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In his speech telling us he is going to run for President of the United States, Huckleberry expressed outrage by saying that 93 million Americans don’t have jobs, which is only true if he counts every child and retired senior citizen. Of course, if this Republican wants to repeal child-labor laws, I’ll be eager to hear more about it. Just another ‘Babble thumper’ who doesn’t know the Ten Commandments.

. Would the person who wrote the comedy piece that sounded like a Jesus freak bashing Democrats please keep up the good work? It’s the nuttiest, funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. But watch out, real Christians might get upset at your making them look so ridiculous.

. I love You Johnny, Anthony, Austin, Alex, Amber, Morgan Sydney, Zachary, Deanna, and Lil Brantley. Know that I’m far away but I still send my love and I’m coming home soon.

. If you are out there and you remember me, then please write to me send me: Mable Jenkins #15508032, FCI Aliceville, P.O. Box 4000, Aliceville, Alabama 35442

. I want it to be known that certain funeral home gets paid a lot of money for a funeral — much more than needed — and then treats people like crap. One owner does nothing but lie all the time, but then when he gets caught up in it he lies about his identity. We have never been so mistreated in our lives. It’s been two months and everything we paid for is still not done. It is just flat out ridiculous. What it comes down to is this: Do not pay this funeral home in full before you know everything is done, because the funeral home charges too much, doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, and will tell you lie on top of lie on top of lie. If you are not careful you might be sold a mausoleum that already belongs to someone else. You will be disrespected, made to feel rushed and very uncomfortable like you don’t matter at all. From the start to what is not even the end yet has been nothing but wrong with the funeral home I am talking about. In our case, they dropped our loved one in a casket at people’s feet; broke handles off the casket, and drove like nuts in the cemetery. They also tried to pass their wrongdoings off on somebody else. This funeral home will do nothing but use and abuse your bottom line.

. Obama is the man who keeping jobs out of Kentucky. He has, by executive authority, regulated the coal industry to a standstill and forced the electric industry to move across the state line into West Virginia. He — Obama — has moved more jobs out of Kentucky than Senator Mitch McConnell

would ever move out. Senator McConnell is trying to save the jobs that have been left. I don’t blame you for thanking God for that medication, if it is helping you, buddy. I imagine that dizziness over losing a political contest is kind of sickening.

. God bless the staff at Arlie Boggs Elementary School. I don’t understand how they can teach and run the building without administrative help, but somehow they do.

. I just want to tell everybody that ADT Security got me busted one time because the company never accomplished anything other than when somebody broke into my house it called the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department instead of them taking care of it itself. The sheriff ’s department came to my house and found three marijuana plants growing in my yard. Other than that, ADT just called and harassed my son. When the alarm goes off, ADT doesn’t take care of anything itself.

. People don’t want to eat at a certain restaurant because a cook who works there is so hateful.

. I want to brag on Margaret Hammonds and the Whitesburg Rotary Club for doing such a tremendous job with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. This hard works gets books in the hands of many young children in our county and they deserve to be commended for this.

. With all kindness and all love, I wish God Almighty himself, not Jesus but his Daddy the Holy Father, would come down here in this imperfect world and let Him be injected with a big dose of imperfection and show me just how easy it would be for me to do what He wants me to do. He can’t do it. If He was imperfect as I am He would fail just as bad as I do.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Congress won’t legalize hemp to help our economy, the courts need to let people go for smoking and growing marijuana. If people see that it will cost the government more money to prosecute these cases, they will give in. That is what happened in Colorado. They voted it legal. Everybody knows hemp will not get anybody high.

. Yes, God is real. He also heals and He absolutely did not create gays and lesbians. Also, as you say in the Dark Ages sin was sin, just as it is any time.

. I read in The Mountain Eagle that the amount of fluoride in water may be reduced soon. This doesn’t matter because no one who lives in the City of Whitesburg can drink the water. We all buy bottled water.

. To a certain person: You

were supposed to give the lady a call. She asked you several months ago to give her a call and you haven’t called her. I think you need to call her and explain to her what has been going on with you and her husband.

. To the person who replied to my comment concerning the Bible and a false prophet: You gave the very answers that I wanted and you were right. I’m just trying to make people think. What is your reason for saying ‘listen, Muhammad’? I don’t get that part, but you did give good answers.

