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Tell us what's on your mind. No need to give your name. Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

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Have you ever noticed how some people just keep getting back in line to get screwed over by the same people and by the same system over and over? They just don’t get it.

I just want to say that Senator Johnny Ray Turner is doing a wonderful job. He really cares about the people of Letcher County. Whoever says that he isn’t is just sour grapes.

To the nut in Blackey who is hell-bent on driving his ex-wife and children crazy: Your lying schemes and deceits are over. Our family is so sick and tired of your psychotic episodes and what they are doing to our family. You will be stopped once and for all legally. I pray for the day you are locked away where you belong and can never torment anyone else again, especially those you profess to love so much. You are truly a piece of work. I only hope your children can overcome all you have put them through and find that there is a world away from all your craziness – a world of peace.

The county I live in now had some school shootings and death because of them. The kids now have to have clear backpacks, file into the building through a metal detector, and their purses and gym bags are searched (even in the middle school). It’s sad that our children have to go through this, but it’s a must for a safer learning environment. It’s not like the old days when you sent your kids to school and the bully took their lunch money. They now their taking their lives.

Jessie Williams Miller, your Indy family loves and misses you. Take care, and may God bless you today and always.

I believe Rep. Leslie Combs has sold out to the timber industry by knowingly introducing legislation that has no possible way of passing. The committee in which she placed it is headed by Rep. Gooch, who is infamous for blocking mountaintop removal legislation. Combs looks like a hero to local contributors at the same time she did the deal with the logging guys. This way no legislation will be passed to protect victims of timber theft. How does it feel to be used?

Hello to all from Frog Doctor. First of all, I want to give congratulations to all the new grandparents in my family. We have had three babies born between December and now and one due next month. Wow. You all really know how to keep expanding our family. I would like to send a great big hug to my Aunt Sparky. To Buggy Dream: You can call me anytime you want. Now on to the ones that are in our family but not by our choice: We think that you all should go somewhere else and get lost. No one likes you all and you know who you are. I really think that the two of you would make a perfect pair. You both think you are the boss and that you are never wrong. Well here’s a little advice for you: What goes around comes around. To the man I am talking about: You want to talk about people’s lifestyles that you don’t agree with? Well take a look in the mirror. Your lifestyle is worse than most. You are a sorry excuse for a dad and a selfish person. Now think about that. To the woman: You are a controlling whale. You are also selfish. And instead of blaming certain people for the horrible thing that happened that really hurt everyone, you need to take some of the blame yourself. To the rest of our family: Always remember that family comes first. We all need to stop and think before we say hurtful things out of anger and frustration. We were taught to love everyone and to stick together. Now it’s time that we do that. That’s enough for now. From Frog Doctor.

It’s a shame the state police, the sheriff’s office and UNITE haven’t been able to do anything about the drug dealing in Stinking Branch. A good friend of mine was found in his home dead because of these people selling drugs to him. He died on February 17, on his birthday. He was 24 years old. I am tired of these people doing this. A young life is gone because the authorities don’t buckle down more than they have. I want something done about this. This young man was married with a two-year-old daughter and a little boy due to be born in April. If something isn’t done about this by the authorities, I will do something myself and put this county to shame, for the simple fact that it would be a shame for civilians to do a police officer’s work. And to the people of Stinking Branch: God has His eye on you and the Bible says ‘You reap what you sow,’ and ‘you are rewarded according to your deeds.’ So God is going to punish you severely, not for just turning your back on him, but also for taking this young man’s life. I am on God’s side, whatever your punishment may be.

If you’re not saying hallelujah then you’re not doing it right. Hallelujah means praise the Lord. Something to think about.

I’m all for stronger logging legislation, and stronger laws for any crime, and I think Leslie Combs is doing a great job. Now it’s time for law enforcement and the prosecutors to join in and do their part by enforcing the current laws, and the stronger laws we hope to have in the future. No law can accomplish anything if it isn’t enforced.

People think you’re a hypocrite when you say someone else is cheating with the same man you actually did cheat with. What do you think God thinks about you, liar?

Why doesn’t the Neon Police Department get out and arrest some of these drug dealers around here? They should get the drug dealers who are dealing right under their noses and leave the people alone who aren’t bothering anybody.

We hope Raymond and Elaine Hall had a happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Mom and Sis.

