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All teachers should read what Matt Bevin said in the first governor’s debate about the retired teachers system. He said it would be changed from a Defined Benefit to a 401K. He didn’t seem to understand or care that retired teachers aren’t part of the Social Security system.

. People who call into Speak Your Piece making asinine statements such as the courts are ignoring the Constitution and overstepping their authority, et cetera, while proudly pointing out that Kentucky voted in hateful and dishonest discrimination against gay people need to go back to school and retake their civics courses. There they would be reminded that the courts don’t exist to do what’s popular — that’s what politicians are for — they exist to do what’s right. Those same callers might be able to get a majority of Kentuckians to vote to round up black people, put them on boats, and send them to Africa, and the courts would strike that down, too. Civil rights shouldn’t be subject to the whims of heartless people; they should be granted automatically. No one should presume to have veto power over the marriages of complete strangers who simply want to marry the person they love.

. The Letcher Fiscal Court says the county is broke yet they are talking about hiring a professional scuba diver to come in here? Why don’t you just go ahead and open a movie theater or a roller skate rink or something like that if the county is going to waste money you say you don’t have?

. At the first of the school year the bus on Carcassonne drove slowly but is now driving way too fast for these roads over in here. The driver needs to slow down before somebody gets hurt. It doesn’t do any good to call the bus garage, as the drivers always slow down for a while, but it doesn’t last long. These roads are small and this mountain is dangerous, so please slow down.

. It’s a shame to go to work for a company like ARH and still qualify for a medical card and food stamps. I’m sure the CEOs make plenty of money; it’s the ones who do the work who can’t even get paid a decent wage. ARH would just die if minimum wage went to $10.10 an hour.

. I heard some wrong information on one of our local radio stations the other day and feel that it needs

to be corrected, especially now that another Mountain Heritage Festival has come and gone. There was a conversation on the radio about the oldest retail business in Whitesburg, when someone mentioned that Messenger Florist is the oldest continuous business. That is in error. Messenger Florist did become Whitesburg’s first florist when it had its grand opening on Wednesday, April 6, 1949. Robert Fike, then the Letcher County Extension Agent, Donald Frost, and Mrs. Archie Craft of Craft Funeral Home started the new business. The title of oldest retail business in downtown Whitesburg belongs to the Western Auto Store, which had its grand opening on Saturday, July 26, 1947 at its present location on Main Street. It was started by Owen and Myrtle Wright, and is now operated by their son, Owen W. Wright. The oldest business in Whitesburg is The Mountain Eagle, which was started in August 1907 by Nehemiah M. Webb and is now operated by the Gish family. The second oldest business in Whitesburg is the Bank of Whitesburg, now known as Whitaker Bank. It was founded in 1932.

. Who cares who colors their hair, how old they are or whether they are pretty? That doesn’t matter.

. Imagine that! The Pope’s speech made Boehner weep and feel so guilty about what the Republicans have been doing to the environment and poor people that he resigned.

. Thank God for Jesus.

. Dear Speak Your Piece, we aren’t going to have coal, we need to have hemp. Hemp hurts nobody. We used to have it.

. It’s bad enough when you live in a Letcher County and social services continually takes our children away from us. They keep us devastated and in turmoil. We can’t have peace of living with our children. The family court is just as bad. They won’t give fathers and mothers equal share in the children’s lives. Now, we find out that the school system knows about the cancer-causing agents at Letcher School and they say they are working through it. Parents should be in an uproar about this and demand that the school be shut down until all of that cancer-causing stuff is taken out of there. Are we going to allow this school to kill our children? I think people need to start doing something in this county to try to

help children. We live in a time where nothing seems to be right anymore. Come on, Letcher County. Let’s get something done.

. I think the entire United Stated should take their hats off to Kim Davis for standing up for what is said in the word of God.

. Kim Davis has gotten lots of attention for not doing her job. What about the 118 other county clerks out of the state’s 120 who have obeyed the law and done what they were elected to do?

. This is the old cat killer. Are you wondering where your cat is? I know exactly where it is and you shouldn’t have set it out near my house. These cat lovers are not nice people. Have a great big meow day.

. To all the people in my neighborhood: Do not believe what you hear unless you hear it from the Midnight Phantom. Good day.

. Another Jenkins festival has gone by and the same mess remains at the old Beth-Elkhorn division shops. Garbage thrown around. Parts of vehicles and equipment everywhere. Trees dying. Grass not cut. This mess needs to be cleaned up. It sits in the middle of the town.

. Congratulations Fowler. You bring integrity to the office of Letcher County coroner. You will be a great coroner for many years.

. Of course Kim Davis changed political parties. She is the darling of the one that’s so hateful to and dishonest about gay people.

. To you people who continually use Speak Your Piece and other forums to hide your bigotry behind your religion when it comes to gay marriage: Why do you care about gay marriage? How could it possibly affect you? If you live the good life you claim to live and obey every word of the Bible as you seem to believe you do, then you should have no problem getting into Heaven when it’s your time. So why worry about others? Why would you want to have the gay people you seem to hate so badly in Heaven with you? Please answer. Inquiring minds want to know why you hate others so much when what they do has nothing to do with what you do.

. Have we given up our sovereignty? One teacher said that by 2017 they are required to be fluent in Spanish. My ancestors fought the Revolutionary War to make this a free country. They have fought many others to keep it free. Mexico did not join us in World War II and neither did Central America, nor any Middle Eastern countries. Now they want to share our milk and honey? Other countries have always been jealous of this country and now they are trying to turn this into a Third World country. In the beginning our laws required immigrants to assimilate and learn the English language. Are we willing to sit back and let this happen? I am not, even though I have relatives who are one-half and even threefourths Mexican and I love them dearly. They don’t like what is happening either. For many years Mexican currency has said United States of Mexicans. Does this raise a red flag? Four countries claimed Texas before Mexico decided to claim it. History shows that any country that is bilingual and bicultural will always be in conflict.

