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Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
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I am the grandson of a miner, the son of a miner, and I’m also a miner myself. You know, I am sick and tired of the tree-hugging environmentalists whining about mountaintop removal in Kentucky. If you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty, if your ancestors were not too lazy to work they probably worked in the coalfields also. When you go home tonight, turn off your water, TV, or anything else that uses electricity, because without coal there would be no electricity. I know you are going to start with alternative energy sources, but if you will do the research, almost none of these forms are possible or even ready to be used in the rural areas in which we live. I would also like the good folks of Letcher County to band together and get rid of organizations that oppose mountaintop removal. We need to stick together for what this state believes in. And for those of you who don’t like this, leave. We don’t need you here anyway.

The old saying is ‘a woman knows when there’s another woman.’ Women, let me tell you firsthand this saying is true. You can feel it in your heart. You can tell in the way they act. Their actions are different, they don’t talk a lot, they try to avoid being around you, they don’t go around your family, and they become very hateful because of their guilt. If your husband or man is showing any of these signs and you feel there is someone else in their life, you are most likely right. I had these same feelings and decided to look a little further into it. Without his knowing, I got his cell phone records and there I saw that the truth was all laid out for me. Her number was on there several times a day, every morning on his way to work, every evening on his way home, and at night when I thought he was sleeping. What made me think he would be different with me since I was once his mistress? I thought and thought about this, and eventually it came to me. If he cheated to get me, he’ll cheat on me. If he lied to his wife about me then, then he’ll lie to me now. Once a cheater always a cheater. So, ladies, beware of your husbands and the things they do, and if you have that feeling it’s probably true. In all of this I must say sorry to the woman that I did this way, because it did come back on me.

The game wardens had better do something to put a stop to the coyotes in the Blackey and Jeremiah area. Us deer hunters, rabbit hunters, and coon hunters can’t get out and enjoy our sport because of the coyotes.

Copper Man for president. He is one man who will not give up. We need more people like him. To Brushy Bill and others in the county: Not all smokers are inconsiderate. Non-smokers have their share of inconsiderate people also. Seems we have to go from one extreme to the other. Has anyone ever considered a talk so people could see both sides? Add a little education to the problem and maybe the problem could be solved. Maybe the smoker problem was brought up so we could complain and not see the big problems. I think people are programmed and don’t know it. The warrant law is a way to program people. Maybe we could use the energy to do something about our court system, lack of jobs and the powers that rule us. No, we will complain about smokers. I see the new nurses have improved their pay and benefits by going to ARH. Must be getting union wages and bennies. Brushy Bill, get a life.

On December 7, one of the students at Knott County Central High School protested against a young boy being bullied at school and nothing being done about it. This boy was kicked, beaten, and spit on. He was also hit in the face with a ‘hall pass’ made of thick wood. The principal, assistant principal wouldn’t do anything about it. They said ‘It didn’t happen.’ I wonder how they would feel if someone beat on their precious little children. Would they say ‘it didn’t happen’ or would there be something done? The school is a joke. Peyton’s Place is what some call it. No one deserves to be bullied. The boy was the most kind boy at the high school. He has the best manners anyone could have. Could it be oneof the boys was jealous because he was raised so well? I think something should have been instead of pushing it under a rug just like they do everything else. If you or your parents aren’t involved in sports or politics then you don’t have a chance over there. They need to start doing their jobs instead of carrying around a cup of coffee all day. And people wonder why shootings and other things happen at schools. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear of it happening there. They should be aware of that. The only weapon they know of is a ball. There are many more kids that wanted to support this boy and stand behind him, but they pushed them back inside. To all who tried: I am proud of you. Stand up for what you believe in.

The law is the law and stealing is stealing. Doesn’t matter if it’s trucks, trees, furniture, or money – if it’s stolen it’s gone and somebody has been wronged. If the law won’t do what it’s supposed to do then people should take care of things themselves. If they have to do this, they can hope the law will be as useless against them as it is the thieves.

ARH is trying to bust the union and everyone knows this is why they will not negotiate. When they do bring in a contract they know that no one in their right mind would vote for it. If people don’t stand up for what is right or what they feel is right then you will eventually lose all rights. They fight constantly to take our right to bear arms. They took our right to prayer and the Ten Commandments from school. We let them do this because no one will take a stand and fight. Now they want to take ‘In God We Trust.’ Do you realize when you take God from everything what kind of country you will live in? So stand up and fight for what you believe in. Stop the big shots and money people – the media-seeking people – from winning. That includes ARH.

