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Can anyone out there explain to me how a postmaster and mail carrier can deny mail service to seven residents in the Isom area? Their excuse is the carrier doesn’t have a place to turn without backing up. Well, hello — we don’t live in Lexington. Our roads aren’t level streets laid out in blocks. Almost all of the hollows in our county are narrow with hillsides and not always easy to navigate. Mail service has been provided to this road for at least 40 years, the only change being the road is now paved. Four of these seven residents are disabled, and one has served in the military. Driving several miles to a post office may not seem hard to most people, but can be a challenge to an older disabled resident. All of these residents have worked, or are still working, paid taxes, and deserve to have their mail delivered to their mailbox close to their home. If the carrier can’t provide this service, maybe a younger more able person should be doing the job. Mail service wasn’t denied to two residents living within a few feet of the other seven. Their delivery also requires the carrier to back up to turn, so what is the difference? This is an injustice and discrimination to these residents. (We have forwarded your comment to U.S. Postal Service officials in Louisville and will let you know what they say in response.)

. The need for protection of aged veterans in Letcher County. I’m talking about those such as the veteran who was living under an old coal camp house in filthy conditions, but now is living with a woman who continues taking his $4,000 per month for her needs. The disabled and aged Vietnam War vet pleads with family members to come get him before the woman takes all his money at the first of the month. Where are the adult protection service workers, the police, and the Veterans Administration and Social Security officials? This poor man needs intervention, but no one cares. Signed, Concerned.

. What ’s Letcher County? A great preacher ( better gospel singer) married his wife, then her sister, and now his wife’s daughter-in-law, causing such conflict, hurt, and pain in the family and church. Prayers are needed for such deeds as these. This is the same preaching man who complained that a certain gambler from was a sinner. My thinking is the first is the greater sinner of the two. (If what you say is so, then it’s probably safe to add that whether someone might be gambling should be the least of this preacher’s worries.)

. So how is mayor Depriest doing? He recommend that a city worker be fired when he was still the city administrator because the worker charged $20 gas on a city credit card. Mr. Mayor then

took $1,200-plus in blacktop, wrote the city a cold check for that amount and all is well. Mr. Mayor also recommend a well trained certified veteran employee be fired because his wife made a true comment about our dirty water, then recommended that previous Mayor Kincer give the job to a friend’s son who was untrained. Prior to leaving office, Mayor Kincer fired the same employee for failing a drug test. Yes, Todd, that statement you made in your first meeting as mayor, ‘No one failed a drug test,’ will have to be answered. This same employee, being untrained or otherwise, let the tank that serves the Kidney Dialysis Center pump dry, creating a hazardous situation for the patients. Mayor Depriest is cutting back services in an attempt to avoid placing any further tax burden on the citizens. Mayor, please help us comprehend how you justify two men riding that 4×4 40 hours a week from one end of town to the other, just having fun. Mayor, again you state Jenkins must have five police officers. Well let Einstein McCall do some checking and see were the town was policed with three officers for years when the population was three times greater to what it is now. Those three officers also received three times’ less pay than those of today. The difference is, they worked rather than playing at the firehouse and running around being pretty boys. I’m just getting started. Stay tuned in comings weeks. It gets a lot better.

. I Save-A-Lot food store in Whitesburg nearly as much I should, but whenever I do see their sale paper in The Eagle and go back there I always end up being amazed by how clean the store is and how friendly the staff is. Just wanted to let them know how much I appreciate the extra work it must take to keep a grocery store that clean. (Save-A-Lot is one clean store. And thanks for responding to their ad when it appears in the paper.)

. What has happened with the special prosecutor and grand jury that were going to be looking into the criminal allegations against the sheriff ’s deputy who was fired several week ago? As sad as this is to believe, those who have been predicting this would all just be ‘swept under the rug’ appear to be correct. I have been told the courthouse gang has been trying to convince anyone who will listen to them that the only people upset over the crimes allegedly committed by Mr. Damron are those who are high on drugs. In the eyes of some of our county and court officials, apparently, if you don’t approve Mr. Damron’s actions you are a ‘drug head.’

. You’ve got the sorriest phone service that has ever been on the face of this earth and you ought to be

ashamed of yourself.

. I would like to say happy belated birthday to my nephew Dustin John Collins on March 9. Aunt Sissy loves you and misses you.

. I’d like to say hi to my baby doll. I don’t get to see you much anymore or talk to you, but I still love you.

. I would like for somebody to tell me the difference between Whitesburg Police Chief Tyrone Fields getting arrested for drunk driving and firemen going out and setting fires. I just want someone to tell me the difference, please.

. I wish Jim Ward would follow the same steps that the mayor of Whitesburg has in enforcing the dog leash law throughout the county. We have dog wardens who are supposed to be doing that. They’re not. We’ve got dogs running around everywhere in the county. People can’t even walk up and down the road without dogs coming out and barking at them and biting them. It’s just one thing or another. It’s just ignorance that the people of this county and the leaders of this county won’t stop that. I also think that anybody on public assistance who is caught buying dog food for a pack of old dogs hanging around their house should have their public assistance cut off and stopped. They need to put that money toward feeding and educating their children.

