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This is for all the socialist entitlement crowd who’ve been whining about the elections. Letcher County voters did get off our behinds and vote — we voted for Matt Bevin. And in regards to the comment in the November 15 issue about mandatory drug testing for S.S.I. people, guess what? I have to take mandatory drug tests in order to pay for your checks, so why shouldn’t you have to do the same thing in order to receive those checks? I can think of no better tactic to address the chronic drug problem in Letcher County than to drug test everyone receiving government aid. And lastly, cheers to the judge who had the courage to order a review of the cases of the nearly eighteen hundred S.S.I. recipients. Earn it, America.

. Talk about a nightmare — I woke up this morning believing I had married Carly Fiorina. Thank God it was only a bad dream.

. My dad divorced my mom to move his first cousin in so they could have a real weird family reunion when they showed off their baby that has three eyes. My sister turned lesbian as a result. She now weighs 350 pounds and looks like an ugly skinhead. I have lived off the government my whole life because I’m too lazy to work. I turned my kid into a doctor shopper like myself so I could draw a check on her. Dang my life is kinda messed up, but I would have to kill myself if I had to work or couldn’t get my pills. So I guess I’ll just remain a lowlife pill ho instead of working.

. I hope everyone earning minimum wage was watching the God Offal Party’s last debate. Billionaire ‘The Donald’ said wages were too high. Others said they opposed raising the minimum wage. So, if you or anyone you know is working for minimum wage and you agree it’s too much money, vote Republican.

. I moved to Indiana 31 years ago. This is Dorothy Adams Taylor. I still get The Eagle to read about what is going on down there. I’d fight tooth and nail to keep the senior citizen centers open. What on earth will the old folks like me do if you did close them? Keep them open. You politicians have money to run around. They don’t. They get a lot of recreation together. Keep them open. I like the pictures in the paper about those who go to the senior citizens centers and I know a lot of them. From an old hillbilly.

. We would like to know how the county treasurer reports the recreation center loses money at the fiscal court meeting when the budget surplus is $37,000. Is that what it makes the whole year, not counting employees, upkeep, utilities, insurance and a $50,000 payment out of the budget every month on building? I tell you what; they just overbuilt.

. This message is to the Letcher County inmate in the Beckley, West Virginia camp: I love you. I hope you have a great week. Yours forever.

. I think it is time for a change with the Letcher County Central football coaching staff. They recruit and they still don’t win.

. The article ‘Benghaza fatigue?’ by Susan Estrich in the October 28 issue of The Mountain Eagle is surely a Democratic spin. Hillary Clinton was caught in the lie she had told blaming the attack on a video while telling her daughter Chelsea at the same time it was a terror attack. The Clintons are proven liars and the liberal media still defend.

. We have known about the discoveries of oil and gas bearing shales for many years now, and the inventions of horizontal drilling and fracking. Now natural gas is a double whammy for coal because in addition to being cheaper it already meets the clean air regulations. We have also known that all this would cause a falloff of severance tax money. So, why is the Letcher County government now at the edge of a fiscal cliff? Why didn’t they wind expenses down over all those years? Put some or, even better, all of the coal money into an endowment account that would always be producing interest? Delay the recreation center until we could afford it? We the people deserve answers.

. My favorite part of the last Republican ‘B team’ debate was when Bobby Jindal vowed to raise taxes on the poorest people in American and Republicans clapped.

. There is a petition going around in the Colson area. Please sign it. We are trying to get these sorry good for nothing state officials to fix this road before there is an accident involving a school bus and a log truck. Johnny Ray Turner is our state Senator. He has been no help at all — just lies and promises. Leslie Combs is now our state representative and she is not doing anything for this district. You two need to remember there will be another election. Are we going to have to wait until the new people go into office to get this road fixed? This road is the worst in Letcher County. People are driving on the wrong side of the road to miss the holes. This is ridiculous to have to drive on a road like this. If this road is not fixed soon they will not work on it when it starts freezing. They can’t fix our roads, but everyone who works for the state highway department is riding a new state truck home at the end of the day. Is this not waste and bad management? I am going to contact WYMT-TV and see if they can help us with this problem.

. Let no one say the GOP isn’t inclusive. They now flaunt a black male Sarah Palin.

