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Tell us what's on your mind. No need to give your name. Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

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If our elected officials are not smart enough to get the people who aren’t paying their garbage bills to pay them, I think they ought to take their expense accounts away and give them back to the county. Instead of raising our garbage bills $15 or $18, they ought to quit sponging off the people and start living off their salaries. That would pay what they’re looking for. Thank you.


To the Kentucky lawmaker who wants welfare recipients tested for drug abuse: I agree with you 100 percent and support you on this issue. This is something that needed to be done a long time ago. If the workers are going to be drug-tested then the welfare recipients do too. Children don’t need to be with people who do illegal drugs. This is one way to stop it. Thank you.


If they raise our garbage bills again, everyone in Letcher County ought to band together and not pay their bills. Then they would think twice about what they’re doing to us.


Our JV boys have put their whole heart into the wrestling team this year and for what? They recently went to the regional, but, come to find out, no one had any record of their wins and losses except for two. Our boys didn’t have any chance without being seeded.


If the people in Neon want something to build themselves up, they could start by saving their paychecks instead of spending them on drugs. They could also try demolishing all of those eyesores they call houses, cleaning up their yards and maybe furthering their education so that they can escape this area. I’m sorry, there’s just not much that’s going to happen in Neon. It’s never going to be a New York City or Lexington or anything. So if that’s what you think, maybe you should just put that idea out of your mind. You could also start by sending the drug addicts who live there to some sort of drug treatment facility.

(If you think the Neon area has any sort of monopoly on the drug abuse problem in Letcher County then you’re fooling yourself badly. Neon doesn’t have a monopoly on ‘eyesores’ either.)


If all the people in southeastern Kentucky want to get ahead, first and foremost they should stop having kids they can’t take care of. Just because Uncle Sam gives you a check or you receive some kind of child support, that’s not enough to take care of kids on. You keep on having kids and having kids and they turn out to be junkie drug heads just like their parents. It keeps going on for generation after generation, and few of the kids even graduate to know there is a big wide world out there. So stop having kids. Use birth control. Don’t have kids before you’re 35. These stupid women around here go and get pregnant by some guy who they know doesn’t care about them at all, and they’ll have two or three or four little kids, sometimes all by different guys. Then they’ll wonder how come nobody loves them and how come nobody gives a crap about them. I’m 23 years old. I’m not married and I don’t have any kids. I just got finished with college and I’m doing my thing. One woman I know lives in a government-assisted housing project. She has five kids by four different men and she wants to say all kinds of things to me about it. She chose what she chose. She can’t get off drugs and she’s saddled with five children every night, and she still wonders why no man will take her out. Well I wonder why. Why?


To the so-called cop who frisked my son in a certain store: You had no right. You followed him to the bathroom and frisked him. He went to get shampoo and you frisked him again. Who do you think you are? I know. You’re a mean and perverted person for doing that to that boy. And he’s not the only one you’ve done that way, I hear. This has got to stop.


This goes out to Jenkins Mayor Charlie Dixon: Please don’t let the city employees waste salt when it’s freezing. Salt does not melt snow and ice when the temperature gets below a certain degree. Thank you.


I think it’s funny how certain people can turn their back on their own nephew while doing all kinds of things for people who aren’t even their kin.


I think it is a shame that we have a fiscal court that would allocate coal severance money to the Appalshop in Whitesburg. I thought the Appalshop was against mining and stripping and mountaintop removal. Why should they get any coal severance money? That shows what kind of county government we have.

(Has Appalshop ever taken a formal stand about coal mining – strip or deep? Are you sure you’re not confusing Appalshop with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and other organizations who are opposed to the mountaintop removal method of mining?)


Did anybody pay attention to how Magistrates Archie Banks, Codell Gibson and Keith Adams voted in the fiscal court meeting? Two of them voted against giving any money to the battered women’s facility. That facility doesn’t just take care of battered women, it takes care of battered children also. Two of them also voted against the libraries. I can’t understand what these three men have against women, children and libraries. I guess they don’t want anybody to be able to read a book. Surely they don’t like the idea of husbands beating their wives half to death. We’re going to have to remember these three people when the next election comes. Next time you can’t find a library book, thank Keith Adams and Archie Banks. They voted against the library.


You know, I like the idea of neighbors against drug dealers. Every neighborhood should have an organization like that. Wonder how we could get one started? Any ideas? Let’s hear from you.


