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A certain official can sow his seeds but he will only reap corruption.

I am sick and I am tired of people stealing. I am sick of it. I am sick of people lying and people believing lies. People, go to Knott County and check out the truth. See who’s lying, who’s telling the truth. I hope the Lord will knock out their lying teeth and put their lying tongue in the grave like He’s promised He would.

This comment is about the proposed animal shelter in Letcher County: We do need an animal shelter. My name is Shirley Combs. I volunteered at the Hazard animal shelter. These animals have a warm place to stay in the winter, a cool place to stay in the summer. They are fed, they’re watered, they’re fat. Their bones aren’t showing. It’s like setting a child down to see an animal thrown down. When we came to Letcher County to live in my grandma and grandpa’s old place, we only had one cat, but in two weeks’ time we had 16 cats that someone had set down on us. So what were we to do with the 16 cats and no animal shelter? We had to go to Hazard and put them in the animal shelter there. It’s a shame that people don’t have their cats and dogs neutered. Yes, they only keep the dogs a certain time and then they have to be euthanized. But, people, if you would take concern over your animals, which most people don’t even take concern over their own children, let alone a animal, but if you would only take concern over your animals and have them neutered and spayed, there wouldn’t be this need for an animal shelter. But instead, an animal shelter is better than being set down. Think about it. Would you set down a child? You would take responsibility for a child. The same way is with an animal. God gave these creatures to us. It’s our responsibility to take care of these creatures.

This is to the comment made about the ATVs in Marshall’s Branch that said the coal company should have the right to determine who all rides on their property: Why as property owners didn’t we have the right to keep that mud and crud out of our yard they sent down on us and washing out our bridges and claiming it was a God’s act? Also, how come it’s privileged that people who work for the company who ride day and night in here and everywhere and we’re not allowed on it? I don’t think it’s right. I don’t care how you see it. I see it differently. They’ve come in here and robbed people of eastern Kentucky out of everything and left us with nothing, not even a walking trail on top of the mountain they’ve torn off.

I’d like to speak my piece. I live in Blair Branch and I’ve got a certain neighbor that’s a coon hunter. Well, he’s got a certain young friend and apparently his young friend brags about him and talks about him like he’s the greatest person on earth. Now I just wonder, why doesn’t his friend ever go over in his hollow and go hunting with him? Seems like you two boys would go hunting all over every place. I don’t hardly ever see you anymore going hunting. Your buddy got him a new coon dog to start treeing coons with. Just the other night he came over to my house and treed one up above my house.

To the person that was interested in Carbon Glow mining: We had a Carbon Glow Letcher from 1934 to 1937, employed 140 men; Carbon Glow Coal Company Letcher from 1940 to 1957, had 135 men; Carbon Glow Mines Inc. from 1928 to 1933, employed 275. I hope that satisfies your request. If you need anything else about the mining let me know.

I hope the husband and wife drug dealers are satisfied now. They gave a man a pill, or sold it to him, and now he’s dead. I hope they’re satisfied. There’ll be more to go.

Hi, Bambi. I just wanted to say that I think that wildfires aren’t the only thing that’s hot in California. Friends forever. Hawk.

I saw the funniest sight the other morning, or should I say scary? While dropping my child off at a certain school at the east side of the county, I saw a teacher wearing shorts with knee-high black leather spiked heels. How unprofessional.

Yes, the latter part of your comment does pertain to what you have done, but you left out stealing. Yes, you will be judged for that as well.

This goes to a certain man on Linefork: I love you and miss you. From your secret admirer.

When your body grows cold and your soul gets lit, your got up and go’s done got up and went. Why do you think He died on the cross? He gave us a choice to be saved or be lost. Say you were blinded by the traditions of men, why you didn’t even check to see his letter said. Your wife will cry and your children will weep. Satan will laugh as demons will dance with glee for they all know your wife and children will not read the letters God left you and me. It’s something to think about for we all have sinned, but through God’s Son’s mercy, grace, it will soon end. We need to ask forgiveness when we do things not right, love our neighbors and not fight. There’s a lake of fire when you don’t choose. Satan and his demons will burn there, too. Something to think about.

