank you.

To a hot redhead: We have hung out before. I think you are a really good guy and I really like you a lot. I was wondering if you could give one of your friend’s sisters a chance in a relationship. You should know who you are. Please respond in next week’s paper. From the short blonde.

I’m commenting on the Pawz and Clawz animal rescuers. I think that is the best thing that has ever come to Letcher County for our animals. Our animals didn’t ask to be neglected or abandoned. I do what I can for my animals plus any other animals I see. I carry dog food, cat food, and bird food with me, because the animals didn’t ask for this. They don’t need to be treated like this. They are also one of God’s creatures, just like we are. If God fed them, then surely we’re no better than He is. So, Pawz and Clawz, anything you want me to do for you, I will try to do it. Just let me know. I’ll give my time and what money I have.

To the girl who works at a certain store and makes the best pizza in the world: I come in every day just to see your smiling face. Oh baby, how you make my heart race. Your husband doesn’t appreciate you. If you were mine I would do anything for you. You don’t have any idea how I feel and you probably never will. I just wanted you to know you shouldn’t settle for less than you deserve. From a secret admirer who can’t get you off his mind.

It was supposed to be Corn Night last week, not Dead Bird in the Driveway Night. Whoever killed the bird and put it there, that’s what God is going to do to you.

I don’t know what to think about ARH taking a chance on any one patient being put in danger by not having enough RNs to do the job. It looks like they could at least hire four or five at Whitesburg and 10 or 11 at Hazard. These RNs are not asking for a raise. They just want enough nurses working to take care of the patients.

Really good fences make really good neighbors. Mine’s not finished yet. And a lot of people aren’t going to like it when it is finished. Thank you.

I would like to wish a certain guy a late happy birthday. It was on October 22. I love you. Your secret admirer.

That person talking about the Jenkins bus drivers sure was right. They must think they’re in a NASCAR race or something, because they nearly blew me down the other day.

There is plenty of strip-mined land in Letcher County and around Whitesburg that’s going to waste without a job being put on it. Jim Ward claimed that when he got into office he was going to bring industry to our county. He’s not brought a thing in and isn’t going to bring anything in.

To all the people who work night shift at a certain place: Byebye.

To the scab who worked in Wise, Virginia: I hope you are happy now. You had it made, and look what you’ve done. You are truly a scab. Are you proud?

That sure was a good fall festival the church had, preacher. The children and some of the adults had those costumes on. I’m sure Satan was well pleased. Even though you didn’t put the pumpkin on top of the cross, why didn’t you nail a giant Easter bunny to the cross and put a fat man in a red suit under it? It could have held a collection plate and given free raffle tickets to next week’s bingo game. And let’s remind the congregation of the end-of-the-month pig barbecue. I will say I did have a healing. I was blind, but now I see. Think about this, preacher: I’ll see you in hell. A love offering will be taken up.

Here is the deal about the principal and the cell phones: It’s not that the phones are being taken. The problem is the principal has no right to look at call logs or the students’ personal telephone numbers and information. That is against the law. Thank you.

I just read in the paper where a man was indicted for raping a 10-year-old girl. It’s a shame when that little girl was so crazy over him and got that for a payback. I’m sure that’s something she will remember for the rest of her life. You know what I hope the man who did this to her will remember for the rest of his life? A prison number.

I would like to know if Donovan Wayne was the person who left the message to his family in last week’s Speak Your Piece. If it was, please respond.

The dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life was a grown man dressed up like a bottle of ketchup. We need to grow up.

The ARH nurses can go you know what.

To the old man with the filthy mouth who was visiting across the road: I own this place. I’ll sit wherever I want to sit. I own every piece of this property and you cannot tell me where to sit. If life has dealt you lemons you better learn how to make lemonade. But you really need to have your mouth washed out. You really are a vulgar old man.

Don’t laugh at me, don’t call me names. Don’t get your pleasure from my pain. In God’s eyes we’re all the same. Don’t laugh at me.

I’m calling about a four-eyed fat buffalo. If she thinks her husband is working on what he’s supposed to be working on, she should think again. He’s got smaller and better things to work on. So you keep continuing to call on everyone else’s husband. You need to keep up with your own. He doesn’t like a big water buffalo like you. He likes us smaller women.

I think it’s a shame certain police officers won’t arrest the rapist of a 10-year-old girl, but they’ll get out here and raid these small-time drug dealers. It’s pitiful that Letcher County has such poor police officers. They ought to arrest the man and put him in jail before he rapes some other child. Thank you.

