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McDonald’s needs to clone the staff that was on duty at the Whitesburg store late Friday night, June 1. The workers were neat and clean in appearance, friendly. Above all, the food was fresh and prepared properly.

It looks like a certain man is going to be a dad again. This will be his third child, all by different mothers. I hope the lady who is pregnant by him this time will wake up and see that he is the biggest scum on earth. He only cares for himself. He will dump you and try to make you look like a very bad person. He did that to his ex-wife and it was all lies. The truth will come out and he will lose. If you ladies would stand together you could make him pay. To the lady who is pregnant now: I wish you the best. You don’t need a man like him. He only wants to have fun and stay gone all the time.

Thanks to the TV show “American Idol” and Fox 11 viewers, more than $70 million has been raised for the needy on two continents. Thousands of Africans will be fed, clothed and medicated. Just as important, the long-deprived population of Letcher County will have teeth.

Well, I would like to make a comment on how fast the emergency vehicles are supposed to go when responding to a call. For example, there was a problem down the road from my house and the speed limit is 15 miles per hour but the two cars I saw were going at least 55 or 60 ’cause all I saw was two white flashes going by with sirens blowing. And also there have been fires and the same thing, all you see is people flying off the face of the earth. I’m talking 30 to 40 or 50 miles over the speed limit. I thought the roads were posted for safe driving speeds. I have wondered what if a little child was curious and wanted to know what that siren was and stepped in the road or out from behind a car or truck. Could they really stop going that fast? If they ever hit one of my children going that fast they’re in trouble, especially some of these volunteers that think there is no speed limit when there is an emergency. For God’s sake, people, slow down and think about other people and check your laws out on that before you kill some innocent person or child. You are supposed to protect and serve, not see how fast you can drive. And by the way there, I hear you bring that big Charger off every morning leaving home. That’s abuse of city property and a waste of taxpayer money.

Nearly five years into this tragedy for all concerned, it just occurred to me that having a civilian, and a dingleberry to boot, telling the entire military what to do, makes even less sense than the Shrub ever could, even on the best of days. Looking back on it, it seems Hitler ran the whole shebang, often to the consternation of the real military officers. Maybe, just like in World War II, we can get America to bail us out.

This is to all the parents in the Kingdom Come school district who have themselves tied up in a knot: I am a long way from being ignorant for sending my child to a school that was fit. If anyone is ignorant it is the parents that have left their children enrolled in a school that has been going down the toilet for years now. When teachers are teaching there and sending their children somewhere else, that should tell you something. The ones of you that have stayed apparently do not care what kind of education your children receive as long as they’re out of your motley hair for eight hours. I want my children to learn and not be left behind. Everyone that has already transferred their children should get a pat on the back for loving them enough to make sure they are well educated. If the gas prices bother you, they will be running a bus, that is what your tax dollars pay for or are you too ignorant to know that. I have the right to send my child anywhere I please because the point is it’s my child, not yours. As for us ignorant parents, we will send our children to a clean, well taken care of school. Now that you won’t have anywhere to stand around and gossip all day, maybe you could take that time to clean your house, you well educated Kingdom Come graduates.

To Shawn and Misty: You make me sick. How can you write love letters to each other and speak about your hearts? What hearts? You don’t have one, therefore your letters to each other are just lies. You are lower than scum. You deserve what you are going to get. My hopes and dreams are that you both burn in hell for what you did. I am living for that day.

How dare Dean and Nina Cornett sit upon their mighty horse and declare themselves judge and jury and proceed to prosecute Jarrod Breeding through any media source that would give them enough ink to make the front page. They complained that the justice system in Letcher County was flawed and that their so-called justice was not taking place. They begged for their time in a court of law. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Cornett, you had your day in court, or should I say you had your week in court. You had an entire week in Perry Circuit Court to provide one shred of evidence to prove that Jarrod Breeding cut your precious trees and to prove him guilty in a democratic court of law. It took 12 honest jurors less than 30 minutes to declare not one mediocre shred of evidence was produced. Jarrod Breeding was found innocent of all the felony allegations against this young man. You, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Cornett, tried to convict this young man for two and a half years by holding your own trial through the media. Now that you have had your week in court, do you have enough backbone and guts to go back to that same media where you defaced Jarrod’s character and say, a jury of our peers confirmed we were wrong? Jarrod has declared his innocence from day one, but you would not stop until the spineless officials in the Letcher County Courthouse bowed to your railroading and proceeded to pursue senseless charges against this young, innocent man. I don’t expect you will ever step up and say we have no evidence that this gentleman did anything wrong, we made a mistake and we are sorry. Shame on you.