Hey why doesn’t that city council keep their word in Neon? They promised to do the sidewalk in Fleming. That is what they told me that they would do and here it’s wintertime and the sidewalk is still the same. I will be voting a totally different way coming the next election. You hired a new police officer to work nights as well but seems he only works during the daytime. Why can’t you find the mayor in the office when you need to speak to him? One day a week in the office and sometime not even that. It’s a wonderful job. The only workers that are doing their jobs are the chief and the clerk. Keep up the good work.

I feel sorry for my special and close friend who is having such a hard time with their spouse. They won’t do anything to help out. Stand up and be the boss and explain to them that it must be this way or the highway. One person can’t do it all this day and time. If you would had picked me at least I would have done better in supporting the household along with you. I can understand about the depression you are having nearing the holidays. You chose that kind of living. Either stand firm or get rid of the package. I’m still waiting in the background for you.

Alright, enough is enough. How sad is it when the Letcher County Jail takes condiments such as ketchup, mayo and mustard out of the kitchen and starts selling them in their commissary? That’s right. Not only is the jail going back to basics by bringing back those all too fashionable orange jumpsuits and allowing their inmates who come down with an acute, serious, life-threatening illness to lie back and border on death’s door before getting them medical attention. Letcher County must really be broke. It’s a shame that plumbing has become such a problem that raw, disease-forming sewage runs out into cells. Most cells don’t have working plumbing, but the ones that do are in fear of having a back-up. If the ‘good ole LCJ’ is running on broke, maybe cigarettes should be put back in their commissary. Never mind the fact that they cost two-thirds more in there than on the street. For shame, for shame, but we all know who’s to blame. The powers that be can easily become that power that has been. Let’s wait and see when it’s election time again. Our people, our families are in that place, our county residents, good and bad. Remember, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. And most are eligible still to vote. And those who aren’t eligible do have family and friends that are. Ever hear the saying strong people stand up for themselves, stronger people stand up for others? That means civil rights, too.

About 20 years ago, a good man by the name of Mr. Bentley, who owns the RC Cola plant at Ermine, was very good to the employees participating in a strike against ARH. Instead of being rewarded for his kindness he and his soda machines were no longer welcome at the community serving hospital. This is still so this day. I say to you good people of Letcher County, when you can buy RC and the company’s other drinks, please do so. This is not the end of the story. It gets better. In the spring of 2007 there was another kind man who took pity on the older but wiser strikers of ARH and gave them some Pepsi, which he paid for out of his own pocket because he works for Pepsi and, being a good union man himself, would not cross the line. Can you see it coming together now? That’s right. The word is Pepsi is now being removed from ARH hospitals. Stay tuned for the continuing story of ‘How to Break a Union.’

There’s nothing like a school official visiting a school and accusing the band of stealing. It made a great impression on the kids in the band, and I am sure this official’s words will stay with them for a long time. Hopefully it will teach them not to talk to children that way themselves.

Hawk and Batboy: Give ’em heck, boys, have a great season. Rah rah rah. Go team. With love, your cheerleader Bambi.

I just wanted to say hooray for Copper Man. I won’t have to worry about him anymore.

God bless those poor people who lost all their timber. Things like that make you want to believe in a hell. Everybody knows how these things should be handled, but the law would jump all over you if you protected your property. When the law doesn’t work innocent people do things that get them in trouble. There was a time in this country when people were allowed to take care of themselves if the law didn’t.

I hear the commonwealth’s attorney in Letcher County doesn’t consider timber theft to be a crime. That’s kind of a strange attitude for someone responsible for administering law enforcement. If someone came onto his lawn and cut a tree, would he consider it a crime? I’ll bet he would. What if they broke into his house and got his TV? Would he consider that civil or criminal?

Thank you, Emmanuel Baptist Church of Jenkins. Our family is new to this area and we are proud to have become new members of your amazing church. Recently my husband was injured severely. Our Minister Tony Carson, wife Peggy, and our church family have stood by our side through this difficult time. I do believe our church defines what good Christians are. We thank you all for your visits, help, prayers, and love. Speak Your Piece has a lot of comments on the problems that plague these mountain communities, yet in all the places we have lived we have never experienced such kindness and camaraderie. The Barrington family would like to thank our church family and my husband’s co-workers for all they have done.

