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My mom’s dog has gotten out of or been taken from her yard. This occurred sometime Saturday night, April 18 and Sunday, April 19. Mom lives in Seco and the dog’s name is Ryker. He is neutered and up to date on shots. He was not wearing a collar and is about a year and a half old. He lives in a fenced yard and has never been out before, so he will be scared but he is not mean or vicious. Please call 821-5812 (Ashley Mullins) or 634-5846 (Valerie Spangler). A cash reward is being offered for the return of her dog or information that leads to the dog being returned. We just want the dog.

. Some criminals are so dumb they even make the dumbest of the dumbest criminals look smart.

. Why are certain people who sell drugs in the Doty Creek area of Jeremiah allowed to get away with selling pills and pot?

. Bike Nite isn’t anything but a big rip-off.

. Back in 1985 there was an old time preacher who prophesized that the end would come in 1995. He said it would do it in July and that Armageddon would start in Alaska. That man has died. Was he a false prophet or not? Somebody answer me.

. I read a couple of weeks ago in the indictments about some young men being charged with receiving stolen property. I have yet to see where they indicted the men who bought the stolen items. Why hasn’t the buyer of the stolen items been indicted? Does he have political connections?

. I can’t believe it has been year already since my baby girl was born. Happy birthday, McKinley Adams, on April 27. Daddy is thinking of you. I love you very much.

. This is for two old women who work in Neon: If they can’t do their jobs, they need to quit complaining about it and stay at the house.

. We’re still going to have to do something with a certain restaurant in Neon because they can’t get anything done in the mornings and people are always having to wait for their breakfasts. They are running their customers off. Something has to be done.

. Brian Damron needs to be in jail right now, instead of living it up in Florida. If it would have been anyone else accused of what he’s accused of would in jail right now. He allegedly stole guns. He allegedly stole money. He did people wrong. He often worked with a certain state trooper. This trooper knows who he is and he knows he did people wrong just like

Damron did. Brian Damron needs to go to jail. He needs prison time just like all the other people who steal guns and money. They get put in jail and get prison time. He is just as dirty as anyone else who steals. Let him sit there and think behind bars what he did to people and how wrong he treated people.

. Thirty-seven years ago when God saved me I quit running around, so you ladies at church can relax. I haven’t been with your husbands. To the woman who told the lie to the pastor about me: God said vengeance is mine and, honey, He is going to get you.

. I see people every day at grocery store lottery machine wasting their money on tickets. They will spend $400 and $500, their whole Social Security check on scratch-off tickets. Wake up, people.

. Did anyone watch the CMA awards on CBS Sunday night? Do you know what CMA stands for? It’s the assanation of country music. It’s a shame what country music has become.

. What do you think about them catching all of those teachers cheating on test scores? They have been guilty of that for years, even back in the ’40s when I went to school. Since they caught those teachers it would be just as easy to catch these politicians ’cause they are just as crooked. No, they are more crooked. Why doesn’t someone catch them and give them 20 years in prison for cheating, lying and stealing?

. Did you hear that there are wolves in eastern Kentucky? Can you believe it?

. It takes a lowlife person to steal from a cemetery that was decorated just recently.

. Please read Psalms 35 from the Bible. Thank you. God bless you.

. To the citizens of Jenkins, Neon, Elkhorn Creek and surrounding areas: The petition for the re-opening of Jenkins Community Hospital is at the Jenkins City Hall and Jenkins Public Library. Please go by and sign and help to try to reopen this hospital. It may save your life or someone that you love some day.

. Kentucky’s unemployment rate fell yet again, to 5.1 percent, the lowest it’s been in 13 years. Thank you again, President Obama, for getting us out of the previous administration’s Great Recession rather than allowing it to continue to descend into the Second Great Depression.

. I also wonder how the constable is able afford something like that fancy police cruiser he is driving.

. To a certain little old lady: I’d rather be a sinner

and not go to church than a hypocrite and go to church.

. I am responding to a comment that was called in last week in Speak Your Piece. I know God doesn’t have any respect to persons. He says that truly, but I believe with all my heart and soul that my husband and my little grandson are miracles. They wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God and all the prayers people prayed. Also, there are miracles every day. It’s a miracle we get out of bed every day. It’s a miracle that God lets you get out of bed every day. I want people to just stop and think. Quit blaming God for everything and just put Him always first in your life and truly believe. He is the Miracle Worker and He is coming back soon and I just sure can’t wait.