They say they’re going to put you in prison. The only good advice I can give you is to get you some dresses, lipstick and fingernail polish. You’re going to need them.

Letcher County has gone to hell. On February 13 they had no heating assistance money for anyone in Letcher County. They said no more money will be available until November of next year. What did they do with all of that money?

The doctors in Letcher County rarely prescribe narcotics for anybody. Therefore, the drug problem in Letcher County is not coming from our doctors. I am a recovering drug addict. Maybe your child doesn’t need cold medication. That’s how children get to be drug addicts to begin with. When I was 12 years old I had a kidney problem. My back hurt so bad they gave me medication. After using it for six months I became dependent on this drug. I was so young I did not know I was hooked on pain medication. They kept writing it and I kept taking it. Now I am 46 years old and I have been through hell and back fighting drug addiction.

Hey, Betty Joyce: You are my rose, you are my love, you are my everything. I’m looking forward to signing a 30-year contract with you. I love you. Lonnie.

Why would my nephews be taking three Suboxone pills a day?

(Because they’re trying to beat their addiction to pain pills?)

What about that nephew putting those negative things in Speak Your Piece about me?

In the February 13 edition of Speak Your Piece, someone submitted a comment looking for a dressmaker. I do dressmaking. My number is in the telephone book. Betty Fields, 633-0492. Thank you.

Some callers to Speak Your Piece last week sounded like they were afraid for the City of Blackey to annex more territory, but if they do then those people will be able to get flood insurance on their houses. The city has no plans to raise the property taxes. A dollar a year is nothing. It’s the price of a soda pop.

To my buddy who is in jail in Whitesburg: A certain woman and me walked up to the cabin today. I walked out onto the high end of the porch and she stood there looking over the hill with a big smile on her face. Wish you were here.

The football coach has messed up. You can’t use two quarterbacks at the same time just because you don’t want to take one of them out. So long.

They can’t have school because of the flu, but they have to go to basketball practice or they will be forced to sit on the bench for the next game. And they have to have a B-team tournament whether the players are sick or not. What’s up with this? Can someone please tell me?

In Nashville the other night we saw what February Sadness was. And we know what that showing by Kentucky means. There sure will not be an invitation to March Madness. But one thing we can also look at, is that each time Patrick Patterson goes down in the post the opposing team makes defensive changes as the game goes by. Why is it that Billy Gillispie keeps putting Patterson in the post instead of letting Perry Stevenson or Jared Carter play underneath while Patterson plays power forward? If you know the answer it would be of great help to the Wildcats. So goes Patrick so go the Wildcats. Why Billy Gillispie hasn’t figured this out yet is beyond me. Also, Billy Gillispie had on a beige-toned suit the other night at the game in Nashville. I knew we were going to lose right then and there. I hope he never wears that suit again.

Beware of a predator in your midst. If you have a loved one you are caring for and are looking for a nice older lady to help out, don’t be fooled by one certain granny from the Sergent area. This woman has sticky fingers that will stick to anything that’s not nailed down. Thank God that our loved one was able to let us know if she was being hurt or abused. At a time when a family is brokenhearted from watching a loved one fail week after week, you don’t realize that every time the caretaker leaves she is helping herself. When all was said and done, this awful woman had taken towels, clothes, makeup, cleaning supplies, silverware, dishes, coffee cups, food, and even heirloom quilts that were to be handed down to future generations. We heard she has grown children who have some degree of success. Wonder what they would think if they knew what Ma was up to? In sharing this, this criminal, ideally, might have a pang of conscience and return the quilts and other items she has taken.

George Bush needs to read Ecclesiastics 9:11 where it says the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. We got whipped in Korea and we got whipped in Vietnam. Now it looks like we’re going to get whipped in Iraq.

I’m just calling in about the steroids controversy in baseball. When I was in Knothole League I was injected with human growth hormones. I was just wondering if they would come to eastern Kentucky to do an investigation. It makes about as much sense as what they’re doing in Washington with the investigation of Major League Baseball while we’ve got people dying in foreign countries. If that’s all they’ve got to do with their time, vote them out.