. To Harlan County Man, who frequently comments in Speak Your Piece: Last week I found your comments to be misguided, arrogant and generally of a closed-minded and hatefi lled nature. First, you state the USA was ‘founded on God.’ This is completely false. The USA was built on

freedom — the freedom to worship however we like and the freedom from persecution. In fact, the words God, Creator, Jesus and Bible never appear in the Constitution. I would suggest you study your subject before you make claims like this in the future. Second, you claim the ‘Supreme Court is wrong.’ I can only assume you’re referring to its recent ruling about same-sex marriage. I find it quite arrogant of you to make such a proclamation. I’m going to further assume that you do not hold a law degree or have much experience in Constitutional Law, but correct me if I’m wrong. Please remember that the nine Justices who make up the Supreme Court of the United States are, by every account, very intelligent and accomplished legal scholars who have spent their lives dealing with Constitutional Law. To assert that ‘they are wrong’ and that you are somehow ‘right’ is really beyond arrogance and shows a level of ignorance that is far too typical in America today. You see, unlike you, the Supreme Court understands the simple fact that civil rights transcend individual religious views. They understand there is no logical reason to deny civil rights to homosexual Americans. Unlike you, they realize this country was founded on freedom and that denying freedoms to homosexuals is unconstitutional. Further, our state’s governor realizes that the Supreme Court’s ruling effectively trumps any law the Commonwealth of Kentucky might have passed regarding same-sex marriage. So, regardless of Governor Beshear’s personal views on the matter, for him to try to defy the Supreme Court’s ruling would have been pointless. U.S. District Judge David Bunning, contrary to what you claim, was not trying to ‘force his agenda.’ He was simply upholding the Supreme Court’s views, which are (unlike yours) the law of the land. ‘Sister’ Kim Davis, on the other hand, is exactly like you — misguided, arrogant and closed-minded. She believes her personal religious views should trump others’ individual freedoms and she displayed much arrogance in refusing to do her job or resign. To assert, as you did, that this nation must blindly follow and support Israel because they are ‘God’s people’ is insane and only serves to make America a puppet or a lap dog. I do not have suffi cient knowledge of foreign affairs to make a claim as to whether or not the Iran

nuclear deal is good or bad. Unlike you, I know when to speak my piece and when to remain a silent observer. Finally, regarding your remarks about the Democratic Party being ‘Satan’s Party’ — wow. I’ll not dignify that statement with any real response. Suffice it to say that your sort of hate-filled speech is at the heart of what’s wrong with America today, which is a complete lack of respect for other people. I would encourage you to enlighten yourself regarding our country’s history and what the Founding Fathers had in mind for our nation. I would encourage you to endeavor to learn about differing points of view in an effort to understand and, possibly, come to respect and appreciate those differences. If, after doing these things, you still hold firm to your beliefs and views, that’s perfectly fine. That’s what makes America great. But I would ask that if you’re going to express these views, especially in a public forum, please try to employ a degree of restraint and tact. Thanks.

. I hear there is a new club in town known as Twisted Mothers. To be a member you have to come from a drug-infested family, you have to lie, cheat, and get down as low as a snake’s belly 6-1/2 days a week. Sunday you have to go to the church of your choice and cry and put on your performance show. Your goal will be to destroy the relationship between your child and their dad for the sole purpose of your own self-satisfaction and your false image. Some people will know the real you, but don’t worry, you will still have a few puppets around you. Oh, by the way, it’s an added bonus if your parents are just like you.

. Interesting how many people are horrified by Planned Parenthood but thought President George W. ‘W’ Bush’s bombing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who had already been born was so wonderful they voted for him a second time so he could keep on killing.

. I am surely not going to see the Pope. I talk to the real High Priest, His name is Jesus. The Pope is just a false leader. There is only one Father, and His name is Jesus.

People who are bowing to the Pope are committing idolatry. There is one that I bow to, and His name is Jesus. There is only one way to God, and that way is Jesus. You may do good deeds, you may feed the poor and that is wonderful. You may give your body to be burned, but that will not get you to God’s heaven. Jesus said ye must be born again. We must have God’s spirit in us, or we will not make it. The Bible also says to call no man Father, for these is one Father. Jesus is the name of the Father. If you are praying to Mary, you are committing idolatry. Mary did not die for you. Jesus only had sinless blood that was shed for you. Call on Jesus if you want God to hear you. Jesus died for Mary’s sins, for all have sinned and came short of the glory of God. The Catholics try to teach that Mary had no more children, but she had sons and daughters after Jesus was born. If we go to God’s heaven, we need to repent of our sins and ask Jesus to come into our hearts and save us. Religions cannot save you, only Jesus can.

. I recently received information that the Supreme Court’s decision also contains language to protect religious freedom and an individual’s right of conscience. It reads as follows: ‘Finally, it must be emphasized that religions, and those who adhere to religious doctrines, may continue to advocate with utmost sincere conviction that, by divine precepts, same-sex marriage should not be condoned. The First Amendment ensures that religious organizations and persons are given proper protection as they seek to teach the principles that are so fulfilling and so central to their lives and faiths, and to their own deep aspirations to continue the family structure they have long revered. The same is true of those who oppose same-sex marriage for other reasons.’ (Page 27, Justice Kennedy’s Majority Opinion of the Court.) This part of the so-called ‘Law of the Land’ is not being adhered to and Christians must insist upon equal protection that the opinion of the Supreme Court affords to them. God’s people need to cry out and warn the people to repent and turn from their evil ways and get ready to meet God for Jesus will soon return.

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