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Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

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I am e-mailing this to you hoping that because it is such an important issue it can be inserted into this week’s edition. I am submitting this as a call to our city and county officials and all voters to contact Rep. Leslie Combs, Rep. Ancil Smith, and Sen. Johnny Ray Turner to oppose this awful idea of using our coal-severance tax money to fund the half-million dollar budget shortfall being faced by Operation UNITE. Operation UNITE is a boondoggle of the worst kind. Three years ago, according to UNITE’s budget that was printed in The Mountain Eagle, the agency’s director was being paid more than $125,000 a year even though she had no experience in law enforcement. UNITE’s lowest paid officers were being paid to the tune of $50,000 each, while each of Engle’s top assistants were hauling down at least $90,000 a year. Using our coalseverance money to fund police activity is just wrong. If it’s fair for UNITE then why isn’t it fair for our city and county police departments whose officers could be doing much better than UNITE is in fighting drugs if our local agencies had the funding? The law says this money is to be used for long-term economic development in counties affected by the mining of coal. I don’t believe that using severance tax money to pay the already-inflated salaries of the UNITE bureaucracy qualifies as economic development – except maybe in Somerset, where no coal is mined to begin with. I am outraged by what I heard on the Hazard television station. I also couldn’t help but notice that the two senators who are proposing to use the severance tax to fund UNITE are from Laurel County, where very little coal is mined. Shouldn’t federally-funded UNITE look at temporarily cutting the salaries of its top people – or even selling some of the imported furniture that decorates the Somerset office – before raiding a state tax fund that was put in place to make the coal producing counties livable for our future generations?

To the woman in Fleming that cheated on her husband: Just wanted to let you know that you lost the best thing you’ve ever had.

To my baby girl: Thought I would wish you a happy birthday on January 23. I wish I could be there with you, but unfortunately the county has me gummed up for the moment. I just want you to know I love you with all my heart and soul and I miss holding you in my arms late at night till you fall asleep, warming up to your beautiful smile. You are such a wonderful and beautiful person. You really mean the world to me and I know for a fact that I have finally met my soul mate. There will never be another woman to take that little special place I have in my heart for you. I promise I will make up for lost time and you know how I plan on doing so, right? It’s what I love doing the most and it’s what you love me doing. I just can’t wait till that day comes, babe, and believe me, it will. Just stay strong and keep up the good faith. Sincerely, your man, Doug.

To the person commenting about the Rottweiler: Give more info to where the dog is. If by chance you’re talking about my dog, it is not a Rottweiler. Let me tell you something, scumbag, you do anything to my dog, I’ll have a few things for you. You need to pay attention to what your own child does instead of worrying about mine. Why don’t you go back to where you come from if you don’t like it. Be big enough to say it to me personally instead of Speak Your Piece next time. This was the first I’ve said in here.

Howdy, Brushey Bill here. I haven’t been off the hill for a spell ’cause I’ve been getting up my winter’s firewood just in case there isn’t any global warming. Someone said if they knew what I looked like, they could find a lot wrong with me. Well, I’m real ugly, but I’m ornery to make up for it. I went to get film for my camera, but Wal-Mart doesn’t have film for my Instamatic. You can still write a big book on the things wrong with ol’ Brushey Bill. I’m going to leave the smokers alone now and complain about all these foreigners coming to Letcher County. You know who I’m talking about, anyone who isn’t born and raised in Letcher County. It’s bad enough for them to come here, but they try to change our way of life. Someone told me I should ‘go green.’ Well, old Barney gets 34 miles per gallon on biofuels (corn, oats, or rye) and his exhaust is 100 percent biodegradable. I put it on my garden to grow corn to turn to alcohol to power old Brushey Bill. We don’t waste anything up here. The other day, the kids killed a mouse and saved his hide and tallow. Now I know I was born dumb and lost ground ever since, but I know better than to trade with a Yankee. My cousin Clem went to a ‘big liquidation sale’ to get him a pickup truck. After a lot of slick talk, they offered him a truck for $2,000 over retail high book. All you have to do is call your bank and give them the VIN number and they will tell you exactly what the car or truck is worth. Now most Yankees are just passin’ through, but a damn Yankee is one pulling a U-Haul. I’ve heard that ‘big shots’ have something they call a ‘gated community.’ They don’t let troublemakers in. Why can’t we put up gates at the county line, and only let the hill folk in? Once the Sheriff threw all the Yankees, Buckeyes and other low-life out, he wouldn’t have so much trouble keeping the peace. Sincerely, Brushey Bill.

