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A tip of the cap to all those Medicare and Medicare recipients, not to mention those who received their first health insurance under Obamacare, who voted for Governor Bevin because they realized they don’t deserve those benefits or think their checks are too large. You realized that you should help Governor Bevin cut them back. Kudos to you.

. Here are my post-election riddles: Who am I on my way to the losing voter’s Bullhole?/ I like the secret ballot better than Speak Your Piece./ Only two of my votes won in Kentucky./ All but a different two of my votes carried my beloved Blackey./ All of our county’s vote results except one mirrored Kentucky’s./ It’s a shame./ My Jack Conway lost big, maybe because of his negative advertising and poor campaigning,/ But our Judge Wright won eastern Kentucky, maybe without campaigning, because of his negative advertising./ Bevin’s past deals and switches didn’t deem to hurt him; his children and Christianity, his government inexperience, and his oratory seemed to help him./ His 401K’s may win over my and future teachers’ pensions./ I could not vote for Obama or Romney, or McConnell, or Bevin, or Trump./ I pray to God for Grimes and Rogers, two Beshears, and two Stumbos in Kentucky, and two Clintons in America./ Please pray that Bevin believes most of his victory speech./ Pray that Kentucky democracy can survive the Republican tea party./ Pray for public needs over private greeds, fair taxes over foolish laxes./ Pray for your and my Old Kentucky Home.

. It’s Hallelujah Day for coal miners. Be ready to go back to work the day Governor Bevin is inaugurated.

. It’s bad enough that Ben Carson is a pathological liar on top of being illiterate as to science and history. But, he insults most of us by thinking we’re all too dang dumb to realize it, when the polls show that less than a third of the people in his own party fit that description.

. I hope one of his handlers will clue big Christian Matt Bevin into the fact that he shouldn’t balance the budget on the backs of the old, the young, the sick, and the poor. He should convince people to want to pitch in to help them, not hurt them. Otherwise Jesus will weep and Satan will laugh.

. Thanks to the funny little guy wearing shorts who sat in the front of the courtroom during the fiscal court meeting. Every serious situation needs some comic relief.

. Way to go, Cats. Running up the score against middle school teams really helps in the Final Four. Remember Wisconsin?

. I really appreciate the construction crew from Lexington. Amazing job on the bridge. Maybe you all can show our Letcher County workers how it’s done. Not far from where you all are working, take a drive on Camp Branch and see for yourselves what shape

it’s in. It’s been like this for years. They will fix and blacktop other roads, even though those roads don’t need the work as much as Camp Branch. It will one day cause a bad wreck, as lots of us drive on the wrong side because it’s so bad in places. I’m starting to think we’re in another country with so many driving on the wrong side.

. I want to wish my little nephew a belated very happy second birthday. It was November 6. Auntie loves you baby.

. I married into an honorable family here in Letcher County nearly five years ago. It has been an honor to be adopted into that family and its heritage. I love these people. After reading Speak Your Piece, I felt led to offer a positive insight into things. What was this community like before coal and the dismal unemployment from that industry? Was there life to be lived before the coal companies came to Letcher County and southeastern Kentucky? I believe the answer is yes, there was and is life to be lived with or without a dependency on the politics of coal. That core of life that defined the heritage of this community can arise to breathe again. May I offer the following three suggestions? 1. Try praying. Seek God with all your hearts for the guidance only God can provide. 2. Trust people. Instead of speaking your piece, it is time to tread a higher path and Speak God’s peace to your neighbors. 3. Trade poverty for being ‘well’ and content with what fulfills our essential needs. (Being wealthy is not a cure all for unhappiness or loneliness or a life without purpose.) It is time for this community to ignite its spirit of community again — to create, build, learn, grow, and invest hearts, minds, strength, and core toward a new goal for Letcher County — to win, together.

. I attended the fiscal court meeting Thursday. It was a circus. One magistrate never says anything, two speak up for the people, and two act like children. The county is in bad financial shape. Nothing was settled, a motion was made to reduce magistrates’ mileage pay. All magistrates agreed to this but one and he should be voted out of office. Cuts need to be made starting in the courthouse. We need all the services the county provide us, but this policy of you against me politics is not going to solve the problem. Comments such as ‘You need to be a magistrate and serve the people’ is a crutch for incompetency and ignorant politics. This is my personal opinion. Years ago I had a swimming pool. It did not take me long to find out that it was just a hole you keep putting money into. That recreation center is Letcher County’s swimming pool. This is my opinion because I am a senior citizen. Sacrifi ces are going to be made if we solve this mess. The only sensible thing I heard at the meeting was a gentleman talking about a countywide sales tax.

