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Election Day is Tuesday. While we may not be voting for the next president of the United States, we are voting for the next Governor of Kentucky, which is more important than you may realize. Take the time between now and next Tuesday to consider the following: Have you or any of your family members personally benefited from the expansion of Medicaid and kynect? Do you realize those benefits are in jeopardy if Bevin is elected Governor? Kentuckians can choose to embrace the positive momentum created under the Beshear administration by voting for Jack Conway to be our next governor or we can choose to be the laughingstock of the nation by voting for Matt Bevin and reversing all the positive momentum of kynect and the Medicaid expansion. Thirty-two percent of Medicaid enrollees live in eastern Kentucky, according to a recent study commissioned by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. While we must be fiscally responsible with state and federal taxpayer dollars, it would be irresponsible for Kentuckians to vote Bevin in as governor at a time when eastern Kentuckians need all the access to health insurance and health care we can possibly get. Don’t vote against yourself or your family members at a time when everyone needs a little help. Signe, a Letcher County Republican for Conway.

. Wake up, people Letcher County. Until we get some new law enforcement that isn’t scared of drug dealers in the area then nothing is going to be done to correct and control this problem.

. Obama has lied to the American people countless times. He is an enemy of the United States and it is easy to prove.

. As I watched the Republicans on TV being petty and hateful to our former Secretary of State over four deaths she didn’t cause I must ask again: Where were these members of Congress when the previous president purposefully committed genocide in Iraq? Why didn’t the lives of almost 5,000 of our precious children matter to them?

. Dear Speak Your Piece: think we’re finally getting a chance at growing hemp. The people here in Letcher County who own strip mine sites should be the first to get a license. I would hope they would grow hemp on the strip mine sites.

. So the mayor of Jenkins is going to sell your property taxes if you live in the city limits because the city needs the money.

Well maybe if he would quit wasting so much of it they wouldn’t have to do this. I understand people need to pay their taxes, but you don’t need to hurt people who have lost their jobs because of the economy when you’re wasting so much money. Here are a few examples: 1. They have a city employee who lives in Virginia and takes a city truck home everyday. I have seen him with his children in the truck with him. Why does he need to take a truck home? In case the city has a grass-cutting emergency and he may have to get here in a hurry? 2. The guy who drives the bucket truck every time you see him out, even on the weekends. 3. The city administrator is now driving a police car home and he lives in McRoberts. 4. A City Hall employee was at the Dollar Store buying bread and other things so they could cook their breakfast at City Hall. 5. Why is Mayor Depriest driving a new GMC city truck with Floyd County tags instead of an official city tag? Mayor Depriest fired a police offi cer for putting gas in the officer’s own personal car. The mayor should have done what he did. But when it comes down to it, aren’t the mayor and the other city employees doing the same thing — the only difference being they are using city vehicles? Stay tuned more to come.

. As big of a problem as bullying is in schools, why in the world do school administrators in Letcher County allow ‘Nerd Day’? With as much focus being placed on getting distinguished test scores, you’d think teachers and staff would encourage extreme intelligence.

. This is the old cat killer. There was one cat. Then there were two cats. Then there were six cats. Now, there are 12. I’ve got to take care of business. Have a great big meow day.

. That building in Neon is an absolute disgrace. Why doesn’t the mayor take action to make them clean that crap up? Clothes lying on the ground. Pallets everywhere. Rats everywhere. If the mayor isn’t going to do her job, she needs to step down and let someone else do it.

. Nineteen of the twenty 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Arabians. So, it’s great that Congress held its ninth hearing to prove it was Hilary Clinton who forced President Bush to retaliate by starting a war with the wrong country.

. A certain senior citizen works all the time and picks up a meal at the Ermine Senior Citizens Center. Why

is he so special? Then they quit bringing meals to people who need them.

. If a phone purchased from Appalachian Wireless tears up, they should be required to fix it.

. I’ve been getting these glossy big cards in the mail touting all the candidates. One of them from a candidate for the state Supreme Court is packed full of lies. The other is from someone who is intelligent, educated, experienced, and honest. She even already has Supreme Court experience. So, I’m voting for her.

. I’ve been reading about the county being broke. I figure if they get rid of those do-nothing magistrates they could save quite a bit of money.

. Does the Kentucky Mist Moonshine versus the University of Kentucky case mean I can’t turn my address in as Whitesburg, Kentucky because UK has the franchise on it? There is no way in hell that you can buy the franchise on the name of the state of Kentucky and do it that way. The distillery should tell them where to take it and stick it.

. ARH is supposed to be this big employer is Letcher County. A pharmacy tech will start out at $9.18 an hour. You will not make $10 for eight years. New contracts will say it takes 16. You’ve got people who have worked there for 35 and 40 years. When all these people start to retire, what are you going to do? These kids who have college degrees need to get out of here. Who are going to take those jobs for $8 and $9 an hour?

. Hey, thought you had died. This is the old cat killer. I don’t know who you are, but I’m glad that you are still on this side of the river. I enjoyed your comment in Speak Your Piece. Call in and comment more. I thought you were dead. I had even shed a tear or two over you.

. To all you mothers and fathers whose kids are getting drugged to death by these drug dealers: Do something about it. Buy a rifle and go hunting.

The county would have some money if they’d collect the money owed by people who won’t pay garbage bills. The sheriff ’s department should ticket people who don’t have insurance or registered license plates.

. About a year ago, I got my license taken for the first time for drunk driving and rightly so. But I still see the child molesters and drug dealers driving up and down the road. Why didn’t they get their licenses taken? There is something wrong with this. Be as mean to them as you have been to us drunks.

. I like Sam Wright as our circuit judge but not his negative advertising against Janet Stumbo. Janet Stumbo is not for criminals. Janet is for justice for the victims of crimes and for all those accused of crimes. That’s why I want Janet Stumbo on the Kentucky Supreme Court and Sam Wright to continue as our Letcher Circuit Judge.

. Do we the people remember in 2014 when Jack Conway refused to defend Kentucky’s constitutional amendment which states that marriage is between a man and a woman? We the people in 2014 voted this into law, and we have ungodly lawmakers that have no regard for the votes of our state. Remember when Kim Davis was sent to jail for standing for what is right? Neither Conway nor Governor Beshear backed her. Sister Kim Davis has the right to freedom of religion and conscience. If our elected politicians will not honor the people’s votes when we the people have spoken then we do not need them in public office for we are a nation of laws by the people and for the people. If our elected politicians have no backbone to stand for what is right then they should at least have the decency to resign. We the American people are sick of the ungodliness of our nation’s leaders. We want righteousnous back in our nation’s leaders and we want rid of the foolishness and stupidity that is trying to run our nation. We have a chance to vote on November 3, so let’s vote for righteousness instead of ungodliness.

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