Here you go again, Letcher Fiscal Court, putting an animal shelter at number 13 on your priority list for coal severance money – ahead of sanitation, the ARH women’s center, all city police departments, the county libraries and domestic violence. Then you vote to give coal severance money to Appalshop when they’re against coal mining. What’s the court’s problem? We all know we need some kind of shelter for the animals, but $300,000? Magistrates, you are officially on notice. Do your jobs right. It should never be who you like when it comes to who gets the money. This is the biggest farce so far. Go ahead and put the animals above the children, babies and adults. The next election will show all of you. People will not stand for this. Do your job or you won’t be re-elected.


A certain man who runs around on Blair Branch should be ashamed of himself. He told another certain person he would go hunting with them and never did. He even told me he was going to that person’s house, but he never did. He ought to be ashamed of himself for being a liar.


Let’s get it straight. It must be settled once and forever. The Bible does not contradict itself. It has a way of confusing its enemies and blessing its friends. The only thing different about the Bible is it’s a very large book and it will take time to master its contents enough to get a general understanding of it. Read it over and over and practice its teachings and it will soon become a very simple and practical book. Something for you to think about.


We will soon see if you can shoot a man in the back and leave him for dead in Letcher County. We already know that if you’re a big logger you can steal $50,000 in timber and get away with a reduced charge of theft by unlawful taking of less than $300 and only having to pay $9,000 in restitution. We already know you can get away with 16 counts of theft by unlawful taking and 16 counts of forging PRIDE checks. Now I just want to see the outcome of this case involving the man charged with attempted murder and possession of OxyContin. I’ll be watching.


To the victim of the robbery in Jenkins: I think it’s terrible you would have your son picked up for robbery. You got your stuff back.


I was reading in The Mountain Eagle where Wayne Fleming told the Neon City Council it would get coal severance money for a park. I’m all for the park, but I didn’t think Wayne Fleming was the magistrate for Neon. Did something happen to the magistrate of District Three? I’m living in District Five and I didn’t know our magistrate could give money to a city that wasn’t in his territory. We never see anything or hear anything of Wayne Fleming in District Five. We’re glad for Neon, but we need something too here in District Five.

(Magistrate Fleming visited the Fleming-Neon City Council to tell them the park would be located in Fleming. Fleming is a part of District Five, which Fleming represents. By the way, is there a rule that says a fiscal court member can’t be a proponent for something that benefits an area outside of his district? Don’t we all live in Letcher County?)


Congratulations to the person who once again brought up the fact that Isom is looking really bad. It is a scrap yard. It looks like the people of Isom would get tired of having to look at that everyday. This has been going on for some time. A privacy fence needs to be put up around that mess so the rest of us don’t have to look at it. Isom is getting back to being the pig pen it was when the stock sale was there and they used to sell hogs there. It’s greasy, ugly, and distasteful. And to the powers-that-be in Letcher County: You want tourism to be an industry there? Good luck.


To the folks who said the talk about the Potters having their timber stolen has gone on too long: Shame on you. It’s very sad when people get stuff stolen, no matter what it is. If you had something stolen that you’d had a long time it would be drastic to you. Plus, this happened in Whitesburg, Kentucky, and it was reported in USA Today. For all of us who have ties to Letcher County or know anything about Letcher County, this type of national coverage always rings a bell about what’s happening back in the mountains. It was very disturbing to see the story about the Potter family and their trees being stolen by thieves.


To the person who called Speak Your Piece and said the food at the senior citizens’ center was bad: I think you should be helping instead of criticizing. If you don’t like the food I’m pretty sure they would let you volunteer to help cook it.


Single man looking to get a relationship started with a 25- to 45-year-old woman.


I just wanted to tell a certain woman from Jenkins that I love her and I’m glad she’s going back to school. I’m at work right now reading Speak Your Piece and just wanted to say that I love her. I also want to tell the other guys who are after her to bug off. I will fight for my woman.


I was watching the presidential debate the other night and just wonder what Obama is going to do. He was talking about putting some kind of NAACP thing up in Washington to help the colleges who serve the people of color. I just wonder if he’ll also help the white colleges. Oh, there aren’t any white colleges. I forgot that. He can’t work for the betterment of white colleges because it isn’t allowed. I don’t understand this.


It’s a little late for new year resolutions, but for the rest of 2008 can we at least see something good come out of the mountains of southeastern Kentucky besides a negative story about timber thieves, druggies, a mining accident or miners dying? Can we see the good side of the mountains for once?


I’ve got news for the sheriff’s department. Two women who claim to be Christians are going out of the county each Wednesday or Thursday to get their prescription pills and bring them back to sell.