I’ve been watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on CNN and they want you to vote on whether he should get his job back. I don’t know what he did exactly. I can’t get the full story of it, but I do know one thing. If I had to have a bounty hunter after me I’d rather have him. He probably did do an error, and I think I have the drift of what was going on, but we’re only human. We all make mistakes. I honestly feel like he’s probably really sorry for what he said. It was a little bit uncalled for, but his job is just too high risk, too stressful, too much pressure on him. I know myself I’ve said stupid things I didn’t mean to say. In a situation people can get carried away and lose their true train of thought when it gets a little crazy. So I think everybody should vote for him to get his job back because I sure know I loved watching him. I really hate that happened and I do hope they do give his job back. The only way he’s going to get his job back is if everybody clicks on and vote yeah, do ahead and do your work. I think A&E had a good program there. Everybody makes mistakes and I think he made a jim-dandy.

This is in response to the longnosed woman again. My ears might stick out like a monkey’s, honey, but let me tell you something. I know I socialize with people who hate you too. Evidently you don’t know what you’re talking about. And I still say you still can’t speak your mind because you tell somebody, ‘well, you have to tell them this.’ Well, that’s OK. At least I can speak my mind. Honey, I’ll meet you behind the fence or anywhere else you want to meet me anytime.

If there’s any light at the end of the tunnel in last week’s Wildcat loss to mid-major Garner- Webb, it will be that it’s not an SEC tournament game or a NCAA tournament game. But to Mr. Billy Gillispie, I’m sure you found out what it’s like to be a losing coach at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, when the bloggers got on the Internet after the game. This is what it’s like to be at Lexington and to be the coach of the Wildcats, and you will never hear the end of this. This will go on and on and on until the next victory. You will hear what it’s like to be in pressure situations at Lexington. So, Billy, welcome to Wildcat land. You’re in the heat of it all now, especially losing to a mid-major.

Think that’s funny, do you? We’ll see who laughs last.

Does anybody have any information about the little white house behind Rite-Aid. Nobody has lived in it for years. If you have any information, please call 821-5068.

We wonder why our country is in the trouble it’s in. Prayer has been taken out of schools, and the Ten Commandments out of state and federal buildings. I heard that Bible study was stopped in a rest area in a federal building in California, while card playing and other activities were allowed to continue, but not allowed to read the Bible. OK, what about a religious organization that will not let a church have a Bible study? Will God smile on those that forbid the study of His word? Those that do such must not be too smart. What kind of leader would object to a study of God’s word when there are good members of his church attending a Bible study at another church? Some people have a hunger for the word of God, some don’t; some grow, some don’t. There are gifts such as preaching, being a pastor, healing, and also teachers. Can you read?

Hey, Letcher County citizens: You people come and go from here every day and you think everything is the way it should be in your little county. Well, let me tell you what really goes on down in the county jail. The inmates go days without something as simple as toilet paper. The judges keep putting people in and not letting anyone out. That jail is so full you can’t even walk around. When I was there it had as many people in the floor as it had bunks. Why does the staff get to smoke in the kitchen and in the booth? So my question is, why don’t all the inmates get to smoke? A concerned citizen.

I am responding to the caller who stated that the RNs on strike at ARH are only out for money. The fact is, no pay raise will ever make up for the money we have already lost over the last few weeks. Most of us have no other job, no other means of support, and no health insurance for our families. We are striking because we want ARH to budget more money for adequate equipment and staffing to ensure safe patient care. ARH has spent thousands of dollars on lawyers to break our previous contract, and thousands more to hire the Yessin Company to break our union. This money could have been spent on you, the patient. A nursing supervisor once told me that she was paid a bonus according to the fewer number of nurses she staffed during her shift. Could that be why nurses are sent home if the patient census drops, without regard to the level of care each patient requires, or that there may be 10 to 15 admissions that day? I have worked many 12-hour shifts without a break, nothing to eat or drink, and not even time to go to the bathroom. When I have called the supervisor for help, I have been told, ‘I don’t have anyone to send you.’ We are professionals. We are college graduates, and most of us have over 20 years’ experience. Still, we are given no respect by ARH. Many rumors and lies have been told during this strike. Remember that we are the same nurses who have helped to save your lives, who have taken care of your sick children, who have comforted you when your families members have passed away. Please support us so we can come back to work to better care for you.

