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Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

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Howdy, Brushy Bill here. I noticed in your paper that someone was goin’ to light up a cigarette anytime they seen someone with Bill on their shirt. It just goes to reinforce my theory how rude and inconsiderate smokers are. This particular one is kind of stupid, too. First, I don’t have any shirts with my name on it. Your best shirt probably has Texaco or Chevron on it. Second, with your lungs, you don’t have the breath to climb up here on the mountain. And third, if you got someone to wheel you up here and carry your oxygen bottle for you and lit up, Barney would kick your nicotine-infected behind right off the mountain. Sincerely, Brushy Bill.

To a certain person from Blair Branch I like to go hunting with: Do you know I still consider you as a friend of mine? Yes, it’s true. Some people might not believe it, but I don’t care what they say. Friends are supposed to remain friends until the end. And remember, you still owe me. I’ll be looking for my payment sooner or later.

Nothing makes me more angry than stopping to buy gas, then not being able to get a receipt for my gas because there is not paper on which to print the receipt. This is worse than not being able to find water and towels with which to wash your windows. Not being able to get a receipt for gas just plain stinks when you have to have that receipt to be reimbursed for you gas by the company you work for. Why is there never any paper on hand for receipts?

ARH would be a wonderful place to work if the employees weren’t getting screwed over by the management.

I’m calling about Letcher County Central’s football team. I would like to congratulate them on a great season, but I think they did too much passing against Fort Thomas Highlands. I don’t know what the coaches were thinking on that. I’m not blaming the coaches, but I don’t know what they were thinking running-wise against Highlands. Too much passing killed them. Where was the running game? I didn’t hear Terry Tolson’s name called once on the radio.

To the girl out saying I ran from her: I did not run from you. You are the one who has been hiding. I will catch you out, and I feel for you when I do. And my man doesn’t have a baby by another woman. You better look. Yours is the one who has a baby with another woman.

To a woman who is seeing a preacher man who is supposedly her sugar daddy: You better watch out. You are fixing to get in big trouble, because a lot of people know about it.

Who do you call to report a child molester? There is one in Buck Creek.

To all Letcher Countians: Be very aware of four rats – two men and two women – from the Colson area. They are also thieves.

To the three foxes: I guess you got outsmarted in court recently. It went according to plan.

To two so-called men who don’t have anything better to do than hang around Dairy Queen’s parking lot and talk about people: You need to keep running after your little girls and keep your mouths off everybody else. Just make sure you keep your mouth off me. Don’t worry about me. I’m happy.

If the Humane Society wants to help animals, why don’t they try to get laws passed to force people to have their pets spayed or neutered? There also needs to be a law limiting households to two dogs or two cats. There wouldn’t be a need for an animal shelter if people would be responsible for their pets. So many stray animals makes it impossible to find homes for all of them. Most people are too sorry to take animals to the shelter, so they just let them starve and freeze or get killed.

A certain friend of mine ought to know that a woman he has cleaning house for him has been known to steal others blind. She knows how to steal everybody’s medications out of their cabinets, just like she stole mine when she cleaned my house. She and her sister are nothing but two rogues.

A certain matter needs to be attended to at a certain fast-food restaurant in Whitesburg. I have spoken to several people, but nothing has been resolved. I wish someone would post the complaint lines to all the fast-food restaurants so I could report this very important matter to the proper people.

To Magistrate Archie Banks: Could you please find it in your heart to give me a swinging bridge? If you don’t have the funds we could sell the Archie Mobile. Thank you.

Could someone tell me why The Mountain Eagle can’t be as truthful as another publication in reporting on the (Camp Branch/ Indian Creek) water-user agreement? The other one had a completely different story.

(What did we print that you believe wasn’t true? All of the information used in the report was gathered by two reporters who used as their sources a voluminous stack of Letcher Circuit Court records, a hearing held before Circuit Judge Sam Wright, and a meeting of the Letcher Fiscal Court. By the way, we were the only newspaper who sent a reporter to the circuit court hearing. Maybe that is why our report was ‘completely different.’)

I was just calling trying to figure out the results of the crosscountry team’s performance at the state meet. I haven’t seen it in the paper nor heard about it on the school channel. Why don’t they ever put anything out about the cross-country and track teams? If you get something, please print it.

