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I hope the new moonshine still in Whitesburg is successful with its 80 proof product. Personally, I still prefer the real stuff using the old mountain recipe used by our grandfathers. The last moonshine I drank was not rated in ‘proof’, it was 110 octane. The warning label on the fruit jar read, ‘Find yourself a good landing place before you imbibe’. (There will be 100 proof ‘product’ as well.)

. To a certain person: What do you mean, my jokes aren’t funny? ‘What’s E.T. short for? So he fits in his spaceship.’ That’s funny. Also, your pants don’t even look right and are still way too tight for church.

. Folks, they patched the roads on Camp Branch. It looks better than nothing. Thanks again.

. A certain female who works in a certain department at the Whitesburg hospital puts her genitals on men’s hands while they are lying down on the bed. It is extremely inappropriate and unprofessional, and you guys are going to get sued. (Seriously? Who’s going to file the suit? On what grounds?)

. I was thinking about Memorial Day and how people went about their lives as normal — going to work or hanging around the house and they aren’t thinking about anything but what they are doing at the moment. People are going to die and they are going to die unsaved and they will not go to heaven. They don’t realize that now. They are just cheerful, whistling and singing going about their business when they should be thinking about the Lord. God bless you and thank you.

. If you want to rent your home, beware of who you let rent it, especially if it’s a certain young woman who just destroyed a nice trailer at Pert Creek. This young woman, who was raised on Cram Creek, ruined my son’s home. She left two dogs and a cat locked up inside the trailer for weeks. The animals got so hungry they chewed up a couch and tried to eat their way through the Sheetrock of the wall leading to the outside. She let the starved animals use the bathroom all over the carpet and left a mess that is sickening to see. If this girl doesn’t replace what she has ruined I will put the pictures on Facebook and in the newspaper so that everyone can know who she is and what she has done. She also needs to come and get the dozens of bags of filthy garbage that have been left on the deck because she was too sorry to put it in the trashcans.

. I want to thank Stanley Pack for a wonderful job he has done on the cemetery at the mouth of Diana Blair

Cemetery Road. He has worked hard at it and it looks really pretty. Thank you, Stanley.

. Thank you to the caller who phoned in or e-mailed the comment about Islam’s Muhammad. You think that is the only false religion there is? I agree with you that they are false. Don’t you think we have them in our local communities? One says one thing and one says another and the third says something else. That is the first sign of false prophecy. Don’t you just slightly think they might be sitting around here humped up under a sheep’s skin? I think so. Thanks for your comment.

. A certain Old Regular Baptist preacher who is about 60 is taking advantage of a certain young girl. I don’t think this should be going on with the Old Regular Baptist name.

. I just passed the Letcher County constable’s car. It’s a beautiful car. How is this guy paying for that $40,000 car on a $200 a month salary? Would someone please answer this for me?

. Parents aren’t teaching their children manners. Anybody past 10 years old should have the sense to thank someone when they spend money on them and give them a gift for their graduation or birthday. A thank you goes a long way.

. You know how hard it would be to call the good Lord Jesus on the telephone? I believe that you could call Him faster and easier than you could the Letcher County dog warden.

. I want to call and complain about people who call and leave voice messages on your machine when they don’t even know what they are doing. They just wander aimlessly for 30 seconds on your phone and have nothing to say. I think it is ridiculous. You need to get your act together. You know who you are.

. I was talking to a friend the other day and she asked me how I was doing. I told her that I was doing good and that I haven’t taken OxyContin in a long time — that I haven’t done oxycodone 30s in a long time. It hit me. I have been doing well. I get up and go to work. I spend time with my family. I don’t steal. I don’t try to do whatever I can do to get drugs. I am on a medicine called Subutex. Subutex has saved my life. It is also saved my friends’ lives. I had so many friends to die from drugs and now all of my friends are either on Suboxone or Subutex. It has really saved a lot of people’s lives and I am so thankful for it.

. Why don’t lawyers in Whitesburg know what KRS 56 is?

. Let’s stick together. A

meeting concerning equal rights for parents with shared custody was held at Dairy Queen the other night. It was an awesome meeting. Several parents attended. If you believe in equal rights you need to attend this meeting. Come to the meeting at 7 p.m. at Dairy Queen. (You forgot to mention the day the meeting will be held.)

. I wish my baby momma would stop causing trouble and drama. I’ve done nothing to you. All I’ve ever done is loved and wanted to make things work with you. You’ve made that impossible. Also you’ve run me down on Facebook when you’re not mom of the year. You signed your rights over to your dad. All I want to do is get my life together and be a part of my daughter’s life. Stop thinking everything is about you.

. To whom it may concern: I’m an inmate in Letcher County Jail. I got bound over to the grand jury on felony charges on March 12, after which I was supposed to be indicted within 60 days. My 60 days were up May 11. They failed to indict me in that period. Letcher District Judge Kevin Mullins refused to sign my release order. I had nothing else to hold me, but was still held in jail. That goes against my rights. I think the public needs to know about the injustice going on within the courthouse. I still have nothing telling me why I’m held here. I’m also trying to contact WYMT.

. To M. J.: Hey girl. I’ve got 3-way in the works and on its way to you. Don’t let this concrete and steel get you down. We’ve got to take the pain with the game. A shoutout to the rest of my homies

doing time all over the map. Keep on keeping on.

. When commemorating Memorial Day on Monday, President Obama pointed out that it was, for the first time in 14 years, a celebration of the holiday while the U. S. was not involved in a ground war. To put it another way: There are freshmen in high school for who this Memorial Day is different than any other. Thank you, President Obama, for believing peace is better than violence and for working to get our precious children out of the previous administration’s disastrous wars.

. Is it just me or is it totally ridiculous that it took a bill mailed April 20, 2015, from the state of California 36 days to get to Whitesburg? That’s just crazy. The United States Post Office had better get up off of its behind and get its job done. Whatever happened to ‘Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom nor dark of night …’? The big shots at the top had better quit worrying so much about how much their Christmas bonuses will be this year and get about the business of getting their jobs done before they lose them. (It is not just you, and ‘ridiculous’ is an understatement for the sorry mess the United States Postal Service is now in. If you’re upset that it takes 36 days to receive a piece of mail from California — or that it can take four or

five days to get a letter from one side of Whitesburg to the other — please contact U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell and U.S. Representative Harold ‘Hal’ Rogers and let them know how you feel. The mailing address for Senator Mc- Connell is 317 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510. The mailing address for Representative Rogers is 2406 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515. Please allow six weeks for delivery.

. To a certain person: Don’t worry. The devil hasn’t seen Buddy yet, but you will know it when he does.

. Ireland declared its independence from the Catholic Church last Friday when its people voted overwhelmingly to stop being hateful to and dishonest about gays. When will Kentucky come out of the Dark Ages?

. Why doesn’t McRoberts incorporate and pull out of Jenkins? By doing so they could have a much bigger voice with the fiscal court and apply for grants from the Kentucky League of Cities to purchase the old McRoberts Elementary School. It would be perfect for offices and a larger community center. There is a person who has just moved back there that would be perfect as the magistrate or mayor of McRoberts.

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