To Shawn: How is it that you have done all you could for Misty and say that her love means everything to you when a man wearing nothing but her panties punks you out and showed you how respected you are in ‘113.’ Sincerely, Blue Spot.

You really shouldn’t talk about yourself like that, even though it is all the truth. Cheer up and don’t down yourself.

To the guy and fences: You’re just putting that up ’cause we’ve all got one. We don’t care.

Howdy, Brushy Bill here. This is to the people who think being a veteran gives you some special privileges. It doesn’t. You don’t have any more rights than anyone else, especially when it comes to smoking. Most smokers don’t even care about themselves, so they sure don’t care about anyone else. Their stench is inconsiderate and rude. I wonder how they’d like it if I walked up to their restaurant table and farted. Most of the veterans I know never saw any combat. Some laid around the massage parlors in Da Nang or the opium dens in Saigon. The ‘lifers’ (career people) usually sat around rear areas and made up war stories to tell when they got back home. They’re the ones with their names on road signs and bridges who aren’t all shot to hell like ol’ Brushy Bill. No one around here is decorated any higher than me, and no one saw as much combat as I did, and no one killed as many people as I did. I won’t call them the enemy, because they weren’t. They were just poor unfortunate conscripts who got sucked into the violence by someone up the chain of command, too cowardly to fight themselves. Just like ol’ Brushy Bill. Now you won’t see my name on any bridge sign or road sign, ’cause you have to be either dead or a politician for that. Besides, ol’ Brushy Bill sure don’t want to be compared to people like that. Our Constitution guarantees every person the right to the pursuit of happiness, and I can’t be happy with some smelly inbred puffing on a cigarette whilst I’m trying to eat. Pike County’s smoking ban went into effect just the other day and it’s a lot better than Letcher County’s. It allows smoking in bars and bingo parlors. After all, alcoholic whoremongers and trailer park trash need someplace to go too, but for God’s sake, keep ’em out of the restaurants and grocery stores. Me and ole Barney came off the mountain a few weeks ago for some vittles and supplies and I went to listen to the country music at the Mountain Heritage Festival. I left ole Barney (my mule) in the road grazing. I couldn’t git him past all them purty girls up at the hospital. Just as well. I couldn’t stay but a few minutes. I don’t know what stunk more, the smoke, the smokers, or the sewage overflowing out of the portable outhouses. Does everyone in Letcher County smoke, including the children? I knowed it was time to git back up on the mountain before I had another P.T.S.D. flashback and mowed down everyone in the tobacco shop. Y’all come see me up on the mountain where the air is clean. Sincerely yourn, Brushy Bill.

To Misty: Lonely Heart. I sit here yearning for your touch. I want you so bad and miss you so much. These times are so hard without you here. I’m alone in this world, it brings me to tears. I hope and I pray that one day I’ll hold you close. And maybe one day we’ll see the coast. Beautiful paintings make our minds go back to the days of old. Beautiful paintings remind me of rubbing your back, our love was so bold. If our love is truly strong enough to carry on, then once again, a knee I will kneel upon. I gave you my last name on November 25, hoping our love just isn’t a myth. I’ve looked for you all of my life, and finally I’ve got the perfect wife. Never surrender, never say good-bye, because if you do, I surely will die. Baby, don’t play games with my heart. I mean every word I say because I can make you proud of me some sweet day. Please don’t give up on our love. Remember, my rib is where you are from. I love you, doll.

