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Tell us what's on your mind. No need to give your name. Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

To a certain woman: If I acted like you did over someone else’s husband I don’t believe I would be going to church and saying I was a Christian. That Is downright disgraceful.

To a certain man: Merry Christmas and happy birthday. You’re like a fine wine; you just get better with age.

I lost a man’s billfold on the evening of November 25 in Whitesburg or near the mouth of Bill Moore Branch beside U.S. 119. If anybody finds it or knows about it, please call 855-4822.

Could someone tell me when a certain woman became the mayor of Colson? By the way, it’s ‘fiscal’ court, not ‘physical.’ Thank you.

I’m calling about the tanning beds at a certain location: I’ve heard this place has nice tanning beds but I can never find a way to get to use them. Every time I call, some man answers the phone and tells me the woman is out or is lying down and to call back later. He will never give me an appointment. This place is really close to my home and I would like to use it if someone could tell me how. Thank you.

All the alcohol and drugs have caused you severe brain damage, my friend. You better be wise to the strategies of the devil. He’s a liar, a thief, and a murderer. He’ll take your life with a hangnail and take you to hell In a hand basket if you’ll let him. Look at you – hepatitis, yellow jaundice. You’re a walking dead man and Satan laughs at you. Your body Is about ready to let go of your soul. Think about it. It Is up to you where you spend eternity. God have mercy on all of our souls. Think about it.

To a certain police officer: Is it because you got pushed around on the ball court by an African- American you backed down from? Or is it because your sibling is a dopehead? Which is it? Are you just vengeful on those who used to be your friends? This is from someone you don’t know and will never get to know, either.

The play they held at Cowan Community Center, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas,’ was one of the best plays ever. It was wonderful and all of the children loved it. Everyone did a fantastic job. My child is still talking about it. I hope we see more of those.

A person asked in Speak Your Piece recently why we don’t have a Cracker Barrel, a Chinese buffet, and a Golden Corral. In four years we still won’t have any of these restaurants In Letcher County. We also won’t have most of the things that were promised during the last election for county judge, either, while the counties around Letcher County continue to prosper.

To a certain man: I love you, I want to be back with you, and I miss you. From the secret admirer.

I’m sitting here looking at my Pizza Hut receipt from tonight. There’s a $1.35 delivery charge, a $5.99 charge for one item, $5.49 for another item, and $5.49 for another. My total cost was $18.32. My delivery total was $20.52. There was also a twelvepercent sales tax. I called to ask why and they said it’s because of the new tax they have to add on because they are able to sell beer now. I asked if I had to pay the tax even though I don’t drink. They said yes, because the city gets a percentage of it. I voted ‘no’ on the vote for restaurants to be able to sell alcohol and I know a lot of other people who voted no.

(When the Kentucky General Assembly passed the law In 2000 allowing voters to approve restaurant only alcohol sales in otherwise dry counties, it did so to help boost local business while giving local governments a new source of revenue.)

I don’t know what made you get your kids together and take them home, but I’m glad you did. I know you love him, but your kids must always come first In your life.

Look who Is running up and down the road In the Jeremiah area again peddling his prescription drugs. How much longer is it going to be before the sheriff’s office catches him?

If UNITE wants people to get in touch with them to tell them who is selling drugs, they should make the phone number available. It’s not even in the phone book. People need to know the number to call to turn in people for drugs. It needs to be posted.

Thank you, Danny Webb and the sheriff’s department, for doing your jobs. Continue to keep an eye on Cram Creek and you will get the dealer you know about. This dealer needs a new home, anyway.

People who live in the city should get city jobs when possible. I don’t think it’s right when qualified people who live in the city lose a job to people from outside the county, especially when the ones from out of the county aren’t as qualified.

To a certain man: You really need to pay attention to what your girlfriend is doing. She is obsessed with her ex-husband and is telling lies on his wife just to get attention.

Why would a convicted drug felon be dating a police officer? Strange bedfellows, I think.

This message is to the old Scrooge at Mayking who tore the lights out of my nativity scene: You’ve done stuff like this before, and someday when you are old and sick and have lots of time to think, I hope you remember all of the mean things you have done to people. I forgive you, and merry Christmas.

Here I am, cool and calm. In my stupidity, I went and got my mom. Oh what the heck, before too long I’ll have a check to put in my home.

It’s a shame that all of these kids at Linefork have to be on a school bus 60 hours a month just to get to school. You all need to get yourselves in gear up in Whitesburg and get some buses. The sad thing is, you’re not worried about these children. If you were you would have had all this figured out before you opened that big new school.

I would like to thank Blackey Baptist Church for performing its Christmas play last Wednesday night at Craft’s Colly Baptist Church. Each of you did an excellent job. May God bless you all.

