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Editor’s Note: Last week, a reader commented in Speak Your Piece about delays in mail service in the Jeremiah area. As promised, we forwarded the complaint to U.S. Postal Service officials in Louisville. On Tuesday, we received a timely response from David Walton, head of corporate communications for the USPS in Kentucky.

Writes Mr. Walton: “Recently one of your readers wrote to your newspaper to express his displeasure with mail delivery to his home in Jeremiah. We’d like the opportunity to respond. This particular road is quite challenging because of its narrow width and steep hills. Since there is no turnaround at the end of the road the carrier must maneuver her vehicle in reverse down the same road which is not only unsafe for her but also for other drivers and pedestrians, not even factoring in bad weather. “Delivering the mail is important and we must keep in mind the safety of all involved. The Postal Service has given two solutions to the residents on Tipple Road – relocating their mailboxes or picking up their mail at the Jeremiah Post Office. “Since there’s only one way in and out of Tipple Road, we felt these were fair and viable options for residents. We will continue to look into this matter.”

. From The Washington Post comes this update on the Republican ‘War on Women’: ‘Earlier this year, House Republicans caused an uproar when, in one of the first acts of the new Congress, they attempted to pass an antiabortion bill that would grant exceptions to a rape victim only if she reported the assault to police. Republican women rebelled, and GOP leaders pulled the bill. In the weeks since then, Republican offi ceholders across the land have been demonstrating that if there isn’t a Republican war on women, there are a lot of loose cannons. In recent weeks, Republican state legislators have described a pregnant woman as ‘the child’s host’ rather than a mother (in Virginia), called women a ‘lesser cut of meat’ (South Carolina), likened Planned Parenthood to the Islamic State terror group (South Dakota), proposed legislation outlawing yoga pants (Montana) and suggested that it is not rape when a man has sex with an unconscious woman if he is in a relationship with her (Utah). Need any more proof that the God Offal Party is conducting a War on Women? But they should be careful; women are the most powerful force on Earth.


A certain man claims to be a preacher, but he is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He may have everyone fooled into believing he is this great man of God, but God says everything that is done in secret shall be brought to light, and I promise his day is coming. Just because no one has held him accountable for the things he has done in the past doesn’t mean he can continue to do them. He preaches honesty yet he won’t own up to what he’s done. He would rather blame his victims while he just keeps stacking the skeletons in his closet. I’ve known for years the things he has hidden because he hurt someone in my family. And believe me, had it not been for her not wanting anyone to know about it, he would be in prison. She was so humiliated by what he did to her that nothing was done about it. It makes me sick that men like him can hurt people while his wives will cover it up him. And yes, I do know that his ex- wife knew exactly what he did, and the fact that she stayed married to him for so long makes her just as guilty. She is no better than him in my book. Any woman who could stand behind a man like him is pathetic, especially if it’s her child that he is hurting. I’ve listened for years about what a great man he is and I’ve bitten my tongue many times when his name has come up in conversations. I’m going to sit back and watch, because the light is about to break through the darkness and he will reap what he’s sown.

. This is in response to the person who keeps badmouthing our mayor in Jenkins: As an employee of the city, I must say it is a far better place to work now. We can actually get a hold of our boss and know he’s at work when we need him. When our city was flooding recently, our new mayor and several others were out working at no expense to the city. Do you know why? It’s because we take great pride in our community and the well-being of its citizens. I know for a fact that Mayor Depriest made every effort to help anyone when the snowstorms hit. He made sure crews were out and our businesses were in operation. Members of the prior administration would have been on a beach somewhere, not worrying about what’s going on in the city. As far as the ‘men on the 4×4,’ only one is an employee and he is part time. The others are on the Ktap program at no expense to the city. Did you know the former mayor fired a woman at City Hall exactly one month before Christmas — because of rumors that she was ‘campaigning for Todd at the city pool?’ So get your facts straight before running your mouth. The former mayor and his wife lost. They need to get over it. Todd is doing a great job, and last week’s caller was just mad because of it. Thank you.