I will always love you, Janice. Nothing can change that.

ARH states it is now clear the strike is about economics. The only thing that is clear about this RN strike is ARH had every intention of making it happen. ARH never had any intention of bargaining with the RNs. Before the strike ever happened, ARH had hired two notorious unionbusting lawyers. ARH also hired the Yessin group with an alleged success rate of 98 to 99 percent at busting unions nationwide. Now if you really wanted a contract with your RNs why would you pay big bucks for this union bustin’ group of people? ARH knows the true issues and chooses to ignore them. Why doesn’t ARH tell the public that ’36/40′ was an initial ARH proposal and is not even an issue with us nurses? ARH says it can’t afford to pay its nurses, but one scab (excuse me, one replacement worker) was bragging that she had made in excess of $14,000 in a three-week period. Let me remind you that this is in addition to her weekly allowance of around $300, all accommodations paid for round-trip expenses to her home state and whatever her agency was paid for her services. Speaking of her home state, it’s not Kentucky. Therefore, all of her spoils will be spent somewhere other than Letcher County or even in this state. But we can’t get mad over that since the Yessin group’s big fee won’t be spent in the state of Kentucky either. ARH prints it in the paper one day that we have asked for all these wild proposals, then the next day ARH has its directors of nursing sending letters to the RNs on the line stating we have never put our proposals in writing. So which is it, ARH, or have you lied so much you can’t even remember? When you come to the bargaining table and don’t even discuss the RNs’ proposal, don’t look at it, but have your lawyers say this is our final offer, what kind of collective bargaining is this? It just simply shows ARH’s lack of interest for the RNs, the patients, and the overall welfare of ARH. But I will give it to ARH. It does show the company’s dead-set determination to break our union. ARH has simply shown us why we need unions. So spend all the money that ARH doesn’t have on replacement workers, highpriced union-busting attorneys and union-busting groups. But rest assured you will not break our union. You have all the nurses back who are coming back, so stop wasting our time with your bogus letters. Also, tell me why if you were truly trying to bargain in good faith would you hire a lawyer who can only negotiate one day a week when KNA is willing to bargain every day?

Pawz and Clawz is not a business. It is a non-profit organization run by a group of volunteers. It is the only humane society in Letcher County. Even I know that. The caller who keeps criticizing Pawz and Clawz and the Letcher Fiscal Court’s planned contribution to the much-need animal shelter needs to get his or her facts straight. Why do you keep bringing up the fact of the money? Do you expect the shelter to be a building out back like a little shed or something? There are state laws and requirements to be met, just like hospitals, schools and nursing homes. If you want more information, why don’t you go to the state’s web site and look up the regulations instead of trying to make something bad out of something good? It’s not like the money is coming out of the county. The money is coming from the rest of the taxpaying citizens around the state who continue to support the projects in this area. Do you think the citizens of Letcher County are paying millions in taxes for all the special projects in the county? I am glad to see that it is going to something like animals who can’t help themselves. I am tired of people living off the rest of the state’s hardworking people and then complaining about where the money goes when they get it.

I have been reading and keeping up with strike. It looks like they just want a little more help and consideration on working the long hours. Some have to double back, and it’s all hard work. They have your life and mine in their hands at all times, so let’s just give them a little break now and then. With that out of the way, let me speak up on the other topic getting a lot of attention around town nowadays – this young lady who seems like she may or may not be getting a bad rap. I do not know, but if they have found her guilty then why is she still on the streets buying drugs and doing God-only-knows what? Then there’s her mother who swears the cops are out to get her daughter. Well if she did what they accused her of doing, why not just let it go and let her serve her time? Then she can leave the county give all of us a little rest.

Hey, magistrate of District Three, Millstone needs some attention. There are a road and ditch lines that need some work done on them here at Lick Fork. We are on up the road from Bill Craft’s church. Most people forget about us, but I voted for you. There needs to be some culverts put in and some type of brace work and paving work done. It seems that part of the road is falling off the mountainside here. There are about 18 homes here that use this road, and children who ride the bus need to be safe. So please take the time to ride up and check it out and do something in the areas that need addressed. Thank you.

