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To the people who live next door to me: I wish you would clean up your yard. I live next door to a trashy dump. I know who comes to visit you and how often. How is the business doing? Selling a lot of drugs are you? You sure do get a lot of traffic. And I’m watching what goes on and taking notes. Also keep your snotty-nosed kids out of my yard.

I understand that Governor Beshear has inherited a state in a dire strait financially. However, I believe cutting funding for education is a grave mistake. How can we afford to decrease the state’s higher education budget when Kentucky already ranks 48th nationally in the number of college graduates and 41st in education expenditure? How are the people of Kentucky ever going to escape the endless cycle of poverty when we currently have the second-highest poverty rate in the county and rank 46th in household income? Education needs more funding, not less.

Why hasn’t UNITE made any more big busts around here? They know the people who are dealing, so why not pick them up? I am tired of hearing that eastern Kentucky is the worst drug place. Clean it up and get the dealers off the streets and in jail where they belong. They have had people by the youknow what for too long now. It’s time they are the ones being held by the you-know-what.

I just want to know how a drug dealer gets caught with drugs and is still on the streets. What’s the deal? How many more lives does he get to destroy before he gets put away? This has been going on for a long time now. If you are not going to start punishing people, why shouldn’t everyone do it? How many people have actually gotten time for selling drugs? Not very many. It seems to me like the ones who just sell one or two get in more trouble than the ones who sell thousands of them. Why are they just getting the little dealers? If they would get the big ones then the little ones wouldn’t have any to sell and things would only have to get better.

To the old biker man: If you don’t quit calling our daughter and harassing her, I may be encouraged to call the probation office and let them know your little woman is leaving Letcher County when she isn’t supposed to. So you better watch your back. We’re tired of this. It’s been 3 years. So get a life. Or isn’t your little woman keeping you happy enough so you keep trying to make your ex unhappy? Well, Pops, it ain’t going to happen. We’re sorry you’re a sad, pathetic, and unhappy old man, but you better leave our daughter alone or face the music. I’ve talked to state and local police and they assure me they love people on probation who don’t stay within their limits.

I agree with the person who stated some things about the Neon mayor. Neon does needs a mayor who is in the office eight hours a day, Monday through Friday. Neon needs someone to do things instead of coming in for ten minutes a day just to sign papers and stuff. I read in the paper where Jenkins is the jewel in the mountains and Whitesburg is ‘in the heart of the hills.’ So what is Neon in the mountains – the laughingstock of the hills?

(If you seriously want a fulltime mayor in Fleming-Neon then you ought to start by encouraging the Fleming-Neon City Council to make the mayor’s position a full-time job. Assuming the council agrees with you, then where would the money come from to fund the salary required for a full-time mayor?)

This is for the person wanting to know who Robo Cop is in Neon: First, this officer spent time over in Iraq fighting for your safety and mine. Second, his name is Josh Webb, not Robo Cop. Third, if people would obey the law when driving, he wouldn’t be writing so many tickets. You people expect your cake and ice cream, too. You complain if the police don’t do their job, and when they do you complain about that. Just remember this: The person Robo Cop stops from speeding or driving drunk might have killed you or your child if he she hadn’t been stopped. Stop complaining and start telling the police they are doing a good job. If you have a complaint against the Fleming- Neon Police Department, you are invited to attend the city council meetings and voice your complaint to the mayor and council members. The meetings are on the third Monday of each month, beginning at 6 p.m.

I don’t know about the rest of you people, but I’m ‘Serta’ liking that girl on that new billboard outside of Whitesburg. If she’s included with the mattress then I’ll buy one.

Corruption, civil rights oppression, constitutional ignorance and indifference, citizen intimidation, and crime have settled over the area like a black cloud of evil. Drug problems, thievery, violence, and danger affect almost every family. Vote buying is common; a senior government official who was convicted is still in office in a leadership position. Citizens fear and distrust their government, they fear and distrust the judicial system, they fear and distrust industry. Industrial destruction destroys beautiful landscapes, and pollutes the environment. Coal dust is so heavy in major communities that the road signs are often illegible. Destructive industry is condoned by most, and praised by many. This is not a description of China, North Korea, or Romania, but of Letcher County and the surrounding region.

A lot of the inmates in our broken down, overcrowded jail are victims of a system that protects political donors, large voting families, and big businessmen, and focuses on catching and jailing those who have no connections.