I wrote Speak Your Piece two weeks ago concerning the abuses of power perpetrated by now-shamed Letcher County Sheriff ’s Deputy Brian Damron and the instances of harassment I suffered at his hands. Now I shall offer more contributions to this escalating scandal by relating an incriminating series of events that I happen to know Brian Damron conducted. If you must, for legal reasons, call them ‘allegations.’ Several years back, Damron somehow obtained some ‘placebo’ OxyContin tablets, which are used specifically for building cases on drug dealers. They are not real OxyContin tablets, but they are made by Purdue Pharma especially for law enforcement officials and are identical to the real (and valid) thing. Damron sent out an informant of his with nearly 100 of these bogus 80 milligram pills to sell. At the time, the pills were retailing for up to $100 each on the streets. Brian Damron kept all the money made from the ‘sale’ of the pills, giving his informant $10 or so for each of them for his trouble in taking the time to sell them for Officer Damron. To be clear, I am stating that Brian Damron somehow fraudulently acquired those phony pills and used his informant to retail them to local drug dealers, and that all profits were deceitfully kept by Brian Damron. As I said in my earlier posts, Brian Damron is the worst type of criminal because he shamed the honor of the badge as he hid behind it to commit crimes that make him no different than people he himself arrested and helped to incarcerate in many cases. That fact now takes us to my next point: Thoroughly dissecting and investigating all the cases Brian Damron has been connected with in the past as well as currently. We have been told that the investigation into Damron’s crimes is ongoing, and also that Edison Banks has requested another party to carry out the investigation because of the close proximity with which Banks and Damron have worked in the past. But no one has mentioned all the possible malfeasance, unfairness, and questionable possibilities within any and all arrests, investigations, cases, trials, arrests, etc., that Brian Damron has been associated with in whatever capacity. To have absolute, impartial fairness and, more importantly, justice to be truly served, anything that had the taint of Brian Damron attached to it must be reviewed and carefully gone through with a fine-toothed comb to insure that Damron did not apply any deceit or mishandling to them. God forbid that an innocent person is doing time in jail or prison based on anything in their case connected to Damron in any manner, great or small, because if an officer of the law will compromise themselves in the manner that Brian Damron has then surely perhaps there are others that have also suffered mistreatment or worse because of Damron’s lack of integrity, honor, and morality.

. A tip of the hat to the Presbyterian Church for accepting gay marriage. When are the other churches going to come out of the Dark Ages?


Remember how clean the banks of the North Fork of the Kentucky River and its tributaries had gotten to be under the administration of former Letcher County Judge/Executive Carroll Smith? It seem like a thousand years ago when you look at the pitiful shape in which Judge Jim Ward has allowed out county to slip into since he took over. If you don’t believe that who is in charge matters, just look at you environment around you. Ward has slowly taken us back into the dark days from which we had all hoped to be escaping. These questions are to the people who chose to replace Carroll with Jim: Was having a county judge who treated all equally, rich or poor, such a bad thing? Did you not like having a good moral man with backbone in the courthouse? Are you happy that the natural gas companies were allowed to run over us for a few years under Ward, only to leave our county and their mess behind with very few jobs created? What were you thinking when you voted to get rid of the best official Letcher County has ever had? What happened to all those jobs Ward promised to bring — you know, the ones Ward accused Smith of missing out on because Smith refused to kiss up to the powers that be?

. I’ve been wondering why Mr. Welch doesn’t submit pictures of just the plain old everyday students from years ago in the newspaper instead of the ones that are well known. You know some of those people would like to see their pictures and names in the newspaper, too. Maybe he could go through and pick out just a few of us everyday simple people. (Are you being serious? If you are, it is downright sad that — of all people — you would accuse contributing writer Bennett Welch of ignoring ‘plain old everyday students from years ago’ in his columns. It is beyond ridiculous. In writing his columns about the days of old at Whitesburg High School and Fleming-Neon High School, Mr. Welch is limited by the material with which he has to work, which in most cases is very little. Instead of criticizing the exhaustive work he does for free, how about calling him up and recommending something that he may be overlooking but you would like to see? If you’ve got old photos or other pertinent information, we are quite sure he would welcome it, as it would make is efforts easier. His telephone number is 606-633-5966. For those of you who do appreciate Mr. Welch’s work, please call him up and let him know. Meanwhile, we at The Mountain Eagle are often asked why we carry only the remembrances from Whitesburg and Fleming-Neon High Schools while ignoring the high schools at Jenkins, Dunham, Letcher, Kingdom Come, Stuart Robinson and elsewhere. It is because those two schools are the ones with which Mr. Welch is familiar and has access to historical materials such as yearbooks and student newspapers. We would gladly welcome similar contributions from anyone interested in putting together columns similar to those being written by Mr. Welch. The pay is little, but the rewards are … well, hopefully, the rewards are better than what you might think from reading the criticism above.)