. You hear so many bad things about police on the news these days. I’m glad I live in Jenkins. Our police officers are wonderful. They check on the elderly and even bring them lunch when they cook at the fire department. They are always ready to help you with a smile. I wish the Jenkins Police Department could make the news and show the rest of the country how they treat their citizens. All of you police officers are deeply appreciated.

. Folks, you might as well get out your barf buckets. We have 19 more months to listen to presidential hopefuls fighting it out to see who comes in second place to our next president, Hillary Clinton. Every time I hear a political candidate say something snotty about President Obama I automatically write them off as a serious contender. For every bigoted vote they get from that political platform they will lose two from rational, enlightened, intelligent people.

. When are these stupid Republicans who are running for governor in Kentucky going to learn that they aren’t running against Obama? Obama is out of here in a couple of years. Run on your own merits and don’t say what you are going to do or thinking about doing against Obama. I’m getting tired of it.

. How many false teachings do you have to have before you can be considered to be a false prophet? Anybody care to comment?

. <b>Mary Sue, it has been 10 years since you have been gone. I love you. I’ll see you in my dreams. Love, Ed.

. Yes, when God slaughtered all those people in Sodom and Gomorrah, it was the Dark Ages. I wish Bible thumpers could understand that anytime anyone commits mass butchery it’s the Dark Ages. And that since God created everything, He also created gays and lesbians. Why? To see who would be hateful to and dishonest about them, so that the people who only pretend to follow His ways can more easily be sorted at the Pearly Gates.

. I triple dare you to read the book entitled “Up There at the House” by the Midnight Phantom. This is a severe and provocative account of a child growing up

in the Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky. You will recognize the characters even though the names have been changed to protect the guilty. This book is coming soon to your public library. Read the story and get ready to kill the messenger. This is the Midnight Phantom speaking. Thank you.

. It is my opinion that the neighborhood watch program could do you more good than the police or sheriff department either one could when it comes to dealing with speeding vehicles and playing children. I wonder how much money would be given to someone in the form of a government grant, that is, to go out into the community and establish a neighborhood watch. I would say somewhere around $25-30 thousand. A fellow could make a lot of money organizing programs for the government. I guess, that is, if he has the political pull. The best way to get anything like that done is for a bunch of women from the neighborhood to get together and each one write an individual letter to their state representative, telling him or her that you want something done about the problem. If they don’t do something, then you are not going to vote for Hilary Clinton. That will put them to jumping.

. I think it is truly amazing that people will help every organization coming and going that sends thousands of dollars out of Letcher County each year, but it’s like pulling teeth to get their support for organizations that help local people. There is an outpouring of people who raise money and give money to Shriners, ACS, Autism Awareness, animal organizations, etc., all of which are great programs, but what about helping local people? You put any of the fire departments, Tree of Hope, Appalachian Service Project, Letcher County Food Pantry, the shoes program, and all those other ones that help local people, and they have very little support. Shame on you. We should be neighbors helping each other. Just like we team together to support individuals, we should help these people and committees.

. Well, another tip of the hat has to go to John Calipari and all those boosters who have rented those soon-to-be millionaires. They care less about who could have benefited from a college scholarship. John Calipari is ruining college basketball. Is 38 and one an honest season? What did they win? If Calipari wants to coach NBA players, leave Kentucky and let someone come in who cares about education and life after

basketball. With eight NBA players who couldn’t win. Where, oh where are you, Coach Rupp?

. This is about the individual from The Washington Post on March 25 in Speak Your Piece. Well, just how awful is the Republican Party for attempting to pass an anti-abortion bill? I think it’s awful that it didn’t pass. People like you and all who want to murder an unborn baby will pay dearly one

day. The most powerful force on Earth, you said. Killing babies, the Democratic Party is the party that gave us same-sex marriage, trillions in debt and the war on the unborn baby. After all, millions have been murdered at the hands of the Democratic Party. You people who vote for this had better wake up. I will never vote for a Democratic president again. A Republican from Harlan County.

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