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I would like to comment about the Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson concert at Pikeville. Merle Haggard is without doubt among the five greatest country music singers/songwriters/musicians of the past 40 years. At age 78 his voice is still strong and his delivery is flawless. His band, The Strangers, is awesome. He has collected some of the finest musicians in the country to accompany his virtuoso singing and musicianship. I saw him in concert at the Mountain Arts Center about 20 years ago and he was great; he is even better now. His songs about real-life experiences are timeless. As for the Willie Nelson concert, no one can question his success and fame. He is an icon in his world of outlaw music, but I would never pay to see him again. Sure he has had some good studio recordings, but his live performance was severely lacking in what one would expect from a musician of his stature. He has always been a great songwriter and song stylist and his riffs on the acoustical guitar are inimitable. Problem is, bless his heart, he couldn’t sing 40 years ago and still can’t. He didn’t do much more then stand there and recite the lyrics. Many of the people in attendance were toasting him with their beers throughout the show, but I think they may have sucked on some weed on their way to the concert.

. To the City of Jenkins: Rumors are that Jenkins will be renamed. I have heard several names mentioned including Addingtonville, Trashville, Animal Abuse Township, City of Tax, and Whoresville. If you live here you can enjoy the scenic views of nastiness. If you like seeing the abused animals and neglected children, this is the place for you. Don’t just admire the nice Lakeside view, travel the forgotten hollows with your four wheel drive. You will need one to get through the horrible roads, but the view of the blighted houses is worth it. If you need to rent a house there are plenty of run down homes available. The same people rent out most of them. So come see Jenkins and settle down with the rest of us. If you are nasty and on welfare, this is the place for you. Don’t forget to bring extra money so you can pay high taxes for this wonderful opportunity. Hurry, though, slum properties are going fast.

. This is for a certain store in Neon: You might be laughing now, but you won’t be laughing much longer.

. What is wrong with our county judge?

. To a certain schoolteacher: I wonder what your co-workers would think

about you if they knew what all went on behind closed doors.

. My grandpa got killed for having a moonshine still. Did everyone ever think they could have a legal moonshine still on Main Street in Whitesburg? That is crazy. Next thing you know we’ll be just like Cumberland.

. I thought if you sold liquor, beer and stuff in Whitesburg, you had to feed 50 percent of the people and then sell the beer and liquor to them. I haven’t seen 50 people at those places in one night.

. To the jerk who lives at Burton Hill and is telling lies on certain people to ruin reputations: Guess what. No one is paying any attention to you and nobody likes you.

. It hurts my feelings for pastor’s wife to go out in the parking lot and tell a lady not to go into that church and to get in her car and leave. That is a shame. She will stand for judgment for that. God will judge her for the way she talked to that lady and for running her off and not letting her in that church. That was a good Christian woman who has gone to that church for years. I’m sorry to say but that is a shame.

. Thank God Alice Lloyd flying a Christian flag. As always, they are showing Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and other non- Christians that they are not wanted on their campus. If people from heathen religions insist on infiltrating the ALC society they will be treated as second-class people.

. I’m so glad that Pizza Hut has a larger variety of food now. The wings are great. They were delicious. Keep up the good work. The workers were very polite.

. I figured out why they are going to build a federal prison in Roxana. It’s to house all them politicians from Illinois.

. I read in The Eagle about police catching 16 people stealing at Walmart last week. I was taught not to steal and as long as I can afford to pay for something that I need or my family need, I would never think about stealing. There are people in Letcher County without jobs and their children need food and stuff. They may see that they have to steal for their children to survive. I think it is a shame that people have to stoop that low to steal. I would ask before I would steal. I know that if they went to Walmart and said, ‘My kid needs this or that,’ they are going to be told ‘I’m sorry.’ People do have reasons sometimes for

doing that. There are a lot of people that would never steal. They need to put jobs back in Letcher County so people won’t have to steal.

. Attention, parents who take kids to West Whitesburg Elementary School: If you are going to drop your kids off at the school in the mornings, please stay in the right lane, which is the drop-off lane. Please don’t pull up in the left lane and drop your kids off. This is dangerous. I almost hit two kids the other day because a parent stopped in the left lane and let her kids out. I had just finished dropping my kids off in the drop-off lane and was about to pull out into the left lane. Please follow the rules so your children don’t get hurt.

. It’s 5:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday and I just saw the Lexington Herald-Leader delivery man delivering papers. Mr. Delivery Man, you do a poor job.

. Donate to the Wounded Warrior Project and help these men and women who have fought and served their country. I’d also like to thank police officers for their work. And to the coach of the football team who prays: Thanks for praying to keep your team safe.

. Hillary Clinton, Halloween is over. You can take that false face off and park your broom.

. I hope the man who made that announcement at the Jenkins football game for everybody to get off the sidelines except coaches remembers to get his kid off the sideline. The kid doesn’t even go to school at Jenkins and has absolutely no business on the sidelines. I also hope he and his buddy quit playing that stupid music that is getting on people’s nerves.

. To a certain person: It’s funny that you sit in the press box at Jenkins and act like you own the place. You never had kids that even went to Jenkins High School.

. Happy birthday, E.T.B. We all love you. You are a great man. Hang in there. You are going to make it to the top.

. If I knew then what I know now I would have never left Florida. All I’ve got to show for it is a big, fat goose egg. I didn’t end up with everything. I ended up with nothing.

. So here I am trying to work via e-mail and online on the TVS Cable server. I say server only because there really isn’t another term for it. It rarely serves anything. In other words, it’s in and out yet again, mostly out, making it hard to send e-mail documents and really difficult to do online research. The TVS service has become pathetic. Calling TVS to report a problem is generally useless, even

when you get to speak to an actual technician instead of a secretary or recorder.

. Why do the Republican members of the Kentucky legislature want to defund Planned Parenthood, knowing that would cause a rise in unwanted pregnancies and abortions — and make those abortions unsafe? Is this their latest broadside in their War on Women?

. Call Speak Your Piece and voice your opinion on who the worst lawyer is in Letcher County that will take your money and flatly do nothing for what you pay them.

. These politicians are really going to have to do something for the people of this state. It should be against the law to call people at home and campaign for public office. They shouldn’t be able to do that.

. One of my neighbors has had over 50 cars go by their house and stop. It isn’t even noon. Do you think they are doing what I think they are doing?

. To a certain woman: If you weren’t obsessed with my life, you wouldn’t care what I do. Why would you care who likes my Facebook posts, and who doesn’t like me outside of Facebook? Why would I want to hide secrets from you? I don’t have anything to do with you. You say he’s got a short leash on me and I should get rid of him. Ha, ha. You think he’ll come back to you if I get rid of him? Ha, ha. He doesn’t like you. He thinks you’re stupid, so the next time you feel it’s all you can do to keep your hands off of him when you see him, count to 10 and take a deep breath. If I was going to make an idiot out of myself, I would at least act that way with someone who at least liked me. You are crazy.

. Congratulations to new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Now get to work on a hearing about that airliner that caught on fire. We need to determine what Hilary knew and when she knew it.

. Donald Trump is the only person there whose personality alone would scare the enemy forces, or hostile cultures into ‘backing off’ from their assault on the culture and ‘way of life’ of the United States of America. All those other candidates are just like play actors using the American people as a propagandatype prop to help get elected. A scary person as the next president of the USA right now is what the whole world needs. Example: Look what JFK did to the Russians during the Cuban missile crisis back in the 1960s.

. To the whining ARH employees: If the salary is so bad, how do you afford all the beach trips? Just wondering. Also, is it legal for a registered nurse to peddle steroids?

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