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The constable in District 4 has been in office for 17 years. If he wasn’t doing his job, then the people of District 4 would not have kept voting him back in. Over the course of those 17 years, he has chaperoned ball games, worked traffic control at funerals and proms, and helped people in need. He has pulled cars out of ditches, taken young people home instead of letting them drive intoxicated, and helped out in domestic cases. He has always helped people and gone the extra mile. I have seen him loan people money only to never be paid back. I have seen him go in the middle of the night to make sure a young mother was safe from her estranged husband. I have seen him go out in a deep snow in a four-wheel drive to rescue an elderly woman who was trapped in her home; plus many other acts of kindness and compassion that went beyond the job of constable. So the next time any of you out there want to make the claim that the constable in District 4 ‘has never fulfilled his duties as constable,’ I suggest you do your homework. You obviously don’t know him or you wouldn’t have made such an untrue accusation.

I couldn’t help but notice all of Johnny Ray Turner’s supporters in Letcher County were our working against Mongiardo and Beshear. They say the senator would have been out there, too, if he wasn’t bothered by that darned ankle bracelet.

Do any other cellphone companies cover Letcher County besides Appalachian Wireless? I would really like to know.

I want to say that I, too, was offended by the behavior of the police department at the Boone Fork Kitchen in Fleming-Neon two Saturdays ago. Most of those kids are 16 to 17 years old, with at least 90 percent of them being tobacco free and drug free. They are good kids and deserve a break. There is nothing for them to do in this county, then when there is something for them to do there is always something negative that comes along with it. Thank you.

I couldn’t believe what happened to that timber case in Perry County. The message is clear. Decent people are on their own. If they want to hold on to their timber, they need to get a gun and watch their land, because it will be katy-bar-the-door now.

The United States imports 19 percent of its honey from China and 16 percent of its honey from Argentina. Americans consumed 400 million pounds of honey in 2006. That’s a lot of honey. I am thankful that my honey comes from southeastern Kentucky, in Jeremiah.

It’s nice to know that we’ll finally be able to get a glass of wine or a beer with dinner in Whitesburg now, and that many restaurants are applying for a license to sell alcohol. You know who the real winner is in this episode? Letcher County. Why? Because it shows the need to vote the whole county wet so we can have package stores to keep all of our money from going to Perry and Wise counties.

Most of us who had to move away from the mountains try to collect every thing we can from our original homeplace. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go to the Springfield Extravaganza. There, I found a green, mirrored button with white lettering on it. The gentleman I asked to look at it had it in a case. As he pulled it from the case, it said Kentucky Fuel Company. The selling agent was Republic Coal Company. The mine was in Hellier, Kentucky. I had a C&O mining directory from many years past and looked up this operation. It was over in Pike County. The button listed the analysis of the coal being marketed – the fixed carbon, the ash, the sulfur, the Btu, and the fusing point. The man told me the button came from the late thirties or early forties. Has anyone else reading this come across anything like that? It was like a make-up mirror. You will be sticker-shocked when I tell you that this piece was selling for $110.

Set an example. It’s up to you how those children see life in you. They see you drink and stagger around with your friends who help make you a clown. Set an example. It’s up to you how your wife looks at you. She sees her children doing without and worries about you when you go out. Set an example. It’s up to you when you see her crying and praying for you. See her face and those scars from abuse? You put them there when she tried to help you. Set an example. It’s up to you. Satan sure is proud of the things you do. He’s going to hell and taking you. Don’t worry, your friends will be there, too. Set an example. It’s up to you. Just stop all those bad things that you do and remember, Jesus loves you. By Alfred Osborne.

To County Judge Jim Ward: Please do whatever you have to do to make amends with Senator Mongiardo and Beshear. This county can’t afford to be ignored by Frankfort, and I would hate to see that happen just because you came out in public for Lunsford and Stumbo. What were you thinking when you did that? Please take care of this matter before it’s too late. They’ll probably understand if you’ll tell them Stumbo’s related to you, or whatever that situation is. Next time you’re asked to endorse someone, please keep the whole in mind unless you know for sure that person you’re supporting is a winner. Sorry to jump on you like this, because you had been doing some pretty good things up until you made this foolish move. I hope you’re a little embarrassed that your candidate only carried one or two precinct. I know I would be. This could be a major problem for the people of this county if you don’t do something to fix it.

I am calling about the copper again. If you are going to haul a bunch of copper to the scrap yard, know before you go. Remember that 528 pounds of my copper evaporated. This is one pink man’s bad nightmare. I probably never will get my money back. I think it went all the way to the top. If you’re hauling scrap, check your weight before it’s too late.

Are we really supposed to embrace these bears mentally? This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I have two small children. Okay, I will embrace the bears mentally, then see physically if they won’t bite my head off. You have got to be kidding.