To a certain man: You need to get rid of your trash and let your other woman come back. I love you and miss you. Bye.

I would like to wish my sister Madonna a happy birthday on December 26. Love, Cheryl.

I want to say hi to Betsy Cantrell of Neon, who fell and broke her hip. Hurry up, Nancy, and get well. We’re rooting for you. Your sister from Indiana.

To all the people here In Mayking, and especially to one certain person: I would like for you to know that I am not manufacturing crystal meth here in the trailer and I am not selling drugs. The next time you have something to say, feel free to call and ask me. You’re more than welcome to do so. I promise you I am not manufacturing crystal meth or selling drugs.

Last night I sat up to watch a wrestling program and it didn’t come on. What’s gotten into the cable system at Jeremiah? Why do they keep changing our channels? And I’m sick and tired of watching ESPN. Every time I turn around they’ve got some boxing rerun on there. Why don’t they put on some good old-fashioned championship wrestling – the way wrestling is meant to be – instead of all this junk?

I’m calling in to speak my piece about a certain man on Craft’s Colly who is shooting at people riding on four-wheelers up on the strip job. We’ve reported it to the sheriff’s department and the state police know about it, but nobody Is doing anything about it even though a lot of kids ride up there. This is a dangerous situation. I just wish someone could tell me what to do. It’s getting to the point we’re going to have to deal with it ourselves.

I would just like to tell all these women around Letcher County that I can’t help it because I’m in a wheelchair. That’s my birth defect and you need to get over being shy about it.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year, Daddy. I miss you. Love, DWS

That explains what I have been trying to figure out. I love you.

There is talk about county work being let out without the supervision and approval of the fiscal court magistrates. I hope we aren’t getting into a Knott County situation. It seems we have a corruption scandal about every ten years and the ten years is about up. Could we possibly bear down on this and avoid it this cycle?

The tax drain the school system is putting on the public is outrageous, and I and a lot of others are becoming very concerned about it. Where does it end and to what purpose? The county population, and therefore the school population, is declining. Why expensive expansion? Letcher Central wasn’t mentioned anywhere In the recent academic honor roll. Everything I hear about the school seems related to sports: Cougar football, Cougar volleyball. Cougar basketball, Cougar country, and Cougar tracks up the school hill. Every time I hear the word Cougar, I flinch, because I expect more taxes will be coming. I don’t care about all this emphasis on sports. The administrators and school board are acting like a bunch of cheerleaders. It’s time a detailed audit and long-range plan be submitted to the citizens who are financing this.

This is to a man who moved here recently: I met you the other day and asked, ‘How are you?’ I didn’t want to hear your life history. I really don’t care about your medical problems.

I agree with the comments defending the Letcher Commonwealth’s Attorney. Before criticizing the local officials too severely, it might be good to check and compare the effectiveness of nearby officials. Knott County has had a rash of timber thefts but victims are having a hard time getting prosecutions. Knott County officials have been less than cooperative, and close to hostile with some that are complaining about the problem. Floyd County officials are also reported to be less than enthusiastic about timber theft and other crimes, as well. Letcher County, on the other hand, has been investigating and prosecuting these and related crimes for some time, and the sheriff and commonwealth’s attorney probably know more about this situation than any other officials in the region. Anyone with such a problem should try to benefit from their knowledge.

This Is for the owner of a certain wrestling organization: You used my friend in order to boost your business. You contacted my friend that plays Santa Claus here In Letcher County and you promised that you would help him in getting donations. You stated that you contacted Wal-Mart in Whitesburg and they promised they would help. When he went down there they didn’t know what he was talking about. Therefore he never received anything from Wal-Mart. You also stated that you talked to the commander of the Neon American Legion Post and they promised to donate. Once again, when he went there the commander stated that you misunderstood him and they refused to help. You promised that you would get your wrestlers to donate, and they didn’t. You invited my friend to your Harlan show and promised that a church over there had things to donate. Once again, no one showed up with anything and your wrestlers didn’t give. The audience didn’t even donate. You promised to get my friend’s dad some autographed pictures and a wrestling license and never did. I know that you have a show scheduled in March and I hope that no one shows up. How can you lie to Santa Claus? A lot of children will have a ‘blue Christmas’ because of you.

It amazes me how people can be. I have been a lifelong member of a church here In Letcher County and I have seen over the years how the church plays favorites. They preach that we should help our brothers in need but they only help certain ones when certain members ask to help. I’ve been going to this church for a very long time and I’m very disappointed in my church. We have one brother that was trying to collect donations to buy winter clothing products for some needy children and a request was asked twice for the members and the church to help and it seemed like no one even heard a word of the request. The pastor didn’t even say a word and he’s the one that says we should help those in need. I went home from our Wednesday services and told my family that another member that comes every now and then mentioned about a man and five children needing help with Christmas, and you should seen the purses and wallets fly out with money landing in an offering basket. I know, I was one of them. Why did the church and members help this member but not the other member? I’m also guilty of not helping the other brother and I’m ashamed of myself. I believe that we should treat all requests the same and it shouldn’t matter what brother or what sister asks for help. I’m just disappointed in my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. I just hope that my Christian brother and my spouse and children can forgive me. Signed: Christian being guilty as charged.