The news last night on the Potters was really heart wrenching. They look so helpless and unable to handle their predicament. I am sorry they are being subjected to this at this time in their lives, or anytime in their lives. The loss of their trees is, no doubt, very disturbing, and there’s also the frustration and mental anguish, which they don’t look very able to handle. That kind of stress, especially at that age, can be very physically debilitating.

To the person who is in charge of the sports in Letcher County Schools: Why is it my child is in trouble when he chews tobacco at school and coaches do it right in front of him at practices and at games? This is like saying it is OK to chew and I don’t want my son to do anything to damage his future like that. Someone needs to get off their hind end and do something.

The word was gradually getting out about the Marvin and Verna Potter timber theft and it looks like the news people will fill in the blanks about the role of the sheriff, the state police, the commonwealth’s attorney and the many others involved. It’s too bad they have had this happen, and have to go through all the aggravation, but maybe all the attention will cause some good to come out of it. I certainly feel for them.

To the person so proud of themselves and smug to place the message to KNA members about their jobs being gone: Some of the new hires were refused jobs at ARH until the strike. Then they were willing to hire anyone or anything as long as the numbers for staff were reached. Some of the new hires have drug, alcohol problems or were suspended from other local hospitals at the time of their being hired at ARH. So if it makes you proud to work with these people then pat yourself on the back. Of course you may be one of them. A few of the nurses who crossed in the beginning of the strike did so out of greed not need (and they know this in their hearts). We have worked years with you and know your problems – shop-aholics (QVC), drug addicts, alcohol problems, family members with addiction needs, and husbands who won’t work but will spend your money. Greed is your real problem. Greed is the root of all evil, and in my heart I believe that ARH has become an evil place to work. I have no respect for the staff or most of management. Management has continued to threaten the nurses on the picket line with ‘you will not have a job.’ I especially have no respect for the employees at the Whitesburg hospital who continue to lie to the media, the community, and to themselves for ARH about ‘how things are working as normal.’ If the public only knew. I see one patient at ARH spoke up about her care. I for one will not lie for ARH or put a job before my beliefs of right and wrong. It is wrong for me to willingly cross this picket line and say it’s okay if my patients don’t get the best care that they deserve? It is wrong for me to put greed and money before what God tells me in my heart is right? So maybe Christmas will be smaller this year but love of family and Christ is more important than love of money. Most of the nurses who crossed already had second jobs prior to the strike, unlike the ones now on the line. It’s not our fault you got yourself so in debt you had to take two jobs. Some of us became nurses because we truly care, not for the money. As God is my witness I became a nurse to help others. If that means taking a stand against an uncaring corporation for better care for all our families then so be it. So yes, I can find another job where the establishment cares more for the people, patients, employees than filling their own pockets, but I would have rather worked in my own community. So yes, you will live with your decisions and we will live with ours knowing we only wanted safer care. And as you stated in the paper, the new workers have ‘improved their pay and benefits’ which is what they are after ‘money.’ We were happy with the pay, not the unsafe patient care, inadequately staffed areas which caused unsafe patient care and the constant mandating till nurses were exhausted which causes mistakes and unsafe care. Why didn’t ARH hire all of you replacement workers prior to the strike to improve patient care then none of this would be happening to our community?

When you read this you will know exactly who you are, for there are many like this person from Bill Moore Branch who seems to be able to point out all the wrongs in the world, beginning with God, lawyers, politicians, doctors, preachers, religions, jails, institutions, child molesters, drug abusers, thieves, deadbeat dads, and your family. I’m not saying you are wrong about a lot of it, but it seems that you fail to see that the biggest problem of all lies within you. The biggest enemy of all is yourself. To take a look at ourselves is the hardest thing in the world to do. It seems that we are afraid to admit we are less than perfect and afraid others will know the real us and that we can’t fix everything that comes our way. It seems our life is unmanageable. Therefore, that leaves only one conclusion – our thinking is messed up, our morals are gone, we don’t care what happens to us, we feel all alone even in a room full of people, and we feel not loved. We are just plain miserable, so we gripe continuously, having no happiness or inner peace. Pure misery and disgust in everything and everyone is what we spread like a disease through the lives of those that we love and those who once loved us. We may think our age or life experience entitles us to be the way we are at this moment, but it doesn’t. The solution to changing this is to change yourself. To do that requires a mental change that must take place – new ideas, new strengths and hopes and goals in life, not isolating yourself, and definitely not taking anything, including alcohol, that alters your mind or mood because to do so only makes matters worse. If a person didn’t say this to you and you know who you are, how can you say that they don’t give a damn about you? It’s the truth, plain and simple, and it will stand when the world is on fire.