Happy 18th birthday on January 26 to Sasha Nicole Frazier. From Mom, Ashley and Estill.

Hello, folks, this is Barney of Whitesburg. Saturday night I decided to go to Pizza Hut for a salad. There were about 20 people there from all ages. Everyone was eating and two people were drinking a beer. This is what I voted for. I left there and went to Seco Winery. There were about 30 people eating a spread that you wouldn’t believe, ribeye, pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, potato salad, ham salad, macaroni salad, fresh hot rolls and butter, ice cream and cake. I had to eat again. Some people were drinking wine. I saw no one drinking beer. There was a good family atmosphere. Understand, folks, the Winery does not have to sell food at all to be able to sell alcohol. Then I went to the Mexican restaurant. About 30 people were eating meals there. Some had drinks and it was a good family atmosphere. Again, this is what I voted for. Then I went to The Courthouse Cafe. But I was too late and they had closed. But thinking on the positive side, I believe that they would have everything on the right side of law and order. Then came a trip to the Starlite. About 100 people were there. No one was eating, everyone was drinking, and most were smoking. (What happened to the smoking ban?) Foul smoke and speech were all around the room. This is not what I voted for.

I would like to wish my baby a happy birthday. It was on January 20. I hope he had a good day. I want him to know I love him very much. From his mom.

To the guys who are making the moonshine in McRoberts: The next time you sell it to my son or my husband I will report you. Thank you.

Single man looking to get a relationship started with a 25- to 45-year-old woman.

I am a 36-year-old male responding to the 40-year-old white female who had an ad in the January 9 paper. I am debtfree, disease-free, and I am financially secure. Please respond if interested.

My friends, wake up. In God we trust. One nation under God. These words mean something to me. Our brothers and sisters fought, and some of them died, to protect us and our rights to have these words on our money and in our Pledge of Allegiance. Now some Satan is working though some Biblically-illiterate and un-Godly people to have it removed from our language and off our money. Let’s remember that being in the presence of God is wonderful to the ones who love him, but a terrible thing if He is an enemy. Something to think about.

Look who is still running around Doty Creek selling their prescription pills. Me and some other residents have been discussing whether to hire a bounty hunter to get rid of this no-good dope dealer.

This comment is to a woman in Kingdom Come: You better watch your man. I work at a convenience store in Whitesburg. He has been coming in there trying to get me to go out with him for a long time. He told me he wasn’t married, but I later found out that he was married to you and had children. You don’t have to worry about me anymore, but you better be worrying about another woman he has been sleeping with.

I hope that some of the people from Neon and Seco who have been attending church at Burdine will read this. We would like for them to start dressing a little better if they are going to attend church at Burdine. It’s Burdine Church, not Burdine Bar & Grill. Thank you.

This is to the person who called in last week about the people who have trash in their yard and a lot of traffic coming to and from their home: You asked if they were selling drugs and told them to keep their snotty-nosed kids out of your yard. Where are you calling from? What area of Letcher County?

We would like to wish Jamie Arnett a very happy sixth birthday. Love, Mom and Dad and Lee Anna.

I’ve not been a very good example to anybody or for anybody. I’m sorry. I repent.

I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs or pills. And I don’t chew. And I don’t go with fellows who do.

We would like to wish Lee Anna Arnett a very happy third birthday. Love, Mom, Dad and Jamie.

People of Jenkins beware. One of the main informants for UNITE lives there.

I just think it’s a shame certain people don’t have anything else to do than call the welfare office on people. You know, you work and you try to raise your children the best way you can, and then these people come and call the welfare office on you and threaten you. The Lord will have the last say about these people. Thank you.

The pill heads at Mayking don’t even try to cover it up nowadays. They’re bringing the whole community down. They are nothing but losers.

I’m responding to the comment made last week regarding a school board member in Jenkins. Apparently, the person who called in the comment doesn’t visit the high school in Jenkins, because it has plenty of mold and leaks, too. And the Burdine school and the high school both are being repaired. If you would attend a board meeting or actually read the paper you would know this. So if you’re so concerned about the school, why don’t you attend a meeting or volunteer to fix our school up. Even better, donate some money to our poor schools. We sure need it. Thanks.

