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Sad news in the Virginia paper. Pretty Kayla, age 21, arrested for shoplifting. Her grandfather James would be so disappointed.

. Those of you who hate gays so badly should go to the Middle East and join a terrorist organization. After all, ISIS and the other terrorist groups there are extreme conservatives who hate gays and lesbians so badly they will have them put to death if they are caught in the act of having sex with each other. Many of you so-called Christians love to say gay men and women are violating God’s laws. Interestingly, that is exactly what the terrorists quote the Quran — Islam’s version of the Bible — as saying just before they put their gays to death by throwing them from tall buildings and other ‘tremendous heights’ and then stoning them. How many of you Kim Davisloving folks knew you had so much in common with the ISIS terrorists? Shouldn’t you go join up with them so you can kill all the fags?

. Many Christianity do not make sense to me. I do understand that Christians are kind and loving people and that none of them would just ‘write me off’ in a harsh, uncaring way. I know that Christians will attempt to explain their beliefs to me, and that they won’t give up on me simply because I’m having trouble understanding. This is a great comfort. One thing that doesn’t make sense to me is the question of why did Jesus make his first appearance on earth two thousand years ago, amongst a mostly-illiterate desert tribe in what is now the Middle East? Wouldn’t it have been far better if God had sent his son to, say, a major city in China, where people were already reading and writing? This seems better to me, because historians in China could have made formal documentation of the virgin birth, the many miracles of Jesus, the crucifixion, the resurrection, the going up to heaven, etc. Also, since God loves everybody and wants all his creations to join him in heaven, why not send his son, again, a second time, to do miracles during the Information Age? Think of the billions of lost souls saved from doubt, just because of something like YouTube. I am being absolutely sincere in saying this. And I think it is not good merely to respond that God works in mysterious ways. This is a serious question that deserves a serious answer. Why arrange for the Messiah to appear only before hundreds, when He could appear, again, before billions? Imagine the number of souls this would save. God could do this if He only would. So, why not?

. So at least one of the county employees believes

that while citizens and others have to take hits, county employees should be exempt from sharing in the pain. Interesting.

. I was amazed but not surprised by the speech of the lady who so resented the fact that the Fiscal Court Budget Committee had considered a small salary cut for county employees. The committee innocently believed that employees would prefer to take a small cut so everyone could continue to have a job than to have part of them lose their job entirely. Boy, were they wrong. The lady who spoke obviously didn’t give a darn who else was thrown out of work and placed in a terrible position so long as she didn’t lose a penny. What happened to ‘If you have two coats, give your neighbor one?’ I guess it’s been replaced by selfishness and nasty speeches.

. I see the funny financing continued at the last Fiscal Court meeting. Several people argued that the parks and recreation director’s salary should not be charged against the recreation center. Let’s see. Everything the parks department does, except the recreation center, is shut down, leaving the parks and recreation director’s only job as overseeing the recreation center. If the recreation center were closed, his duties would be zero, but county management thinks that salary shouldn’t be considered an expense of the recreation center when it’s the only purpose for the job? That doesn’t meet the common sense test.

. The Blackey Missionary Baptist Church follows the precepts of Jesus more closely than any other church in this area. Their hard work, low-key tone, and effective generosity should be emulated by many of those churches and church members who are more vocal and forward.

. The last Letcher County Fiscal Court meeting was not ideal for seniors, but it is a lot better than the original budget committee recommendations. Under the first proposal, up to 40 seniors would have been allowed to use the Letcher County Recreation Center up to two hours a day three days a week allegedly free, if they could afford to buy the gas to get there, which could easily be three gallons each trip for many of them. That’s it. No place for socializing, no transportation for those who don’t drive, no meal, etc. Now, they will have all those things. And they owe every bit of that to Wayne Fleming, who made and carried the motion to reject that first proposal. I hope that, whatever their disappointment with the new arrangement, they appreciate Wayne for getting it for

them. He’s a good magistrate and fights hard for not just his people, but for all the people of this county.

. I have a legal question. I use that insanely funny conservative diatribe from last week’s Speak Your Piece as a comedy routine, can I be sued for copyright infringement by the deranged author?

. If you want to know if somebody is Christian, just ask them to complete this sentence: Jesus said ‘I was hungry,’ and you gave me something to eat, ‘I was thirsty,’ and you gave me something to drink, ‘I was a stranger,’ and you …. If they don’t say ‘welcomed me in,’ they are either a terrorist or they are a Republican who is governor or running for president.

. When Jimmy Asher was addressing the Letcher County Fiscal Court did he reveal where he hid the Heritage Chair factory while he was mayor?

. All this talk about the success of Phil Greer’s empire — $23 million a year and great for him. But what philanthropic thing has he done for his hometown other than a sign to honor another family member? Most people who have that kind of success generally do something special for the home folks. Hope he does something good for Jenkins.

. I was on the old high school committee in Jenkins and there was never $3 million spent on the old high school. Wayne Fleming didn’t get the money for the old high school. Paul Mason, the best state representative we have ever had, got that money from the state. We weren’t paying any payments on it. This building has beautiful apartments in it and it also housed our senior citizens program until a bunch of thugs did away with the senior citizens program. The only man I have seen stand up and take credit for this building is Jim Ward and he didn’t have anything to do with it.