To a certain man in the Neon area: Do you feel proud for raping a little 10-year-old and taking everything away from her? You have damaged her life forever. You’ve taken away her mother’s life and the lives of her whole family. Are you happy? You’re a low piece of scum. The cops who don’t arrest you are low, too.

I would like to thank the person for answering my question about the Kentucky Eagle Coal Company at Carbon Glow. Yes, I would really be interested in any information you could give me on Carbon Glow and any other coal companies in Carbon Glow. Thank you.

I want to thank Coleman Gibson and Richard Craft for all they have done for the West Side Cougars football team. We could not have done it without you two. Please help us again.

You didn’t think we’d look up those scriptures, did you? Well, none of those verses you mentioned had anything to do with alcoholic drinks. They weren’t even mentioned in them. Only Deuteronomy mentioned wine. If you had read the verses around them, which obviously you didn’t, you would know it was a song sung by Moses condemning the nation of Israel’s actions – their land, their food, their wine, and everything else. Moses called it poison because they disobeyed God. It had nothing to do with drinking. Obviously you didn’t read it. And obviously you didn’t read Psalms 104:15, which says wine makes the heart of mortal men rejoice. Joel 3:18 says the mountain will drip with sweet wine. First Timothy 5:32 says use a little wine for the stomach’s sake. John 2:9 says Jesus turned the water into wine. There are dozens more verses you need to read. But the one you need to read the most is First Corinthians 14:34-35, where it says let your women keep silent in churches, for it is not permitted for them to speak. Verse 35 says, ‘And if they will learn, let them ask their husbands at home, for it is a shame for women to speak at church.’

I wonder which one will God will judge us the most for – our big nose, our big ears, our big feet? Or will He judge us more for our big mouth, adultery, being gay or lesbian, or being a liar? Someone tell me which one.

We would like for 53 Emerson Drive to be paved. Please, magistrate of District Three, pave 53 Emerson Drive in Cram Creek.

To my baby: I am so glad that I found you. Every day, I hope and I pray that we will always be together. I love you more than words can say. There’s not a moment that passes by that I don’t think of you. You make me happier than anyone in the world. Without you I would be incomplete. When I think of you I think of forever. I love you, baby. Love always, your hottie.

I wish all the employees of all fast-food restaurants in Letcher and Perry counties would walk out for just one day. Maybe the top managers, owners, and corporations would listen and be fair. It takes guts to force change.

I’m calling again about the track and cross-country teams. I’ve even called the school, and I’m still not getting any word back on the schedules or anything, and nobody knows anything about it. I’ve called two weeks in a row to Speak Your Piece, but I’ve gotten nothing back. I want to know why. I don’t understand why the track and field team and the cross-country team aren’t being recognized. Apparently, we need a new coach and we need different priorities.

To a certain nurse at Whitesburg ARH: Who are you going to yard-sale with now? Who’s going to scare you? It’s ridiculous and it makes no sense. Guess who? Good luck, and call me.

I would like to know why the coal company is blocking these roads in Marshall’s Branch. They’ve mined all the coal and washed everybody out in the hollow while they were mining. Now that they’re through they won’t even let us ride ATVs on those old mine roads. Why in the world are the people of Letcher County putting up with these people taking over? They’ve got all the coal and taken all the money out of here. Now they’re trying to patrol it like it’s a prison back here. What is going on? Please, somebody tell me something.

(The fact that the roads are blocked to four-wheelers probably means the coal company still has thousands of dollars on the line in reclamation bonds and can’t get them released if the mine site is disturbed by people on four-wheelers. Who owns the property you’re talking about? Shouldn’t the property owner have the right to say whether four-wheelers are permitted?)

Well, the election for governor is over. But Kentucky would be so much better off right now if Leslie Combs had been a candidate. She would make a great governor, because she is very intelligent, organized, and caring. She actually visits the projects in her area and actually listens to the people. How rare is that in an elected official? Notice I didn’t say politician, because she is so much better than that. Leslie Combs is a true ‘statesperson.’ As a matter of fact, I believe she would make a better presidential candidate than those on either side that are running right now. Watch what happens over the next four years and see if you agree.

I’m giving my children and grandchildren a surprise Christmas present this year. You know what it is? Nothing. I am tired of giving and giving and never getting anything back. I’m tired of being short on money to pay my bills and having them run to me every time they get into trouble. This year I am buying myself something. Merry Christmas, kids.