To the woman who addressed a comment last week to the ‘scab who worked in Wise, Virginia’: I know the ‘scab’ you are talking about. You are the one she pulled off that day and threw away. You don’t know anything about her because you haven’t been that lucky to know her. You say you hope she is happy now? That she is. It sounds like you were the one that had it made, so stop crying because you are now going to have to start doing your own work. Why don’t you grow up, quit being jealous, and get a life?

This is for all those druggies out there on the mountaintops: Don’t you know or realize that you are living in the most beautiful area of the United States? You are totally messing up your lives with these drugs. I think the narcotics officers should take a new broom and start at the top of each mountain, sweeping down every hollow and fold in the mountain until they have all of you in one pile, and then dispose of you. You are killing yourselves and your family members with your disgusting habit. Look around you and upwards for guidance. Good luck and God bless you.

The Kentucky political candidate’s primer has two rules. The first is get on the good side of Wayne Fleming. The second is stay on the good side of Wayne Fleming.

I just ran by the school channel looking for football or volleyball, but instead found a bunch of local officials on a program with a politician that I thought had been convicted in a voting fraud scandal and removed from office. Things move quickly here, don’t they?

Almost every Mountain Eagle has accounts of break-ins, robberies, and violent crimes. The numbers seem to be increasing, and it’s probably natural that they do. If someone steals something and gets away with it, they will probably then steal two somethings. Crime will not stop on its own. Criminals will not suddenly change their ways and join the church; they only do that when they’re caught. There are lots of arrests and indictments, fifteen or twenty reported in some editions, thirty or forty in others, but hardly ever any reports of convictions. Where do these cases go? Apparently not very far. The feeling here is that the prosecutors don’t have their hearts in what they’re supposed to do, and that juries have a lot more compassion for criminals than for victims. There was a fairly recent three-month sentence that fits that scenario. I also recall the case of the molested teenage girls that never went anywhere. People have lost any sense of security, and that is probably prudent. They have also lost their faith in the system that is supposed to protect them and that is terrible.

A word about the striking nurses: I think it took a lot of guts and just plain raw courage to go up against a corporation like ARH. For those of you who still think the strike is about money, ask yourselves this: If it was about money would they have walked away from a good paying job? The ones who stayed behind did so for the money, because if they cared about their patients they would be outside advocating for them, not inside whining because someone called them a name. Do you think the ones on the outside aren’t being called names or ridiculed? Things are thrown at them, they get names yelled at them, and, sadly, once were even approached by a man whose daughter crossed the line. The man’s actions were uncalled for and he should have been jailed or committed to say the least. These nurses continue in their fight to have safe patient staffing. So, whether you are saying you are for the nurses or against the nurses, remember this: Patient care is the issue, and it seems the nurses beside the road are the ones who are thinking of the patient.

It’s a good thing we have Speak Your Piece to vent our frustrations. Otherwise a lot of us would be headed to the psychiatric center in Hazard.

I was glad to read about the chef being able to come home to the mountains and start working at the Courthouse Cafe. So many people still have to leave to find good jobs. I do have one question though. Last time I was in the Courthouse Cafe it was a tiny place and one room was filled with quilts and things. A lot of their business seemed to be carry out. I thought in order for a business to get a liquor license they had to be able to seat 100 people. Has the cafe expanded?

(Alcoholic Beverage Control officials in Frankfort and Whitesburg are in charge of counting seats in restaurants that apply for a limited-license to sell alcohol. Obviously, they determined that the Courthouse Cafe meets the seating rules. A license would not have been awarded otherwise.)

What I want to know is when are the folks in the Kona area going to get water?

