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You people in Letcher County who lost your home and stuff in the rain and mudslides, you need to shake Keith Adams’s hand and thank him for being a magistrate. If his home hadn’t been destroyed, County Judge Jim Ward would have never helped you with anything.

. I would like to wish Jacob Creech a very happy 17th birthday. It was on May 10.

. It sure would be nice if the person who found my cell phone at Food City would bring it back to Food City. I’m pretty sure I left my phone in a shopping cart.

. Yes. We are going to kill the Boston bomber. We are a Christian nation and we love killing.

. I would like Donna Sexton a belated happy 15th birthday on May 16.

. In The Mountain Eagle’s story about a council member requesting more detailed financial statements, you can tell the mayor is an attorney by his comments.

. I am offering a $50 reward for the return of a purse and wallet that belong to Alice and Robert Caudill. The driver’s license should be inside and all of my personal information. Please call me at 335-1945 if you have any information.

. I’m calling about Whitesburg police officer going up in Cram Creek flying with his lights on. If he had met somebody around the curve, he would have hit them head on and killed them.

. Shame on you, Mayor Craft, for voting no to provide your council members with enough information to make sound decisions. And shame on the three council members who also voted no.

. I would like to wish Candice a happy birthday on May 23. From Ma.

. <b>Apparently the garbage man doesn’t read or can’t read. The trash is still piled high on Tunnel Hill. You’d think someone could read Speak Your Piece to him.

. Can you keep a secret? don’t know whether I am

a porn star or a movie star.

. Nobody’s perfect, but some people try to act like they are Elvis Presley.

. I have lived in Doty Creek for about 40 years now. I can’t believe that some parents let their kids run up and down on the road on these all-terrain vehicles, especially kids who are 11 or 12 years old. The cops won’t do anything about it. When my kids were growing up if my kids disobeyed me, I’d spank their behinds good and proper. These other parents let their kids do whatever they want.

. Concerning a certain funeral home, not only did our life insurance get charged $15,000 for the funeral and nothing has gone the way it was supposed to, now my mamaw has to pay 275 dollars out of pocket to have papaw’s headstone engraved because the funeral home took the stone to the man that engraves them but never offered him a penny to do it. The $15,000 was supposed to have included that, so she is basically paying for it twice. It is just a shame.

. Can anyone tell me how much money the City of Whitesburg has collected through the payroll tax? And how is this money being used? No one seems to know.

. To the young man on Payne Gap who stole my Weed Eater, chainsaw and air compressor: Listen, I have done everything I know to do to be your buddy and I love you a bunch. If you don’t come see me real soon, I’m going to call your mama and tell her what you did to me. You know who you are. Come up and give me a hug and we’ll let it go.

. I’d like to thank the state highway department for fixing the potholes on Thornton Road.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: The best asphalt company in Letcher County’s asphalt looks bad and it is the worst quality asphalt I have ever seen. We need to do whatever it takes to fix our infrastructure but not with cheap asphalt.

. Fleming-Neon Middle School students did a wonderful job with Little Mermaid

Jr. The costumes were great. The kids worked so hard to put on a show for the community. Way to go!

. Hal Heiner, has put in over $4.2 million of his own money to try to buy the job of governor of Kentucky. Matt Bevins has put in $1.25 million of his own money. Heiner says he brought 6,000 jobs to Kentucky. How much did that benefit him? Then he wants to drug test all food stamp recipients? Where does that money come from? Does he just want the children to starve? Think what all those millions in campaign money could have done to help the poor and bring jobs to the people who really need it.

. This is The Sword Of The Lord replying to the inquiry in last week’s Speak Your Piece asking why I closed my previous comment by stating, ‘best listen up, Muhammad!’ The posting was about false prophets and that is exactly what I see Islam’s Muhammad as being since he is the representative of a false god, Allah.

Deuteronomy declares that anyone that is presenting themselves as a prophet of anyone other than The God Almighty Jehovah is indeed a false prophet. The Bible instructs us that during the end times, which I believe we’re currently living, that there shall be a rise and increase of false prophets, among other tell-tale signs, that will confirm that we are close to the return of The Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many of you reading this right now are going to be misled and deceived by such because you know not the Lord. The good news is that it’s not too late for you — yet.

. A special tip of the cap to President Obama for sending us over 30 million dollars to help out-of-work people. Wish our senators cared as much. They have this weird idea that bashing the President is better than working with him and that somehow this will save jobs. But we voted in Mitch and Rand and we’ll have to keep suffering their coldheartedness.

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