I’m glad to see people calling about the condition of the jail and the condition of our system of law. Not all of those people in jail are bad. A lot of them are just young and stupid, a condition a lot of us went through. None of them, good or bad, deserve to be kept in inhumane conditions and subjected to diseases and other risks. This county, like a lot of the region, has a class system like that in India. If you’re in the top strata you have no problem, but if you happen to be an untouchable, you’re out of luck. I think a lot of our church members, once they’ve secured their place in heaven, might pay some attention to the plight of those less fortunate.

As I watch the news, I just hope someone down in Letcher County is watching over our treasures such as Lilley Cornett Woods. That would be a real bonanza for the thieves. I get the impression from The Mountain Eagle and Speak Your Piece that a lot of the people who are being paid to protect property and people down there aren’t all that motivated to do their jobs. That is a real sorry situation where the old people have lost their timber, and I hope they get some kind of justice. It’s terrible when things are stolen, and even worse when they are things that can’t be replaced.

There is no way to reform this legal system we have. We can’t throw them out at election because no one will run against the worst officials. People running for those offices have to be lawyers and the lawyers who work the courthouse are very happy with the people who are running it. It’s in their best interests to keep them in there until they retire. The best bet we have is to have the circuit court moved and the whole legal system merged with another county.

I’ve been watching a story unfold on TV this morning about an elderly, disabled couple’s problems trying to deal with the theft of virgin timber from their family homestead. It has caused me to reflect on my Letcher County background, and how I had to leave there over forty years ago because I couldn’t get a job. I remember vividly how difficult that was, and how much I disliked Ohio when I first came here. This story, along with others, makes me realize, though, how fortunate I was to have been forced to leave what was, and still is, a lawless area. I still have feelings for the mountains; I doubt that anyone born there ever loses that. I have no desire to move back, or even visit, though, because the conditions seem to be deteriorating steadily, and the drugs, crime, corruption and danger seem to be growing. I could not get a decent job teaching because I had no political support from the school board. I imagine that school board from so long ago could have been switched with the present one and there would have been no noticeable difference. The courts and law enforcement don’t sound any different, and if the news accounts of this couple’s misfortunes are accurate, the officials have no more compassion for or interest in the common people than they did then. People bemoan the fact that they are losing their young people. I think it is extremely selfish to try to get them to stay there.

To a certain little blondeheaded girl: It’s good to see that you are back. How do we know you are back? The traffic has started again. You’re selling your pills. Haven’t you learned anything? You both came within one hair of losing your children. Which is more important – your children or your extra cash from selling drugs? Think about this, because if you don’t I’m going straight to Jim Wood and I’m going to tell him what you are doing. Thank you.

You mean to tell me you don’t know what a menorah is or what Hanukah is? People are strange up here.

I have figured out a way to cut down on white collar crime. Bring charges against their supervisors for not doing their duty.

I would like to speak my piece about a certain company doing security work in Kentucky and Virginia. I work for them and I think it’s a shame the way they do their employees. They pay $5.50 per hour, which is less than the minimum wage, and they will work you over forty hours a week without paying time and a half. They get by with this by paying cash and letting people draw disability checks while working for them. I work for them to try to make a living for my family. I don’t draw SSI or any disability check, so I have nothing to lose by reporting this to the Depart- ment of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service.

I would like to say thank you to the Partridge Lions Club. Because of them we had a nice Thanksgiving dinner this year. I just want to say thank you to all of them. You all do a terrific job and we appreciate you. And we appreciate the dinner you provided us.

Today is December 5 and I just got out of Letcher Circuit Court. I didn’t know what Judge Sam Wright and Commonwealth’s Attorney Edison Banks II went through with those skanky people down there. Fellows, before I would do your job I would get me a job in a coal mine. I have great compassion for you two. Have a nice day.

I was sitting in Wal-Mart parking lot and saw a guy lose his billfold and another guy pick it up and get stuff out of it and throw it back down. If the guy who lost the billfold will put his phone number in Speak Your Piece I will call him and tell him who picked it up, where he was, and what he did with it. Thank you.