The Blackey city government has never folded, and if citizens of Blackey would attend the meetings they would know that. Yes, the Blackey Improvement Committee has been very active – with the financial support and cooperation of the City of Blackey. The improvement committee is the only way citizens who live outside the city limits can help make their community a better place. Instead of listening to uninformed gossip, people should attend the meetings. In the words of Sitting Bull, let’s put our heads together and see what kind of world we can leave for our children. By working together for annexation, we could have a bigger voice to get things done for the benefit of the lower end of the county.

A person commented in Speak Your Piece that Blackey’s city government is not competent enough to get water to the citizens. Oh how quickly one forgets when they turn on the faucet that the City of Blackey got the water plant that is now a major source for the new water lines in the lower end of the county. Sounds like competence to me.

I have right around one ton of cannel coal to get rid of because I can no longer burn it where I live. For information, call 937- 256-0261. If I’m not at home, please leave message. I will deliver this coal.

I would like to thank the Colson Fire Department for coming to the rescue of me and my wife and helping get us to the hospital. They even carried me to my car. I think that’s a real nice thing for the community. I thank all the people at the Colson Fire Department very much.

That wasn’t just on the farm Mitchum Whitaker got from his papaw that timber thieves stole trees from. They did it on the Kit Ingram farm on Kingscreek also. He is Mitchum’s other papaw. They know who they are and when they got it, too. I know who they are, too. And they know I know it. Thanks.

Thank God Kenny got his woman back.

To the person concerned about ATV’s on the highway: Find out which vehicle enforcement officer was on duty on New Year’s Day on Route 7 in Knott County. When a four-wheeler wouldn’t stop after he sounded his siren, he passed the fourwheeler in a curve, locked his brakes up in another curve, jumped out of his car with pistol in hand and pointed it at these two vicious lawbreakers. After about a 30-second standoff at gun point, during which time all three were almost run over by traffic coming from both directions, he let them go with a verbal warning. No ticket was written, but I think that two, if not all three, participants needed a change of underwear. I’ve been around the world, and that was one of the finest, if not the funniest, pieces of police work I have ever seen.

Please, Mr. Policeman, clean our neighborhood up on Little Colley. We can’t take much more. Help us. We need help.

To all the people in Jeremiah who are celebrating just because a father and his son got caught selling drugs: We all know the father and son are originally from Doty Creek, a hollow that is full of drug dealers. Why have none of the drug dealers from Doty Creek been stopped?

I think it’s pretty screwed up that everyone trash-talks Doty Creek, Blair Branch and Blackey. You all think we are trash? I’ll bet if you walk out your front door it is just as trashy if not worse. So make sure your hands are clean before you start pointing fingers.

I am so glad me and my old guy friend are back on talking terms. He’s from Doty Creek, and I just wish he knew how I really feel about him. I am from Blair Branch and I wish we were more than just friends because he is really sweet.

I want a guy who will call me back if I hang up on him, who will stay awake just to watch me sleep. I want a guy who will kiss my forehead, who wants to show me off to the world, who will hold my hand in front of his friends. I want a guy who thinks I am just as pretty without makeup on, a guy who is constantly reminding me how much he cares about me and how lucky he is to have me.

To my snookums: I am so glad we are together. I know we have only been together for three months, but, baby, you have turned my life around. Love, your little sexy.

Just because you pay taxes doesn’t mean you own the road. And if you want to find out the names of those kids riding ATV’s up and down your road, it’s not being a vigilante to go find out what their names are. That’s not what a vigilante is at all. It just sounds to me like you’re old and cantankerous.

Do you want me to tell you how to get rid of the timber thieves? Get about five or six Doberman pinchers and a Remington 12-gauge with a semi-automatic pump and a hair trigger. I will bet vital parts of my anatomy that you will no longer see any timber thieves.

To a certain man who came back to Whitesburg: You treated your friend wrong. He was there for you when you came back and did all he could to help you. Then when you got with the bigwigs you turned your back on him. That’s not what I call a friend. He’s always considered you a friend and was glad when you came back home. Don’t forget where you came from. I hope you are feeling a lot of guilt, because you have hurt him a lot. Did you forget all of the people who stood by you when you had nothing? Friends are supposed to be forever. Have a good life with a higher class of friends.

What makes a business a good one is the owners, and the ones that own the Starlight Café are good people. They would bring you home if you have had too much to drink. In fact, they would feed you if you didn’t have anything to eat at all.

I cannot believe we have to put up with all of these drug dealers here on Little Colley. The neighbors should get together and stop this. Thank you.