To a certain married woman: I love the waterbed you sleep on every night. I know you sleep on one, because I have been in your waterbed with your husband while you where at work. Oh, and by the way, you really need to clean that stain from the carpet in your living room. From a woman who knows.

(Are you particularly angry at this woman – and/or her husband – or are you always this psycho?)

The way I hear it, several people should apologize to Verna Potter for the way she has been treated, and then they should try to do something about the way she and her family have been wronged.

There are good, hardworking, people in the system. The Circuit Court Clerk and her staff do an excellent job, and the District Court Judge is great.

I just heard there’s a law in Kentucky that teachers can have sex with students as long as they are sixteen or older. This should be changed. Any teacher that is low down enough to have sex with a student should be fired. Any man or woman having sex with someone who is under eighteen should be prosecuted. Girls will look for affection without even knowing what sex is, and men will take advantage of this. All a man is looking for is relief for his desires, no matter if he is married or not.

Looks like the common people have a new spokesperson and a new champion, and not a bit too soon. This one is tougher and smarter than the establishment, and I think she’s going to be hard for them to deal with. I just hope she exposes certain officials and that they will start spending time helping people, rather than harassing and trying to get rid of them. People aren’t expecting anything unreasonable from the powers that be; they would just like for them to be honest, and do what they are being paid to do. That may well be the easiest way out for them because people are a lot more savvy. They just need direction, and it looks like they’re going to get it.

I have read everything available on-line about the presidential primary in New Hampshire. Am I the only person who remembers Hillary Clinton standing defiantly by then president Bill Clinton and looking straight at the nation and defending him by smearing ‘that other woman’? We were supposed to believe this intern walked into the Oval Office, uninvited, had sex with the president and just walked back out? The only thing that bothered Hillary Rodham Clinton was he got caught and she was publicly humiliated. And perhaps because in that video where he hugged Monica, he showed more warmth than he has ever shown his wife be it a video or photograph. We imprison people in this country who swear under oath and commit perjury, but give both Clintons a free ride and another shot at the White House so they can do it again? Lying came naturally to Bill Clinton as governor and then as president. Hillary knew what had gone on in Arkansas with his mistresses and she didn’t care. Ambition seems to blind people to truth and honesty. It would seem that the most intelligent (I presume) people in the United States do not believe that being truthful is a qualification you need to run for president, especially when you have been tried and found lacking, as they back Ms. Clinton. When Hillary was put in control of health care by President Clinton she almost single-handily destroyed it. And now she wants the final say on ‘everything.’ What about foreign countries where she, as a woman, cannot and will not be treated as an equal, where she will be treated with disgust and dismay? Does anyone really believe that China, Japan, Iran, Israel or any other large country will do anything but be polite to her in public and laugh their behinds off when she walks out of a room? As a nation, we have become a detested, first-grade bully joke under the Bush administration. Under Hillary we will be an even bigger joke, and the smallest of chances to fix this country and restore the pride we should feel for the United States will have slipped away, because in the next four years, or possibly eight, there will be nothing or no one who cares. We are headed down the ice mountain and, as we all know, brakes don’t work on ice.

Why we do hollow fills? The truth of the matter is because we are cheap, not to be confused with thrifty or frugal, and we take miserliness to a whole other level and consider it an art form. During the bad old days of having to put a mountain back on its original contour, we had to set aside a little topsoil and then, when we got the coal stripped off a mountain, we had to pile all the debris back up, sprinkle the topsoil back on like the icing on a cake and spray our weed mixture on it. You never had to get it exactly back on the original contour (by the way, we are now trying to do away with that term), just stack it back up until it looked close, then move on to another mountain. Upon applying autistic accounting methods we found that you can transfer pure profit into the obscene profit column by forgoing the process of stacking the debris back up on a mountain. When you just shove it all over into the valley you forgo the last act of attrition and save mega bucks, thus the need to kill the phrase ‘putting it back on the original contour.’ It was going well until of late. It’s funny how the people who did not really notice or mind the looks of a bald mountain are now getting themselves in a tizzy over getting a valley filled up level with a sheared off peak, or peak-to-peak as the case may be. Well there you have it. This is why we are scrooge strip- or miser-miners. We are just unabashedly cheap. You save all the extra time, labor, wear on equipment and fuel by just shoving it all into a hollow, striking it off level and spraying a good weed mix on the hard-packed debris. Now that you all have been educated on the process you all need to get with the program. We are really just trying to make you all flatlanders, only on a slightly higher elevation. Let’s call it a plateau. Who needs peaks when you can look at a nice plateau” Pike Plateau – that’s got a nice ring to it.