To the girl who never smiles: I see you hanging out at the old Sonic drive-in. Why do you always look so unhappy? I’d love to put a smile on your beautiful face. I know I have a couple of times before. Your beauty is beyond compare, your eyes are like looking into the deepest ocean. Even though they are not real, my love for you is. The next time you see me we will probably be hanging out at the same place. I think you know who I am. I will be wearing a black shirt. I don’t want to reveal who I am just yet, but you can call me ‘Jack’. I hope to see your beautiful smile soon.

To a certain man: You know that I love you more than anything in this world. But I don’t know what your intentions are or what you are going to do. I hope one day that you make the right decision about what you’re going to do or what you’re going to have. Just remember, I will always love you.

The same drug dealer on Cram Creek who spent only a little bit of time behind bars because he ratted on everybody else is now selling OxyContin to the same people again. The people he is selling to were doing pretty good until he got out of jail. Now that he’s out he’s selling it to the younger ones. The situation is so that nobody can do anything around here. It’s getting bad again on Cram Creek. Everybody knows who he is and he will be busted again if I have to turn him in 100 times a week.

‘In God We Trust’ it says on our money. One-hundred billion dollars going to kill and destroy. It’s just our tax money going to Allah. Just look around you at the poor here in America. We’re still here. I know some are like me – can’t go to the doctor, no insurance, have to pull your own teeth, and riding on that sugar train out of here because I am a diabetic and have a way to get the medicine I need to take care of it. Mr. President, sir, you take that money and send it over there to fight your war. See, I believe in it, that all men should be free. So maybe Allah will give you a camel that is constipated and 70 virgins with PMS. I sure hope so, because you sure deserve something for your good works. I’m beginning to believe it’s true: You suck. But it’s the taxpayers you are sucking dry. Jesus Christ loves you, but I want a divorce, because you are committing adultery with our money. Think about it.

I once had a woman in church tell me that you are judged by the fruit you bear. While the only judgment that matters is God’s, everybody who sees what you are doing judges you by what you bring forth or put out. This same exact woman who said this in church, I have since found out, has sold Lortab pills to my grandson. She didn’t sell it to him directly. She had another person sell it to him for her, but the pills came from her. So you tell me, woman, how much are you being judged and what are you being judged by? My grandson is in rehab, no thanks to you. And I hope God does have mercy on your soul, because I’ll never forgive you and I’ll never have mercy if I catch you out.

I was talking to some people who went to the Letcher County Central High School graduation. Everything was okay if you don’t count that they didn’t have a guest speaker and no one was there to get the crowd out. That was a mess. I thought that was what ushers were for. Okay, let’s not forget about Letcher’s eighthgrade graduation, either. It was nice – don’t get me wrong – except for the reception. It was held in the concession stand. It would have been very nice to have tables and chairs so we could sit and look at our children’s scrapbooks and eat. It was so stupid to see little threeand four-year-old kids sitting in the floor trying to eat.

To all you widows and widowers: The best place you could ever go to is the community center up at Hemphill. If you’ve lost a loved one or you want to talk with somebody or something like that, there are very decent people up there. We would like to have you every Friday night. Admission is only five dollars. There are beautiful ladies and nice looking men who would appreciate it if you would attend.

Something that’s been on my mind for several days now is the fact that parents and school officials have gotten to be so stupid that they now encourage their eighth-grade sons and daughters to wear tuxedos and prom-style dresses to their eighth-grade dance. Some even rent limousines to transport their child and his or her ‘date’ to the dance. When will this madness stop? What are these idiots thinking? When did our society start going so wrong?

If you try to report drug dealing going on to the sheriff’s office, especially in the Doty Creek area, it seems like they don’t want to have anything to do with you. You know the reason why? Because they’re scared to do anything about it.

Has anyone thought this through? Anybody who has been around the carnival workers when they come to Whitesburg know that many of them are drinkers. Now they will be able to spend their days up the street in a local bar/restaurant eating a peanut butter sandwich and drinking. What kind of shape will this put them in early in the evenings when they carnival starts up and they are around children? It makes you wonder.

To the people in Letcher County being pestered by stray dogs: That is a way of life. I am an old person, and that is the way it’s always been all of my life. People have four or five old hound dogs who have to fight with the chickens for what scraps people leave them. They then roam the neighborhood and scrounge for food or starve to death. You have to handle this problem yourself or call Dog Killer Jim. He knows how to solve the problem.

Thanks to the people at the Ermine Senior Citizens Center. You are helping a lot of people and you are doing a real good job. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Somewhere in the state a crazy house was shut down because of a lack of funds. Sadly, they all came to a certain location in Neon to live. How sad.