I thought when you loved someone you didn’t go out on them and do stuff like that. I thought if you loved someone you trusted them and were honest with them. I didn’t think you were supposed to bring some other woman into your house. I also thought if you loved someone and were married to them you got out of the house and worked to support them. I guess the world has changed a lot. You know who this is. I love you and I always will.

Why did you leave? Did you think you were going to be confronted with your black lies? You make a fool of yourself putting your nose in our business and telling lies just because he doesn’t want you. We laughed at how you said I was stepping out on him for bigger and better things. I’m just waiting for one person to tell me you’re saying that and I will take you to court for slander and see if you can prove it, liar. It would be priceless to see the look on your stupid face. See you there, she devil. By the way, he said he should have flipped you the finger for looking at him and laughing.

I wish my landlord would keep that child home. He’s wearing out his welcome.

Whoa and behold, what do I see? It’s the whore of Babylon standing over there smiling in admiration for me.

Hey, who has the new black Ford? You can’t drive. Where did you get your license? You almost ran me off the road the other day on Pine Mountain. Be careful. Maybe if you would take the sunglasses off you would be able to see better.

Isn’t it a shame the school system is letting our children be contaminated with germs? The bathrooms stay nasty and they don’t clean them like they should. There is hardly ever any toilet paper in the stalls, and the soap dispensers have no soap in them. How do you expect to keep the germs down if the children can’t even wash their hands properly? Now they’ve had to close the schools on account of the flu going around. And you wonder why? It’s because the kids don’t have the proper necessities they need to keep their environment and surroundings sanitized. Where is the safety in that? Sincerely, concerned parent.

I would just like to say that I think it’s very funny how different natural disasters are wiping out the drug dealers. First by fire, then wind. I guess the rest of you better buy a boat.

I think it’s awful how those people on Bill Moore Branch are being treated by the gas company.

The man being allowed to die in the coal mine struck a nerve ending with me, and I hope everybody else. This is terrible beyond words, and it presents what I think is an accurate story of the evil combination of coal operators, mining regulators, and industry lawyers. This could not have been worse had it occurred in the early 1900’s. People should be stampeding their lawmakers to come up with laws to protect these people, and they should make enforcement do their job. Everyone should write their legislators and the mining regulators, and tell them they will not stand for this savage, uncivilized behavior anymore.

God bless the Potters. This elderly couple has done more than anybody in law enforcement, the courts, or in the legislature to stop this crime of timber theft. I think that their effort is spilling over into doing something about the other crimes that afflict this county, as well. And bless the officials in Madison County. They know how to handle these things.

I think the mining establishment (lawyers, operators, mine safety, etc.) tried to do a whitewash of the David Morris case, and that this is a perversion of mining laws and criminal laws. Had such a thing happened in the military – the one who should have provided aid and didn’t would have been court-martialed and probably would have had a long prison sentence – and that would have been right. It is common here to have people say ‘mining operators have fed my family,’ or ‘they have educated my children,’ or ‘they have provided me a living.’ Those sentiments are misplaced. The miner’s work fed his family, educated his children, and provided his living, and the mine operator made a lot more from his work than the miner did. People quickly forget the horrible working conditions that existed just a few years ago, and they forget the strikebreakers who came in and brutalized those who were trying to improve those conditions. It appears now that they won’t be allowed to forget some of this exploitative behavior because it seems to be returning in the Morris and related cases.

The ‘Blackey City Government’ is not a valid organization. They are a group of people who apparently crave status and attention. They are getting the attention, all right, and it is an embarrassment for the people in the Blackey area. They are a nuisance for those who live here, and a laughing matter for those who live outside the community. If they would just play their ‘council meeting’ games and not bother people, no one would mind. When they start interfering with water and sewer projects, though, and start trying to annex, they are getting into areas where they should not be tolerated, and their legitimacy should be challenged. Playing ‘government’ is not a legal game.

The proposed timber theft leg- islation by Leslie Combs is very needed, and gives a good indication of how alert and how effective this young legislator is. She is providing a bright new face, and a strong voice in Frankfort, and I hope she is there for a long time. This vital legislation could make her even stronger on our behalf, and everybody should provide her all the support they can.