How smart can our county judge and magistrates be? When the judge got in office the first thing he wanted to do was buy a forty-thousand dollar vehicle for himself. They voted to give Hazard Community College ninetythousand dollars and ARH onehundred thousand dollars. And they can’t manage the sanitation department? People of Letcher County, would you tell me please what is wrong with these people? Thank you.

Are Letcher County’s elected officials not smart enough to realize there are millions of dollars going out of Letcher County because we have no place to eat? We need a Shoney’s, we need a Ryan’s, we need a Golden Corral, a Chinese buffet, a barbecue. Why are they not trying to get these places in? What’s up?

I think it’s pathetic how the registered nurses who are on strike are putting up their little childish signs. You all really need to act mature. When you do get to go back to work, I don’t know that I would want you to see one of my children, or even me. You went to school to get your nursing license, yet you must not have learned anything else since you are acting so childish. I applaud and give praise to the nurses who stayed at the hospital and are working and acting mature. You all on strike could really take lessons from these other nurses. I’ve lost all respect for you. It’s just sad that it has come to this. I was supporting you all the way until all these little petty signs went up about scab workers.

I just realized that my boyfriend was my cousin. Ooh.

How many people out there really know what Christmas is all about? It’s okay to spend it on what you want to, but some people go too far while others don’t have anything.

To the Adams man engaged to the Collins girl: She’s a good woman and she’s very attractive. You are one lucky man.

I would like to nominate Joe Lieberman for president.

To a certain drug dealer on Cram Creek: You are a piece of scum and you are about to drive your father into the grave.

Elbert Lee has just as much right under our Constitution to petition the Letcher Fiscal Court about the smoking ban as any other person has to petition about anything else.

I would like to see the real Brushy Bill. I know I could find something to criticize him about.

To my loving boyfriend Josh: I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great boyfriend and giving me the honor of wearing your ring. It really means a lot to me. I love you with all of my heart, and I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone other than you. I love you, baby. Love always, your girlfriend.

To a man on Linefork: You need to get rid of the trash so I can come back. I love you and miss you. Bye.

I think it’s a shame how women are choosing men over their children. You know who you are. You are a disgrace to nature.

I am an innocent bystander in this water deal. Of the 29 families, all but 13 have their water, so they already have their money. It seems to me the only fair thing to do if give the 13 who don’t have water their part of the money. Thank you.

Did I see a certain magistrate at Woodstock? I’m sure I did.

To the person who called about our library resources in Whitesburg: Thank you for your comment. We would be very glad …

(OOPS. The tape ran out before you completed your call. We apologize for that, and invite you to submit your comment again.)

This is to the nosy person who has nothing better to do than follow a van-load of nurses going to Vicco: Why don’t you come and stalk me? I came into this world with nothing and I’ll go out with nothing. I don’t really give a you-know-what if it’s today or tomorrow.

Hey, old ugly long nose. Now put your money where your mouth is. I’ll meet you at the Whitesburg football field on the Tuesday night after the next edition of The Mountain Eagle comes out. See you there, long nose.

I always know when you all are up to no good. The dog gives you away every time. Let God arise and let all of His enemies be scattered.

I have read Speak Your Piece for years now. I am reading about the strike now. I am very interested in it, because it is not good for our people. The strikers who are submitting these messages calling people scabs and making fun of others are just defeating their purpose. It’s like the old saying about the bird that fouled its own nest. Somebody has to take care of the people who are sick and need help.

This is Barbie telling you that I love you and miss you. I’m sorry this is late, but I want to wish you a belated happy birthday. Look up and see the stars, buddy. Momma loves you. Love always, Barbie, the babies, and the dogs.

As much taxes as people pay for Jenkins Middle-High School, the school should be able to afford to feed their children.

To a certain woman: Did you have fun the other day cleaning house or did you have fun rolling around in the sheets with another woman’s man? Everybody knows what’s going on.

To the people trying to get the smoking ban reversed: Get over it. It’s a done deal. If you want to kill yourselves, stay home and do it, but the rest of us are not going to go along with it. Thank you.

It looks like Operation UNITE means business up on Cram Creek and Pine Creek. The drug dealing has been cut in half. There are still a bunch of small dealers, but they’re all being caught. Thank you UNITE – and the sheriff’s department.

I would like to tell everyone in Letcher County, especially in the Haymond area, that if you have a vehicle you should wrap it up in blankets and quilts. Vehicles have feelings just like we have.