(Good comment.)

What happened to the people who worked at the Jumbo House Chinese restaurant when it first opened? We sure do miss them.

I have been reading the report in the paper about the cops getting the Taser guns in Jenkins. It might be a good idea for the whole county, but it should be on camera at all times. If the cameras don’t have to be on all of the time, the cops in Letcher County will Tase everyone that walks. Thank you.

Why would an old Christian man dye his hair? Is he trying to catch himself a young woman?

Well, look who’s getting a free load of coal today. It’s Little Miss Deadbeat.

Let me tell all of you pillsnorting good-for-nothing dope heads something. All of the frozen burger patties, wieners, and jars of pizza sauce in the Palace isn’t worth the butt-stomping King will give you. It won’t be pretty. And he will do it. If he needs any help, which he probably won’t, he can call on his buddy on BYH who hates dope heads as bad as anybody.

NADD – Neighbors Against Dope Dealers. No UNITE calls, no police calls, no 9-1-1 calls, no Speak Your Piece calls, no lawyers, no jury, no bail, no bull, one judge – me. We win, you lose. So here we go.

I know nobody makes anyone quit church, but don’t you think that sometimes people can harp and say things that will hurt their feelings and make them feel like it’s not worth it to go to church? You better think about what you say before you say it.

To the Mexican border patrol: Please come to Letcher County and extract all corrupt police, public officials, and big-time drug dealers, and toss them into the Gulf of Mexico. We need help. This is an SOS. Thank you.

Did you read what that joker said about the Potters getting security guards for their land? Get real. I can just see all of us lowincome Letcher Countians hiring a security guard to protect our few assets. Can’t you just see it – one security guard in this yard, two security guards in that yard? What are we paying lawenforcement for?

If you’re going to start an argument with the neighbors you’re going to have to move.

Warning: The water buffalo has done its business in the North Fork of the Kentucky River. All water is now polluted.

This is the little red hen: Which one of you foxes is the father of my chicks. I have no way of knowing since it was after dark and you both had your way with me. I strongly suggest you two foxes better get in the hen house and hide.

For a very special woman: Darling you’re in my heart and I can’t get you out. Please come home to me. If you’ll come back to me it will just be me and you. I will do anything in the world I can for you. Please, darling, come back home. I love you.

We would like to wish Sasha Nicole Frazier a happy 18th birthday on Saturday, January 26. From your friends at LCC.

Officials in other parts of the state apparently aren’t as accommodating to thieves and their relatives as they are around here. The Madison County Sheriff doesn’t seem to think there’s anything complicated about timber theft. Just catch the thieves and jail them. It makes a lot of sense.

To the hag who lives at Isom: Again, just because you haven’t gotten the crap beat out of you yet doesn’t mean everybody’s forgotten. Maybe we’re just waiting till you think it’s safe. You know what they say about keeping your enemies closer. You are so stupid.

I met you on-line and you know who you are. You’re the biggest Internet tramp I ever met, spreading your nasty gonorrhea and genital warts. Internet surfers, beware of this trashy tramp.

Speak Your Piece was fantastic this past week. I was beginning to think people were giving up again. Barney was great, the school system was interesting. Kentucky is so far down the line on education, more money would not help the kids. It would mean more dollars for the power department. The system is a good ole boy network. Most of the teachers can’t be doing their job – rankings of 48, 46, 41 out of 50 states is proof of that. The new school is really a jewel. All that money for what? The county is poor and cannot afford such a monument. A million dollars for the new football field when there was nothing wrong with the old field. A few improvements would have worked, been much cheaper. With all the poverty, somehow the school looks out of place. Buy a season ticket and you get the choice seats. Anna Craft should be replaced along with the school board. Nope, raise taxes, and the rich get richer. Tree-hugging hillbillies, we all know coal is the main income for the county. What is wrong with putting the mountaintop back the way it was or as close as can be? I don’t think anyone said to stop strip mining, just clean up the mess when you are through. Is that so wrong? Stealing timber is a way of life. Now we are told your property line is confusing. It should have been surveyed. Yeah, right. If my memory serves me right, some few years ago Michigan State University tried to help get surveying started, they were told to go home, we don’t need your help. Now the whole world has heard about how timber thieves can do as they please. Yep, another check in the hillbilly column. We’re OK with having teachers having sex with students if they are over 16. Now the world knows about dope, crooked politicians, our court systems, poverty, no jobs, uneducated people, etc. Can’t forget the warrant system. I was taught you were innocent until proven guilty. How backwards can people be? Our churches sit back and say nothing, they are not Christians, they are religious. I really think the devil rules our country. We may get tourists to come and see our mess. We may have to get more litter on the roads and yards in order to entertain the tourists. Yes, we are getting less litter. As the person said, if we expose all this we will be in trouble one way or the other. To you, Barney, I say find an honest politician. The people won’t vote for him or her; in the meantime the rich get richer and become our rulers. Hail to the powers that be. Have a good day.