I think the handling of the mining death in the Morris case has been reprehensible, from the time he was hit right on through the mine safety office’s actions that have caused the four delays. It seems to me that they are trying to get by with another in a long line of whitewashes. The difference in the attitudes and protection for miners between Kentucky and West Virginia is really obvious. They are genuinely concerned about the welfare of miners, from Governor Manchin on down, and Kentucky government apparently is not. I think the state should stop paying mine safety people and make their true employers, the mine operators, pay their salaries.

The notion someone had about bringing law officers in from Pike County isn’t bad, but I think it would be better to bring in prosecutors and judges. From what I hear, our judicial system isn’t working very well, and so it’s hard for policemen to be very enthusiastic. The word is that the great majority of arrests never get to court.

Leslie Combs is a hardworking, conscientious representative who spends a lot of evenings in government meetings and other functions around her district. I doubt that anyone in Frankfort knows more about their constituents and their problems than she does. She has earned the respect of the people and they should support her efforts to improve the area in which they live.

Those that do can. Those that can’t teach. That’s been much the case traditionally. We must increase the competency level of our primary educators. It’s long overdue to make the choice to send tenure to the Creationist Museum.

We already know about the pictures allegedly taken at the former restaurant in town. You would think an intelligent person would realize this unless they just don’t care.

I would like to dedicate this memorial to my mother, Alice Blair, who was born Feb. 2, 1925 and died Feb. 1, 1970. She was the daughter of Dewy and Amanda Blair. Your children, Dan, Myrtle, Russell, Joyce (died July 2000), Alta, Billy, and Enoch miss you a great deal and love you always. We will see you again someday, Mom, so rest in Jesus’s loving arms until then.

I hope no one gets too excited about timber legislation stopping timber theft, or law enforcement stopping timber theft. The main players in this racket are politically immune. It’s the same with the drug distributors. The ones that really matter are never mentioned by the law. They’re two or three levels up from those that get busted. Anyone that doesn’t want to have to deal with theft and drug dealing had better move somewhere else.

A lot is being printed about logging and an awful lot of it sounds like jakeleg stuff from jakeleg lawyers. They are just trying to tear down another way of making a living. It’s just the same stuff as all the whining and complaining about mining. Most of these people probably don’t have any land. Any of them that do own land probably doesn’t know the boundaries. Why don’t we ever see anything about the other side of the story? Mining and logging are what we do here and all of the people complaining about the mountains getting torn up should move to the bluegrass. Then they wouldn’t be bothered by mountains or by people trying to make honest money from hard work. If we didn’t have this work half of the people here would have starved to death. Is that what they want?

One statement in Leslie Combs’s HB489, ‘require notice to neighbors of timber cutting,’ would stop most cases of timber theft. Owners of adjacent land would be alerted and they could not only point out their property lines – they could also watch their property lines. In order to work, timber theft must be hidden, by coming across a ridge at the back of property, cutting out a circle deep in property that is hidden on all sides by other timber, or some other devious means. Timber theft could also be stopped by making the buyers of timber more careful of whom they buy from. They know their sellers, and if a seller should have a rap sheet record of 15, 20 or 30 charges on his record they reasonably could assume that he might not be a reputable person.

Johnny Ray Turner is someone Letcher County and Kentucky should be proud of – a true symbol of how things work here. Convicted of buying votes, he stood up against those who thought it looked bad to have such a man as senator, and kept his position. Kentucky stood up for him, too, and the legislature, recognizing his unusual talents, kept him in a role of high leadership. We should appreciate him – we have had suspicions of other officials from time to time, but could never be sure. With him we can. So forget about Lincoln or Clay – let’s hear it for Johnny Ray.

This goes to that guy that lives over Pine Mountain. I saw you in town the other day and you are the hottest guy I’ve seen in a long time. I asked around and found out you’re single and new to the area. I would like to get together for some coffee and nice chat. I’m a single white female with no addictions, no children, I work hard and pay my own bills. I’m a good-looking, big, beautiful woman who can cook some good downhome stick-to-your-ribs food. So what do you say? Be my mountain man? I’d take good care of you, baby. All you’d have to do is stay home and away from the local tramps. I’m all the woman you’ll ever need.

I’m responding to the confused guy: If you’ve been married for 14 years and love your wife, then why are you talking and having cyber sex on the net with other women or what you think is a woman? I think it’s just sickening that you’re cheating on your wife in this manner. I hope your wife finds you out and gives you the boot.

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