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To a certain person: It’s sad you take all your dad’s money and goodies and then throw him out.

. We are not all drunk or high texting or talking on our phones or fooling with the radio when we are driving on the wrong side of the road. I drive on the wrong side because of our bad roads that apparently are never going to be fixed right. If a car is coming I slow way down and get on my side. If the state road crew doesn’t fix Camp Branch and actually do it right then there are bound to be some accidents.

. In the September 30 issue there was mention of an accident on Pine Mountain above Payne Gap. The article stated that taking care of the accident was made more difficult because the driver was from Uzbekistan and did not speak English. I only have two questions. How did the driver obtain a CDL [commercial driver’s license] if he could not speak or read English? Also, is he an American citizen?

. Every week I read the Here’s a Tip’ column but haven’t been able to find it in last six or seven issues. This past week I found it by mistake on one of the ‘Friends and Families’ pages. Can you please tell me where it will be weekly and leave it in that one place? It would be greatly appreciated. I enjoy and look forward to reading it every week when I can find it. Thanks God bless.

. Is it all right to steal from Walmart? (No, unless your goal is to get busted for shoplifting.)

. Has anybody noticed that certain store around here is selling old drinks that have lost their fizz and have a watery taste to it? Wonder why?

. What happened to the blighted and deteriorated building ordinance in Jenkins? The committee under Mayor Dixon had more than 20 houses removed during his administration.

. To certain fast-food restaurant: You quit putting sausage into your biscuits and gravy. Biscuits and gravy is no good without sausage. You stopped adding sausage to the gravy so I stopped coming to your restaurant.

. ARH wants you to work 16 years to make what they call ‘standard pay.’ This means for 16 years you will make $8 an hour, meaning that anybody thinking about going to work for ARH would have to settle for $8 an hour for the next 16 years. And they want to talk about quality care? To have quality care you have to have quality workers, and from what I can see ARH can’t get new workers because no one is going to settle for $8 an hour for 16 years. If you are thinking about applying for a job, you might want to look into ARH’s pay scale.

. To all you born-again believers out there: Let’s stand up for what is right. Don’t let the gays and lesbians try to overrule and overthrow that law.

. I heard on the news that there were 60 people killed in Chicago last month. I can’t understand that. I don’t think that would be allowed in Louisville or Lexington or Indianapolis or Texas or the Midwest. They would never allow 60 to be killed. They muzzle the media to where they won’t even report it. I don’t understand how that many people can be killed that often and nothing be done about it. I think we could protect them better here.

. To a certain person who lives in Whitco: If you don’t mind, little lady, please slow down a little bit. You ran over my little gray cat and you know that you did it. If it had been a child, it would have been all the same. You all need to start slowing down going down this hill. There is no sense in flying like you are driving on the freeway. This isn’t a state road. There is no sense in you going down this hill like you do. Slow down. You know who you are.

. Looks like my sister is up in my business again — writing to other people to give me messages. She has also called me a liar. I don’t want to hear anything from her anymore.

. When did the Letcher County Government Channel start running ads? The piece that they had on ARH hospital was definitely an ad. How much did ARH pay for that ad?

. They’ll rarely wash a dish. They’ll occasionally run a vacuum cleaner and occasionally wash clothes. Other than that, they are just there. That is about it.

. In last week’s Speak Your Piece I made a comment about being aggravated about my kids coming home soaking wet from playing on the bouncy inflatables outside at school. The editor made a comment and asked if the kids were as angry as I was. I have to eat my words on that. To be honest, they really weren’t. But that is what I love about Speak Your Piece, everybody gets to voice their opinion. I am eating crow on that one. My fault. Thanks, again. (Thank you for taking the reply as it was meant to be — in good nature.)

. This is for Brian Damron, who wants to get our of prison early and come back to Letcher County. He should be made to lie down and sleep on what he has done to other people. He has done people so dirty and just walked all over them. He needs to think about the stuff he did to people. People get tired of it. In my opinion, they ought to send him to Alcatraz.

Hats off to the judge who said no to Brian Damron. He is nothing but a hothead and a thief.

. I’ve noticed something about Letcher County. Some people can get away with anything. What, if anything, was ever done about a certain girl getting shot in the head? Whatever came of a certain logging accident? Will anything get done about the guy who was killed with a forklift? Is that still being investigated? If not, why?

