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Yes, they have paved a few spots over here on Camp Branch and they did a good job on those few spots. Now what about the rest of the road? When are they planning to actually fix the whole road that’s been bad for a long time? I just hope nobody ever runs into the back of me until the holes are fixed because I drive like granny through the bad places if I cant swerve around them in the wrong lane. Thank you, road crew, for the little you already did, but please come back and do the rest. You just don’t know how happy that would make us over here. We wouldn’t know what to do to actually be able to drive on the right side of the road.

. In response to last week’s 60-year-old, Old Regular Baptist Preacher taking advantage of a young girl: I would dare to guess he has long since been ‘Churched’ by the Old Regular Baptist Association — probably when he first used his musical Instruments in Church. Said not young girl is taking advantage of that old preaching man. Her first husband was a 17-year-old young man. Poor old man. I saw him at the store buying bologna and bread for his new bride. His previous wife was an excellent cook. The Old Regular Baptist Church says a Church Elder/ Preacher must be the husband of only one wife. Signed, Concern Citizen.

. Ireland legalizes gay marriage and gets a rainbow. Texas bans gay marriage and gets a flood. Take a hint, people.

. Before Rick Santorum got into politics and was working as a lawyer he represented the World Wrestling Federation by arguing that pro-wrestling was entertainment, not a sport, and should be exempt from federal regulations governing steroid use by athletes. Now this is the kind of stand on a very important issue that makes Republicans proud. Rick’s my man.

. I can’t wait to find a better job. Right now I’m working for a creepy old guy who wears cowboy boots with his shorts. At least he pays all us boys well but when he gets us it makes my stomach knot up.

. They take driver’s licenses from drunk drivers for a year. I don’t have a problem with that. How come they don’t take a child molester’s driver’s license for a year? I see them running up and down the roads here every day but they never take their driver’s license.

. Why doesn’t Food City in Whitesburg carry nonalcoholic beer?

. It’s amazing how certain people in Doty Creek don’t have any respect for other people’s property. They turn their dogs out and let them

run up and down the road all night long. These chase cats and get in trash.

. When somebody runs straight septic tank pipe into a creek it is a federal offense. They dump a million gallons of sewage a day into the water in Pikeville. It has been done since March and nothing has been done or said about because it is big time stuff.

. I had a friend who went to the food pantry in Whitesburg. The woman said she didn’t have a bite to eat. She got a box. There were all kinds of pies and cakes at the food pantry and she asked if she could have a pie. A shorthaired woman who wears glasses and volunteers there on Wednesday told her she couldn’t have a pie. Then she asked if she could have a cake and she told her no. She asked for a couple other things and the woman wouldn’t let her have it. I thought that was what it was for is for the people who need it. This woman is about 60 years old and she doesn’t have a bite in her house to eat and they let her down on something sweet. I don’t understand this.

. I sure would like to know why a state trooper car and a Letcher County sheriff ’s car pass my house at least twice a month and nothing ever happens.

. I want to speak my piece about a certain store in Jenkins. I bought a couple of items there a few days ago and they were way overpriced. They have come unglued and they are tearing up. I offered to take the items back and she refused to give the money for them. I would advise not to go there because the stuff is cheap and overpriced.

. I want to wish my baby girl a happy birthday on June 7. Mommy loves you.

. I still don’t know where the money collected from the City of Whitesburg’s payroll tax is spent. Does anyone know?

. They did some real good road patching on Camp Branch. They stopped patching about five or 10 feet away from the biggest potholes. This has been about two or three weeks ago and I haven’t seen anybody patching potholes since.

. Somebody in Speak Your Piece commented last week wanting to know how much the constable paid for his car. I’ve got an answer. None of your business.

. I heard someone is putting a city park in Number One Bottom in Burdine. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. That neighborhood has a lot of old dangerous lights and old houses and junk. It’s a really busy street in the neighborhood. That is no place for a park. Jenkins already has a city park. The Burdine school has a play area also. This is no place for a park. A park should have plenty of parking.

. I’m calling about the Brian Damron case. Brian Damron needs to go to jail.

If it was my son, my husband, me or anybody else in Letcher County, they would be in jail right now. Not out on the street just because he was a police officer. He needs to be behind bars just like anybody else who stole money and guns. He shouldn’t get any special treatment. He needs to be behind bars just like anybody else. He shouldn’t get a slap on the wrist and be a Neon cop where he can pull people over, get $300 out of their billfold and say ‘I’m going to take you to jail if you don’t get your ass down the road.’ He needs to go to jail. Brian Damron needs felony charges for the guns, money and everything else he did wrong.

. I’m calling about the inmate

who was in the Letcher County Jail. He wasn’t indicted in 60 days. They at least need to tell him why he is still in jail. I thought if he wasn’t indicted in 60 days he should be let out.

. I saw on the government channel where a man went to the fiscal court meeting and bellyached about not seeing his grandson. Wasn’t your son there to fend for his child? I went years without seeing my daughter, but I didn’t get on TV and bellyache because I didn’t get to see her. Some things we just have to deal with.

. You can fool the people out there, but you can’t fool God. Remember what He said about people who deceive people. I pray that

God will change your mind about the things you are doing to other people.

. Anybody who would sneak around and cheat on a sick man proves they are nothing but a good for nothing piece of trash.

. If some of these politicians don’t get some jobs here in eastern Kentucky, people are going to get pretty tired of doing without and seeing their families do without. You know what is going to come next? Everybody is going to start looting. Everybody is just going to start taking whatever that it is that they need. You all need to get some jobs in here for people who do want to work. Not everybody likes to live on a check.

. I live in the Premiere subdivision and last year I had to give about $150 in property tax to this little playground that nobody plays on in the subdivision. Either take it out or quit charging everybody who lives up here so much money for the taxes. I haven’t

seen anything repaired down there. I get sick and tired of paying taxes on something that I do not own.

. It is my opinion that the Kentucky State government workers will not do their job unless people get mad at them for shirking their duties and obligations to protect state property from vandalism and thereby save the people tax money. They want to draw a payday off of the taxpayers and state government, but they don’t want to do anything to earn it. According to them, when you call them and tell them of something going on that is against the law, they let on like it is not anything their department is supposed to handle — so they will offer you a different telephone number to call that may be helpful with ‘your problem.’ It is not their problem. I did call in concerning elm trees in Knott County being vandalized. A whole bunch of people called in on this crime. We called in right when it was happening.

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