There are people in the Twin Bridge community whose porch and yard look like a dump. Take a look at your porch and yard. This applies to you. We never had this problem until you moved here.


I have lost my husband, and I have cried two- or three-million tears. I would like for the other women who have talked about me to suffer like I have suffered. I think they’re stupid and ignorant.


I would like to know how come no story was ever written about a certain school janitor who got caught stealing and was sent to jail. A report never was written about it. Thank you.


What is a certain store going to do about a man who says he is a cop and is frisking boys when they come out of the bathroom. I talked to the store’s manager and was told they didn’t have a cop on duty. Someone has to do something about this. It is too scary. Thank you.


It is a shame people from Knott County are coming to Letcher County to steal all of the jobs. They need to stay in their own county.


Can somebody tell me why the Neon police are pulling people over in Hemphill? They say it’s the deputy dog.


Happy 50th birthday, Bonita Collier.


Has anyone on Thornton seen a white poodle. It is missing. If you have any information about this dog please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece.


I have a question about a comment I read in last week’s Speak Your Piece about a large woman walking naked through her house. How old is this woman?


So when they pack one of the little meth heads into the funeral home and pack his behind with cotton we will see who the one is who will move.


I am new to Letcher County and was reading Speak Your Piece. I really enjoy it. However, I was reading the comment where someone told people from Seco and Neon that they should dress better if they want to attend a certain church. That comment doesn’t sound like it came from a very religious or Christian person. Thank you.


This is from the girl at Jenkins the cops were accused of harassing: I have read many comments about myself and never responded until I read a comment a few weeks ago that said my child had a temperature and I was too high to help him. First of all, it was the Fourth of July weekend and I was going camping with my boys. Yes, I broke the law. I went to jail for not having a license, not for a DUI. I love my children very much. And yes I’ve had problems in the past. But I am in school now and am trying my best. You really shouldn’t kick people when they’re down. People can change.


People, I had nothing else to wear to that church other than what I was wearing. I am sorry if I offended anyone there, but I won’t be back. I can’t afford the clothes they want me to wear. And after that statement, I really don’t want to come back anyway. Are you afraid I might be trying to take the preacher or your husband? Thank you.


It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop than with a brawling woman in a wide house.


Well, you were talking about hugging a tree. I never heard of such or thought about that before. But, you kept on going on and on and finally I decided, what the heck, I’m going to try it. So I did. There’s this big old oak tree up behind my house. No telling how old that thing is and I walked up there the other day and studied it. It is a fine looking old tree and before you know it I gave her a hug. I couldn’t reach all around her, but I just gave her a good hug. And then I started grinning and I guess I grinned for about an hour. It beat all! I felt fine. The wife asked me why I was grinning like that and I told her and the wife didn’t care. She just said, ‘Hug away, old man.’ So, I reckon I will. It can’t hurt. Better’n taking them ole antidepressants. Not that I take them things. But, I do get down sometimes and that’s the truth. When I look up and see how the mountains around here have been blown to smithereens. Now, son, I tell you what’s the truth, that’s enough to make a feller get a little down.


To the person that drives the red car: I wish you would rock my world. Every evening you come by me playing your music with that smile on your face that makes my heart skip a beat. Hey, why don’t you slow down so I can ask you out to dinner? You look good. I’d love to know what else you can do good. Someone said they had seen you in Knott County working out. Can I work out with you? Are you married? If you read this, slow that red machine down so I get a chance to ask you out. I don’t care if you’re married if you don’t care. You can take me for a ride in that red car. That way I’ll get a chance to sweep you off your feet like you have already done me. Signed, Want To Be Yours Forever.


Confused: I am a 32-year-old man, and have a lovely wife of 14 years. About three months ago, I started chatting on-line to a person who was listed as a single white female. As time passed we shared our interest, and communications became daily, and addictive. We soon had cyber-sex. We decided to at last meet at a location halfway between us. But when I discovered that all this time I had been intimate with a man instead of a woman, I was mad, embarrassed, disappointed, ashamed, and yes, confused. After 10 minutes we decided to go home and dwell on the situation. I miss chatting with this person even though I know it is a man. Do I have bi-sexual tendencies?Also, am I a comp whore?


I just wanted to tell my brothers Matthew, Tommy, and Jonathan that I miss them and that I love them very much.