A certain man and woman sold their house to a man who proceeded to sneak around with the woman while her husband was at work. Then she left her husband for this man, not caring about destroying her children’s lives by ripping them away from their home and family. This man also left a family in his wake. It is the most lowdown sort of individual who will destroy people’s lives without a backward glance. Now this woman sends her kids to whoever will keep them so she can lay drunk. I think her ex-husband should keep his child away from her. I know all this because I live across the road, and sometimes she sends them to my house. Like I said, they’re both sorry excuses. The funny thing is, this woman is messing around on the guy she’s living with now and he’s too stupid to know it.

To Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hites, your Indy friend was just wondering how you were getting along. I hope you are both doing well and are happy now that you are back home in lovely Letcher County. Take care and perhaps I will run into you on my next visit home. Jessie Miller.

To tell the concerned and angry citizen telling everyone that the Potter timber incident has gone too far: You wrote that there are more important things to worry about like jobs, homeless, hungry children, and abused women. Why don’t you do something about one of those things instead of spending your time complaining in the paper about what other people are doing to help somebody that needed help? You are right about one thing, there is a lot to worry about here. Nothing is working in Letcher County. I think it’s great that all those people got together to help that old couple. What they did was the only good thing I’ve seen in a long time around here. What have you done for anybody lately? Somebody needs to give them an award for what they did.

I am sick and tired of listening to a certain county official blame everybody else for the fact he can’t do his job. I will never vote for him again.

Attorneys too often are allowed to intimidate and harass crime victims in court. The Kentucky Attorney General has published instructions for victims called Kentucky – Victims’ Rights. Anyone involved in a court process can and should get a copy of this at www.state.ky.us/ victims/rights and should carry it to court with them. It states, among other helpful information, that it is against the law for anyone to attempt to intimidate, or harass a victim of, or a witness to, a crime. If this should happen, the witness or victim should produce these rights and ask the Commonwealth’s Attorney to defend their rights.

Plea bargains are nothing more than a rip-off of the crime victim, and an easy cop-out by the prosecutor and the judge. They often give the criminals a better deal in theft cases than they could have gotten if they had bought the products honestly. They give the prosecutor an undeserved conviction, they get the case off the judge’s roster, and they further damage the very poor public perception of the judicial system.

I took an anthropology course many years ago, and I only remember one thing from it – a segment from the textbook which described the punishment certain native tribes impose on tribal members who harm other tribal members. They isolate them socially. They stop speaking to them, they look straight through them if they meet them, and they don’t acknowledge their existence in any way. Needless to say, this puts quite a chill on the misbehaving member, but it keeps peace and harmony in the tribe. I now know why I remembered this for so long. I wanted to use it as a suggestion for punishment for that person that complained in Speak Your Piece about the Potters.

The recent rush of news about timber theft from across the state, and across the nation, seems to clearly show that the victims in this area have been poorly served by certain officials. The law in other parts of Kentucky is not quibbling about surveys and appraisals. Instead, they are arresting and jailing people, and preparing for trials. The dawdling and delaying and setting up obstacles by the officials here suggest a bias for the lawbreakers, and even collusion. It’s time for federal agencies to take notice.

