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Dear Speak Your Piece: I want to talk about our government, specifically the DEA, state police and UNITE. They have interfered in our doctor offices to the point where if you have a severe pain problem backed up by all kinds of evidence all you can get is Lorcet. Severe pain problems need stronger medicine than this. This is a black mark on our government that will not be forgotten. Please stay out of the doctor offices.

. Have you or any of your family members personally benefited from the expansion of Medicaid and kynect? Do you realize that those benefits are in jeopardy this November? Kentucky is one of only three states electing a new governor in November. Kentuckians can choose to embrace the positive momentum created under the Beshear administration by voting for Attorney General Jack Conway to be our next governor or Kentuckians can choose to be the laughingstock of the nation by voting for Matt Bevin and reversing all the positive momentum of kynect and the Medicaid expansion. Thirty-two percent of Medicaid enrollees live in eastern Kentucky according to a recent study commissioned by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. While we must be fiscally responsible with state and federal taxpayer dollars, it would be irresponsible for Kentuckians to vote Bevin in as governor at a time when eastern Kentuckians need all the access to health insurance and health care we can possibly get. Don’t vote against yourself or your family members at a time when everyone needs a little help. From a Letcher County Republican for Conway.

. Kentucky is seventeenth in gun deaths in the country? Surely we can get that up to number one.

. The two women who are bothered about women dyeing their hair at age 70 or

any other age should mind their own business. I’ll be 88 in November and I still dye my hair, regardless of the wrinkles.

. It’s kind of funny how things work out in life. I once had a boss at TECO that nobody could stand. Now, Jenkins has made him a Pee Wee football coach. Now he is bossing kids around. Go figure.

. I’d like to make a couple of comments. The first is regarding Jim Hightower’s article where he said the scandal regarding Planned Parenthood was a lie. The videos were shown to our leaders on Capital Hill. I still believe they will fund Planned Parenthood because they won’t stand up for what is right. I admire Kim Davis because she stood up for freedom of religion, which is a right from God and our constitution. I heard that there are other places those couples could have gotten a marriage certifi cate. I think they should be ashamed for what they did to Kim. If we keep putting God out of our country, soon His protection will be gone from us. Think of what happened on 9/11.

. I hear we are having two gay bars put in Whitesburg. That is unreal. That is like I don’t know what. Since they got the liquor license in Whitesburg, the town has gone downhill like a handbag in you know where. (As the old saying goes, you heard wrong. Instead of spreading rumors designed to bring harm to local businesses trying to make Letcher County better, try going and seeing for yourself before repeating lies.)

. You might be a moron if you believe that if you get a lot of likes on your Facebook posts that they actually like you. Listen to what they say off of Facebook. That will determine what they really think of you.

. A certain person who delivers mail takes it a little too far. You are not supposed to deliver yourself.

. Welcome to the insane mind of an idiot. You are welcome to visit but you can’t stay.

. Rand Paul says we need a governor who will stand up to the federal government. Well, Mr. Paul, with all its flaws and failures I think the United States has the best system of government in the world. If you can’t learn to love America and be more patriotic, you are welcome to move to some other country.

. Do you ever wish that out of all the religions in the world with all the gods and goddesses they worship there would be just one who cared enough about our precious children to keep people from shooting them by the bunches?

. We were poor, but we had drugs. That is the one thing Daddy made sure of.

. They should cut out teacher retirement. Teachers ain’t nothing but political hacks anyway.

. I can’t wait to see new changes at Jenkins Independent Schools now. Maybe a few people won’t have it so good. One woman thinks she has ruled everything at Burdine for the last few years and one man thinks he has run the place at the high school for several years. You can’t hire someone from Shelby Valley and expect them to come to Jenkins and want to do good for Jenkins. They need to get somebody from outside of Letcher County. Mr. Tackett would have been the obvious choice.

. Politicians, supreme court judges and governors need to be changed immediately. All for the same purpose.

. A certain restaurant quit putting sausage in the biscuits and gravy and they are still charging the same price. I don’t guess I’ll be back there anymore.

. This is the old cat killer. think it is a shame that everybody that you call on a business situation or whatever the situation you can never talk to anybody. They are all on an eight-hour coffee break. Something needs to be done about this. ‘I’m away from my desk right now. Will you call me later?’ I don’t like this. Have a great big meow day.

. You talk about being pissed off. When I saw my kids come home from school Thursday from Jenkins

absolutely soaking wet from playing outside on a bunch of bouncy slides or whatever you call it. They let the kids play outside in the pouring rain as cool as it was. I bet the principal’s kid didn’t get soaked and probably a few other kids whose parents work there. You talk about being mad. It won’t happen again and I guarantee it better never happen again. (Are your kids as angry as you are about getting to play outside on the inflatable bounce rides?)

. People worried about children being killed should be protesting the National Rifle Association, not Planned Parenthood.

. We have some of the sorriest social workers in Letcher County that I have ever seen. They let people who are on drugs draw KCHIP and get checks. They never make people work. The men sit at the house and smoke their pot and do their drugs. The little children suffer. They never have food or diapers. They are out bumming for food and money to buy a loaf of bread. It’s a rotten shame that the workers don’t step in there and put those little kids in a foster home and the other ones in rehab. They aren’t worth diddly squat. That is the sorriest set of people I have ever seen in my life. Come over to Whitco and you can see them buy and sell their drugs.

. The 20-mile yard sale wasn’t that good this year. It rained both days. It looks like for next year they are going to have to change it to another time. Whatever. . Interesting how many people are horrified by Planned Parenthood but thought President George W. ‘W’ Bush’s bombing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who had already been born was so wonderful they voted for him a second time so he could keep on killing. .

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