God bless the media! They are ridiculed, and scorned, and hated but they’re the only force holding this shaky, unstable, reeling thing we call a state of Kentucky together. The Supreme Court managed to save Fletcher, but they lost more than he gained. All of our national lawmakers are under one or more clouds, and a lot of the locals seem headed for jail. An unholy combination of devastating, irresponsible industry, and rampant, out-of-control drug activity controls eastern Kentucky. Corruption and complacency rule the courts, and indifference and inertia rule law enforcement. One encouraging thing to remember, though, is that the media will keep us informed, and let us know what’s happening as we go on down the tubes.


Any racketeering equation, gambling, prostitution, moonshining, chop shops, drugs, largescale theft, chicken fighting, dog fighting, contractor fraud, on and on, has several factors, political power gained through votes or money, law enforcement cooperation or indifference, something of value and in demand to sell, and a ready market. How many of these do you recognize?


It seems to me that the most important link in the timber theft chain is being overlooked, the lumberyards that process the timber. These people know the loggers and their reputations better than anybody. They must know who is legitimate and who is suspicious. One of the news articles mentioned that some know, and may even get a concession for buying ‘hot’ logs. Except for size, what’s the difference between taking stolen logs, and taking stolen jewelry or guns?


The elderly man from Bell County, who was severely beaten last week, has died. I would like to know what the murderer’s history is – how many times he or she has done similar things in the past, how many times judges have granted probation, and whether there is a current probation? Why are judges and prosecutors never held responsible for loosing mad dogs on society?


UNITE has done a lot of devious things under the guise of drug abuse education, rehabilitation, and law enforcement. My question is, where is the education and rehab, and what do they think they have accomplished with their highly publicized raids on two-bit druggies? They have taken credit for programs worked out by Kentucky River Community Care that were established before Hal Rogers and Karen Engle ever thought of UNITE. Other legitimate drug programs have similar complaints. They have been just as brazen about taking credit for things accomplished by local police. Now they are trying to raid our coal severance funds. Begone, and good riddance.


Doug, Ruth Ann, Roland and Ellen, we really enjoyed your visit this past weekend. Thanks, Ruth, for catching me up on all the gossip and thanks, Doug and Roland, for helping me with my computer. You know I need all the help I can get. Congratulations, Ellen, on your promotion. We’re so proud of you. All of you are special and we love you very much. Oma Hatton, we’re sorry you didn’t get to come visit. Maybe next time.


I read this Speak Your Piece section every week and all I see is what husband or wife is cheating, who’s telling what on somebody, who’s selling or doing drugs, how dirty the police are, someone’s children are not going to school, and who’s on welfare or going to jail. I hardly see anything positive. Why is it necessary to tell someone off in the paper? Why not have the guts to face your foes? I just don’t get it, I guess. Glad I left. I do miss those beautiful mountains.

(The lines are open for you to make all the positive comments you want to make.)


‘A public servant is guilty of official misconduct in the second degree when he knowingly . . . refrains from performing a duty imposed upon him by law or clearly inherent in the nature of his office.’ That is taken from KRS 522.030, and those are powerful words which every public servant should keep close at hand. It is a law that should also be known to every citizen. Letcher County, many times, hasn’t been served as much as it has been controlled by public officials, and this must end in order for there ever to be genuine progress here.


WYMT and WKYT are doing excellent jobs, in my estimation, in reporting problems in this area, and problems from outside which impact this area. Recent examples: the Potter timber theft, the actions of the Madison County sheriff, and the attempt by UNITE to raid the coal severance fund. Providing the public with an opportunity to comment on these reports is a nice service of theirs. The Mountain Eagle, of course, continues with its excellent coverage of the county and the region. Knowledge is tremendously powerful, and every citizen has a responsibility to know as much as possible about the people and things that affect him. Knowledge is the most powerful deterrent against criminal or government abuse, especially when it is coupled by a willingness to write or talk about things that need public exposure and action.


Letcher County is blessed with two dedicated, conscientious, responsive representatives in Ancel Smith and Leslie Combs, and should take advantage of this fortunate situation by keeping them informed of county problems, asking them for help when needed, and supporting them in every way possible. They are approachable and cooperative and would welcome your input.


Clayton Pruett, 25, of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, was arrested and charged with firstdegree sexual abuse. The youth minister at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church was charged with trapping a 15-year-old girl inside a room at the church and sexually assaulting her. He was suspended from his other job as a high school assistant wrestling coach and substitute teacher. The victim’s mother said they reported Pruett to the church pastor months ago but no action was taken. Source: WAVE3 12-14- 07. Let’s all make sure to take our daughters to church.


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