. Thousands of women and children are fleeing their homeland to keep from being raped and murdered, but many of our politicians, including several from Kentucky, want to show how coldhearted and uncaring we are by refusing to give them shelter. This is doubly immoral given that it was our previous president who destroyed the stability

of the region.

. I think people are wasting their time talking about this Camp Branch road. I drive that road every day and I know it is bad. It’s just a bad road. We really need to get a hold of the state representatives and maybe the governor. Let them take a drive over that road and ask them why that road isn’t being fixed and where our tax money is going.

. The county is broke because you’ve got a judge that doesn’t know when to quit spending money on all this equipment going through the county garage. I pray this county can get itself in order. The garbage department needs to be sustainable and quit borrowing from other departments.

. We’ve got some real doctors in this area. One of them told me to use Preparation H suppositories. I took three of those things and liked to have choked to death on them. I might as well have stuck them up my nose.

. Interesting how Governor Matt ‘I’m going to Heaven’ Bevin, after telling us for so long how much he hates our President and Washington, is going to turn our health care over to the federal government instead of keeping it in state.

. The county judge said that his actions of two and one half years ago kept this county in good shape compared to counties around us, until recently. He should have said that if he had done some of the things those counties had done at that time we wouldn’t be in this mess.

. OK, I’m finally sobered up, but my friends and I have got to stop playing this game. We completely missed most of the GOP debate because we were each throwing down a shot with every lie we heard. After 30 minutes we were all passed out on the floor.

. Selection for public offi ce is a high honor, by any standards. Only a small percentage of the population ever receives the privilege of working for their fellow citizens. I believe many agree with me that it is a disgrace that some of our Letcher County magistrates have seen it only as an opportunity to benefit themselves. If they can’t be charged legally for their disservice, then they certainly should be removed from office at the next election.

. No wonder the county broke. They need to find the people who aren’t paying their garbage bills and collect money. Then they wouldn’t be broke. I know for a fact that lots and lots of people in Letcher County don’t pay garbage bills. It is not fair for some to pay garbage bills and others not. And as far as the rec center goes, they need to close that thing down. It is useless. That is just for rich people. That’s not for the poor people. Whenever you drive by there all you will see is big, new vehicles and big shot people going in and out of the rec center. You never see a poor person getting to go there for anything.

. If the county is broke that means we are, too. Don’t ask us for donations because we can’t afford it. I have to make sure I can make it month to month without starving to death.

. I just do not understand why two of our magistrates keep insisting that the recreation center be closed. Maybe they have not been there. It is a wonderful facility and it gives all Letcher Countians — young children, teenagers, young adults senior citizens — a place to go. It’s for everyone — rich, middle class and poor.

. I never was a politician, but I am a taxpayer. I’d like to see Letcher County get rid of all of the magistrates. They need to get real jobs

and work like normal human beings do instead of sitting on their behinds and drawing money every month.

. I’m all for shutting down the rec center. All there is up there is a bunch of gym rats who don’t have day jobs and won’t work. Shut it down and save taxpayers $600,000 a year.

. I think we ought to cut the jailer’s salary.

. There are some people in Cowan who cut their firewood right next to a road. Somebody is going to wreck there. Move the firewood before someone wrecks. Please take care of your place and move your stuff.

. I want to wish a big happy birthday to Nathan Eddie Hurley of Thornton. From his mamaw. I love you, grandson. Have a happy birthday.

. I want to wish a big happy birthday to Anthony Adams in Isom. From his kids and grandkids. Happy birthday, Bud. We love you.

. I want to wish my brother, James Everett Coomer, of Williamstown, a happy belated birthday. Happy birthday, brother. From sis, Jackie. I love you, brother.

. Goodbye, Keith Adams. We no longer want you as a magistrate.

. As taxpayers, we pay the fiscal court magistrates to watch over our county to help us in each district. We pay each one of you a salary each month. When you actually get out and start doing what we pay you for, you want extra pay to put gas in vehicles and things of that sort. There are too many magistrates in this county. People are getting laid off and they don’t need extra burdens from you magistrates taking county money for jobs you have already been paid for. For most of you, it is part-time work anyway. Isn’t it time for you all to start living up and sizing up to exactly what you are paid for? Don’t worry about these other fringe benefits because they will be cut out. You’ve got people in this county that can’t pay their child support. They can’t put food on the table. You people continue to take money to actually do your job. This county needs help. It’s a devastating time right now.

