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My girlfriend and I would like to offer a huge thank you to the people in Whitesburg, Kentucky. Recently, while traveling from our hometown in the Midwest, we were involved in a car accident in the area and many extremely generous people helped us out. Those at the hospital, the local authorities, people who stopped to make sure we were okay, and especially a few other local people; we cannot thank you enough for the kindness you showed us and the open arms you displayed in our time of need. Thank you, we will never forget your kindness, Whitesburg.

. It will be interesting to see if the God Offal Party will be as misogynistic as it has been racist.

. I am really disturbed to have received what is essentially an extortion letter from a local candidate.

. They said God didn’t make any mistakes. He made one mistake when he created woman.

. Is a certain drug dealer who hangs out at Smokey Row in Jenkins selling fake pot or is he the one who is furnishing fake pot for the boy who is selling the fake pot? Is the Jenkins Police Department too stupid to find out about it?

. Recently, wrote Speak Your Piece praising the Presbyterian Church for coming out of the Dark Ages and allowing same sex marriage. I just wonder when God destroyed the whole city of Sodom and Gomorrah for that kind of sexual behavior, was He in the Dark Ages?

. This is the old cat killer. I’m sitting here looking out my window and that sure is a pretty yellow cat sitting near that hill. Have a great big meow day.

. What’s the matter, girl? Is there not enough likes on your Facebook post to keep you happy? You put on there every time you go to the bathroom, how many days it has been since you had a Coca-Cola, how many times you go to Zumba, how much homework you’ve got, how many times you pass go. You put stupid stuff on there. If you want to delete your Facebook account, delete it and forget about it.

. It’s the same old thing. These drug dealers steal everything they can get their hands on. Pill heads get what they want and the sheriff ’s office does nothing.

. I’d like to say thank you to all the Double Kwiks that are giving us free coffee.

. I would like to wish a very special someone a happy 61st birthday.

. To the woman who said her child and husband had

. I like the new Letcher County constable’s cruiser, but how can one afford that on a constable’s salary? I thought they only made a couple hundred dollars a month.

been healed: For whatever reason they got well, I’m glad that they did, but I bet you they were in the hospital. I guarantee they were. Why would God do something for your family and not somebody else’s? Why would He not go down to St. Jude’s and heal all of those little children? Acts 10:34 says that God is not respecter of persons. For whatever reason they go well I am glad for you, but think about it.

. You want Jim Ward to appoint a dog warden to take care of the dogs and the cats? Doesn’t he have more important jobs to do than that? Do like me, the old cat killer. Take care of it yourself. Have a meow day.

. I think the City of Whitesburg needs to get the streets clean. A certain employee did a good job last year and I think they need to hire him back on.

. They still aren’t doing anything at the restaurant in Neon because in the mornings I still can’t get my breakfast.

. To a certain group in Doty Creek who put a sign up that says ‘Please keep our hollow clean’: Why don’t you put a sign up that says ‘Please keep your drugs out of our hollow and neighborhood’?

. Why do they not put a red light up on the fourlane from the Whitesburg hospital coming out onto the four-lane? It takes 15 to 20 minutes for traffic to pass morning or evening. It is a very dangerous place.

. The drug court people make the boxes and load the trucks for the Letcher County Food Pantry. I think they ought to be praised for their good work, too. If not for them they wouldn’t be able to get the trucks unloaded.

. I’m calling about Brian Damron. He is supposedly out of town living it up in Florida. That is besides the point. He was a very rude cop. He did everybody wrong and he made fun of a woman because she couldn’t say her ABC’s backward. He started laughing at her and told her that she was going to jail because she didn’t know her ABC’s. My point is all he is going to get is a little slap on the wrist and then he’ll be a Jenkins or Neon cop. It isn’t right. He should be put away just like the rest of the people. If anyone else stole guns, they would be in jail right now. They wouldn’t be living it up in Florida. I think they need to look into it very good. He did people wrong. A lot of people don’t know

to come forward and talk about it. Everybody needs to come forward and tell how wrong Brian Damron did them.