. Is it illegal for a school bus driver to be talking on a cellphone while driving? If it is, they really need to look into it.

. Whitesburg ARH says it has an annual payroll of $21 million, which means the City of Whitesburg should collect $315,000 each year in payroll taxes. The school system and other businesses in town also give the city substantial amounts of money in payroll taxes. Is this being paid to the city? If so, what is the city doing with this large sum of money?

. To all of you wonderful people out there: Quit sending your money to these wind-sucking, money-loving preachers. Jesus said you receive free, give free. Don’t be giving them 10 percent of your wages because when you do you are supporting a false prophet. Are you telling me that Jesus didn’t get the job done? I think He did. I think He did a fine job. So don’t be supporting those people. They are the devil, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

. To the people out there who are going to vote for Matt Bevin for governor: If you’ve got what is called Obamacare insurance, you would be absolutely idiotic if you vote for that man, because the first thing he says he is going to do is take away Obamacare. You are going to be sitting flat on your butt with nothing if you vote for Bevin. You won’t even get food stamps. He is against daycare. He is against kindergarten. He is against old people. He is against schools. He is just here to get money. He isn’t from Kentucky. He moved here so he could get this job. Wake up, people.

. Does anyone else have a problem with getting cold food at a certain restaurant? It seems like every time we eat there anymore, the food is cold. They need to do something about this.

. Be kind to the employees at Dairy Queen.

. Listen, I don’t believe it. don’t want to believe it. I don’t believe there is a such thing as a Letcher County mafia.

. I’d like to thank the county for sending an excavator to clean out our ditches at Crases Branch, and I’d like to thank the operator for the good job he did and how neat he left everything. Being a retired operator myself, I can appreciate a good job, and that was a job well done. Thanks to all who were involved.

. Brian Damron needs to stay in jail. It’s safer for the public.

. Thanks to the Jenkins City Council for finally doing something about delinquent taxes. For too long

some people have felt that they did not have to pay city taxes. My mother always said what is fair for the goose is fair for the gander.

. Daddy is gone. The pills are gone.

. There is a gap between the bridge and sidewalk near the Appalshop in Whitesburg. It is dangerous and someone could fall and land in the river. Who can fix this problem?

. To the one at The Mountain Eagle: This is Harlan County Man, and I want my letter published as it is written to you. You don’t have the right to take out my words and put in yours. I am sure freedom of speech is in our constitution. Read it. And if you don’t apologize to me in your next paper, I may law you. I did keep a copy for me, and you did this to me more than one time, so do your job. I know you liberals want to tell people like me that I am misguided, ignorant, typical American for our belief in God. Did you know the Pope had a meeting with Kim Davis and thanked her for what she did? So maybe the Supreme Court is wrong. Five of them sure are, and maybe Israel is God’s people. It’s in the Bible, the Number One book of all time. But you can take up all the space in the paper calling bad names. I enjoyed it. Harlan County Man.

. When a man meets another man and spends every night with him instead of his wife, something is wrong. Young people are commenting about this living situation. Take this away from my community of Neon.

. Everyone out there needs to stand behind Kim Davis for standing her ground with this freak show that has erupted. What’s left of us decent people that believe in God and not turning to this senseless way of thinking of some disturbed freaks. I don’t believe in meddling in people’s business, but this has gone too far. I am all in favor of sending or helping these creeps move somewhere that they can roam and do their thing with one another. Go for it, Kim Davis, stand up for the God-abiding people that’s left, and not for the gays. Thank you and bless Kim Davis.

. Well, stupidity has spoken again in the White House. There was another shooting, this one in Oregon, and now the President wants to try to take innocent people’s guns away so we the innocent people won’t have guns to defend ourselves with. Why are the American people so gullible as to believe the man in the White House when he speaks a lie? Any American with a third grade education would have to know more about our nation’s laws than the stupidity that lives in the White House. The greatest threat to the American people is not Iran, it is the heathen in the White House that has set us up to be destroyed by the enemy. The President is not for the American people. All he has done is try to destroy our freedom and our nation. The American people had better repent and get ready to meet God, for our nation is going down because of our ungodly lawmakers.

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