I’m wondering if The Mountain Eagle is pushing out Speak Your Piece itself or if people just aren’t calling anymore. Or, are people calling and their stuff isn’t being printed? We need to call Speak Your Piece and keep it going.

(Speak Your Piece is doing fine – other than the few times recently (including this past week) when we have been busy and forgotten to turn over a tape after it has filled up.)

I would like to see how you would like it if you drank antifreeze. I also would like to see you caught in a trap.

Could somebody tell me how somebody could possibly get the rapture out of John 12:32? The verse in the Bible says, ‘And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all things to myself.’ Jesus was not talking about the rapture in that passage. Please, someone call in to Speak Your Piece and tell me if I am right. Someone told me that signifies the rapture, but I don’t believe that’s what it is. Is it not also true that the blood of the lamb of God was shed for our sins? Thank you.

I think the ladies who work at the jail need to stop hanging the phone up when people call for their boyfriends.

I want to say thank you to Mayor James Wiley Craft for the job he has done so far in trying to put the City of Whitesburg back on the map. Getting that vote done on the alcohol sales in restaurants will one day be very important. I also hope the mayor sticks to his guns and doesn’t allow the KYVA Motor building to be torn down. I find it hard to believe that would have even been considered in the first place by an outfit that calls itself the conservation district.

To my green-eyed baby who is in jail: I love you and I always will.

America’s energy policy, Ethanol E-85. I had a chance to fill up a vehicle with this stuff the other day. At the time it cost $2.85 a gallon in southwestern Ohio while regular gas was $3.22. The vehicle was a brandnew Chevrolet Impala and got four miles less per gallon on Ethanol. Isn’t that amazing? To me, E-85 is nothing.

Even Lucifer and his demons know Scripture. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Well, I’d say most people do, but the person I’m talking about doesn’t.

I’m sitting here reading about the black bears in Jenkins and the state saying they didn’t put them here. I reckon they were born with a yellow and red tag in their ear. They’re trying to ‘educate’ the people in Jenkins and Letcher County when they couldn’t even educate a two-year-old kid the way they run things in Frankfort. Thank you.

My driveway is not the turning around point in Dunham. I’m going to start flattening some tires. Stay out of my driveway.

I am responding to the comment about people removing their children from Kingdom Come Elementary School. The school shut down because it was no longer doing its job. They shouldn’t blame the parents for taking their children to a school where they can get an education.

I live at Lewis’s Creek on the Letcher-Harlan county line. I am the parent of a beautiful teen-age daughter whose life was destroyed by drugs. It was later found out that the person who sold my daughter drugs had previously been arrested and had his case dismissed in Harlan County because the chief detective in the case was Roger Hall, who was convicted of corruption for blocking a federal drug investigation. Untold numbers of our children have had their lives destroyed by the acts of Roger Hall. Until Roger Hall looks into the eyes of the parents of children whose lives he has destroyed and he sees the never-ending pain he has caused, there will be no adequate justice in this world. May you burn in hell, Roger Hall.

To a certain drug-dealing witch: You think you are God’s greatest gift, but we all know you have been in jail once before and that it’s only a matter of time until you go back to jail where you belong.

I’ve always said loyalty has a price tag. It does – five million dollars. The Magic job came along and Billy Donovan took it. He said he had to have hands-on control. He must have gotten it down in Magicland in Orlando. He must have gotten a free pass to Disney World, too. Billy D. has left the Florida Gators high and dry. Now they have to go out and get a coach. If was Jai Lucas I would be seeing if I could come to Rupp Arena and play for Kentucky. I’m sure glad for one thing, that we got Billy G. The only loyalty Billy D. has is for a dollar bill. So who is happy right now? University of Kentucky fans. I just love it. When I heard he was leaving I put in my CD of my favorite Kentucky basketball moments and fight songs. I’m just waiting for Midnight Madness this fall.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Buster Gibson, please reply in Speak Your Piece. I would also like to know about the ‘rock on the neck’ at the Haz Sexton place. I would appreciate anything anyone could tell me. Thank you.

How can you say you love me when you set me up? You hurt me and you allowed your family to hurt me. How can you love someone and do this? You say family doesn’t control your love or your emotions, but I saw the truth this time.

To the man in the white Mustang: You sure do look good.

Do no harm. That’s an oath a doctor takes when he becomes a doctor. When you don’t help someone with a pain problem you are going against the oath you took. You should then stop being a doctor and start being something else. I saw where someone said Operation UNITE is afraid to come into Letcher County. If they are the cause of sick people not being able to have a doctor, you better believe they’ll be afraid to come into Letcher County.

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