. A certain Kentucky State Police trooper is just as dirty as Brian Damron is. They just haven’t caught up with him yet.

. So, the Blackwater gun thugs finally get some justice. Leave it to a Republican administration to hire a corporation to slaughter civilians. If you voted for this death and destruction, how are you going to justify it to Saint Peter?

. Hello, hi and howdy, friends. I’m responding to that big UK fan who wanted to know so badly how it felt to feel a loss — we’ll call him Jinx. Well Jinx, how about it? How does it feel? How does it feel to get caught up in all that hype about how perfect your team is, only to watch them lose one game out of the national championship? I guess it’s true, ‘Pride cometh before the fall,’ and ‘the bigger they are the harder they fall.’ Hey Jinx, what does crow taste like? Is it better than Cardinal, Gator or Texas Longhorn? I’ll bet that it does not. What happened to the Cats, Jinx, do you think that old cat killer must have gotten a hold of them? Well, there’s always next year. I was kind of wondering about a few things during ‘March Madness.’ I love sports, it’s an exciting distraction during these times, but the main focus on any university should be on academics, not athletics. Universities are, after all, institutions of higher learning. It’s when people can quote every statistic about their team from 1935 on, but can’t tell you what an equilateral triangle or a prepositional phrase is, that is a shame. It is a shame that many of the most ardent and devotional fans have never, or will never step inside of a college or university. It’s a high tech world and our workforce is sorely undereducated. A high school education just doesn’t get it anymore, it’s not enough. It no longer meets the demands of many good-paying jobs or contributes to the needs of an evolving workforce or our deteriorating infrastructure. I believe that’s one of the reasons why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Wow what a concept. The exploitation of people who watch young men and women who are being exploited playing ball for colleges and universities. Now that’s the real madness. But hey Jinx, at least your team had a perfect regular season and made it to the Final Four. Your coach got all kinds of rewards, including induction into the Hall of Fame, and some of your players

are going to make millions in the NBA. Like I said before — there’s always next year. Until next time, I’m on the inside looking out.

. Happy late birthday to our niece, Kathy Trent, Dan Lucas, Paul Murphy, Serena Smith, and on to the last part of April, Lorraine Stewart, our first cousin, Teresa Goode, Barry Miles, Lordy, Lordy, look who’s 50. Just kidding. Also, Ross Maggard will be 31 years of age, I believe April 22. That’s all folks. Please print this? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. Friends, if you order flowers for a funeral and cannot attend, it would be a good idea to have a family member take a picture of the arrangement, then you could see if you get what you ordered, or if it was delivered. Just saying, it might save you embarrassment.

. Observe those people in the U.S.A. who do the actual ‘labor-type work,’ and those people who do the ‘check drawing and voting type’ work. American citizens who receive SSI checks and draw food stamps do not work at labor jobs if they draw such benefits. People who are here in the U.S.A. illegally do the major portion of labor-type (muscle power) work and their paydays are taxed and the tax money is used to pay SSI checks with. Somebody has to pay for the SSI checks and other benefits a ‘work-free society’ receives. That is where management of foreign labor comes in. Money earned by the illegal aliens is taxed by the federal government and that money is used to create a work-free society. American citizens cannot work at a regular job and draw all those benefits that go along with an SSI check, but American citizens can vote. Naturally, people are going to vote for the people who will keep their paycheck and payday both coming to them (SSI people). So they are not going to send any illegals back to their homes across the border. They (the socialist politicians in control of the government) need the labor-type work to replace the check drawers. The educated class of people of the present day and age have already decided on what type of government and society the U.S.A. should be evolving into. Democracy, in spite of what it has achieved, has already failed and inevitably will be changed to some sort of autocracy-type government, and the younger generation of people coming up under the present system of education will see to it. It is sad to see a great beast die, killed by a bunch of ‘far less perfected’ beings. I thank God and McCarthy for the freedom I have experienced so far in my lifetime.

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