. The show-off, ostentatious display of personal

religion so common in this area is, as the displayers should know, in direct violation of Jesus’s teachings. And I venture to guess He would be horrified at their blatant attempt to make everybody fall in line with the Christian religion, display its symbols, and use its preferred language. Apparently people think Jesus was some kind of enforcer, which is far from His intent.

. The gentleman who asked what has happened to the $150,000 tourism money didn’t get an answer, but this question must be answered. The best way to handle such a lack of answers is an official audit. Such an audit could well be done on other parts of the county government as well.

. I’m watching all the resentment being expressed by evangelical and other Christians towards Starbucks for staying with plain cups at Christmas, and I’m thinking, ‘You’re trying to force Starbucks to display your religious symbols during Christmas, and you think you’re the aggrieved party?’

. Why are salaried Letcher County workers paid overtime? How much has been paid annually?

. I learned a lot from watching the replay of Thursday’s special-called Letcher Fiscal Court meeting. I learned that the magistrates had voted themselves extra pay for attending anything besides the regularly scheduled monthly meeting and had also voted themselves a mileage allowance. And while some of them had cut back when times got hard, some of them had been feeding at the public trough to the tune of maybe $700 a month. I learned that the two magistrates on the budget committee were willing to cut the parks, the recycling center, the community centers and senior centers (partly funded by the federal government), but obviously not willing to cut a dime of their perks. Thanks to Wayne Fleming for drawing attention to this shameful behavior, and for Terry Adams for moving successfully to withdraw that extra trough food, with the comment that the magistrates should do their job for their regular salary. And shame on the magistrate who was willing to take away the community and senior centers in his own district, but voted ‘no’ on taking a hit himself. Any area that votes to re-elect him deserves what they’ll get, but the rest of us don’t, so please spare us.

. The county has a kind of Alice-in-Wonderland accounting system and The Mountain Eagle endorsed it by printing that the Recreation Center in Whitesburg made a ‘profit’ of thirtysome thousand dollars last year. Apparently a lot of people bought that, because I’ve been watching an argument on Facebook in which one person swallowed that ‘made money’ statement wholesale, and is asking why you would attack an activity that made money. Wayne Fleming pointed out at last week’s fiscal court meeting that the creative accounting system didn’t count the $600,000 annual payments on the building, which is like ignoring your house payment when you count up your monthly bills. By the most generous standard, the rec center lost $560,000 to $570,000 last year, and seems to be on track to lose more than $600,000 this year. Furthermore, it appears the creative

accounting system ignored the insurance payment, and that the center’s utilities and payroll were paid for by the county. Like the senior centers, the rec center may be a good thing, but even more than the senior centers, we can’t afford it. If we keep it, then we ought to look hard at what one person offered at the meeting: see if refinancing it over 50 years or more would bring down the annual payments, and if it would, take a strong look at that.

. Based on the number of county vehicles sitting around everywhere and clogging the roads, the county appears to be furnishing darn near every employee with his or her own car. No doubt the county is also paying for the gas. I’ll bet few businesses around here can afford to do that, and probably are wondering why their taxes are providing perks to county employees that they can’t afford to provide to their own employees. Who is driving those? Are they being used strictly for business, or are they at places that suggest personal use? And why do we feel that’s a good use of county money?

. Praise be to Peyton Reynolds and his astute analysis of the thoughtless, foolish attempt to shut down one of Letcher County’s most successful efforts — the Letcher County Recycling Center.

. Letcher County seniors and two magistrates have given the Letcher Fiscal Court a lesson in basic democracy, and I think the court understands that they have been exposed and that they are going to have to come to grips with county management. The senior center citizens had a problem and they solved it, and that’s the way it should be.

. Happy Days are here again. With the election of the Republicans, all the coal miners are directed to return to work immediately.

. Letcher County has countywide garbage pickup. Each area has a certain day where people come and pick your garbage up. Why am I sitting on my porch on a lovely fall evening smelling somebody’s burning garbage? What is wrong with you people? Stop it.