. I believe that Captain Kenny Terry of the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office should be allowed to do his job and put these drug heads in jail where they belong. Certain people have reported certain drug dealing in the Doty Creek area, but nothing is being done about it.

. I’m responding to an article in the March 11 edition of The Mountain Eagle about everybody being asked to show up at the high school to rally around the building of the new prison. I’m okay with that, but I haven’t heard anything else about the distillery that will be making moonshine. I’m real curious as to why I haven’t seen any stories about that. I hope it is still happening. Maybe I hope to get a job there. Please let me know. (Thanks for your comment. However, you may need to read the paper just a little more closely. Two weeks ago, we published a photograph showing the progress being made on the remodeling of the old Kyva Motor Company building that will house the distillery in downtown Whitesburg. The distillery was also the subject of discussion at the March meeting of the Whitesburg City Coucil, which was also was covered by the paper.)


If anyone has lost a blue and white paddleboat near the high waters, you can find it across the bridge in Whitco at the blue house on the left as you come across the bridge in Whitco. You can see it sitting in the yard. I hope that whoever lost it will come and try to tell them that it is yours.

. Hibbett Sports is a real community leader. They don’t advertise here in Letcher County, but they advertised in the SEC Tournament program. That really helps us locally.

. Our county judge needs to get his act together. If he is going to make some pay garbage bills, make them all or they are going to get a warrant for him.

. What happened to the big, new Blackey bridge that is supposed to be going in?

. Nobody around can get pain pill from a doctor. Wouldn’t letting a person get a pain pill be better than getting the heroin and hard drugs in here? We didn’t have this problem whenever people could go to the doctor and get pain pills. Now, it is heroin and all of this other crazy stuff like bath salts. If they’d just let people get back to the old pain pills, maybe all the heroin and stuff would get out of here. When everybody else is legalizing marijuana, why can’t Kentucky? It would be a better place.

. I will never vote for another Democratic president again. All you people with your free health insurance, great for you. We people who work for a living know they took our taxes. We don’t get tax refunds. They fine us, and next year it is going to be six percent. So I guess I get to go out and get a bank loan next year. Better yet, maybe I’ll sit at home and get free insurance like the rest of you. Maybe I’ll get to move into the housing project rent-free. Maybe I can get some food stamps. I am tired of keeping up all of you sorry-ass people in Letcher County.

. Do you believe in false prophets? Where are they? Jesus said there would be many false prophets. Are all these religions right or are a great many of them wrong? Which way are we supposed to go? Help us, Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


I’m calling about these Illinois politicians. Is it a requirement that once you serve a little while that you end up going to prison? It’s bound to be, because for the last 25 or 30 years everybody that has served has ended up in prison. I know of one governor that is out of prison and the other governor is in prison for 14 years. There is a United States senator in prison. A congressman and his wife are in prison. Now another congressman resigned because he got caught for what must be normal up there, stealing. I can’t understand how you can have so many people from one state going to prison. Illinois, give them the trophy.

. This last Tuesday evening we were at the Food City parking lot. There were all kinds of cars and ambulances and everything else there, but we didn’t hear anything about it. There was a young lady who overdosed at the medical clinic there and nobody knew about it. I’m tired of those who hide everything that goes on. We need to know something about this. They won’t turn any information loose, because they are afraid they will get sued. I think we ought to know what is going on in our town with the drugs and the crookedness. People do just whatever the hell they want to. (Privacy rules under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 prevent the release of such information.)

. Please be careful driving through the Walmart parking lot. It is full of potholes. It’s a bumpy ride.

. I propose that they amend HIPAA to include not sending healthcare information overseas. Is the health care industry so hard up they have outsource medical records work overseas? If they paid Americans to do the work then maybe people here would have jobs.

. To a certain person: Well, bless your heart. Did you really think you were going to deceive someone with that comment? You better be careful. God will get you for that.

. I am so proud of the City of Whitesburg for passing dog laws and junk car laws and stuff like that. I just hope the police absolutely enforce them in putting up fences and keeping them on their own ground. I wish they would do it throughout the whole county, but I know that they won’t. Do like the old cat killer does, take care of it yourself. Have a great big meow day.