Is it true that discussions are going on now about the possibilities of turning Thornton and Sergent into a reservoir/lake for a county water supply and for a tourist/fishing attraction? Has anyone else heard this? This may be the reason they moved our post office and stopped the county water lines on both sides of us.

I really enjoy reading Oma Hatton’s article in The Mountain Eagle. I know some of the people she knows. She’s a little bit younger than me and was raised up with those people. I would like for some of the Big Cowan generation to help me encourage Kathy Wolfe to put in some more articles. She’s a sister to Archie Ray Fields, my brother-in-law. We miss hearing from her. Barry Miles told me there was going to be a Howard and Miles reunion. Hope it hasn’t already passed. That’s all. Please print this. Thank you, Stanley D. Pack.

This election week might be a good time to think about the people we have elected in the past and what they have done for us. I have reflected on this and decided – remember, this is a family paper so I can’t use the graphic term that first comes to mind – that what they have done is not much. I think about Hal Rogers and that he has been in office for twenty-eight or thirty years and look around for something that he has done. Well, he renamed the Daniel Boone Parkway that had been named for our most admirable and most famous citizen for someone considerably less impressive – himself. He has built the Somerset/London area into one of the nation’s greatest displays of fast-food places and motels, so if we should have a need for any of those things we are only a couple of hours away, using the road he named for himself. One thing possibly to his credit is that not much money has been spent in maintaining it. Most of his earmarks go for developments for his friends at Lake Cumberland or for maintaining the numerous agencies that are, for the most part, publicity arms for his political progress. Remember UNITE, the agency that solved our drug problems three or four years ago? Senator McConnell has been instrumental in sustaining our situation in Iraq, despite the best efforts of the American and Iraqi people, and has been one of the main forces in providing the thirty-five or so million dollars we spend there every day. Or is that every hour? Senator Bunning? Forget it. He probably spends a lot of his time counting on his fingers and trying to come up with more than one hundred Kentucky counties; the number he uses in his speeches. Then there is the home front: our judicial system, law enforcement, the fiscal court. That would take up another page, so I’ll save that for another day.

Okay, I’ve done my homework. Although comments made concerning the RN strike are many, I would like to add my opinion – because I can. I have read the ARH-proposed contract in detail. It looks very similar, and certain points are even better, than the contract with the United Steelworkers. Management staff at ARH receive what was offered to RNs, excluding pay of course. I then read in detail the contract the RNs are proposing. Well, certain issues make sense, but a lot of what the union is requesting is a little over the top. Pay for instance, seven percent a year? That just seems a little much compared to the two percent offered. Why not compromise at three or four percent? The issue of seniority, well ARH is proposing that when a job is open, the more qualified nurse will be placed in the position rather than the one who has been there the longest. If more than one is qualified, seniority will then determine. The Kentucky Nurses Association thinks qualifications don’t matter, only years of service. Hmmm, not sure I have an opinion either way. The biggest issue the KNA members say they have is the overtime. Could this overtime have occurred mostly during the Steelworkers’ strike? KNA wants absolutely no mandatory overtime. Is this really possible in health care? Why not simply agree to hire more nurses or even parttime nurses to pick up the slack? Who makes the decision to hire part-time people? I noticed that both sides have agreed to eight float/relief nurses for Whitesburg. Why not just agree to hire a couple more? Seriously, saying mean things about people because they choose to work or they choose not to work is just wrong. Go to ARH the web site and read both contracts and form yourself an opinion based on the facts you have read. It just seems that our whole community is in turmoil because of a lot of hearsay. There are some wonderful nurses on that picket line. They have taken care of me and my family with compassion and concern. But there are also some wonderful nurses who are still working, and I admire the courage they have to stand on their own to support their families.

I just want everyone to know that signs are being placed in the yards and driveways of the nurses that chose to continue working. These signs are being placed late at night and state, ‘A scab lives here.’ So the nurses on strike have resorted to trespassing. This is pretty desperate and pathetic. Everyone has their own reasons for continuing to work. They do have the right to strike and we have the right to work. I just want the community, as well as the fiscal court, to know what a bunch of vigilantes they are supporting. And just for the record, my property is protected by Smith & Wesson. So you better think twice about resorting to trespassing on other people’s property. You will eventually get caught.