I saw on the news again where Operation UNITE made another big raid in another county. They’re afraid to come to Letcher County to do anything.

Thanks to Anna Craft for having the foresight to bring Letcher County’s educational system to the forefront. The high school is state of the art. The sports playing fields are the best of the best. Also, the vocational school is in the making. That is one hollow made over into a beauty to behold. You folks who pass by should take an extra five or 10 minutes and drive up on the hill. It will be worth your time.

Every week, someone calls Speak Your Piece and preaches condemnation, fire and brimstone to everyone who lives differently than he does. They most likely are delusional, believing that they are doing a service for God, because they always say what a good Christian is supposed to be doing or not doing. I am here to tell everybody calling under the pretext of being a Christian that no one cares one way or the other what you think. Did God personally telephone you and tell you to start your nonsense in Speak Your Piece? No, of course not. You people use God as a way to control others by using the prospect of eternity in hell as a way to make people bend to your wills and succumb to your standards of living and morality. The rest of the world stopped doing that in the Dark Ages. Does the Bible itself not say ‘Do not stand in the way of a sinner’? Furthermore, I’m glad that it’s God’s judgment that counts and not yours, because the only people who would ever go to heaven is you and your 45 illegitimate grandchildren. Fix the sin in your own life.

I just wanted to tell whoever it was that thought up such an ingenuous thing as Speak Your Piece how well received the idea is to us twenty-something year old’s over in the neighboring state of Virginia. My girlfriends and I get a kick out of the Jerry Springeresque comments that the dimwitted women often leave. Most importantly, the idea of anonymity encourages people to ‘spill their guts,’ as some of you so poetically put it, and make complete fools out of themselves, which to people like me is extremely funny. So kudos to you, Mr. Editor, for making my Wednesday afternoons a bit brighter. How on earth could I ever think that I’ve got problems when you hear these crazy loose women fighting over some loser who won’t even work? By the way, if you’re fighting over a man who is doing you wrong, dump him. Don’t you know that scummy men like that enjoy the turmoil that they are so apt to cause? Dump him. I swear to God it will be all right. Stop looking like a fool over someone who cares only about himself.

Someone needs to cut those trees at that bad curve on Thornton.

Natalie Goins, welcome to Whitesburg.

We have a certain neighbor who has a boxer bulldog who runs up and down the road getting into people’s garbage cans. One old lady told the boy who has the bulldog to put it up. Well, he hasn’t done it yet because he’s got a smart mouth. His dog is nothing but a menace. His dog causes other dogs to chase it up and down the road, but then he shoots the dogs that are doing the chasing. How would he feel if someone shot his dog? Who does he think he is?

I am replying to the person who told me to go to hell for feeding anti-freeze to dogs and killing the nasty things. If I went to hell the fire would go out.

All the drug dealers are gone from Bill Moore Branch. Oh children, what are we going to do?

To a man in Neon: Instead of going out and doing more makebelieve work you should be fixing up your own homeplace.

I would like to thank all of the people who sent their children to school at Cowan for helping shut down our school, Kingdom Come Elementary. May 23 was the last day students will ever walk through the door at Kingdom Come.

To the woman who came to the cook-out the other day and didn’t get out of the car: You were afraid to get out. You were afraid you were going to get your behind whipped, you big tramp.

I love RC Cola and Moon Pies. Stop putting them down.

To my red-headed teddy bear: I love you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hal Rogers, you are not a doctor. What makes you think you should make a law to keep people with moderate to severe pain from getting OxyContin? People in this state can’t even get hold of a Soma for pain. Your ideas for stopping the drug problem only makes it worse. People with moderate to severe pain can’t get OxyContin right now in the state. You need to get a real good back problem and be turned down by one of these doctors you all have scared to death. Hal Rogers, retire. Get out. Quit. Your ideas will not work. You day is over. You need to get out of the way.

To the lazy, no good, part-time student and mommy’s boy: Get a life. If I wanted your girlfriend I could have her. By the way, she’s not as faithful as you think.

I’m calling in concerning the black bears in Letcher County. We have called the state officials about 50 times and they holler they have nothing to do with the black bears even though the bears are wearing state tags. I think we’re going to have to take up arms and go open season on the black bears. Send this down to Frankfort if you want to.

Why don’t you people on Emerson Drive quit crying? Do you think you should get gravel twice before we get it once up here on Pine Creek? Get serious.

My grandmother once told me that you can’t force someone to think as you do or feel as you do, but you can teach them to think a little better, to think a little more, to listen to what they are really doing, not what they think they are doing. That’s something a lot of people in Letcher County need to think about.

The people who voted for the present fiscal court should be taken to the county line, their behinds kicked with a steel-toed boot and not allowed ever to return to Letcher County because they didn’t vote like civilized people vote. Anybody who reads this knows exactly who called it in. There’s only one person with the guts to tell the truth.

