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This is to the stupid inbred who put the obscene note on my wife’s car in the Food City parking lot a couple of weeks ago for parking in a handicapped spot: If you could read (which I seriously doubt) you could see that she has a handicapped tag on front and back of her car. Unlike the mirror placard you probably stole from your grandpa’s car. I understand that you only come out of the ‘holler’ once a month on ‘check day’ to buy your chewing tobacco, beer, lard, cigarettes, flour, bullets, pot and 6-packs of Sudafed, and I know a month’s supply of that stuff is heavy. If you’re too fat and lazy to push your cart across the parking lot, the staff at Food City is very friendly and accommodating, and would be more than happy to push it for you. If you ever touch my wife’s car again, I’ll see that you qualify for your own handicapped plates.

. To all the drug dealers in Letcher County and surrounding areas: I hope you are satisfied destroying people’s lives. You think drug dealing is a way to live and not even work or do anything to provide an income that you need. Instead, you abuse what the doctors give you or bring it in illegally and sell to people until they die from an overdose or families are torn apart. You have no concern and no care for anyone but your own selfish ways and your selfish self. This has got to stop. And may law enforcement wake up and do something about it before anyone else dies from an overdose. People are dying much too young, much too quickly and much too soon. Wake up, people, and stop doing this evil thing. And may the doctors stop prescribing pain pills for you.

. To a certain person: Don’t try to hide your secrets from me.

. How do you rest at night, drug dealers, after causing the death of someone? Don’t you have a conscience? Does it even bother you that because of your evilness people are dying? You are destroying families and lives. If there is a will, there is a way to make a living a different way than selling drugs. It is an evil, evil thing.

. Jeb! (don’t think about his last name) says his brother kept us safe. He must have forgotten the memos he ignored so that three — almost four — airliners could fly into major buildings. If that’s keeping us safe I’m the king of Siam.

. It was probably my certificate of deposit they cashed in to pay the hired help. What else am I going to find out?

. We have got a drug problem on Little Colley. It’s pitiful. I wish a certain family had stayed out of Little Colley. We are sick and tired of their kind.

. A certain man has been having an affair for about 17 to 19 years and it is with someone the wife knows. I don’t know if the wife knows that this is going on or not. She is a very wonderful person. She is a church going person. I’d like to know if you know about this and if you don’t I’m going to tell you. It’s pitiful that your husband would do you this way with someone that you grew up with. You are a wonderful person.

. I have been out of school more than 20 years. I had sexual affairs with three different teachers. This does happen. Parents need to watch their children.

. I just read in The Eagle that since 2013, 4,074 new people were insured in Letcher County. What I don’t understand is that politicians can look us right in the eyes on television and tell us that they are going to take our health insurance, our social security, food stamps and all entitlements from us. And we vote for them anyway. Sometimes I wonder why the rest of the world calls us dumb hillbillies.

. Beware where you take your cars for work on engines and transmissions. Some people in the Neon area do a trashy job.

. Ladies and gentleman, beg of you to vote for Sam Wright for chief justice of the Supreme Court. You may think you don’t vote for him as chief justice, but I am sure he will become chief justice if you vote for him. No one is saying Janet Stumbo is not a good, moral upstanding person. But Sam Wright has proven himself to be far beyond that status. He knows how and does use his judicial discretion very well. He gives one sex offender five years probation while he gives another 20 years in prison. This proves a point. He has served Letcher County so very well. Now, let’s give him a chance to serve the state of Kentucky as he has for Letcher County. Please vote Sam Wright for justice of the Supreme Court. You will have made no better decision in the distant or near future. I’m sure he will prove himself to be the kind of justice the citizens of Kentucky expect him to be.

. Would some NRA member please call in and explain to us why our country spends so many millions of dollars to fight foreign terrorism while allowing our own citizens to shoot dozens of schoolchildren over and over?

. The beautiful flags on Main Street in Jenkins and at Dunham in Burdine need to be taken down and cleaned. These should be put up for the Jenkins festival and taken down immediately after the festival is over. Thank you.

. One of the most dangerous

roads in Letcher County goes up Bull Creek Mountain. How a school bus hasn’t wrecked on this dangerous stretch of road is a miracle. The dangerous curves need to be widened to ensure all of the driving public’s safety.

. As a resident of Colson, travel Highway 931 daily. I’d like to know what it is going to take to get this road fixed. I have contacted people from the Department of Transportation in Frankfort, Pikeville and Whitesburg. All I get are lies. Everybody over here drives on the wrong side of the road but you have to to keep from tearing up your vehicle. It’s just a matter of time before there is a tragic accident. What is it going to take to get this road fixed? This is pitiful. The highway department is absolutely letting us down. They aren’t doing their job.

. I wish to comment about last week’s post concerning people sending money to ‘money loving Preachers’ and the poster’s evident lack of knowledge as to what The Bible has to say about it. First, people should never send money to anyone unless they’ve checked that person out and know precisely where their contributions are going. That said, tithing is a directive straight from God and all believers are supposed to adhere to offer a minimum of ten percent of their earnings to their Church or other Christian programs. Tithing is not actually meant to provide God or anyone else money, it is meant as an act of faith primarily. Sure, it’s mostly used for every day running of a church or charities the church is involved in but it’s mostly done to show God honor. Many Christians, even lifelong ones, fail to follow this practice and as a result they usually suffer financial hardships. For the Christians that do not tithe and are reading this: Shame on you for you are dishonoring God Almighty with your tithe withholding. And before anyone starts with ‘I don’t have the extra money’ or whatever, you are missing the point then. The tithe’s ten percent is supposed to be from your gross income and it is supposed to be offered to God before you do

anything else with that sum. If you have somehow failed to be a regular tither then you need to read and practice the Scriptures Malachi 3:10 and 2 Corinthians 9:7 and put my words, as well as God’s, to the test and see for yourself the wonderful blessing of the tithe.

. Leave our guns alone. We have a president that is full of stupidity. It would be good for the American people if this heathen would resign and go back to where he came from, for he has not intelligence to know how America’s system is much less to understand our constitution. Our ungodly lawmakers need to look in the mirror to know what the problem is with all these heathens that are shooting people. If our nation’s leaders would stop listening to the lying ACLU organization and teach our children the Ten Commandments of which one of them is ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ then maybe we would not have raised a generation of heathens. They also need to be taught ‘ Thou shalt not commit adultery,’ also, ‘Thou salt not bear false witness,’ so then maybe they won’t grow up to be lying Democrats or ungodly lawmakers. America is reaping what it has sown. When you reject God and the laws of God, then you are in trouble. America is in a mess because our nation’s leaders are ungodly.

. Howdy, Brushy Bill here.came in for the festival this year to visit and see if the new distillery made ‘shine’ as good as old Brushy Bill’s. As I started in, a preacher stopped me out front and warned me of the evils of ‘the devil’s brew.’ I said, ‘Preacher, have you drunk any?’ and he said, ‘No.’ I told him I’d sit down and read the Bible with him if he’d sit down and drink one shot with me. He agreed, but refused to go inside that ‘den of iniquity.’ I said, ‘Fine, I’ll bring it outside and we’ll sit under that shade tree over there.’ I went inside and told the guy to give me two double shots of the strongest liquor he had. No, make that two triple shots. He smiled and said, ‘Is that preacher still out there hustling drinks? I thought he’d have passed out hours ago!’

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