. There is a real, live, big, old bear in Harrison Branch. I saw it the other night. It was big.

. The senior citizens centers could have survived if it hadn’t have been for that rec center. They think more of the young people than they do the old people.

. Hey, Kentuckians. You were supposed to set your clocks back an hour, not set the state back four years.

. What do you do when you live in a neighborhood with houses located close together and someone has 15 or 20 dogs that yap from daylight to dark and from dark to daylight? Somebody gets out every evening and shoots at 4 p.m. and shoots until about 6 pm. What can I do to put a stop to this? I can’t afford to move.

. If you aren’t going to put this in Speak Your Piece, then there isn’t any reason for me saying it. I’ll give you another try. I guess my nephew and me aren’t the only ones who got screwed by a certain repair shop. I saw a man the other day that gave $550 to this place to have his air conditioner worked on. He didn’t even get out of the driveway and

it was blowing hot air.

. People of Letcher County, you have nobody to blame but yourselves. You sat on your sorry behinds and didn’t vote. Now your health insurance will be taken away from you. It will all be changed. Thanks again.

. All the Medicare and S.S.I people should get ready to have mandatory drug tests since Matt Bevin has been elected governor.

. I think Mike Halcomb should resign as head football coach of Letcher County Central High School. I’m tired of losing.

. I’d like to thank President Obama, Governor Beshear, Attorney General Jack Conway and the Democrat Party for electing Matt Bevin as Kentucky’s next Republican governor. We couldn’t have done it without you.

. Human beings can be spayed and neutered. We can have our tubes tied. We can have vasectomies. I had it done 45 years ago. It was the best decision I ever made in my life. I don’t like that phrase ‘unwanted pregnancy.’ That sounds cold.

. I waited for years to catch ginseng diggers and then my own family caught them. They didn’t tell me about it and let them get away. They stole more than $10,000 worth of ginseng off of me. What am I to think? They’d rather have those ginseng diggers than me? I hope you enjoy that.

. This goes out to the EPA and all the people who are against fossil fuels: I hope and pray to God you realize what they have done to families and children in these states that burn these fuels. Also, if you are against it so bad, I hope and pray that they cut you off and see how far your natural gas heats this country. It will not do it. The country isn’t ready for this. I hope and pray you freeze to death. Tree huggers, find a cave and move in it. Quit hollering ‘don’t cut the trees.’ You people are sick. Get a life or get out of our nation. I was a coal miner.

. I saw where drug court received a $900,000 grant to expand its program. What does drug court do? Nothing. It just lets the drug dealers back out on the street to get away with whatever they want to — lying, cheating, stealing, forgery and prostitution. And they also get on Facebook promoting prostitution in this county.

. In response to the person who called Speak Your Piece last week saying a woman ran someone off from the church. No, the lady didn’t run someone off. It was the Lord who put it into the lady to put the devil off of the church premises.

. Lady, the reason you got run off from that church is for the lies that you told on that pastor, and you know you did it. You don’t go back to a church after the way you did the preacher and his wife. You talked about them awful for a month.

. The loss of coal mining was definitely a large blow for Letcher County. Drugs haven’t quit. They are everywhere. Wake up, police.

. Numerous Letcher

Countians have lost weight and gotten in shape thanks to the Letcher County Recreation Center. The equipment is top of the line. It’s a safe, clean place not only to exercise, but a safe place for kids to go and play basketball. I’m confident that the rec center has helped some kids stay away from drugs. Why in the world would people want it closed? It’s one of the few nice things this county has. Why mess with a great thing? The people of Letcher County deserve nice things.

. Why don’t they cut Protem County Judge Eddie Meade’s pay? He gets salary pay and overtime pay.

. The government channel is a waste of money and is just a campaign channel. The judge says it takes $66,000 to run it, but he didn’t include the operator’s salary, the vehicle and gas money. Cut it out. It is a waste of money.

. If you go to Whitesburg ARH, make sure they bill the right insurance company. I had a bill sent to an insurance company that I hadn’t had for years and I started getting bills for thousands and thousands of dollars. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did. I hope it will help somebody.

. Why is Jim Ward trying to take the elderly’s food when he needs to contract the garbage out?

