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I have sat and watched many games in the last several years at Letcher County Central High School, and I have to say that I am disgusted by the coaching staff. How can a team that is losing hold the ball for more than five minutes in a quarter? The way you win a game is to fight. This mentality has been going on for years now and it just keeps getting worse. After the 53rd District Championship game, Whitaker Bank sponsored a dinner for both of the teams. Our wonderful coaching staff sent a group text out to all of the players after they left the gym. No one from LCC came to this dinner. Why do we as parents and supporters of a school system keep putting up with this stupidity?

. What’s wrong with the restaurants in this town? Went to one for lunch today, waited 10 minutes and no server. I left. Went to another place and no lettuce. I left. It’s ridiculous. Both places lost my business and I’ll think twice before going to either of them again.

. Folks, are you proud of yourselves? You voted for Mitch McConnell. He said he was going to stop the war on coal. Guess what. There is no more war. There is no more coal. Thanks again, Mitch.

. To that hot blonde, initials A.W.: I know you are reading. Stop crunching those darn pumpkin seeds so loudly.

. Concerning a recent coal truck wreck that ended with the truck’s wheels pointing toward the sky, the Kentucky State Police need to check closely into how the crash happened. Look at the tire marks and surface. The driver’s front tire didn’t drop off the pavement onto exceptionally soft ground. The ground is not soft there and the angle and distance he went off the edge show he just ran off the road and cut back hard enough to roll his overweight truck over and dump coal into the creek. Kentucky State Police, put down your donuts and get to work. Check to see if the driver was texting or talking on his cell phone.

. Would every Republican reading this please contact your representatives and remind them they are supposed to be working for us, their constituents, not for Israel and Iran? Which side are they on? They need to learn to love America and be more patriotic.

. I think it is a shame that when you come upon Neon Junction at 3 a.m. and there are guys playing poker no one will do anything about it. Get a life.

. Ho w Asplundh has a right to block a country road? They were in George B. Branch on Cowan from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 2. They cut one tree, but they had the road blocked for the biggest part of the day. People who live nearby were not notified that

this tree had to be cut. Asplundh is back to its old self again — killing time, getting paid and doing nothing. It took them eight hours to cut one tree. While Kentucky Power Company is making all of these outrageous charges to its customers the company needs to look into some things and see what this Asplundh bunch is doing. We’re being charged extra so the trees can be cut from the lines. They sure are taking their sweet time about it.

. I’m just wondering if everyone has gotten quiet about Brian Damron. How many times has he arrested someone and just taken what they had so he could steal it and not be prosecuted? I wonder if they will look back over any of these cases. Let’s see what is going on.

. Hope the Cats finish the season undefeated.

. I am a big fan of Kentucky Explorer. How come people never offer to put pictures in there from around here? Seems like photos are only of Harlan, Lexington or Jackson. I’d like to see photos of Letcher County in there so we can see old pictures of old people we used to know in our neighborhoods.

. I wish our county offi cials would pass and enforce a very strong law for everybody to have an animal-proof cage to put their garbage in. They say the coons are doing it. They say the neighborhood dogs are doing it. They say the coyotes are doing it. They say the bears are doing it. I don’t care who or what is doing it, I have a real good garbage can that they can’t get into. I wish our good officials, and they are good people, would enforce a law to make every person put out better garbage cans. Ride up and down these hollows and look. It is filthy. We are a disgrace to ourselves.

. I just want to say that I sure am glad that I am one of the many who threw Tyrone Fields under the bus. I admit that what he did was wrong if he did it and he probably was guilty of it. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought it. He thought it himself. I just think that is pretty respectful and pretty nice for a man his age to admit guilt. I just wanted to say kudos to him for admitting it.

. Is it true that Paul Ryan, Greg Stumbo, and Eddie Munster were triplets separated at birth? Seriously, Google their pictures and judge for yourself.

. A certain county worker a liar and a coward. It’s no wonder he hides when people try to confront him. I guess he is afraid someone will kick his behind for being such a weasel.

. Residents of Upper Bottom, if you haven’t figured out who the drug dealer is just watch for the cars.

. This is to the old cat killer: You might ought to

think about saving a few of those cats to keep around your house to keep the rats away. Have a good day.

. I want to tell some county workers and magistrates how much I appreciate what they did for me during this bad weather. A special thanks to Magistrate Woody Holbrook, Magistrate Wayne Fleming, Danny Bentley from the county garage, Billy Smallwood from the state highway department, and Eddie Meade from the county judge’s office. All of you fellows helped me and I did appreciate it. It won’t be forgotten. It’s time to brag on some of our magistrates and workers around here.

. Bobby should get out of the courthouse. You should get back in the church house and stay away from that courthouse. You are just being a speaker and yes man for the county judge.

. The county judge is in the gas company’s pocket. My gas went off at 2 a.m. It’s a 8 o’clock and I still don’t have any heat. It got down to six below zero. I’m lucky that a neighbor took me in.

. To whomever at the post offices that my Mountain Eagle goes through before it gets to me in Franklin, Ohio: Will you please buy your own subscription to The Mountain Eagle and quit holding on to mine for two to three weeks. I don’t enjoy reading my paper after you have eaten breakfast and dinner on it and read it. Buy your own subscription and you won’t have to read mine. And I know my Mountain Eagle is being mailed out from their office the same time every week, because when they put my paper in a manila envelope and mail it to me, since you can’t rip it open and read it, the paper gets here in three days, not three or four weeks

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