To a certain person whose first name begins with the letter S: ‘Things I Love About You: Your eyes which first held me captivated where I stood. Your smile to dazzle the sun and warm every corner of my soul. Your voice like a sparkling mountain stream which flows into my heart. Your walk and the graceful way you do it takes my breath away. Your hair about which I dreamed cascading into my face as you leaned over me. Your hands whose caress I crave to hold my face in their tenderness. Your arms I long to have around my neck as you pull me close to your warmth. Most of all everything you are changed the way I feel about my life. I love you.

Hey, you all, leave my brother alone. He has been through enough.

Up on the mountain top is where they go, because the owners are gone they know. I had some timber on the hill, until the logger got his fill. First came the little ones that were small, then came down the ones real tall. I called the law and they said real quick: ‘You’ve got to get a lawyer!’ But the money was too thick. They said I have to prove that they are mine, and get a survey to show the line. Oh, no, there they go. Up on the mountaintop very quick, and right down the road because they’re in the clique.

I drove some of my friends down from Ohio to show them what a neat and clean community I grew up in at Isom. Know what? It is now a junkyard. Don’t the county or state officials enforce laws down there? Doesn’t it say you shouldn’t see junk from the state or federal highways? Maybe the new governor will clean it up as they want tourists in the state.

Our town needs to be careful not to allow a restaurant that is selling alcohol to turn into a fullfledged bar. If this does happen, then it will be reported to the ABC officials. This town does not need a honky-tonk where anything goes.

Good morning, Whitesburg. I’m reading the paper now. I see I struck a nerve with the school board. That’s good; everybody has an opinion, so let’s hear it. In response to the Ridgerunner comments: The bad guy is at your door already, but because you’re a good old country boy you don’t see them. They are cowards; they won’t face you. They take from you in the form of taxes, and with this tax money they can buy votes. They give money out like candy to people they want to have it, and then these politicians make deals with a higher interest group. An example of this is that the last county judge had the gas well people under his thumb. They couldn’t work in Letcher County. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. The gas well people donated money to our new county judge to get him elected, and our county is open to them now to work. And as a payback, the gas well people are giving the county $35,000 to show how good this judge is. But this kind of bit them in the behind because now every property owner knows to get at least $35,000 for their property when a well is being drilled. So, Mr. Ridgerunner, look at your back because that is where you will get it in the end. I don’t know how much tax money, if any, the county or state gets from these gas companies. They should get a lot, but I don’t think so. Call your state representative and see. We know the coal companies pay taxes. As for the person responding about the coal company at the middle school, you’re right. I’m jealous because our school board took my tax money and gave it to a coal company to use. Will the people in the school system get anything from the coal company for this? Let’s talk more about the school system. People in Millstone, Seco, Thornton, Haymond, etc., you have the opportunity to put someone it there that makes a difference. I think it should be a mother of children in the system. Go to the school board building and get an application. I’ll vote for you. When it is time for you to vote, are you a good old boy that votes for a slap on the back? What does the back slapper think of you when he walks away? Does your child play on the football fields that cost so much? In fact, step back and look. What does your child get from this school system? If you’re happy with this, vote for the back slapper. It’s time to remember to find an honest person to put in for our school board member. This is Barney of Whitesburg until next week.

I would like to thank a certain magistrate for being so good to my grandmother and checking on her all the time and taking her to the doctor. Thanks for the nice gift you got her for Christmas.

I am concerned about the county government graveling and blacktopping private roads to the last house in the hollows. It has been done in every community. Check for yourselves. A concerned citizen.

To a special friend: You are the greatest. I think of you all the time when I go up and down the road.

To the women who go to a certain church: Leave the preacher alone. He is married and has two beautiful children and a beautiful wife. Thank you.

This is King at King’s Dairy Bar in Jenkins, and this goes out to the thug who was trying to break in by pushing in on my airconditioner about a month ago: I was standing in the back room with a .357 Magnum pointed straight at that air-conditioner. As soon as that air-conditioner dropped and you climbed through that hole I was aiming to drop you. I’ve got a buddy who stays there, and he’s got a .44 Magnum. I have a videotape of you, but you’re just a little bit out of the black side of it. Two people tell me it is you. If one more person confirms that it is you, I will come and see you and you will take a ride in an ambulance or in a hearse to your grave. Like I said, I have a .357. I’ve got six in the cylinder and three quick loads. If you can walk through 24 shots from a .357 Magnum shot I will personally help you pack the stuff to wherever you want it taken to, because you would have to be God to walk through 24 of them. But God is not a thief and God is not a thug. So bring eight or ten of the other thugs in Letcher County with you who have been stealing and robbing people, and I’ll save the taxpayers a lot of money. Me and my friend will be sitting there with arms wide open waiting on you and welcoming you in. So come on.

