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Speak Your Piece

I am Joe Brown and I have not dropped out of the mayor’s race at Fleming- Neon. I am still in the race and my health is okay. I have nothing bad to say about anyone concerning the race. Thank you and God bless.

It’s getting close to election day again. Voting is one of our remaining rights in this great country. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. I have a few things, food for thought, as we get ready to vote. Educate your children of this great responsibility. Whether your vote is for a Democrat, Republican, or an independent, I feel that we should attempt to vote for someone that is actually representing us at all levels — county, state, and nation — and someone whose goal is to be inclusive of all citizens regardless of race, religion, orientation, and gender.

Way to go, funky cowboys from Letcher Elementary School. You did a great job performing in the preparade ceremonies during the Mountain Heritage Festival.

Politics make strange bedfellows. When ‘Pud’ Shubert was mayor of Jenkins he made a point of hiring all of his relatives for jobs before passing the nepotism ordinance. Yes, there were four family members on the. Now, his protégé, G.C. Kincer, has ‘Pud’ (his father-in-law) on the payroll as a consultant. If G.C. Kincer needs a consultant to advise him on how to conduct the day-to-day activities in City Hall, shouldn’t we elect a new mayor? Wake up, Jenkins. We will never be able to pay off the city debts if this kind of extravagance is allowed to continue.

I find it pretty funny that one of Joe DePriest’s campaign cronies tried to earn my vote by talking about the current mayor’s personal life. May he without sin cast the first stone. I haven’t been in this town as long as some others, but I do know that no one in the race can be called ‘Mr. Innocent?’ Shall we open up the lives of every candidate or shall we vote on who will do the best job? The only one with a proven record and the most political experience — not to mention the one who has gotten things done — is clearly Mr. Kincer. Wake up Jenkins.

At least if there is a breakout of Ebola here we’ll have a good chance to stop it. Thank God for Obamacare.

Voters, please do not fall for the snake oil from Alison Grimes. She will lack the seniority needed to do anything at all to help the coal industry. It’s simple: I believe Mitch McConnell when he says he will have the miners working again. I don’t believe what Grimes says.

We would like to thank the Veterans’ Museum for their hospitality. The

Whitesburg Lions Club really appreciates your help and everything that you do to help everybody. Thank you so very much.

Shouldn’t people who live and work in Letcher County and say they want to bring jobs to Letcher County tag, license, and insure all of their vehicles in Kentucky instead of in Tennessee?

They got rid of two drug dealers in Ramey Fork. They need to get rid of one more.

Advance Auto Parts is coming to Whitesburg. I wonder how in the world they managed to get in here? Apparently one piece of property was left that wasn’t already bought.

I am conducting a survey as to who is the most despised couple in Jenkins. Up to this point the same names are given time after time. I will not publish the results until after the November election.

I know this is a little cliché, but I’d like to send a message to a lady I met at Rite Aid in Jenkins at 11 a.m. on September 30. She was driving a silver car. I find you very attractive and I can’t get you off my mind. If you want to get together, please respond in next week’s paper.

I’ve seen Terry Braddock sitting on the bench in front of the Dollar Store in Jenkins staring at Jenkins City Hall. He had a pencil and pad sketching the floor plan for the future renovations when he is elected mayor. When Mr. Braddock was a Jenkins councilman he had many innovative ideas about how the city should be run. This will be his opportunity to put his ideas in motion.

To a certain preacher: If a church doesn’t need the money, give it to sick people. You know there are sick people in our community who are going back and forth to doctor’s visits. Don’t take it for your personal use. Help people.

I’m beginning to wonder if we have a Letcher County attorney. I have been trying to get in touch with him. I even went to his office once and a secretary left a note for him to call me. I have tried to call several times and no one answered the phone. I thought we elected him to help the citizens of this county. I can’t seem to get hold of him.

Someone needs to tell the Jenkins High School cheerleading coach that there is more to worry about besides stupid competition. Sorry. Stop believing all the lies she has told about uniforms. She lets people come and join and quit and come back and join again.

I have a question for the Mountain Heritage Festival committee. They said the Thriller dancers were winners in the walking contest for the parade. They rode a truck in and a truck out. I want to know how they were considered walkers.

Interesting. Bill Clinton is popular in Kentucky, having won the state in two elections. Barack Obama is unpopular, having lost it in two. They are both Democrats. They are both liberal. What’s different about them? One is white, the other only half white. Well, my fellow Kentuckians, all I can say is that racism is an ugly trait. No wonder people all across our nation and the world make fun of us.

In reference to an article in the September 3 issue of The Mountain Eagle titled ‘Police issue 161 traffic citations’: I would like to know how many of these cases were settled in court — or how many cases were dismissed from court. Did the newspaper follow through on this article to see if the court system did its job? Evidently the police refrain from doing their job most of the time. The article presents the exception or the ‘unusual.’ All these county governments in eastern Kentucky operate, or function, pretty much the same in court procedures involving traffic violations — they simply throw all cases, right or wrong, guilty or innocent, out of court. That is probably why the police do not do much traffic-control work anymore. They know it is useless to issue any citations because most citations are dismissed before they get to court. These local politicians are not going to lose any votes by enforcing the law and promoting justice. (Are we safe in assuming you weren’t one of the 161 stopped by officers whose job it normally is to enforce laws governing commercial vehicles?)

It has been one year since Obamacare started. Republicans said it would be a disaster. To all of you Republicans: Mitch Mc- Connell voted more than 50 times to repeal Obama Care. It has created jobs, saved lives and given more than one million people insurance. Mitch and the Republicans did give us one thing, a government shutdown that cost the taxpayers $24 billion.

This is in response to the comment about the Walmart cashier who is always making fun of people: She has talked a lot about a lot of people. It seems to me that her employer could find out who she is. I guess she forgets how she was raised and how her daddy made a living. People don’t forget.

The citizens of Whitesburg would also like to know why they have to pay taxes

on alcohol that they do not drink in the restaurants here in the city. Can the Whitesburg council explain that?

I’m not a big fan of Mitch McConnell, but I am a big fan of free enterprise and entrepreneurship. We will lose this with Mrs. Grimes, or maybe worse. If you want to start a business, vote Mitch McConnell.

It seems like I always about what people think about me. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I try to be as nice to everybody as I can. I would be so embarrassed for my wife and I to work at one school and send our children to another school. That should tell you something right there.

With all the extra money the City of Whitesburg is getting from the payroll tax, it seems to me like we should have clean drinking water in city limits.

This is to the certain someone in the data conversion team: This person thinks it is alright to drink all the energy drink and then speak their piece about me. Then it comes out that they actually typed their piece. They did not speak their piece. Let me tell you, I’m watching you, buddy. I’m on to it. You better stay away from the peach mango energy drink. You know who you are.

I’m calling in regard to the attempted robbery that happened in Blackey. I would like to know how come the police don’t do their job. It is a shame that they are letting people get robbed and the cops do nothing about it. A lady in Blackey witnessed someone trying to steal her air conditioner and refrigerator. The police said there was nothing they could do about it because the thief or thieves were not caught in the act. How pitiful it is that in Letcher County the police would rather let the criminal get away than help an elderly, sick person? It is a shame the world we live in today.

Why don’t they get city water up through Gordon? They could hook onto it at the Pine Mountain Settlement School.

According to prior Facebook posts from Jason Griffith during the last presidential election, it is obvious that he is so far to the left and liberal that he is not the person we need to be mayor of Whitesburg. Why would the people here want to support someone who is so liberal? He supported the very person, Barack Obama, that helped get rid of all the miners’ jobs.

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