To the person who keeps calling in and complaining about the animal shelter: You must be the one who left those puppies to die by the road after stomping the guts out of them. Or maybe you’re the one who hit that dog in the head with the two by four that left it blind and brain-damaged? No, I bet you’re the one that skinned the cat and poured alcohol on it so it wouldn’t come back over to your house? Wait a minute, I bet you were just the person who shot the dog because it wandered on your property and you ‘think’ you have the right to do that. You must be the one who thinks that animal control means shooting the mother during childbirth, leaving her to give birth to a puppy with a bullet lodged in it. You must be so proud of yourself for treating God’s creatures this way. Aren’t you?

For sale: Homes, cars, motorcycles, boats, four-wheelers, furniture, and all other valuables. Everything must go. Take over payments on all items. Changed jobs and need to scale down payments to new income. Was earning $50,000 per year and now only get half a bag of groceries per week. Love my new job, though. Who needs an indoor job where you can take pride in helping people when you can stand beside the road all day holding a sign and calling people names? It’s well worth losing all of my valuables, going hungry, and not having health care coverage just to keep my so-called friends from calling me names. If interested in any of these items, please call the KNA (Kentucky Nurses Association) or KSHA (Kentucky Sign Holders Association) at 1- 888-NEED-A-JOB.

Concerning the ‘Wall of Shame’ that the strikers have in Whitesburg: Is this defamation of character or slander? You shouldn’t have your name placed on a ‘wall of shame’ beside of a highway for going to work so you can feed your family and supply them with a home. I may be mistaken – correct me if I’m wrong – but isn’t the wall of shame illegal?

We would like to thank the Kentucky Nurses Association and the striking nurses who have braved all the elements to stand up for what they believe in, and for giving the ‘real nurses’ who chose to stay and work all the overtime we want. We especially thank you for ridding the hospital of all the bad attitudes and animosity that prevailed while you were here. Many of us have been on extravagant vacations, and can still have the best Christmas ever – all because of you. We really value our jobs at ARH and are proud of what we do ev- ery day for the community, our families, and yours. If you choose to stay out in the cold, you are only hurting yourself and your family. As for us, we will continue to be professionals and do the job we love.

Since when did the people on the picket line gain the power to approve or deny other nurses’ vacations? And when did it become any of their business?

Go, Kentucky Nurses Association. With a seven-percent salary increase each year in your proposed contract, I will finally be able to afford the finer things in life. Forget supporting my boyfriend’s/husband’s habits. With all the money I’ll be making, I can finally get some habits of my own.

Top Ten Reasons to Remain on the Picket Line: 10. Get those grocery store cards. The bill collectors can wait. 9. So my husband and children will have something to do. 8. Go before the fiscal court, talk trash about the hospital, and convince them that the community does not deserve or need a new women’s center. 7. What happens in the tent … stays in the tent. 6. So I can cuss out my ‘friends’ who donated to my son’s stay in the half-way house. 5. Free flu shots from a certain doctor in town. Who needs insurance? 4. I can make prank phone calls to the hospital at all hours. 3. Location, location, location. 2. Making my television and Internet debuts. 1. So I can work at a non-union clinic for half the money I was making at the hospital beside of a scab that took my place at ARH.

I noticed a small comment in Speak Your Piece saying that the people who allegedly burned the Pentecostal Church have not been tried yet. I wonder if this is true, and if it is, why? I do remember from a few years ago that the county was way behind in their court schedule and I wonder if this is just their natural state. They seem to be staffed with the requisite number of clerks, attorneys, and judges and there seems to be no obvious reason for delays. I realize people will start yelling ‘drug crisis,’ but that excuse is getting worn out and threadbare. Drugs have been an issue long enough for the system to have adjusted for and accommodated the increased workload. There has been a lot of talk about overtime in the hospitals. Maybe it’s time for all those involved in these delays to first assure that they and their employees work a full forty-hour week and once that is done to consider overtime themselves if the job isn’t done. I will bet that if that proposal was considered that the job would quickly start getting done without overtime.

The pain you caused me shattered my heart. The love you once gave to me then gave away so easily wore me down. The ten years of friendship and the memories we made are priceless. I know you will never forget me, because I am unforgettable the same as you are in my life. Too bad you have that stupid girl pregnant. You could have come back home.