I lift up my eyes unto these hills and my oh my, what I see! We are selling our birthright for the promise of a bowl of soup. Why are we letting people make money blowing our mountains to smithereens? These mountains are our home. At this rate there will be nothing left but pitiful mounds of rock rubble. Like my daddy always said, “Land is something that’s not being made anymore.” Even several hundred jobs isn’t a good enough reason to jeopardize our inheritance. Destroying the land for our children and our children’s children. Is anyone else worried about this? Folks, when these mountains are gone, they are gone! What can we do to save them?

If someone stole all my jewelry I would be very mad. Even if insurance would help replace most of it they could not replace my grandmother’s ring. That ring is the one and only thing I have of hers and means the world to me. It isn’t worth much monetarily but it is priceless to me. If someone stole that ring it would break my heart. You see, sometimes a ring isn’t just a ring. I believe that to Marvin and Verna Potter, a tree is not just a tree. I read your story of the Potters in The Mountain Eagle and it brought tears to my eyes. These terrible tree thieves have stolen more than just trees. They have stolen a piece of the Potters’ heart and soul. I don’t know how these thieves can sleep at night knowing they have hurt the Potters so deeply. I would hope the thieves would think about something they hold near and dear being stolen and how they might feel. Surely you have something that is important to you, perhaps a gun given to you by Grandpa, a pocketknife from your uncle, a necklace your mother gave to your little girl, etc. Surely you can imagine what it must feel like to be robbed of something that cannot be replaced. Because sometimes a gun is not just a gun. Sometimes a knife is not just a knife. Sometimes a necklace is not just a necklace and sometimes a tree is not just a tree.

I would like to say merry Christmas to all my old friends on Colson, also to family of Esma Gibson and Jessie Stamper. I lived in your little town of Whitesburg for 20 years and enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas, happy New Year to all my family In Mayking. We love you all. Todd, Dawn, Buddy, Pat and everyone from Middletown, Ohio.

I want to wish my Great-uncle Jimmy on Cram Creek a belated happy birthday. Love, Todd, Dawn, Buddy, Pat, and all that love you in Middletown, Ohio.

Why is it a certain LCC football coach can tell my son if he didn’t show up to wrestle he couldn’t play football anymore? Shame on you pulling a stunt like that. No wonder LCC has gotten a bad rep from people like you.

Dearest love: LCH, please return to me. My heart yearns for your touch, your sweet kisses so sweet on my lips so tenderly touching mine again and forever. My heart bleeds the tears of a woman that fell in love with her fairy tale prince. If only she had opened her eyes years ago to this love. The years she missed of loving this man, her friend now. The short love affair lingers in her memories day after day, night after painful night. I look for your return, your voice on the line but days gone by and she hears not your voice but the silence of her mind screaming to her heart how much she loves this man and longs for the friend that she knew and cared for and always held her tight. But she will always wait and wish, pray and wonder for his return. Someday their paths will cross again. Her friend, her lover. Signed: AMS.

I don’t have any friends or family that are employed at any ARH hospital. I don’t even go to ARH when I have medical problems. It is very unfair how these striking nurses are being treated. The people in eastern Kentucky need these nurses more than they need ARH hospitals. You can go anywhere in this state and have any kind of medical procedure done and it will cost you less than it will at ARH. I know this from my own experience. The best thing that could happen for eastern Kentucky is for someone that cares about people to take over these ARH hospitals. I don’t understand. ARH serves the mountains. Why are their headquarters in the bluegrass? This is to the big man in Lexington: You can take the hillbilly out of the hollow, but you can’t take ignorance out of the fool.

Anyone who will allow themselves to do so can become easily discouraged and depressed by the news: runaway drug sales and drug abuse, violence, exploitation of the elderly, theft of almost everything that isn’t tied down, and widespread indifference by officials. Everything isn’t all bad, though. Some good things are happening, although some of them are so gradual they can only be seen by comparisons over a period of time. Roadways are becoming cleaner, the rivers don’t carry the trash they once did, some individuals are cleaning up personal properties, we have a recycling program, and there seems to be a slow, but definite change In attitudes. This area has great potential for tourism if it is ever cleaned up, there are still plenty of bright, capable people here, despite the continuing exodus, and last, but very Important, we still have elections coming up regularly.