An old man used to go to every annual revival to ask the congregation to pray for him to be filled up with religion. After the revival was over he wouldn’t go to church for months and would go back to his worldly ways. One day he came and got down on his knees at the altar and began hollering, ‘Lord, fill me up. Fill me up.’ Then someone said, ‘Don’t do it, Lord. He leaks.’ We all leak, some more than others. And we all need to get refilled. Let’s just make sure we are receiving the right stuff, for a day is coming when all knees will bow. Then it will be too late for someone to say, ‘Fill me up, Lord.’ Something to think about.

This is Copper Man. I just sang, which means the fat lady has sung. I have been paid. I got my money and I am a happy man. I am not depressed anymore. I just called to let you know I will not be in the paper talking about my copper anymore. I got my money. Everything is right in the world. Copper Man is happy. Thank you.

Seems to me like the water company forgot to tell their part in the story – that on November 2 the water was contaminated and they were turning it off at night. It doesn’t sound to me like they had ‘potable’ and ‘plenty’ of water. So that was their deadline date. I don’t know what they’re waiting on. And nobody in this water line has refused to sign up for it. It’s that we have refused to sign to give away the right of way to our property to the county. Thank you.

My comment is about the library in Whitesburg. It’s a really nice idea and lots of people go there to check out books. The selection, however, is poor. There needs to be a fund-raiser or something to build up money so the library can buy new books. Coming from a bigger city where the libraries have all kinds of books and all kinds of resources, the library here is extremely limited. Please, county officials, look into this. One thing this county could prosper from is a better library.

It was so good to see the Eolia news back in the paper. I would just like to say I always enjoy it. Eolia is a wonderful place to grow up and live. Have a good day.

This comment is for Elbert Lee and his petition he has before the Letcher Fiscal Court about the smoking ban: You can do two things with your petition, Mr. Lee. You can take that petition and use it to cover your mouth when you blow your nasty smoke in someone else’s face, or you can take it to the bathroom with you and use it for toilet paper. The people of this county are not going to put up with this old smoking in restaurants and public places. I think the fiscal court took a giant step forward when they voted in the smoking ban, and the people of this county don’t want it to go back to the way it was. The magistrates and the judge need to listen to the people for a while, not to special interests like Elbert Lee and his petition. Thank you very much.

I have noticed that the Whitesburg radio station has never mentioned the final game that Ermine Central played against the Bluebirds. I wish the station would give us the full details of the game. I’ve also noticed the education channel is not running that game. It looks like they would show that final game since they ran all of those other ones over and over. I would like to see the Bluebirds play. I would also like to say the Bluebirds were the second good team Ermine Central played this year. We all know what the outcome was, but we would still like to see a little bit of the replay of that final game.

The fiscal court should say absolutely no to Elbert Lee’s petition. It’s a pleasure to go into a smoke-free restaurant with your family and sit down and have a meal without having to breathe somebody else’s smoke. We don’t want the smoking ban lifted. It’s terrible when people have to breathe somebody else’s filth. No, let’s not overturn that. Thank you.

To the person complaining about the speeding in Dunham: I assure you that if you call your local mayor and tell him about it he will form a committee and they will get right on the speeding issue in Dunham.

I just wanted to call and say I just moved back to Letcher County, and I’m very disappointed by the level of prescription drug abuse in this county. I am a single dad, a family man, looking for a decent woman here, but it seems that’s almost impossible to find. Please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece. Signed, Family Man.

I am calling about a certain preacher: Preacher, you know who this is. Quit hiding behind the church. You’ve stolen from that church, you’re selling drugs, and you’re on cocaine and crack. Several warrants have been issued against you in several states. You and your wife both do this. The Lord knows what you are doing. You can call yourself a preacher, but the Lord is going to get you for this. You know who you are. You are going to go straight to hell. Stop using that church. Please sign my name at the bottom …

You paid $12 a week in alimony for your son to be raised on. If it hadn’t been for his grandpa and grandma he would have had to sleep under a railroad trestle. And you wouldn’t have given a damn, would you?

One day I was sitting in a certain place and this man walked in to see a doctor. He did look pretty poor, but I still think about how people looked at him and judged him. One day in Heaven there will be no difference among us, if we all make it. Everybody won’t make it, but if we do we will all be treated the same. There will be no difference. God doesn’t make differences. The rich and the poor will be treated the same.