Hello all. I’m reading the paper about the nurses and the striking nurses. The strikers have a right to strike, but take down the wall of shame please. This shows their stupidity. We are Americans and we have rights, but let’s live and let live. Stop showing your a@@ by keeping the wall of shame.

The Jenkins Festival Committee wishes to thank everyone involved in our ‘safe night’ celebration in the park. We appreciate all the hard work done by our committee members and the local businesses who participated. The support we receive from our local businesses whenever we sponsor an event in the park or in town really means a lot. The volunteers for safe night did an outstanding job of helping spread lots of fun and good eats for our children and families. A special thanks to WPRG for allowing Rick Hall to come and video our events and to Chris Anderson, our official photographer for our committee. You all are the best. We are at the present time beginning our planning for the city of Jenkins Christmas Celebration and Parade. ‘Home for the Holidays’ will be held on December 1 at 6 p.m. We invite all those businesses and organizations who wish to participate. Come and help us ring in the joyous season of Christmas with that jolly old elf Santa.

Speak Your Piece has had numerous complaints about Letcher County’s law enforcement system. The sheriff’s office, however, is usually excluded from criticism and is presented as an exception and as the one good force in the system. I would like to disagree and give my side of this story. I found the office to be generally non-responsive. My experience there was pleasant until I tried to get them to take action, and then not so pleasant. The importance of my situation and was downplayed and the validity of my complaint was questioned. When I persisted, I was referred to other offices. I believe there are people who are providing an informal public relations effort for the sheriff’s office, and I suspect they are the source of these positive calls and letters to Speak Your Piece. I recommend that anyone needing help from the sheriff’s office be very careful in how they present their case, that it be well-founded, and that they not allow themselves to be dismissed with just a pat on the head.

I must laugh when I read some of the stuff in this column, especially about the striking nurses. I am going to laugh even harder when these girls go back to work and all those replacement workers are out of a job. ARH is the biggest shame of all, allowing nurses to come in and work that have been fired from other jobs or are on probation from other hospitals. Have they performed drug screens on the nurses that remained at ARH – the scabs as they call them? Rumor is, some of them are using. I saw ARH at the track giving out candy, right next to their striking RNs. How sweet, like real neighbors. Some were wearing scrubs in public, which I thought was forbidden, since they are supposed to remain for nurses that work in ‘sterile’ areas? It doesn’t look good if you don’t follow your own rules, ARH. Saw a few of the scabs down there also. I would be ashamed to go to the RNs’ booth if I were you too. They are out there fighting for what you should be out there fighting for – better working conditions. Shame that some of you don’t care that your grandfather was a union worker, and your granny still draws a check from UMWA and still has UMWA insurance. You deserve to be on the wall of shame. I am definitely ashamed of you. All union people around this area, dead and alive, are ashamed of you too. Do you have no respect for your ancestors or what they believed in? There might be a few of you who can justify to yourselves why you crossed the picket line, but some of you have no legitimate reason. You have other income from a spouse, or you have big retirement funds sitting in a bank. People talk, and word gets around, so yes, we know you didn’t want to upset your way of living. So keep looking over your shoulder, because the conscience you should have had is following you.

I try to be a compassionate person, and I think, for the most part, that I am. I don’t think people should be incarcerated in inhumane conditions. I feel sympathy for drug addicts and believe that most of them should be treated rather than jailed. I remember ‘there but for the grace of God, go I,’ and feel thankful that my background and good luck prevented me from going that way. My greatest concern, though, is for the working man and working woman who work one or more jobs, provide for their families, go to church, obey the law, pay their taxes, pay their sanitation bills, and are a credit to their communities. My concern is that these good people are being subjected, in almost every community in the county, to intimidation, physical attack, danger from illegal and irresponsible drivers, and a host of other crimes, to the point that they cannot feel any security even in their own houses, and have a marginal way of life. The criminals, who are in many cases professional criminals by any standard, seem to have a charmed life as far as retribution is concerned. The official answer to this condition is that we are overwhelmed with drug violations and can’t get around to most of the other problems. This is, in my opinion, a handy scapegoat. Drugs are some part of the problem but not nearly all of it. Most of these crimes are the work of people who are out of control. They are undisciplined and ungoverned. They have no fear of the law, and apparently for good reason. The people of Letcher County must realize that the existing conditions are not normal, that they don’t occur to this extent in other places, and that the officials responsible for managing these conditions are not doing their jobs and that they must be made to do so. Law enforcement seems to arrest a lot of people but it doesn’t go much further than that. What are the prosecutors and courts doing? What is the makeup of those hundred or so people in the fifty-something jail? Are they the violent offenders who are making this a dangerous place? I doubt it. This situation affects everyone, even those who are responsible for preventing it. Please think about this, compare your state of affairs to those you know in other areas, and if you are also concerned, call those officials whom you think should be recognizing this crisis and ask them to do their jobs.