Wal-Mart is going to replace its fabric section with something else. For you women who still sew like I do, you can call 1-800- 925-6278 and put in a complaint. Maybe if enough of us call, they will decide to leave it like it is.

How transparent the beliefs of the atheists and evolutionists are, when each morning the monkey still has its hair and tail and had it all the time man has been on this planet. When I look out across the galaxies, I know that only God’s hand started this clock ticking. Something to think about.

I would just like to say hi to a certain woman, the love of my life whom I let go, and her daughter. I know it’s been ten years. I hope to see you again soon. I hope you read this. I really do love you and miss all the good times we used to have together.

To Big Wheel on the Hill: You can kiss my behind. You know who you are. We were best friends, and then you sit and act like a little kid over little things. I always did every thing in the world for you. If you want to play it that way, I will never ask you for anything again. Thank you.

I think we need to have a program around here for helping our soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. That way, people can write them letters and get them mailed to them. People don’t know what to do unless it is in the paper. Someone needs to get us some addresses where we can send letters and gifts to our soldiers overseas. They deserve it.

So you’ve got a little Rottweiler now? We’ll I’ve got a few things that will stop it. You might not want to let it get loose. It’s going to eat your children up.

This is a concerned citizen speaking to Newt Gingrich. Tell him that diabetics on disability don’t draw enough to buy diabetic food, which is more expensive. Tell him that instead of putting us down, he should be helping us. Thank you.

Lord have mercy on a pillsnorting prostitute like you.

I want to wish my daughter, Elaine Hall, a very happy birthday. It was on January 12. Love, Mom.

First, I would like to say that Cowan Elementary School is the nastiest school I have ever been in. There is junk on the lockers … it is just filthy. Someone needs to find out why this condition exists. I think Superintendent Craft needs to check into this problem.

This if for the people calling in about the tanning beds: I can tell you about them, because they are mine. I am open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., seven days a week. I do live above the shop, and if I’m not in all you have to do is come upstairs and ring the doorbell. Or call me and I will go in for you. My beds aren’t magical, and I do have people who come from Pikeville to lie in my beds. I have done a lot of research on my tanning beds and a lot of customers seem to be pleased with them. I don’t know who is calling in the comments, but feel free to stop by and try them out. Or call and make and appointment. That way you can judge for yourself how good the beds are.

I called in the comment about how lonely I was on Christmas, and I was very lonely. I just read Speak Your Piece where you said you love me and you always will love me, and that you will get this mess straightened up. You said I could have you back if I want you. I do want you back. How can I find out if you will come back to me? If you do come back to me you can have anything you want. That’s a promise, and you know I keep my promises like that. I love you with all my heart.

I would like to wish Jordan Shane Sexton a happy 21st birthday. I want to say his family and friends are in all of our prayers and we love them very much.

Tree-hugging hillbillies are not to be confused with a ridge runner who is enamored with or has a special relationship with his favorite beech tree. It’s a new breed of semi-unwilling, halfhearted Appalachian environmentalist. Oh, I don’t mean they are strong enough in their convictions to ties themselves to a tree, except of course during deer hunting season and then only to keep from falling out of their tree stand. It’s a latter day generation of mountain folk who were prob- ably raised by a coal miner or in coal country and now have conflicted emotions about this new type of mining called mountaintop removal and hollow fill method. They remember the time when the drift shaft mines were king. They employed thousands and fed us all and formed in us over time some positive convictions about the need for us to be able to mine coal. We don’t do factories, we don’t do textile mills, and we don’t grow wheat. We dig coal. They watched the development of auger mines that graded a little ring around the mountain and bored out coal. Well, this just made an easy road for them to hunt from. They watched the early stripping for coal when they had to put it back on the original contour. Those bald peaks just looked funny and they started to get an uneasy feeling. Now they are doing hollow fills because they are too cheap to stack the overburden back up on the mountain. They are now filling the valleys they used to hunt in, or where they used to go just to get back to nature when they had to do some serious thinking. Torn between two worlds, the old type of mining that fed them and did not completely destroy the environment, and this new type of mining that is supposed to be their new life’s blood and economic savior. Now we have this new type of creature down here in Dogpatch, the reluctant or halfhearted tree hugger. It seems awkward and makes them feel out of place to say anything negative about any kind of coal mining, yet generations of ancestors living in valleys have given them a genetic makeup predisposed to living in valleys, not on plateaus. If they had wanted to be flatlanders they could have moved 100 miles north or south or have stayed out of state when they had to do the Route 23 Exodus during the bad ol’ days when the coal business was down. Strange times we live in. Strange creatures, these hillbilly tree huggers.

