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I was reading the article about people opposed to poaching ginseng. I only dig ginseng when the season is open. I live in southeastern Kentucky. I have never seen anyone with camouflage paint on their face. I always ask for permission before I go on someone’s property. I don’t dig any or sell any before the season is open. I don’t think they should be trying to stereotype ginsengers. Not everyone is a thief. As far as digging it all and making it extinct, it is impossible to do. I think they are exaggerating the problem and making a mountain out of a molehill because everyone who digs ginseng is not a thief or a poacher. I always ask permission. If someone says no, I go on my way and ask someone else.

(Thank you for being a responsible ginseng hunter. If everyone else behaved like you do there would never be a problem with poaching.)

. There you go running back up Little Cowan. Then you run back down here. I guess that keeps the chicks rolling in. They might need to know what is going on.

. I was watching the fiscal court meeting on Jim Ward’s channel 98 and it is a shame when a man comes in wanting to talk about the water and Ward jumps on him and tells the man if he is there for a show he needs to leave. Now, Jim was way out of line. He doesn’t want the people to say anything, but if it comes to the gas companies he is all out for them.

. I think we should all pray for the coal miners who have lost their jobs. I don’t know what is happening, but I pray to God there is a big turnaround. Let’s all get out and vote.

. Unsupervised child visitations aren’t good.

. Let me tell you something about those plaques stolen from those graveyards. I don’t see how a scrap dealer could not know those plaques were in that load of stuff. I’ve been in the scrap iron business for over eight years and, believe me, they check every piece before you unload it. I know for fact that about two and a half months ago there were some of these plaques underneath another load of scrap iron that went out of there. You aren’t going to buy a load of scrap iron with 10 concrete blocks underneath the load. It just doesn’t happen that way.

. I wonder if a certain woman enjoys being a slut now that she is back in church again.

. I am a widowed lady of a coal miner and my husband worked in the coal mines since he was a little boy. People are having a hard time trying to keep food because the coal miners were laid off. What are the coal miners supposed to do? I think Obama should get out of there and let’s put the coal back like it was in the first place. People right now are starving in Letcher County. People may not know it, but I do.


Today, little fat man, you are not my judge. If you don’t keep your nose out of my business, you are going to learn the hard way what war is.

. I am calling as a concerned citizen of Jenkins. If prostitution is illegal, why do the police officers in Jenkins not do something about a certain house where there are plenty of women going up there and selling their bodies for money and drugs? This is ridiculous that people can come here and engage in illegal activities and the police officers don’t do anything to them. It needs to be dealt with and taken care of.

. To a man that rides this little buggy around with three dogs following him: Man, if you don’t put those dogs up and do something with them, I don’t know what we are going to do. They need to be put up. They try to bite. They come in my yard and do their job on my porch banisters. Our sorry dog warden won’t do something about it, so I think it is time you do something about it. The next time they come in my yard at 11:30 p.m. after my cats, you are going to have three fewer dogs. Why won’t you put those dogs up? You know they have tried to bite people. All you do is laugh about it. You won’t be laughing about it when they bite somebody and your hind end is in court. Put them up. We have dogs, but we don’t let them run loose. It’s a shame we can’t walk our dogs for your dogs jumping on them. We keep leashes on our dogs and we think it is time for you to do something.

. Ever since Mitt Romney brought out his running mate and introduced him, I have racked my mind trying to figure out who that guy reminds me of. Two weeks later at 2 a.m. it came to me. He looks, sounds and acts like Pee Wee Herman. Squeaky voice, sharp nose, he has all the features.

. To a certain woman: I have spent many nights alone since we have been apart. I think it is time to move on since you broke my heart.

. Dear people of Whitesburg: Thank you for voting to allow alcohol sales. By doing so, you have not only helped your city, you have also helped bring Letcher County into the current century. The good that will come out of this is immeasurable. Thanks also to Mayor James Wiley Craft and the businessman, whose name I have forgotten, for getting this on the ballot and helping it pass. While I no longer drink beer, wine or whiskey, I do understand the good that will come from joining modern society. (Mark Kidd is the property owner who generated the petition that resulted in June election being held.)


With all of the focus on stopping bullying, why would school administrators think it is okay to have a ‘nerd day’? Let’s devote an entire day to wearing eyeglasses and whatever else is thought to be nerdy attire. Teachers and staff think it is funny and dress up as nerds as well. Who thought this would be a good idea?

(Hope they didn’t forget their pocket protectors. On a more serious note, it would be interesting to learn what students and other parents think about ‘nerd day,’ as well as some of the other so-called ‘school spirit days.’ Based on what we hear, students enjoy participating in these events and view them as good clean fun. Perhaps some of them will call us at 633-7508 and let us know.)

. I saw on the news where Obama on the campaign trail said Mitt Romney isn’t laying out the facts of what he would do for the country. Obama is still president, so why doesn’t he implement those things now instead of waiting three months? Obama hasn’t laid out anything either other than ‘I have a vision.’ Vote Romney and Ryan.