. I wonder why The Mountain Eagle never does list the people who don’t pay property taxes. Some people get away with whatever they want in this county. They think they don’t have to pay taxes or anything. (Under state law, the names of delinquent Letcher County taxpayers appear annually in The Mountain Eagle.)

. Have you ever walked the oors at midnight? Held a crying baby while it died? If you haven’t, then you don’t know how I feel inside. I called on the name of Jesus but got no help. You have a nice day.

. I would like to wish Wayne, a man close to my heart, a very happy birthday.

. The guys who are laying the sewer line in Craft’s Colly are doing a great job. Now, if we could get a crew to come in behind them to pick up all the trash they are leaving in the ditch.

. I wish Hal Rogers would quit trying to tell the doctors what to give pain medicine wise. He is no doctor. Rogers, the DEA and state police have made it so hard on pain management that they can’t practice in Kentucky. There are people that can take their pain meds right as prescribed. Hal, retire. Get out of the way. I never hear of anything you are doing in Washington, D.C. unless it is for the police.

. To a certain man: Everyone knows what you and the mistress do when the sun goes down.

. The senior citizens got the shaft. All you magistrates and judge, make time of the time you’ve got left because that is all you will have. Your votes come from senior citizens and family. Do you think we will vote

for you all? Say goodbye. See you at the unemployment office.

. Everyone knows when you do dirty deeds, it always comes back to you.

. Where is Jerry Springer when you need him in the Jeremiah and Isom community?

. Remember before you make fun of someone that it will come back to haunt you in due time.

. This is that stupid person that had that $10,000 worth of ginseng that got stolen. To the person who made that comment: I should have. I am stupid, but there is no cure for stupidity. I thought people loved me. When it comes down to money, don’t even trust God almighty.

. Thanks, Judge Ward, for closing the elite gathering place for the seniors. No hungry elderly person in the county was ever fed there anyway or enjoyed the trips and extras provided. The poor were too far out of town to drive there anyway. The rec center needs to be self reliant on its own intake of funds or closed also. No county funds needed for other important things such as roads should go into it either.

. I’m responding to a comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece about Magistrate Woody Holbrook. Woody had Mayking BP for years and he would help people in any way that he could and he did help people. Now, people are talking about him. He will be a good magistrate. He will do what he can to help the people because he has done it for years running the gas station.

People need to back off of Woody Holbrook because he is a good man and he’ll help any way he can. This is from one of his old customers. He helped me so many times and helped so many others, too.

. We know of a new drug dealer that has started up down here at UZ. We know where the dealer goes to the doctor. We know where the ones on the hill go to the doctor. You will be getting pill counted on a regular basis. Just go ahead and see how long you get by with selling your pills. If you don’t need them to take, then you sure don’t need to sell to these young teenagers. My granddaughter was put in the hospital and nearly died over this junk. And we won’t put up with it. Thank you.

. To a certain business: You have lost a customer, haven’t you, for being so nosey?

. We have Highway 119 heading toward Jenkins that is in bad need of repair. We have all kinds of repairs that could be done in the county, but the officials say there is no money. The truth is that the money is being used to deliver pea gravel to families in Polly Branch. Our highways come first. Private families come second. They should be able to pay for what they get.

. Magistrate Woody Holbrook is a yes man.

. To all you magistrates: Why don’t you get a real job and work like the rest of us?

. What happened to those two ladies that ripped off Cash In A Dash? Has anyone heard?

. I hope we can get rid of Magistrate Keith Adams. He is just as sorry as the day is long.

. I’d like to tell my neighbor that if he can’t afford garbage bags then we’ll take up a donation for him. We’ll buy him some garbage bags so he won’t have to use Walmart bags.

. I am writing concerning the stupidity that has spoken again in the White House. He said after the terrorist’s attack on Paris that we should not blame the Muslims. Who else does this but the heathen Muslims? Whose side do you think your President of the United States of America is on? He is certainly not for the American people. The American people had better get out nation back from the stupidity that is in the White House, or this nation will go down. Remember when Obama went to Saudi Arabia and bowed down to the Saudi Prince? He committed high treason then, and should have been arrested for high treason. He has destroyed our nation and the gullible American people have stood by and ignorantly let it happen. The American people have been deceived by stupidity and

the stupidity of politically correct foolishness. Do not let the Muslims come to this nation.

. When the District Five magistrate says the county budget was mismanaged for the last five years, my question would be, where was he? As a duly elected member of the fiscal court, isn’t one of his responsibilities, along with the judge/ executive and the other four magistrates, oversight of the county budget? I read the paper and watch the fiscal court meetings on TV, and the county treasurer and finance officer present reports every month. I don’t believe anyone is hiding in a closet making decisions about the budget. Oh I forgot, sometimes people are having sidebar discussions, as in when the finance officer was speaking at the November meeting and the two magistrates were having their own discussion. Now that’s just rude.

. Letcher County Finance Officer Doris Jean (D.J.) Frazier is one of the best people I know. She’s a hard worker, honest to a fault, and dedicated to serving the people of Letcher County through her job as finance officer. I’ve known her all my life, and she’s a caring, cheerful, upbeat person, and it’s a dirty dog who would call her untruthful in anything she does.

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