I am a concerned citizen calling about the proposed U.S. 119 tunnel through Pine Mountain. Construction was supposed to start when the road over the mountain was repaired. Since years have passed since that was finished, what is the holdup? Has the appropriated money disappeared again? Another concern is the stretch of U.S. 119 from Oven Fork to Partridge – the eight- to nine-mile valley road. Again, what is the holdup? I think that after 40 years of appropriated funds, that should be enough to build a super-mega freeway. The eight- to nine-mile valley road is like playing Russian roulette with 22-wheel coal trucks and other oversized vehicles and equipment, with not much room for any errors to be made. The accident where the bus driver was hit and killed did not happen on Pine Mountain, as was previously stated on the TV news and in newspapers. The bus was hit by an 18-wheel flatbed truck on the valley road where Central Hydraulics is located in Partridge. This location is also the same spot where two 22-wheel coal trucks have overturned and lost their loads. Another 22- wheel coal truck not only lost its load near this location, but the driver lost the whole truck over an embankment near the Rockvine Church in Partridge on the valley road. Why are roads being built all around us, but not here? Why did it take local residents to form a task force just to get a road widened across a very dangerous mountain that school buses cross daily instead of our elected officials seeing to it that this was done? Is another task force needed to complete the tunnel and the valley road? Again, what’s the holdup? And to where have the 40 years of appropriated funds disappeared? As a taxpaying citizen, I think that our local, state, and federal officials should be held accountable for this deadly eight- to nine-mile valley road, because they are responsible for the holdup and the spending of the funds on other projects. Thank you.

I can’t believe you showed moral support for your husband after he’s cheated on you with as many men as he has. How could you possibly do that?

This to a so-called preacher: You are so dirty. You are a drug user and abuser. Tell everybody what you really are. Mocking the Lord will really get you in trouble someday. Everybody knows what you are doing. So why don’t you step down and get away? The people who don’t already know will know soon, because I will tell them. Thank you.

We would like to wish Natasha Hall a happy 16th birthday. It was on December 6. We love you, Natasha. From your family.

It is a crying shame that a person doesn’t have any rights in their own home because they don’t have enough sense to know what they are doing.

If we build a wall between us and Mexico, will someone in 50 years come from the other side and say to our president what Ronald Reagan said to Mikhail Gorbachev, ‘Mr. President, tear down this wall’? Why build it?

I went to a basketball game the other night to watch the girls and the boys at Letcher County Central High School. It’s odd to me how they put them all in one high school – they built a big new school – and now all three high schools together can’t even win a game. You tell me what’s going on. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I’ll be glad when the Postal Service splits the mail route. Maybe we need one person at Blackey and one at Jeremiah. Then we might get our mail before the bank closes. Thank you very much.

To a certain woman: I love you with all my heart and soul. From Jamie.

To Beavis and Butt-head at the slope: Congratulations. The money has come through.

I have noticed that while the county judge has not backed up his campaign promises, the roads to the homes of certain people who work for him and their families sure have been fixed. What happened to all of the campaign promises? Thank you.

Happy birthday, my brother. You and I will soon be the same age. I will always love you, but I sure can’t trust you. As far as friends, do you trust yours? Mine are far and few. Have you taken time to research the word of God, or do you believe in what man is trying to teach you? Have you even taken the letters God left us and studied them? Anyway, I’ll see you on the other side no matter what. We can’t get out of being on one side of the gulf or the other. We will all stand judgment. I forgive you. I feel sorry for you, my brother. You lost a good friend when you said those things to me. God have mercy on our souls.

I hope the people who live in the City of Jenkins don’t put up stupid decorations like those blow-up things again this year. It makes our whole neighborhood look awful. Thank you very much.

(You forgot to sign your message as being from Scrooge.)

I’m calling in response to the person who noticed that the Whitesburg radio station never mentioned the final game ‘Ermine Central’ played against the Bluebirds. First, if you don’t care enough to call the school Letcher County Central then don’t ask. Second, have you been hiding under a rock? All I heard on the station that night was details of the football game. If you didn’t have time to listen, don’t complain. All I heard for the next few days after that were details about the football game – yes, on the Whitesburg station. I heard everything I needed to know about the game and everything I needed to know about Letcher Central, even the Coach’s Corner. So, if you don’t have time enough to go see the game yourself or listen to the game, quit your whining.

I would like to direct this to Wal-Mart: Their ‘no
layaway’ policy will cause a lot of children in Letcher County to have a
terrible Christmas. Thanks a bunch.

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