These fast food places might go out of business if they don’t stop being too cheap to pay for good help. They want to pay four to five dollars an hour for somebody who will lay off and won’t be there when they ought to pay ten dollars and hour for somebody who would be there to cook those beans and have those hamburgers ready. But no, they’d rather pay someone who will lay off and make management help do the work.

To the woman at Whitco who wants my husband from the woman at McRoberts: There is no need to try to break up a happy home. Why are you calling me and asking me all kinds of dirty questions? My man has never slept with you and doesn’t want to sleep with you, because he likes his women skinny, honey, and you’re not his type. The best thing for you to do is quit calling. Just because your man left you for some other woman doesn’t mean my man wants to leave me for you. I may be pregnant right now, but I’m pregnant with his child. You are not going to break up a happy home and take my children’s daddy away from them. My husband has already told you he doesn’t want you to call. Get the hint.

Oma Hatton, grab your PJ’s, toothbrush and all the latest Letcher County gossip and hop in the car with Doug and Ruth Ann when they come to visit us. We would love to see you.

I think it’s a rotten shame when a man calls himself daddy after he left my mom when I was eight months old. He thinks he can come into my life now and tell me how to raise my children. He even called child welfare on me just because he gets mad because they make him take his money out of the bank for child support that is owed back to us. I think this is pretty pathetic and that he’s a pathetic man. Thanks, Dad. Don’t ever call me your daughter again.

I would like to wish a belated happy birthday to Midnight Blue. I really like that barbed wire around your tag on that car. Happy birthday. And many more.

I was wondering when the people of Mayking started paying city taxes in Jenkins. It looks like the City of Jenkins is now furnishing a police force for Mayking. Maybe we can incorporate Mayking. It appears to me that even when the Jenkins po- lice are in town, all they’re doing is jumping on an old man who is a deacon in a church.

I saw a personal ad in the paper the other day where a lady wanted a male friend to move in with her at Neon. It said age is no problem, but that she would prefer an exterminator.

I heard they were going to start practicing how to do strip searches on the church deacons in Jenkins so they can start busting drug dealers in a couple of years.

I would just like to say that Mayking stinks and Cram Creek stinks even worse. Why don’t people who didn’t graduate high school or anything at least let their kids graduate? Instead, they let them run around on the loose without doing anything about their education. I think it’s pitiful. Thank you.

I think I have figured out why I have to pick up trash from my yard every morning. Maybe it is because I accused some innocent person of doing it.

To the person who calls in the comments about the drug dealing going on in Doty Creek: Yes, that is the truth. Everbody knows who is selling it and everybody knows who is getting away with it. We may just have to catch this little drug dealer ourselves and hang him from the highest tree.

I am not exactly clear on which authority or office or organization I should approach with this idea, so I’ll just throw it out in Speak Your Piece and God willing I will be heard. I would love to know if there are any youth mentor programs around here like Big Brothers or Big Sisters of America or something of that nature. If there isn’t, is there any way one might be founded? We have so many underpriviliged around here with absolutely no positive role models in their lives, and there are many of us who would love to devote our time to volunteering to bring a bit of happiness into some poor child’s normally dark world.

Neither I nor the good people on Bill Moore Branch are going to come out and support child molesters and deadbeat dads. I never would have thought someone would sink to such a low level of debauchery to suggest we do just that.

Happy birthday, Big Dog.

This is concerning the new senior citizens center at Colson: Someone in there needs to learn how to make out a menu and learn how to cook. A dog couldn’t even eat that food.

My daughter told me eleven girls quit the Lady Cougars basketball team because they didn’t like the coach. We also need to make sure we keep the assistant coach who is the best coach there.

The leaves fell from the trees. The snow came. The rainy Wednesdays are here. Happy birthday.