. The bypass road at Pikeville has rocks that fall off the cliff. They have been falling off for years. About 20 or 30 years ago a rock fell off and killed a mine inspector who was traveling by. Nothing was done. Now, big rocks fall and the state is getting hysterical. The thing of it is they built the town on the riverbank. Now, they can’t reroute the road because it

would interfere with tourism. It’s the businesses that run Pikeville at the expense of the people and at the expense of public safety.

. Mr. Obama, I want to know where you get ‘affordable healthcare.’ You want $849 a month for healthcare. Well I live in Letcher County where nobody has healthcare. That’s more than my car payment and house payment put together. I guess I am supposed to go homeless. I’ve got news for Hillary Clinton. I won’t be voting for her either. I’ll vote for no Democrats at all. Rand Paul ran and I didn’t like him. I love him now. I will vote for any Republican to get rid of this so-called affordable healthcare. That goes for local elections, too.

. I’ve got a situation here and I’m trying to find out how to cure it. I’m a UK fan who doesn’t know what a loss feels like. I was wondering if one of those Louisville fans could tell me. Maybe some of those fans from North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, Arkansas or Florida can try to give us an idea of what a loss is like. I just don’t know what it is like. Maybe you can help me. (Do you know about karma? If you do, then we’re asking you, as fellow UK fans, to please not gloat about a historical perfect season that’s within reach but has yet to be accomplished. But since you’ve already done so, please knock on wood!)

. This is to whomever called about Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward following the same steps as the mayor of Whitesburg about the dogs: Come on. Those dogs don’t have a choice. If they bother you so much, why don’t you join a rescue team and try to rescue dogs. They are just trying to find a home. Do you think they are wandering out because they want to be an annoyance? Why don’t you try to help the dogs?

. The news is out. The Letcher County man who lost his wife to another man a year or so ago needs to know that his ex-wife is now pregnant.

. To a certain fast-food restaurant in Whitesburg: There’s no ‘y’ in fries. It’s been on your sign for three weeks. Get your head in the game.

. I’ve been eating at a certain restaurant for 20 years now and I’m tired that every time I go in there now they are always out of this or that. I wish somebody would please open up a new restaurant in Neon or try to get some new help somewhere that you can be waited on.

. It’s a shame that a person has to wait in line for 20 minutes to get a sausage biscuit and a cup of coffee.

. I watched the University of Kentucky ballgame and I wonder why CBS won’t show the score. They showed fouls, turnovers and timeouts. It’s like they are trying to keep the score a secret from people watching it.


I live out of town. However, I keep up with the locals via The Mountain Eagle, friends, and family. I have two questions/comments for Speak Your Piece: 1) Glad to see Chief Fields plead guilty. So, if the insurance carrier will allow the city to keep Chief Fields on their auto policy as a driver, who’s going to pay for the 300-400 percent increase on the premium for the next five years because of the DUI? If they will not allow Chief Fields to be covered on the auto policy until his DUI is off his record (five years) how is Chief Fields going to patrol and do his daily duties? Is Mayor Craft going to purchase a Segway for Chief Fields? 2) How many vacation, sick and personal days does County Attorney Jamie Hatton get? Seems like he’s always gone on trips and is never in his office.

. To the person who talked about the two city workers who have fun playing and riding a 4×4 40 hours a week from one end of town to another: I beg your pardon. The two men worked outside in 17 degrees-below-zero weather, cleaning the sidewalks so your butt wouldn’t hit the ground as you walked through the town. They pick up trash on a daily basis so you won’t have to walk in trash that is thrown down by sorry people who are too lazy to walk to the trashcans. They do not get 40 hours a week, for your information, they get 24. They were out in the cold while you were in a warm house. I am a citizen of Jenkins who sees how hard they work for our community. I appreciate them. Shame on you.

. I have been blamed for years for everything that has occurred, for things in Speak Your Piece, and a lot of other stuff. As God is my witness, it has not been me. I have a wonderful husband, family and friends who love and support me. I have been lied on. I have since disassociated myself from people who gossip about what people do. I don’t care. They will answer to God. If there is such a problem, I can have a conversation, but I am living for God the best way I know how. I have nothing else to say. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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