. Thank you, Letcher County, for doing me a favor in getting rid of Letcher Circuit Judge Sam Wright. It’s about time. For the first time in 100 years, Letcher County and the courthouse are now free of the Wright dynasty. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift. Thanks again.

. I’m calling about the current budget problems within Letcher County. If I understand correctly, previous magistrates served at the convenience of the people. They worked strictly on a part-time basis and they had to attend one meeting per month. With the coal severance tax, there was money to support the magistrates. They became full time, getting benefits to include retirement, health care, travel allowances, even vehicles. Coal severance money is shy. The first place we need to start cutting is salaries for full-time magistrates. We don’t need them.

. Yeah, man. I know. You’re getting old. I’m getting old. We’ve got wives. We’ve got kids. We’ve got bills to pays. We live a driveby trucker life. Just saying.

. Since our county is in sure dire straights we need to default on our loan with the rec center and close it down. Maybe some individual or corporation will come in and buy it. The rec center was put in during economically hard times. It is the cause of our shortfall so it should go first.

. I am from . . . Sandstorms and rattlesnakes, from a diaper full of fire ants and a family of motorcycles./I am from a grandmother’s love, the twinkle of my mother’s eye./I am from … lost kittens and handfuls of snakes, creeks of salamanders and crawdads./From strawberry patches and orange poppy fields to jungles and fruit

trees./I am from banjo pickin’ and old time singin’!/I am from heartache and rejection, pain and despair./ I’m from ‘NOT’ Daddy’s Little Girl, left behind, left out./I am from a newfound home with hollers and hillbillies./I am from ‘Have a good time’ and ‘Just one more!’/To sin and addiction that became so severe./From a childless mother, to a mother of three, I hope one day he will forgive me!/I am from Lucifer’s pit, wretched and raw, to God’s merciful love, I have heard my call!/I am from … Twilight coffee mornings, and written in Bibles./From ‘Layin’ on hands’ and ‘Praise the Lord!’/I am from pain and suffering to redemption and forgiveness./I am finally from stability and hard work, persistence and deliverance./I am from Holy Ghost Moments and anointed with oil, blessed am I that He has proven so loyal!

. I think it’s a shame the Jenkins School System pays some custodians to do nothing. One of them doesn’t do a thing. Last night I went to a basketball game at JMHS and, of course, there was not one stitch of tissue or paper towel in the girls’ restroom. What are you supposed to do, bring your own? I know when they had that blonde-haired girl working there the place was always clean. Not only did it look clean it smelled great and there was always more than enough tissue and paper towels in the restrooms. Wake up people and realize you hire and pay the people to do their jobs, not just to show up and walk around chit chatting all day. From what I can tell it’s all about who you know or you are kin to at Jenkins Independent Schools.

. Thanks to Governor Bevin for, essentially, promising to turn Kentucky toward Hilary Clinton. After he screws everyone relying on the social safety net, even those enjoying such benefits who voted for him and against their own best interests will wise up. They may even help flip the Senate, too.

. Just when you think the absurd and disgusting things the Obama Administration either condones or supports, like the Planned Parenthood programs butchering infants and selling their body parts, couldn’t get any worse it does. The New York Times reported recently that a U.S. Special Forces Captain named Dan Quinn was relieved of duty and sent back to the U.S. from Afghanistan after he intervened in a clear case of ‘bacha bazi.’ It is a common Muslim practice of homosexual pedophilia as it involves the exploitation and sexual abuse of young boys by adult Muslim males, a practice that the American military has been instructed to ignore and to not intervene or intercede in if they should witness horrific acts of bacha bazi taking place … ( Bacha bazi, which means ‘boy play,’ is the term applied to a despicable centuries-old practice of teenage boys dressing like women and dancing

for older males, with the teens often ending up as sex slaves to the older men. When the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in late 2001, our military officials ordered our soldiers to ignore bacha bazi-related cases of child rape by Afghan warlords who were fighting on the side of the U.S. except ‘when rape is being used as a weapon of war.’ The president at that time was George W. Bush, and the policy has continued under the Obama administration. Also, while bacha bazi has been occurring for centuries in Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries, it is not, as you say, ‘a common Muslim practice.’ Most Muslims condemn bacha bazi. It is also forbidden under Islamic law, which calls for those involved to be stoned to death.)

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