I agree, in general, with the person praising Leslie Combs. I don’t know that she is ready for the presidency yet, or maybe not quite ready for being governor, but I think that she is working her way into being a very good representative. That may be the steppingstone for higher offices. She is certainly spending a lot of time in Letcher County and is spending the time well, learning the people and their needs and preparing herself to best take care of those needs. I believe she is becoming highly regarded in Kentucky government, and that she will be very effective in upcoming legislative sessions. I have talked to her about some of our local projects, and spending priorities, and I think she will be deliberate, thoughtful and more careful with our funding than some of our officials in the past have been. She is certainly approachable, and I encourage everyone to convey their concerns to her.

Hello dearest daddy/ Glad to see you once again/ Had you in the scope cross hairs/ But the Bible tells me killing you/ Would be such a terrible sin/ It says that I would go to hell/ For killing trash like you/ What about the hell I live in/ What must one try and do?/ I smile each time I think/ Of the book I wrote in school/ It had every way that you could die/ But even then I didn’t break the rules/ But now I’m all grown up/ And know so much hurt/ I’d love to end it all/ And see you rot in the dirt/ But I guess I’ll just wait/ And let the death angel do his thing/ And listen to the obit on the radio/ And smile as I know in hell you scream.

The human emotional spectrum can be broken down into two basic elements – love and fear. Anger, resentment, and vengeance are expressions of fear, as are guilt, regret, embarrassment, shame and sorrow. These are lower-frequency currents of energy. They produce feelings of depletion, weakness, inability to cope and exhaustion. The highest frequency current is love. It produces buoyancy, radiance, lightness, and joy. Experience love. This is the first step toward authentic power. You can create your joy here on earth. Just Josie.

What is the official justification for the proposed new technical school in Letcher County? Has a study shown that the current one is inadequate? Is the current one overcrowded? Is there any projection of the number of students who will need that training in the future? The overall population of Letcher County is declining and that seems to be a defined trend. We already have vacant schools all over the county. Are we planning to spend a lot of money which is vitally needed in other areas just to add to the number of vacant classrooms? Have the fiscal court and the school board asked themselves these questions? And if they have, what are their answers?

This is in response to the Speak Your Piece entry praising Pikeville native Leslie Combs: Are you serious? Leslie Combs has now served for one year and the jury is still out. What legislation has she enacted? What has she accomplished for the region? What has she done for Letcher County compared to Pike County? Your comment as to her ‘visits’ of projects – well, that’s her job. She is paid to work for the public. She’s not doing us a favor. She works, serves and represents at the bequest of the public. We have all been so poorly represented that her mere visit to an event somehow qualifies her as a competent ‘statesperson’. That should not be enough for you or for anyone else in Letcher County. Raise the bar. You think she would make a good governor, even president? Based on what action? That is absurd. She has little public service experience, no proven record and is, at best, considered a freshman, rank amateur. I would enjoy watching Leslie Combs spar with Steve Beshear, whom she didn’t even endorse in the primary. Have you forgotten? By the way, Kentucky’s state representatives are elected to serve a two-year term, not four. You obviously need to check your facts in every category. Leslie Combs has now served one-half of her total term and Letcher County remains exactly where it did when she began. Our education has not improved, there are no new jobs, and she has yet to effect real change in either Letcher or Pike counties. Visit KentuckyVotes.org and check out Leslie Combs’s record. You can spare a minute or so out of your day.

I noticed the article written by Connie Shultz of the Cleveland Plain Dealer about Speak Your Piece. Although her writing and prose are excellent, she misses the point entirely and worse the importance of Speak Your Piece to a region filled with many who have little opportunity to express themselves publicly without suffering political and social repercussions. Her condescending tone whistled throughout the article is one of superiority and proves to this reader that although she is skilled at the writing trade, she grossly lacks the cognitive ability to accurately describe the relevance of the subject. She has put forth a poor show of intellect and works from an all writing no thinking mentality. We love Speak Your Piece and are thankful for the opportunity. Where is Cleveland? Who cares?