. In reference to the fiscal court meeting last week: I thought it was cute that County Judge Jim Ward tried to silence a member of the community by intimidating him with a threat of removal on account of said community member’s inclination to — in Ward’s words — ‘put on a show.’ Although ‘put on a show’ was indeed what the community member had done, I would like to remind Jim Ward that, as a duly elected official paid out of pockets from not only the ‘showy’ community member but from every other person in the room that night, he is the community’s employee, and therefore has every obligation to tolerate all ‘showy’ language save personal and physical threats to his family and personal being. In other words, I, if I so wish to also ‘put on a show’ within the public forum, have every right to rant and rave about everything from spring chickens to R.C. Cola and Moon Pie without the threat of ‘escorted’ removal. Yes, I may be deemed ‘crazy,’ and I may be ostracized from my community, but it’s probable that we all have bosses who sometimes toe the line of ‘crazy.’ Lest ye not forget, Mr. Ward, that we are your boss, and we have every right to democratically remove you if we see so fit — regardless of how ‘showy’ we may be. Signed, A concerned community plebeian.

. Drug are trash. You fool with them, and then you become trash.

. My angel does not draw a check. If everybody had an angel like I’ve got, the world would be better off.

. All Christians unite. Prepare for the return of Jesus; vote for Obama. (Think about it.)

. I’m calling about the election. If you want another four years of the Bush administration, then you should vote for Romney. He is a rich man that doesn’t give a crap about the poor people. He said it himself. He wants to cut food stamps, Medicaid and everything else. It’s your vote, but we will be in a deep, deep depression if Romney gets in there.

. It’s finally about time they arrested the one-arm bandit.

. Obama’s Halloween treat for everybody is he is going to trick you into voting for him and then treat you to another four years of nothing.

. I’m calling in disgust about the alcohol sales. As far as today, me, my family and all my friends are not going to shop (at stores that sell alcohol). Someone in this town needs to stand up for the right things. It is definitely not going to be the mayor. We are born again believers and we believe that it is not right to sell and drink alcohol so we are not shopping there anymore.


I am concerned about the young children that have been taken and those that are being taken from their parents by the Letcher County court system and then turning the children over to Social Services. I don’t object to the court having to take the children because the parents are on drugs and the children are being neglected. I do object to the way the social workers place children in unfit places for them to stay instead of a home. They really don’t consider what is best for the children or the rule of the law. There is conflict of interest, because social workers are related to the affected child or related to or friends with the people where they are placed. Children are placed within a short distance of where they were taken from, and so children spend as much time where they were taken from as they do where they have been placed. These children aren’t supposed to be around their parents without supervision, but that isn’t going to happen and the social workers know this. Some of the children are placed in places that the people lie drunk and drug users are around the children. If an FBI investigator would go to the neighbors and the relation where the children have been placed and ask what they think about these people having custody of the children, they would find out all this is true and they would remove the children immediately. FBI investigators should talk to both sets of the grandparents about the children and ask them what they think about their grandchildren’s welfare in the place where they have been placed. The FBI should get a list of every child that has gone through the court system and the social workers from present day through the last 20 years and talk to everyone about the court, social workers and the people where they were placed. I truly believe this branch of government should be completely overhauled and every one of us knows a child that is being neglected by the court system and the social workers. The Attorney General and the FBI should be requested to investigate because the children’s civil rights are being violated for not being protected as the Constitution promises. I ask each one of you who has a horror story about a child that has been placed by the court system being mistreated, or the law is being violated against these children, to write The Mountain Eagle and tell your horror story. Be truthful about what you write. You should also write the Attorney General and ask for help. His address is: Offi ce of the Attorney General, 700 Capitol Ave., Suite 118, Frankfort, KY 40601. Phone: 502-696-5300.

. For those of you who say you know me and claim to be a friend, it’s been almost nine years since I’ve seen or heard from any of you, and I’m to blame for that. So if you would like to contact me, feel free to write me a letter at the following address: Mazel Sexton #1193234, A2-243, Keen Mountain Correctional Center, P.O. Box 860, Oakwood, VA 24631.

. A certain old man’s wife died and no one can go to visit him because of the drugs being sold by the skanks and trashy bums who camp out in his house. They lie around passed out, and you have to lock your car or keep someone in it because they will steal anything their eyes see or nose smells. The skanky grandkids need to leave the old man alone and go home. But wait, they have no home. They have been a leech on the old man and woman since they were born. The pig of a granddaughter was at the church where her mamaw was lying in her coffin, and she was downstairs trying to buy drugs and pot on the church’s phone. What a lowlife. Their grandson is hiding in another county from the Social Security people looking to get back the money he got to go to college. He and his cousin shot it up or sniffed it up. The old woman is now at rest. When the old man dies, he will finally be at rest from the skanks, bums and leeches who have plagued him since they were born.


To my one and lonely love: You are my man, my blue heaven, my gold plus 5010. Thank you for not allowing drugs at your house. Some day it may be our house. Love you today and tomorrow. Seventeen years and our love is so alike. We are not sickened. Our legs refused to walk that road to drug hell. Thank you, God. Thank you, my love. You are my life. Have a good day and another. God will bless you.

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