I hope the Potters of Craft’s Colly have a happy, relaxed holiday season unmarred and undisrupted by their recent unfortunate timber and property experience. I think my feelings are shared by most of Letcher County.

I cannot help but wonder how the larcenist loggers are feeling this holiday season. How proud you must be to know you have stolen from an 81-year-old blind veteran and his elderly wife. Surely you are walking around with your heads held high knowing you have stolen what a family held so dear and tended to so lovingly for a lifetime.

You need to pay attention to your girlfriend. She’s obsessed with her ex-husband because he doesn’t want her. She’s telling lies about me, hoping she’ll win him back again. He doesn’t want anything to do with her. Maybe if you’ll pay more attention to her, she won’t be so envious and miserable.

Someone congratulated a guy about his success in the store. It was a good while back. Give more information about who that guy is.

You are so busy being a trouble-making liar. You need to worry about what goes on in your close family. It’s none of your business what I do in my life. There, I spoke for myself. Your problem is I don’t want you. You need to get over it.

This is to the grandson, son and miner who made the comment about mountaintop removal in Kentucky. How dumb can one person be? You’re sick and tired of these tree-hugging environmentalists whining about mountaintop removal in Kentucky? Of course you are. Let’s get down to the real nitty-gritty. If everyone would just lie down and let you mine owners dump mud in our driveways, destroy the water streams, tear down all the trees, remove every mountaintop in Kentucky, and let you make your fine living putting your thousand dollar paycheck in your pocket every week, you would just have it made in the shade. I’m the daughter of a miner, and a granddaughter of a miner. I have brothers, uncles and cousins that are miners. But not one of them wants to see every- thing destroyed for the price of a dollar. Yeah, you’ve probably got family you have to make a living for. Somebody has to step up to the plate and say, ‘OK, we have to have coal; it’s the number one thing keeping our state moving, but let’s not forget that we live here. These are our homes and our beautiful mountains. Don’t destroy everything and not try to keep some of it just because we can.’ Because one day the coal may be gone and what will we have left? Nothing but a wasteland. All our ancestors (and yours, Mr. Miner) worked a whole lot harder than you will ever work. They had to get down on their hands and knees and dig coal out with a pick by hand, and shovel coal up into a cart pulled by a small mule or pony. They didn’t have a pie-job like you’ve got now, just pushing buttons and running machinery. They only got 50 cents a car. You miners today get anywhere from $700 to $1,000 a week. Would you work for 50 cents a day on your hands and knees digging coal? No, you wouldn’t because you would be too lazy to work that hard. Yeah, we are sticking together, Mr. Miner, for what we believe in. That’s why you’re hearing so much about not destroying Kentucky. The good folks of Letcher County are the organization that opposes mountaintop removal. And if you’re so tired of hearing from us here in Letcher County, then why don’t you just take your push-button job and take yourself somewhere else? We won’t miss you.

To a certain man: You are all that I think about every day and night. My love for you has been unconditional since April 8, 2006. I love the way that you look at me, kiss and touch me, and always wink your eye every time you look at me. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms and love you for the rest of my life. Our time in this place called home will soon pass and we will not have anyone or anything to worry about. I want to have your last home, have your second child and wake up to your beautiful smile each and every day. You have made my life complete in so many ways; words could never explain. I love you and dream about you at night. Please respond to this. I love you more than life. Love forever, Blue Eyes.

From Barney of Whitesburg: On December 8, I was driving by Whitesburg Middle School. There were hundreds of cars there. I could see someone between two cars, so I stopped and asked this fat guy that had a beer in one hand and a cigar In the other what was going on. He said it was a Christmas party for a coal company. Four hundred employees were invited. OK, people, what is the matter with us? We have a school system that lets people use our school for this reason. Then again, there are a lot of businesses in Whitesburg that would love to have this party for the coal company. It looks like we are competing against ourselves. What is the school tax for, parties like this? Life in Letcher County. We now know what a landowner should get for letting the gas company drill a well. It is $35,000. If the county got this, the other landowners should get this also. I think we need the copper man to run the county. He’s got his own justice. This Is Barney of Whitesburg looking for an honest politician in our county.

My Lord, how insanely jealous you are. You must be very miserable. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t control him, he doesn’t control me. You’re a devil. I’m better than you’ll ever be. I’m not doing anything, liar. He said you were worthless from A to Z. Well, you sure have a worthless, trash-talking mouth. No wonder he left you. That was the best move he ever made. You even took every penny he made. You still want to, don’t you, lowlife? We happen to live good so eat your heart out and get over it. Lowlife, that’s the name he calls you. You fit it. Get a life, stay out of ours, liar. You got something else to say about me, you know how to find me or shut up.

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