Enough with the nurses’ strike. Boring. Work it out, ladies. This is the biggest cat fight in the history of Letcher County. Stop putting the other nurses’ names on ‘walls of shame’. You are mean. They are just trying to make a living, just like you. Have you forgotten your professional oath to serve the ill? They haven’t. You would rather patients remain ill or poorly cared for in exchange for your improved benefits? Keep doing what you are doing and Walter May will own the only hospital in the region. We’ll all have to travel to Walter May’s shrine to himself in Pikeville for care. Sound like fun to you? Consider yourself lucky that you have a choice. How many of the ‘striking’ nurses moonlight for Walter May? C’mon, you’re not fooling anyone. ARH, fix this problem, you owe it to them. If you can’t, hire nurses from another state and bring them into the region. Now, everybody go home, do your job and shut up. We’re sick of all of you and obviously there is no one around who is being paid enough or getting enough time off to treat us. Wah-wahwah.

Our state senator and others were convicted of voter fraud. If I remember correctly, these were felony convictions, but in the case of Johnny Ray Turner it was somehow reduced to a misdemeanor. Whatever the case, felony or misdemeanor, it was theft of the highest magnitude because these people stole the constitutional right of the public to choose who represents them. This senator should have resigned when he was convicted because he relinquished any right to that office or to the trust of the public. When he didn’t resign he should have been rejected by the senate and it is to their eternal shame that they did not.

Well, here goes. This is my first time writing to Speak Your Piece. I am not even a resident in this county, but I work here in the city and read The Mountain Eagle every week. I sometimes go to Lakeside and have my lunch. I have noticed it going down and have read the restricted water use to the residents, which is a problem now almost everywhere you go with the dry season we’ve had. But here’s my complaint. I heard that a police officer wrote a person a ticket for using his water hose, but then the next week I watch a certain business use the water to wash down their business for three days using high-pressure water machines. Now I don’t know, but when you’re on strict water use, doesn’t that mean everyone? Why would the mayor let this go on? I thought the mayor was a fair man and was for the people. If you allow a business to use enormous amounts of water, why not let the people who live in the city use water, too? I’m kind of glad I don’t live in this one-sided town. As always, business is business.

It appears that the KNA is failing to get the contract they want with ARH. However, there is an excellent union-organizing opportunity at a certain doctor’s office. Get everything you want and much more than you deserve. Just contact this certain doctor for details on the excellent pay and benefits package. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand the union. With this doctor’s full support of the union, organizing at his office should be quick and simple.

Mamaw Quillen, may you rest in peace. We love you and will always love you. You are one of the greatest women we ever had the pleasure of knowing and we were honored to be raised by you. You will always be in our hearts. With all of our love, Sabrina and André.

I would like to add my comments to the recent ones about churches getting into various activities generally not considered to be related to religion. Most people in this area who are middle-aged or older can probably remember preachers who set up requirements and prohibitions concerning skirt length and hair length (male and female) and the use of makeup. Some churches still segregate male and female members in the way they are seated in church, and a lot of churches don’t allow women to be ministers. I wonder how they get around the segregation and civil rights laws on that one. Some of these requirements are too close to the Muslim treatment of women for my comfort.

There has been a series of politicians on the school channel recently, and some of their appearances, particularly that of Governor Fletcher, seemed largely political. I thought TV stations were required to give equal time to opponents in that situation. I don’t know what the status of that channel is. I think it is a part of the school system, so it may have different requirements from commercial channels or public television. In any case, things political don’t seem appropriate for that venue to me.

I just noticed in this week’s paper that there has been some movement in the church burning case and I’m glad to see it. I wonder about the deal, though. If the guy who is turning state’s evidence is going to be sentenced before the other guy is tried, what leverage does the prosecutor have to assure he will stick to his bargain? I also wonder if this movement may have come because there has been a series of remarks in Speak Your Piece about this situation.

The election is over and the votes have been counted. The score is good citizens one, scum zero.