Well, well, well. Look who’s getting a new coal plant. It’s Pike County. I thought Jim Ward was going to put some jobs in Letcher County. I’ve not seen any new jobs yet. Ward has already caused half the sheriff’s department to be laid off. It’s time to take control, Jim. Quit doing things the way Carroll Smith used to do them. It’s time to put up or shut up. It’s time to clean our county up.

Now that Kingdom Come Settlement School has closed, I hope the parents in Linefork are happy. Now you can pay $3.19 a gallon for gas every morning. The ones who love KCSS will hold the memories close to their hearts.

I would like to thank the ignorant, retarded people who sent their children to different schools and helped close our school down.

To a girl in the Letcher County Jail: A year ago something suddenly happened and you got whacked off your income. Four years ago you had me sent to prison. Eight or nine years ago you brought allegations against me that were false. You know who I am. You know who whacked your income off. And you know who got you caught out of Cane Hollow. What comes around goes around. How does it feel being locked up away from your kids that you love most of all in this world? You’re going to prison. I’m keeping an eye on every thing. I waited nine years to get you and I finally got you. I am proud that you are in jail like I was, all by myself and going to prison with two money orders in my pocket. You didn’t care. Nobody cared.

I think it’s an amazing thing that the Letcher County Conservation District thinks it has to build a whole new building and wants to tear down the KYVA building. Why don’t they just share room with the Letcher County Extension Service in its new building up on the hill? It seems like that would be a better use of taxpayer’s money. Thank you.

The place I love. I hadn’t really thought that much about it until I had to think too much. The only woman, she was my world. I never caught youth. Cottonelle stupid. She’s gone and the kids. The place I love. Why did I have to commode to know I’ll never know again the place I love. It would be so easy to say I never had love so how can I give love. It’s so sick. I’m so queasy. How can I know now and not have a clue then? The place I love, I’ll never be there again. Afraid of a slippery shore? I just didn’t care. I was so caught up in me. Should have seen what I was missing before I missed what was missing. The place I love, I’ll never be there again. It’s not just the woman, the kids. I did it twice. Now that I’m older and wiser I really don’t know what I could do to not repeat myself as a fool if I didn’t know the place I love.

The Kentucky hills are so beautiful right now. It is a pity that this area is such a breeding ground for timber thieves.

The country spends billions more than I make in a week and a Letcher County school is honored to be on ‘American Idol.’ Gee. If those who have too much never get enough, what’s left for us but Iraq?

It seems like the employees at the Blackey Post Office want to complain a lot about the people not coming to pick up their mail every day. Maybe they don’t realize that some people have jobs that require them to be at work between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Maybe some people don’t have a way to come and pick up their mail every day or even every other day. If the employees have a problem with people picking up their mail once a week, maybe someone needs to call the regional center and have them check this out. Maybe regional can send up some more employees to help with the overload.

Why would we buy any products from you? You think you are the queen of England, but you’re a common thief. And everybody knows that you are.

You say Harvey Campbell is not doing anything as constable? If you were one would you be doing anything, either? Do you know what wins the office of constable? It’s your personality. Harvey has a wonderful personality. Just cool down. He has the office for at least the next four years. So start campaigning now instead of running ads in Speak Your Piece.

There is one church in the Indian Bottom Association that meets on the third Saturday night in May. I would like to ask them a question. Why do you even bother to take up travel for a moderator. Four of your members were shown the same man, but you still reject what God showed them, especially this one minister. He always says he is a survivor. Well, he may not survive this. I sure wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. God is probably very disappointed in him. I was told most of the church members are, too.

Letcher County has no judicial system. Honest people are under the control of criminals and an awful lot of those criminals are in the government. Add unscrupulous lawyers to that, and we’ve got a hopeless situation. You can buy a gun and get a dog and you can protect your property to some extent, but what about our kids who spend so much of their time in school? Teen-aged girls are molested and humiliated in court and scoundrels go free. Little kids are sexually abused and nothing is ever done about it. And people talk about getting business in here and improving the economy and having tourism? Get serious.

Reminder: The Gibson Family Reunion will be June 30th.

Always remember the loved ones who can’t get home when we want them or can’t get home when they want to be home.

To Bonnie 357: The pain in my heart. Every time I think of losing you I get a pain in my heart. When I see you and can’t hold you and tell you how I truly feel about you, I get a pain in my heart. When the thought comes that you’re not OK over there and I can’t protect you anymore, I get a pain in my heart. When I dream of you and wake up and realize it was just that, a dream, you’re still not beside me holding me, touching me, loving me the way you always did, I get a pain in my heart. For the past eight months, the whole time we’ve been apart, every minute of every day, doll, I’ve had this cold numbness in my chest that won’t go away. The never-ending pain in my heart. I love you always. Outlaw.

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