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Speak Your Piece

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In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: mtneagle@bellsouth.net

This is to the good ole boys that stole the tree stand on the Pert/Cram Creek strip job: Guess what guys? You were caught on Candid Camera. You have finally been identified and the authorities will soon be contacted in order to pay you a visit. So if you don’t want to spend time in jail and face a heavy fine it might be a good idea for you to return the tree stand back to the area you took it from. You have until May 10 or the authorities will be contacted. I will check to see if it has been returned by that time. It’s your choice.

. To a certain person: You live on Payne Gap and you stole my Weed Eater, chainsaw and air compressor out of my garage on the righthand side of the road as you go up Bill Moore Branch. You sold it to somebody in your family. You haven’t been around in a long time. Are you feeling guilty? If you have the guts to come and visit with me and tell me about it, I have kindness of heart to forgive you.

. A certain hairdresser asked for tips on prom day. I wonder if she knew how hard it is for some parents to get their child into the prom. Some high school children took up donations for some that couldn’t afford things. The hairdresser asked for tips and she gets paid good money for what she does. Some of these parents had a hard time. It shouldn’t have happened. You do not have to tip a hairdresser. A tip for fixing your hair at $85 a head? No way. That is their job.

. I wonder when they are going to try those scumbags who killed the Hogg boy. They deserve everything they have got coming to them if they did anything. (According to the lead story in last week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle, at least one suspect will be tried in October with an alternate trial date set for January.)

. I would like to see a story in the paper about the decision to close TLC Daycare effective June 5. No reason for the closure has been made available to the parents of the children who attend there. This decision leaves Letcher County without a year-round daycare facility. It also leaves at least 50 working families without childcare heading into

the summer months when school is not in session. I understand that business decisions have to be made, but I feel as though the parents deserve an explanation. I would also like to make a plea to the owners to reconsider and at least stay open for the summer.

. Everybody has families and they’ve got people in the graveyards. I think they should get the graveyards cleaned up. I think it needs to be done now. Appreciate your people that you have in the graveyards.

. God surely blesses Mitch McConnell. He was all smiles while enjoying the Kentucky Derby with his rich friends while over a quarter of the children he represents live in poverty.

. I see that ‘free coffee’ Wednesday is now ‘cheap coffee’ Wednesday. I still want to thank the owners of Double Kwik for the ‘cheap coffee Wednesday’ and everything they do for this county. I say thank you.

. To a certain constable: I’m not saying you’re not a good constable. I’m asking how you can afford a new $40,000 cruiser on about a $200 a month salary.

. I guess it’s time for everybody to pay their ‘Veola tax.’ The reason I call it this is because it seems like this is all the City of Whitesburg is using the payroll tax for. It would be nice if the mayor would explain what it is being used for. I don’t see any improvements to the City. I wouldn’t mind paying the tax if I knew what it went for.

. I am high up on a hill cutting the leaves off the ginseng so you ginseng thieves can’t find it. How do you like that, you bunch of punks?

. I’d like to reply to the comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece about gays and lesbians. I think it is a sin. The Bible speaks against it and they will have their part in hell.

. To a certain person: I want to let you know that if I want your opinion I will ask you. For now on please stay out of my life and quit being so nosey. Thank you.

. Do local law enforcement agencies not do background checks on who they hire? We now have as an officer in a certain agency one of the biggest drug sellers and drug users who sleeps with half of Letcher County’s young women.

. I heard that a certain guy finally got caught up cheating. After 20 years’ of cheating on his wife, she finally got smart and left him. I used to work with this certain couple. I found out

later on after we separated that my wife slept with him. He is as lowlife as lowlife can be. I sure am glad that she finally left him. That is the best thing that could ever happen to her. It would kill him to know that I am going out with her. Ha. Ha.

. Two times in the last week the principal of Burdine came up to the high school with another employee whose husband works at the high school. Doesn’t that lady have a job down at the high school that she is supposed to be doing? The principal isn’t as tight as she thinks she is with the superintendent and the board members.

. When is the state highway department scheduled to patch potholes in Thornton?

. I’d like to know if the City of Fleming-Neon has an actual police chief or if they just have a vehicle sitting in the parking lot. I’d also like to know if they do even have a police department, do they even write speeding tickets anymore?

. It does no good to call into The Mountain Eagle’s Speak Your Piece. They won’t write anything you put in there half the time. You are just wasting breath when you call in. ( Remember to speak clearly, slowly and to the point. That way the person transcribing the tape can understand what you’re saying.)

. A man and his daughter on Pert Creek are back to their same old tricks of selling their medicine. Looks like they didn’t learn anything.

. I want to wish my son a happy birthday. I love you.

. I want to wish Mi Mi a happy birthday on May 12. We love you. From Uncle Buggie and Boo Boo.

This is to the guy who just got fired from an auto parts store: What comes around goes around. Do you remember the security job you had when you fired a bunch of people? Have a good day.

. The new addition Pikeville Methodist Hospital is built by Obamacare.

. To J.: To let you know you’re on my mind. I hate the way things have happened between us. We have a beautiful daughter together who is growing like a weed. I would give anything to have our little family together. I will always love you.

. I am speaking out in writing as we have an election coming up. The reason I do not vote for Democrats is because they are for anything that is ungodly. The Democrat Party is for abortion. That is murder, coldblooded murder. I do not want to be a partaker in that. The Democrats are for men lying with men. God calls that an abomination. Apparently, the Democrats are so busy committing adultery and fornication that they think anything goes. But God calls it sin, and if you die in your sins you will open your eyes in eternal hell, where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. I do not vote for Democrats. That being said, I would like for the Republican Party to stop being a bunch of yellowbacked cowards and start standing up for what is right. Get some backbone. The American people are sick of the ungodliness that is going on in our nation. We need a man of God who knows God to run for president so we can get our nation back in God’s favor. These ungodly leaders we have now have brought a reproach on our nation, and God is angry with the wicked every day. We better repent of our sins before God rains fire out of heaven on the ungodly.

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