Another logging theft has taken place. This time it’s a single, retired lady who has been living temporarily in another state who is trying to maneuver her way through the legal bureaucracy and find some recourse. In the meantime, the person who is alleged to have taken her trees is trespassing and taking pictures on her land. It’s time for stronger legislation to protect property owners. Loggers must be made to get permits and post newspaper notices.

At least the scabs are covered with a natural healing covering. The picketers have no such protection. They are a bunch of sick, running infectious sores.

I keep reading comments about the county giving money to put in an animal shelter. I was a member of the former Humane Society of Letcher County. We faced so much opposition when we tried to do anything for the animals here. We received food from Wal-Mart that was in damaged bags and had someone come behind us and receive it in our name, meaning animals we fed went hungry. We put out containers for donations to have someone go behind us and ‘collect’ saying they were with the Humane Society. Then when we were looking for a place to put a shelter when we had enough money to start one, we got no help from the county and every place we tried to get we faced opposition from the community because no one wanted to be near an animal shelter. We got a building in Dunham from TECO Coal Company and the City of Jenkins tried to get an ordinance to stop us from locating there. Good luck to Pawz and Clawz on trying to accomplish anything in this backward county. I wish you the best. We didn’t have enough members to get anything done. There were only eight of us because no one was willing to do anything but complain about the strays and opposed anything we tried to do. I wish more people were willing to jump in there and try to help the animals instead of sitting back complaining. I am not a member of Pawz and Clawz but I fully support what they are trying to do. I don’t know how anyone can pass up a hungry animal and go to sleep at night with a clear conscience.

That message was from Donovan. There were also two other messages (1) wishing his daddy a happy birthday on Nov. 6 and (2) telling his Nana Opal and Aunt Frankie, and his uncles that he misses them. Why do you ask?

Doty, Carbon Glow, Elk Creek, Woodrock and Adams branch are overflowing with drugs and I can’t remember when I have seen a police car anywhere on Route 7. They supposedly got some new cars. Where do they spend their time?

I am sick and tired of reading about the ARH nurses on strike. First of all I hope that none of you ever get your job back. Nurses should never be allowed to strike. You knew how hard your job was before you took it. Obviously you care nothing about your patients even though you say you do, if you did you would have never walked out. What if all the police went on strike, all the doctors. Our society would be a mess just like ARH is right now. Personally I deplore ARH, but it’s all we have. I hope and pray that ARH hires all new nurses that really care for their patients like the one I observed in Hazard, who came from Arizona, because she cares for her patients as well as her fellow man. She really knew what she was doing; she was more knowledgeable and helpful than any of you nurses with your little associate’s degree from Southeast and Hazard Community and Technical Colleges. I would like to give a big round of applause to all of the nurses who stayed and did not walk out on their jobs. Thank God for all of the ‘scabs.’ If not for them, who would take care of our loved ones? Shame on all of you who walked out and are standing by the road. Shame on you.

An awful lot can be learned about the political system, what feeds it, and how it works by looking up and studying the information provided by the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (KREF) at www.kref.ky.gov on the Internet. Several different
types of information are available. A political candidate’s name can be entered
and all of the known, legal contributions to that candidate will be shown for a
number of elections. A contributor’s name can be entered and all of that
person’s known, legal contributions will be shown for a number of elections.
Money is what fuels election campaigns – that’s no secret – but a little study
of where the money comes from gives a lot of insight into what candidates will
do, and where their loyalties will be if they are elected. It’s interesting and
disturbing that a lot of the money that elects judges comes from those lawyers
that will be practicing in their courts. They aren’t cheapskates, either. No $25
gifts there – they generally give a thousand at a whack. It’s apparently legal
but if someone is in litigation they have to wonder, and should maybe look up,
how much the opposing lawyer gave the judge the last election or two. Another
point that jumps right out is that there are a lot of contributors who wouldn’t
be expected, from their listed occupations, to have a lot of disposable income.
Maybe they’ve been frugal and have had good investments.

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