My, my, my. What busy little bees. Buzz, buzz here and buzz, buzz there. Here a buzz, there a buzz, everywhere a buzz, buzz. If gas goes to five dollars a gallon you won’t be doing that.

I’m glad to see people writing about the warrants and the legal system in Kentucky. It is a carryover from England and the church. Read your history. When you go to court, you have to prove your innocence. Just another way of control. The powers that be will do anything to keep the honest person under their thumb. How many smalltime dopers have been arrested? How many big time dopers have been arrested? Who gets jail time?Judge Ward promised to bring industry to the county. Half of the county is on drugs and can’t get hired, the other half are old and retired. We are being overrun by bears. The Kentucky Department of Fish And Wildlife did not introduce the bears here. The real story behind the bears is, a bunch of young cubs were on a field trip in Minnesota and got lost. Yes, they ended up here. We may turn things around here. We could become the bear capital of the world. Tourists would come by the thousands to see the bears. As an added attraction, we can show off our two generations of dopers, stop cleaning up the trash (yes, the county is getting cleaner), take some of the tourists to court on some crazy warrant and make millions. Doty Creek could a tourist attraction. I just might have solved our problems.

I agree with the caller who said you should get as much as you can from the gas companies. I will say in their defense, though, that they will talk to you and get some kind of agreement, unlike timber thieves who hope to get by unnoticed, and plan to give you nothing. Timber thieves also do a lot more damage to the land than the gas companies, oftentimes more than strip miners. It’s probably better to have your land logged yourself than to take the real risk of having thieves do it, because there’s a rash of thefts going on. When you get a logger you’d better use a lot of caution, though, and get any agreement checked out by someone who knows what they’re doing.

The re-entry clause in the contract proposed by ARH requires a drug and alcohol screen for the striking nurses that are called back to work. No problem here, but what about the current working nurses at ARH, since some were seen at the liquor store in Vicco recently, wearing their uniforms, wearing their ARH ID badges, and riding in the scab wagon, being driven by an ARH employee? Doesn’t look good, ARH.

I see where Jim ‘Move The County Forward’ Ward is now trying to have a secret meeting so he can give more away by bidding out the garbage. Wow, isn’t this really moving the county forward?

Sometime in the early morning hours my daughter’s dog was stolen off of our front porch here in Jackhorn. Last time he was seen was at 2:30 a.m. November 29. He is a Boston terrier, six months old. His name is Freaky. He is a very lovable little dog. Very friendly with everyone. He doesn’t like collars and won’t leave one on so he wasn’t wearing a collar when he disappeared. He couldn’t have gotten off of our porch because he is afraid of heights and can’t move the board we have on the porch so someone had to have gotten him sometime between 2:30 a.m. and 6:45 a.m. Freaky is missed very much by my family. My daughter has been very devastated with him being gone. It takes a cruel person to steal a child’s dog right off their own porch. If anyone finds him, please let us know here. Thank you!

As I sit here tonight and watch the news, I hear a man say that ‘it is the end of the coal era in Kentucky’ as he tries to put a stop to surface coal mining. What is America coming to? So I think what I will do is buy an $87 barrel of oil from our Muslim neighbors and atheists who are running for political office, burn my American flag which means nothing to Americans any more, shred my money which says ‘In God We Trust,’ sign up for public assistance without being required to take a drug screen while the working taxpayers must take that drug test, and attend the gay wedding of Jack and Bob. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am trying to find out what our priorities are since it appears this country is literally going to hell. Yours truly, the angry patriot.

To certain officials in Letcher County: Note the news from Knott County and sing along with us: ‘You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, you’re being watched by the FBI. The FBI is coming to town.’ Merry Christmas.

Doug, Ruthann, Roland and Ellen, thanks for helping to make our Thanksgiving special. We love you very much.