. Instead of everybody blaming Jim Ward for the downfall of coal severance money, I was told there are 24 seniors in Letcher County that really need a meal because they can’t afford it otherwise. The county has been serving 276 meals a day. What people need to do is drive by their local senior citizen building and look at all the new cars in the parking lot. The people inside draw more income than the working people. Do you think they will starve if they don’t get that one free meal a day from the taxpayers?

. To the Letcher County Solid Waste Department: You need to go door to door, house to house checking these people out who are not paying a garbage bill. They are out there by the hundreds. I know a person who went 30-some years without paying a garbage bill. They are dead and gone now but there are plenty more like that. You’d be surprised the money you could put in your pocket.

. Some magistrates enjoy trying to destroy anything good that we get in Letcher County. It seems to me they would be proud of the rec center and would try to promote it instead of talking negatively about it all of the time. Many people go there regularly to utilize the services and would be devastated if it were to close.

. Why do we need so many senior citizens buildings in Whitesburg?

. Why don’t poor people

ever get put in ‘The Way We Were’ in The Mountain Eagle? They are the people that have made the county.

. Wayne Fleming, I know how we can pay for the recreation center. Use the $3 million you wasted on the old Jenkins High School.

. I wonder what will happen to Letcher County now that Sam Wright is out of the courthouse. At least he did keep some of these criminals off the street.

. Is there any such thing as a friend anymore? What is the definition of a friend? I’ve come to the conclusion that the definition of a friend must be someone who stabs you in the back because that is all I get when I try to have a friend. They either stab me in the back or try to do me dirty.

. A vote by a fiscal court member to close his own community/senior centers, followed within minutes by a vote to keep his own purposeless privileges must be close to a new high in government arrogance and irresponsibility.

. Thank you magistrates for standing for seniors. Refinance that eighteen million dollar Letcher County Recreation Center. When you start thinking you’re always right and won’t listen to people telling you not to mess with seniors and children, you’re asking for political trouble, Jim Ward.

. It has become obvious to everyone that the Letcher County financial reporting has been, if not blatant lies, then at least deliberate omission of facts. Now that this is known, the question is just how far did it go? How much has the recreation center cost us? How about the Letcher County Government TV channel, and on and on? This situation cries out for a state investigation, and it should be done as soon as possible.

. Congratulations to those who spoke at the fiscal court meeting on November 5. They were articulate, knowledgeable, and to the point. Had it not been for them, and the impressive turnout, I believe we would have by now lost our senior centers, our community centers, our recycling center, and other facilities, and that some magistrates, and very likely other officials, would be misusing our money in every way they could.

. The Hemphill Community Center has bluegrass music every Friday night and they also rent the building out. So what do they do with all the money? I think the fiscal court should look into it.

. I think that if Terry Adams and Wayne Fleming want to argue all the time with the rest of the fiscal court, they need to give up their positions on the fiscal court and let some of these people without jobs work. Terry Adams has his own business and Wayne Fleming has other means of living. If they don’t like what the fiscal court is trying to do by trying to save jobs, then they need to resign.

. I wish the people who live at the foot of Payne Drive would keep their dogs out of the left-hand fork of Doty Creek. They are getting into people’s yards and destroying property. They are also killing people’s house cats.

. People, you cannot change the climate. We aren’t in control of the climate. God is. People in Washington better be worrying more about what ISIS hits.

. Why would you want something great for Letcher Countians to fail? The recreation center has been here for more than four years. You’d think by now that two certain magistrates would accept that it is here. We all know that you didn’t want it, but it is here, so you might as well acknowledge that it is helping people get in shape and it gives youth a place to play basketball. Why mess with a good thing?

. I wish my two daughters were like my sister and I were. We were the best of friends. We always got along no matter what. We were

there for each other in bad times and good times. I wish all sisters could be that nice. I pray every day they will get along.

. I hope a certain family remembers that you will reap what you sow and your reaping is on the way for the way you treated that very sweet, special, precious, little great-grandmother. Karma will knock at your door. When you get your heart broken, remember the way you treated her. Shame on all of you.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: If President Obama’s top priority is to protect the American people, the best thing he can do is step down.