. This is the old cat killer. No, I don’t need any cats around my house to run off rats. Fact is there are so many cats around here that I think they are rats. No, thank you. Don’t need them. Don’t want them. Cats are like people who get on welfare. The more you do for them, the lazier they get. They just lie there and breed. This is the old cat killer saying have a great big meow day.

. What do you call a male Christian who likes to hurt an animal or person and doesn’t care? Does anyone have an answer to this? Please call it in to Speak Your Piece.

. I against Whitaker Bank. They charged me more than $200 in overdraft fees while I was trapped in the snowstorm. They refuse to adjust it. I think that is pretty low coming from what is supposed to be a community bank.

. A very nice woman has passed. I can remember her singing in some churches we used to go to and I know in my heart the feeling you could get just from her singing was just marvelous. I know she is in the green pastures she sang about and the glory land she sang about. She had the most beautiful voice. She was tenderhearted and a very nice, loving mother. She will be missed. One thing about it, she won’t have to worry anymore. Just hold your hand up and you can feel God’s love and God’s power. If you can accept Him in your heart, He will accept you. He’s standing at the door knocking. All you have to do is just open the door and let Him in your heart. You aren’t going to go from a sinner to perfect. Not one man is without sin. We sin daily. She sure will be missed and in my heart I will always remember those beautiful songs she sang. She will always remain in my heart. She was a wonderful woman. I’d like to say to her family, I know you miss her. Jesus is there. He has to have them there to sing and praise Him. They get to walk on streets of gold. God bless you all.

. I would like to ask all the voters in Letcher County and other Kentucky counties to consider making this upcoming election with the governor to be a campaign issue to address child support, child visitation, custody of the fathers. Fathers in this county are discriminated

against because they don’t get to see their children on equal basis. All of our representatives seem to pass the buck and say it is somebody else’s problem or they say that it is the family court’s problem. Somebody made these laws that discriminate against the fathers that only allow a father to see his child four days a month. This is not right. Laws need to be changed. People who are voted into office need to be held accountable for stuff like that. This is totally wrong. A man should be able to see their children and help raise their children on a 50/50 basis. I encourage everyone who feels the same way I do to contact their legislator. Get a hold of the governor. Get a hold of somebody and try to get these laws changed in the state of Kentucky. I’m sure that God does not feel the same way as our legislators feel. He made us. He made our children. I’m sure he wants the fathers to have equal opportunity to raise their children.

. The neighbors in Sergent would like to thank Christopher Sexton for taking his time to get out in zero degree weather and scraping our roads. We appreciate him very much. He has a kind heart and he did it for nothing.

. Hey everyone, are you tired of living in Drug City of Letcher County? I know I am. I want your help to take our town right back. Could The Mountain Eagle tell me how I could get a government grant and pay $2,000 for McRoberts School? Has someone purchased Whitesburg High School? Jenkins’ school went to whom, for how much? Thank you so much. I’d like to give the McRoberts School back to the little ones.

. Hey Whitesburg Policemen, if you butt in my business, I am going to make your business my business.

. It is my opinion, ‘You can’t make it in the USA without an education;’ however, the illegal aliens do ‘make it in the USA’ and they make it for the ‘most part’ without an education. If illegal aliens can make it in the USA without an education, why can’t American citizens with an education or without an education, also make it in the USA the same way the illegal aliens make it? It is my opinion that the American (USA) citizens who are educated and are on welfare programs like food stamps and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are encouraged to refrain from ‘making it’ by working for ‘it’ the way illegal aliens ‘work for it.’ They have been brainwashed by the educational establishment here, now, in the United States. The younger generation of American-born citizens has been led to believe that, as a result of their indoctrination of Socialistic government projects, they can develop a work-free society that can be operated by foreign labor. Therefore, the government only needs to give them a ‘free check’ for their part of going to school and getting a degree in anything. They now believe their only obligation to the United States is to vote once a year for some ‘shady,’ so-called ‘underdog’ politician. Fortunately, all American citizens do not follow their lead toward a socialist-inclined United States. We still have men like Senator Mitch McConnell who will speak for us and save our nation from Socialism and the communist. Thank God for Mitch McConnell.

. Dearest Broken: You are not broken! You may be bent as we all are at times when we touch the ground, but this is a part of life’s cycle. It’s transitory as the wind. We just have to remain strong during this period. Believe me, it will pass. You have to be positive and find small things to share with others, even if

it is only a smile. Volunteer, help someone else lighten their load and in return yours will be lighter. Compliment small things. If you don’t like someone’s dress, but maybe it’s one of your favorite colors, tell them, ‘lovely color.’ Find the positives. They are there if you look. Try to smile more. It can be catching! A teacher from New York, years ago, told me that in painting a portrait, look for beauty because everyone has moments of it if you only look. She’s still going strong at 96.

The remaining 50 to 40 percent is comprised of senior staff who voluntarily relocate to Letcher County.

BOP officials will accept public comments regarding the DEIS until March 30. Mail comment forms to Webber or Gaston, U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Capacity and Planning Branch, 320 First Street, NW, Washington, DC 20534. The DEIS is available for public viewing online at www.fbopletchercountydeis.com.

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