I am the pride coordinator of Fleming-Neon for the past four years. In last week’s Speak Your Piece someone made a statement regarding the trash pick-up dates back in October. I would like for all residents to know that statement that was supposed to have been made was untrue. I do not know who wrote that. I believe that folks that do not partake in the cleanups may have a good excuse or whatever the case may be. However, the last four years I do want to thank the Mayor and his son, the City Clerk, and the four other council members that come out every year for what they do. Without them it would not be possible. It’s great working with them and I know that they take pride in the community. I would like to start seeing new faces come out starting in April of 2008. Six people cannot do it all the time. Plus, a big thank you goes to the Letcher County Jailer for allowing the inmates to come out when I need them. Without them throughout the year the trash beside the road would be out of control. If we are going to live close together in a small area, we do need to start taking pride in our community. Come out at least once and see and to feel the experience. Thank you.

Oma Hatton, have a wonderful day. You deserve the very best.

It’s getting near Christmas time and the beginning of a new year and I am still depressed. A family member of mine needs to find a job and help out and quit lying around doing nothing all the time. I can’t do it all by myself. Help out some.

I see where they got the Knott County gang. Now if they would just come to Letcher County and get some of ours we would be so much better off here.

I just wanted to write and say that I believe the Fleming-Neon City Council is awesome and doing a wonderful job along with the Mayor and City Clerk. It was nice this year to see three older members stay and see three new faces on the board. You have about completed your first year and I just can’t wait for the second year to begin. Keep up the good work.

Everybody abusing the law with phony warrants should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I mean the people making up these phony charges and the officials who put them out. Neither one has any regard for the law or anybody’s rights.

To the Kentucky Nurses Association: All of the agency nurses are gone or will soon be gone. This is because most of your jobs have been permanently filled with nurses from this community that want to work here. All of these new nurses have improved their pay and benefits by coming to ARH. Hopefully you will find something that will make you as happy since you are now without a job. We sometimes regret the choices we have made because of our peers.

The police and legal representatives are not doing their jobs. You think I’m lying? Well what about the EPO’s taken out on two men in Eolia, and the men having also broken seven out of 10 of their probation rules from Tennessee? Should the officials here have gotten hold of their probation officer within 72 hours of the incidents? Why hasn’t anything been done? They should at least get six years for breaking their probation.

I thought you could take a warrant out on anyone who tries to harm you or your family. So why is it you can’t take a warrant or EPO out on a woman that tried to kick your door down and take your kids? An attorney says you can’t do that because she is not closely related, but she’s only your child’s grandmother. What’s up with that, people? It seems to me that the county needs new legal workers and handlers.

You think you’re bad for what you’ve done – taking a pipe to a 54-year-old man who weighs 115 pounds. It was two against one. He had no weapons and he couldn’t have run. He was hit head on by your mother, and then you and your stepdaddy jump out from behind her and beat this poor man in his son’s truck while screaming ‘We know (a certain lawyer). We’re gonna kill ya and get by with it.’ The only reason you let up is because you thought he was dead.

Dear Speak Your Piece, please ask these clowns to stop phoning my house at 3 o’clock in the morning. I’m not running a circus here! Thanks.

I am diabetic, had two prior miscarriages, and was 34 weeks pregnant. I had set up preeclampsia and was placed in the hospital overnight, where the nurses only checked my blood pressure maybe twice the whole time. Three days later, on my birthday, I lost my baby girl.

Timber theft is increasing at an intolerable rate; six or seven cases are said to be in the legal system now. The situation is such that many people who were planning to preserve their timber are now saying they may try to sell it before it is stolen. This is wrong. What is needed is for this epidemic of piracy to be stopped, and this concern of timber owners to be removed. Until that happens, though, timber owners had better be very alert. If they live too far away, or are physically unable to watch their land, as many are, they need to get a local to watch it. If the timber is taken and the equipment removed before the theft is discovered, the case is much more difficult to manage. In any case, there are a couple of things those involved should know. First, landowners must have a valid survey before they can take any legal action. Second, no matter what legal venue they want to take, they should try to sit down with the Commonwealth’s Attorney and get the benefit of his advice.

I am not addicted to alcohol. The alcohol is addicted to me. Thank you.

‘Get even’ warrants are nothing new around here. That’s
been going on all my life in this neighborhood. I had one done on me, and it was
a lie, but it caused a lot of trouble. It’s the only charge I’ve ever had
against me. What you’ve got to do if someone does something wrong against you is
to beat them to one of the county attorneys, and not let them get there first.
Get there firstest with the mostest.

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