I want to say something to the person that wrote in Speak Your Piece last week about why should Jenkins get the Industrial Park. The question is, why should Whitesburg get it? Whitesburg has the following: Auto Part Store with garage, five gas stations, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Pine Mountain Grill, Wendy’s, Long John Silver’s, Western Auto, swimming pool, a new skateboard park, Lee’s, Wal-Mart, Family Dollar Store, Mexican restaurant, some other restaurants, a motel. Jenkins has Hardee’s, Cavalier Restaurant, one gas station, Giovanni’s, Family Dollar Store and Dollar General Store. So why shouldn’t Jenkins have the Gateway Industrial Park? Whitesburg can’t have it all. What about Neon, what do they have? When will Neon get something to build themselves up? Stop crying over Whitesburg.

Mayor Polis is doing a good job in Fleming-Neon considering what she has to work with. Neon isn’t Jenkins or Whitesburg, and Neon just doesn’t have the businesses it used to have. However, where did the city get the money to pay past mayors full-time? If they found the money to pay others full-time wages then they can find ways to pay Polis full-time. It wouldn’t hurt if she spent two to three days a week in the office for eight hours each day. I voted for Polis and I do think that she does need to spend more time in the office.

There doesn’t seem to be any faith in the law doing anything about drugs. I think this comes from all the stories that were going around years ago about medical people prescribing too freely and nothing being done about it. There was also the matter of a public official being busted for selling in a school zone and not being punished much. UNITE didn’t do anything to gain the people’s trust. They were in it for their own personal gain. Now they’re said to be on their way out and I say good riddance.

Sheriff Nelson O’Donnell of Madison County should be commended and congratulated by the whole state for his decisive and effective action, as reported by WKYT, in taking care of a case of theft.

I have tried many times to find a certain man, but have had no luck. My granddaughter told me that another certain man knows where he is. Let’s just call him H.M. I just want to know if he is still living and how he has been doing for the last fifty-plus years. Signed, L.H. Please call 843- 875-2735 or e-mail lrucker1@aol.com.

The person who complained about the attention the Potters are getting has a mighty blasé attitude about the problems of others. I wonder how that person would feel if they were elderly and blind and had been victimized as the Potters have been. The opinion expressed is consistent with the attitude of the establishment here, though, which is blame the victim.

Fifteen years ago, me and my sister went to district court and begged for help with my son the second time he got in trouble for public intoxication and missing school. We asked if he could be sent someplace where he could get some help before he got any worse. We were told he didn’t need help. Now it’s fifteen year later and he really needs help. He just spent eleven months in jail. He was released for two weeks and now he is back in. This time he will probably stay a while longer. You see, the thing is my daughter was a straight ‘A’ student, cheerleader and well liked by everyone, teachers included, until a new student came and trouble brewed between them. I advised her teachers and all adults at her grade school of the situation. Well, the fight was on and my daughter got the short end of the stick. The judge was determined to send her to detention, but after a $500 fine she was on probation until she was 18 years old. I managed to keep her out of the system. I had to give custody of her to her father for a couple of years, but it was worth it. This is just to let Judge Wood know the outcome of his decisions: First, I couldn’t get any help for my son, and he is now 30 years old and facing a few years in prison. Second, my daughter who didn’t need to be sent away for help – but I lost her anyway – is now a full-time working mother of one and a part-time college student. I love both of my children. I just wish my son could’ve had a chance when he was young.

Help the soldiers in Iraq. This is in response to the entry last week about helping soldiers in Iraq. There is a website, www.anysoldier.com, that provides information about sending packages to the military. From this website you can choose a certain branch of the military to help, and then select a unit from the list. The listing of units from all over the Middle East has one representative spokesperson from the unit who corresponds with the website. The spokesperson provides a listing of needs specific to the unit they represent. Make sure to read the entire site about the stipulations with sending items. For example, you can’t send toiletries with food items and so forth. There are restrictions on certain items also and certain ways to package and address the packages. I would personally love for the community to get involved, including the schools. The website says ‘Freedom isn’t free! Just ask any soldier.’

Norma Jean, just wanted to let you know we were thinking of you and as always you remain in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. With love, your Indy family.

An elderly couple is savagely beaten in their home. A single lady in her seventies is burglarized. Young people walking along a public road are robbed. These crimes were called violence, burglary, and robbery, but they were all drug crimes. Illegal drug distribution and illegal drug use have reached proportions unrealized and unimagined by many people. These people don’t realize the extent of the problem, but they are affected by it, just as everyone is, because almost every crime committed has some link to drugs. One of the really disturbing things that is commented on almost weekly in Speak Your Piece is that the public is a lot more concerned about this situation than the officials are. This is an awesome problem, with no readily seen solution, but one thing that is certain is that law enforcement must be more aggressive and more effective. Another thing that is certain is that the problem won’t go away on its own, and that it is no less than a matter of survival.