. Please don’t close these senior centers. They were created to help our elders and provide food for the less advantaged. Letcher County should find another way to ‘cut the fat’ from the budget. They will most likely not be missed until they are gone. Has anyone thought of other ways to fund these centers?

. Letcher County’s government needs more money coming in. Even if they can cut back, this will still be true. For years we have sat back and watched tax money pour out of Letcher County into Perry County, the state of Virginia, Cumberland, and now Pike County as our people were forced to drive long distances to buy alcoholic beverages. With the poor turnout in the recent election, this would be the perfect time to get a petition drive on a countywide local option vote underway. Being completely wet has helped Whitesburg tremendously and it would do the same for the rest of the county. None of the arguments against it are valid and the churches need to learn at some point that they can’t force their religious beliefs on others. It is time for a change. If the magistrates really want to keep services going, they will step up.

. With the closing of Ferus, is now pretty much certain that the Gateway Industrial Park is a failed enterprise. It was set up that way because the charter is so restrictive that the industrial authority can only pursue actual industry, which in eastern Kentucky means the antiquated and failing fossil fuel industry, or low wage/low pay efforts like call centers and sock factories. It is time for the fiscal court and all the local governments that still exist to petition the state legislature to change the charter to allow for commercial development. A big box store and supermarket may not be the ideal thing, but they do provide jobs and attract other businesses. Just drive to Norton, Pikeville, Hazard and countless other places and see where the economic growth is taking place. Individual citizens can contact their state legislators as well.

. To Speak Your Piece: I guess you all are so happy that we have a new governor — a good man, Matt Bevin. I am glad the people of Kentucky are waking up and seeing what the Democrats are doing to our nation. Jack Conway’s lies didn’t help him with the voters this time. The Democratic Party has divided our nation with lies, deceit, abortion, murdering babies. Same-sex marriage is an abomination in the eyes of God. Attack on our nation’s police, attack on our Christians and religious freedom and anything that is good. Just look what Obama has done to our nation. But he will fall in the end. Hillary Clinton is lying like hell, also. She will be voted down also. She is so deceitful about her e-mails. She thinks she is above the law. Obamacare will bankrupt the state of Kentucky and our nation. The Democrats — what the hell will they do next? The Harlan County Man.

. I have some ideas about what our county can do to live on a leaner budget. Look around and see if our garbage wardens are doing their jobs. I can tell you: No. Eliminate them. Stop people who drive around in county vehicles, wasting wages and gas money. Do away with food at the senior citizens centers and turn them over to each commu-

nity who can appoint a committee to run them. Keep them open three hours each day for people to socialize and rent them on weekends and nights to make money for expenses. Make those who refuse to pay their garbage bills either pay or put a lien on their property. Inform and encourage everyone to recycle. Stop the TV channel. It is not a necessity. Let the politicians pay for their campaigning somewhere else.

. I am writing concerning the recent election. How great it is that the Democrats with their ungodly agendas lost most of the races? I believe why they lost is because they did not stand for what is right. They did not do anything to help Kim Davis and the Democrat Party is for murdering children and for men lying with men. The American people are sick of the stupidity of the Democrats. But we need to pray for Jack Conway that he will repent of his sins and be born again so he won’t have to go to that awful place called the lake of fire. Also, we need to pray for Governor Steve Beshear that he will be saved. He said that he sang in the choir, but yet he is for men lying with men. If the Democrats will ever repent of their sins and get some backbone to stand for

what is right, then someone may vote for them again. But the American people are tired of the foolishness of our nation’s leaders. There is no global warming. Read Genesis 8:22. Our nation needs to go back to mining coal instead of listening to the lying Democrat in the White House. Psalm 9:17, ‘The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.’ American needs to repent and turn from sin and ungodliness.

. For the month of November, happy late birthday to Hager Trent, Rita Gale Boggs married name Stapleton lives in Tennessee. Moving right along Frank Fields our brother-in-law, Sam Callahan, Jeanie Bates our cousin, along with some more family members, earlier in this month. That’s all folks. Please print this? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. I wonder why in Letcher County if you have a drug charge or a DUI you get hung, but if you’re a child molester, you get a slap on the wrist and set free. Even in the county jail they have it easier living in the trusty’s cell.

. I want to wish Jasmine a happy birthday on November 25. Love always, Robert. I would also like to wish my friends and family a happy Thanksgiving.

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