This is my first time doing this, so bear with me. I love The Mountain Eagle newspaper all in all, and I have been reading up on a certain lady or girl, whichever they call her. To set the record straight, I was there that evening when she got arrested at the store in Jenkins. Yes, she appeared to be stoned out of her head with her child in the car with temperatures in the 90s that day. Now her mother says they are out to get her. Well, let the facts speak for themselves. What is the main reason for you to think this? Could it be you really know the truth?

I am so sick of hearing about supporting the striking nurses. Those nurses picketing are talking about ARH so bad and the conditions they worked in. How are you supposed to ever come back and take care of the same patients that you want to stay away from while you are on the picket line? Your degree is no better than those nurses working. I don’t care if you don’t like those nurses who crossed your picket line or not. I personally thank God for some of them for caring enough to stay and take care of me and my family when we are sick. So suck it up and shut up, striking nurses. Sheila.

To the most sorry excuse for human beings in Blackey: Trash is trash, but to take advantage of a child, your own child who is underage, is low. All of us around you are tired of your wonderful parenting skills. You know, how low do you have to be to use your teenager to get your fix? Yeah, give the kid whatever until the kid can’t stand up, then drive this child to relatives of a previous marriage to beg for money. What’s worse is you do it when you’re also intoxicated, with no valid licenses, and with your other minor children usually in the car. And this isn’t the first time. How do you get away with it? When authorities are called they say they can’t enter your specific residence even though they definitely know you are home and that between the two of you there are seven outstanding warrants. Well, let’s just say it must be nice to be an abovethe law scum bag who is under investigation for child abuse and neglect, contributing to a minor, and endangering a minor. You are thieving, drug dealing, pieces of crap that roam the roads freely every day. You have no worries because you are protected by UNITE. I mean it must be wonderful to assault an officer and go to jail, then the next day be out of jail flagging down cars in the middle of road trying to sell Percocets and pain patches. It’s amazing how you get out of jail the next day even though you have outstanding warrants against you. Don’t worry, your luck is running out because you’re so careless and stupid. Hopefully someone will listen before it’s too late for these children. Big brother UNITE isn’t going to look too good when all of the complaints that have been logged about you are found after something horrendous happens to these kids. It’s not going to look too good after the press finds out that UNITE aided in the abuse of a child, no matter how high the offender UNITE takes down to protect these pieces of trash. To the trashy couple: Be forewarned. Give your kids a chance no matter how little they mean to you, because we are all tired of seeing these kids hurt. You are being watched. Anyone who will listen is being contacted. Your loving neighbors in Blackey.

To Misty, my true soulmate: Beautiful, I’ve done everything to help you I could. Your love is all that means anything to me. They can’t do anything else to hurt me. Taking you from me was the worst thing that could have happened. Baby, don’t think that loving me was wrong. All I hear is being connected to me is the worst thing that happened to them. It doesn’t bother me except when you say it, doll. I heard that Mariah Carey song, you know the one I mean, and I cried to hold you in my arms. Misty, I surrender my life for you. Nothing else matters to me but you. When I leave this world you can never say you’ve not been truly loved. Please remember my touch, my heart and my love for you. Yours forever, Shawn.

The picketers have been spouting off a bunch of garbage
about how much they care about ‘their’ patients. Why did they walk out on them
the night of September 30 not knowing if there was going to be anyone to take
care of ‘their ‘patients? The picketers don’t want more time to spend talking to
their patients. They want more time to sit around talking and gossiping. One
nurse said she would like to have five minutes to talk to ‘her’ patient. Funny,
‘her’ patient is asleep. The so-called ‘dedicated’ picketers would not be at
work if they did not get paid, so don’t let them fool you. Stop with the BS and
lies. All the talk about patient care and so forth was demonstrated when the
Kentucky Nurses Association met with the Appalachian Regional Healthcare
officials with the federal mediator and laid out their patient center concerns –
money. We do have a few dedicated nurses, but even they don’t work for the love
of it but for the pay. Get real and stop your lying.

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