. I’d like to know how you can talk slowly and clearly and fill up half a page of a newspaper in one minute. I think it should be limited to how many words you can say so everybody can have a turn.

. I thought coal mining was all there was. All my life I thought that was the only thing that I could do until I got laid off. I took my wife and three kids and moved to Winchester. My wife and I both got real good jobs. We have two brand new vehicles. The bills are paid. We have a nice home. If you are laid off, get out of Letcher County. Come to Lexington area and you will have a lot easier living and your kids will have nice clothes and go to nice schools. I’m not saying the schools Letcher County are bad, but people, get out of there while you can because the coal business is over. I am trying to help you. I hope you listen to me. My wife and kids and I are living great. We aren’t worried about the bills being paid or going hungry.

. What good are body cameras on cops? They can still beat the hell out of anybody like they have always done, then erase the camera before turning it in. This is wasted money.

. I went to a pizza place and had to eat on little bitty paper plates and drink out of little cup and pay the same price. I’ll not eat there any more.

. Sheriff Danny Webb needs to drive his vehicle over here on Camp Branch. He might to do something about this road if he had to travel it every day.

. To a certain person: I can assure you that your fake life is of no importance to me. Don’t start with your jealous drama again. Just get over it.

. You used to be able to get good haircut at the beauty school. Now, they don’t come and see if the girl has given you a good haircut. Everybody needs to find a better place to go.

. Former Letcher County Deputy Sheriff Brian Damron was very instrumental in getting my brother sentenced to five years in jail over stealing two guns. I just wonder if he will get any time for what he has done.

. To a certain person: I know you and your family haven’t been coming to church very long. Please have your kids and niece sit with you and teach your kids and niece respect. You can’t hear for all of their hollering. You can’t sing for all of the hollering.

. There are no secrets in Jenkins anymore.

. In my opinion Samuel T.

Wright III is not fit to be a justice of the Supreme Court, but I shall vote for him simply to get him out of Letcher County. The Wrights have ruled the Letcher County Courthouse far too long. ‘Oh bear me away on your snow white wings to my immortal home.’ Remember that?

. I’m calling from Cumberland and I read in the Harlan Daily Enterprise where 64 miners were laid off down here right below me in this hollow. I got to studying, and that is just the men who worked there. Counting the truck drivers and all the support groups who help support that mine, more than 100 people were laid off. I hate to see that. It’s a good company with good people running that company. They were well liked and did all the right things. They aren’t going to let up on the coal industry.

. This is concerning a certain woman who posted on the computer back in April about how much she loves her granny: She loves her so much that her and her mother robbed their granny and mother. They took all the family’s money and made everyone’s lives hard. My mother grieved herself to death over her daughter and grandchild doing her like that, and then flashed all the money they stole off of her. So what do you think about all the comments put on the computer? How nice are they? She lies her way through every day and has a lot of you ‘liker’s’ out there fooled. All I’ve got to say is she has to buy her friends. She and her mother are pure thieves and liars. It was my mother’s birthday, but to this day and forever, they no longer have any family, except their own. To them, money is no option. They have lived well. And to her mother and her: I’ll meet you at the same place — in hell.

. A shout-out to Michael: Mable Jenkins loves you and is thinking about you in federal prison in Aliceville.

. Huffy, Puffy broke in/ He got blown away/ He couldn’t be put back together again/ See, he woke up and made his own decisions and actions that day/ The choices we make they have consequences/ So to all the others like him, before you act you really need to think about/ What you’re about to do/ Does it really make any sense?/ Because one of these days someone’s surely going to put your lights out/ I really just don’t get it/ They are willing to gamble with their life/ They’re taking a chance each and every time they choose to break in on people/ Do they really want to go out like that?/ Do they want their loved ones to know they died doing such as that?/ I don’t get it why they want to be so lazy/ Yeah, jobs are hard to find a lot of the time/ At least try/ If they can’t find a steady job at least do little odd jobs/ That’s something better than nothing, right? This is for the people who draw checks when they really can work, but then when drawling a check isn’t enough they also have to steal from the hard working people. Do they not get that all these hard honest working people aren’t going to just sit by and let them do this? People are going to protect their family their property. Like for example, look at what happened in the Dry Fork area.

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