Five young people have died from drugs in the last few weeks. People have got to realize the magnitude of this tragedy. Our young people are in more danger from drugs than they are from war, disease, accidents, and other crimes. Citizens must report drug addicts, drug sellers and other distributors, and must insist that the police do what they’re supposed to do. This problem is going downhill fast, and officials are too complacent.

What the heck is it with you people? All you all have done for the past 20 years is complain, cry, whine, moan and bitch because you didn’t have a senior citizens center at Colson. Now that you have one, all you want to do is complain, cry, whine, moan and bitch over the food or help that’s there. Well, let me give you some vital info you may need. The employees do not, and I repeat, do not make out the menu. An official from the health department and KRADD make it out. Nothing is salted much because you have people going there and on the road that aren’t supposed to have it. The people who work there also worked at other centers as well, and have worked for the county for years now. If you want to complain about them, put a name behind your comments and quit being such cowards and call Trenda Kincer at the Mayking office. Need the number? 633-0121. A name is required for a complaint so it can be taken professionally. No name, no report. Maybe they just need to go ahead and shut it down, being it’s that bad. Is that what you all want up there? You know, hang the ones out on the road that are bedfast and have no one to cook for themselves, but God forbid the ones there that don’t get their way. You all make me sick enough to vomit.

I would like to say hello to my family and friends. I am the Alabama boy who writes in Speak Your Piece from time to time. I think it is time for me to come to the big city of Whitesburg for a visit. I will come unannounced and show up on your doorstep. I guess I can give you a hint, maybe sometime in February. Would you all expect anything less? Keep it real! DMG.

I would like to say hi to most of my family and that I love ya’ll, but I think that it is a shame that since one very special person to us all passed away recently that the family has gone to hell. This is not how she wanted everyone to act. We’ve got some that are not allowed to see their family anymore. I won’t mention any names, but a little hint, it has to do with a great big white whale. She ought to be ashamed and I hope that she is happy for keeping our uncle/brother away from us. For everyone else, all the back-biting comments and attitudes are not necessary. I love everyone and just because I do speak my piece that makes me a bad person. Well so be it. I am who I am and I have not changed for anyone and I won’t start now. I think we all should stop and think for a moment, we are all that we have left. Why can’t all the lies and all the crap just stop and let us enjoy what years we have left and be kind to each other? Everyone knows that this is how our very special loved and missed mamaw/mom wanted it to be.

My mother and I are both disabled. We look so forward to reading this Speak Your Piece every week. Very entertaining. Thanks to all who write in to this paper. Always some funny stuff in it.

This is to the woman who lives next door to me: Please don’t open your curtains and walk around your house buck naked. It wouldn’t be so nasty if you weren’t like 350-400 pounds. It’s starting to gross me out. Please put some clothes on. I think you want me to see you bend over without them big granny panties on. That’s just sick.

This goes out to my little brother: I’m your big sister and I want to say I’m sorry I wasn’t a better big sister to you. Our father drank a lot and beat us – broken arms and bloody noses. I was a kid, too, and couldn’t protect you or myself as I was getting

beat on too. Our father is now dead and put into the ground in Kentucky. He’s gone and we’re grown. I still have bad feelings toward Dad for what he did to us and our mom. I do forgive him but it still hurts to remember. We grew up in an abusive home and that’s all we knew, but today I know better. I am sorry for anything I said to hurt your feelings and I am sorry for fighting with you when we were kids. Please forgive me, little brother, I am truly sorry. I do love you. It’s OK if you can’t forgive me. I love you very much and miss you. We are getting older now and time is running out. Give me a call. I’d love to hear from you before we leave this earth. Love, your big sis.

Roland and Ellen, I’m looking forward to you finally getting to come see me. I was really disappointed that you didn’t get to come last weekend. Love you both.

I bet you think you are going to get away with your drug
dealing. I bet you won’t. I don’t think your money will get you out of it this
time. I just hope you enjoy your last few days of freedom.

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