I read in the paper last month where it said ‘Industrial park expected to grow.’ Well let me ask you this, people of Letcher County, how come the industrial park is up around Jenkins? Why isn’t there an industrial park around Whitesburg? Also, Jim Ward said that when he got in office as county judge/executive he was going to bring jobs to our county. We’ve seen nothing yet and probably never will. What about the area around Pizza Hut and McDonald’s in Whitesburg? All of that land is going to waste for nothing. Just what is going on, Jim? I thought you were going to bring jobs and industry to Letcher County.

(When it comes to jobs – and most everything else for that matter – what’s good for one part of Letcher County is good for all of Letcher County. Jenkins was picked as the site of the Gateway Industrial Park because there was enough available land there and the intersection of U.S. Highways 23 and 119 make it one heck of a location.)

Some of the nurses still haven’t gone back to work yet at Whitesburg ARH. What’s the deal? What is going on? The strike is over, so the nurses ought to have their jobs back. I think it’s time the nurses start getting what the agreement with ARH calls for.

One caller wanted to know what the deal was with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton not demanding that Montel Williams be taken off the air. Duh. Take a look at their color. If it was Maury Povich they would have already taken him down.

I just wanted to say I think it’s silly that the only thing a certain board member from Jenkins has to worry about is some uniforms getting wet. He needs to look at the grade school with all the mold on the wall and the leaks in the ceiling. He needs to be worried about the health of his kids and all the other kids.

I want to wish Crystal a happy birthday. We all love her.

She rides alone. She has since 1984. So all you men with girlfriends and wives just leave her alone, because she’s not interested.

To the man in the burgandy car: You were seen on Payne Street next to my car. You sat there for a long time. The neighbors got your tag number. I’ve got it now. If I catch you around my car you are going to jail.

So what do you think about the City of Whitesburg? They’re now getting this beer and wine tax, but they won’t carry insurance on the the families of employees. It’s no longer available. And no overtime? Come on.

To the tree huggers and the coal miners: The coal industry is what seventy-five percent of the families in eastern Kentucky survive on. Most people were not provided with proper education to become doctors, lawyers, dentists, et cetera. I think that we all need to love the land and take care of it the best we can. My seven- and three-year-old daughters will tell you Pine Mountain is their favorite place on earth, and they have traveled all over on vacation. It’s a shame a baby can tell you that arguing back and forth is for children. All we can do for the environment is what everyone pitches in and does for themselves. PS: God has nothing to do with it. It is society. Thank you.

I think the Potter timber incident has gone too far. We run our own company and we get stuff stolen every day, but we don’t whine and cry to get attention. You should get some security guards or whatever else you need to do. Get over yourselves. The entire county is so sick of hearing it. There are more important things going on in Letcher and surrounding counties. For instance: The need for more jobs, homeless and hungry children, abused women and children, and the need for more entertainment for our children so they are not on drugs. How come these issues are not in the papers? A concerned and angry citizen.

Is your brother or sister in need – needing food for the day and needing to be warm on these cold winter nights? Are you sitting there with a pocket-full of money and enjoying yourself like the rich man in Lazarus? Read James 2:16. Shame on you all.

Hey, you people on Bill Moore Branch. They’ve already busted your roads all to pieces – I’m talking about the gas companies – and I’ve heard they’re supposed to put 123 wells on Bill Moore Branch and don’t aim to fix your road back. Are we going to sit back and let this happen? I think we need to have us a tea party. Don’t you?

We dare not expose the drug kingpins if we know them, or we or our families are dead. We can’t expose corrupt officials or police hierarchy because of fear. We just have to seeth in quiet anger when our trees and personal belongings are taken. Hopelessness has eroded our pursuit of happiness. Mavericks are out there somewhere. Take courage and heed the call to bring change to Letcher County if you dare.

A certain place is selling alcohol to underage children. If you don’t believe me just go in and check it out.

I found out who broke into the water tank on Sandlick Mountain. It was the water buffalo.

To a certain deacon in a certain church, and to his son who belongs to the same church: I cannot believe that you let your children come to a restaurant and throw potatoes everywhere. I bet you don’t do that at your house. Just because someone else has to clean it up doesn’t mean you should allow it. I think God says to be clean. I think it is terrible that you do the waitresses the way you do them. I think you should have more respect for the people in the restaurant and more respect for God. Thank you.

To a certain person: I cannot believe you didn’t give
her the two-weeks’ vacation after her boyfriend died even though she had already
worked it out and she raises three kids. What is this place we work for? If it
was your mate you would have taken off for two weeks because we would have given
it to you. We care that much about you, but you don’t care about us.

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