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As the debate on how best to contain the Islamic State continues to rage in Western capitals, the militants themselves have made one point patently clear: They want the United States and its allies to be dragged into a ground war. The group bases its ideology on prophetic texts stating that Islam will be victorious after an apocalyptic battle to be set off once Western armies come to the region. Now, I don’t think such a ragtag group could defeat a modern army, but still I don’t understand why so many of the God Offal Party want to sacrifice more of our precious children by going along with the Islamic State’s plan. . Fifty years ago Rosa Parks started something great by refusing to give up her seat on the bus. This inspired the Republican Party, which is always for freedom and fairness, to fight for civil rights including the right to vote for black people and the end of segregation. . Even the very conservative Weekly Standard has had enough of Donald J. Trump. The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes remarked on Fox News last week that ‘fact-checking Donald Trump is like picking up after a dog with diarrhea; there just isn’t much point.’ . Why are the Veterans Administration, adult protective services, law enforcement agencies and others not showing respect or offering assistance to those Vietnam veterans who show the most need of legal intervention. We all know one of those vets who is being taken advantage of, one who receives more than $4,000 per month in VA and Social Security benefits, but whose benefits are being taken by a woman who has already lost custody of her minor children. I saw this veteran in a certain Whitesburg grocery store this past week and was left shocked by his shabby appearance and loss of weight. He was dressed in dirty and loose fitting bedclothes that smelled. I watched as the woman took money from his shirt pocket to pay for a full cart of groceries while informing others who would listen that he is out of medicine and needs to go to a VA clinic. Why is no one concerned about this man who served our country in such a noble way? What is the respect he is due? .

Those who advocate arming the whole population so they can protect themselves from automatic-rifle-bearing terrorists are foolishly ignoring two important points — the reaction time and the emotional state of those who would ostensibly be defending themselves. If an auditorium were filled with gun-bearing citizens and a terrorist popped up and began firing an automatic rifle, very few of those attacked would be able to get their gun out, and those that did would probably shoot themselves or a neighbor.

Get real. Automatic rifles and other weapons of mass destruction have no place in a civilized society. . Just when it was totally unimaginable that Barack Obama and the idiotic liberal left could get any more absurd than what stupidity they’ve already espoused comes the laughable statements from Obama in Paris last week. He struggled to keep a straight face while making a gigantic, illogical leap while trying to say that the voodoo science hoax called ‘global warming’ is somehow the root cause of ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups. Yes, you read this right. Now, try to collect yourself and let the clueless naivety of this incredibly ignorant hyperbole sink in. This must be the most absolutely stupid, asinine thing ever said by a president or anyone else for that matter. And it just goes to prove two things: One, Obama and the left have no clue or grasp as to what determination ISIS and radical Islamic factions have in their apocalyptic endgame. Two, all Obama and his zombies care about is their agendas and everyone else be damned. Thank God this useless buffoon is on his way out and a sensible conservative Republican is on his or her way in come 2016. . Just sit back and watch how greedy a certain preacher’s wife is. . I wish that guy who drives the bus for Jenkins Independent Schools would quit smoking on the bus. My son has allergies and he is choking him to death. He won’t even allow them to stop and get a bite to eat every once in awhile . Hats off to Dr. David Narramore — again. Frosty the Snowman is tremendous. It makes my heart melt. . How can you make this day brighter for someone else? . The Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department is nothing more than the Ponderosa. You try to tell them anything about what goes on in this county and nothing is ever said or done about it. . To a certain person: We had a lot of really good times together. See you on the other side. . Wayne Fleming, ought to be judge. You are the only magistrate we have that has any guts that will speak up. All of the rest of them except Terry Adams are just yes men to Jim Ward. . Why is propane gas so much higher in Kentucky than it is in Virginia and West Virginia? In Virginia, you can buy it for less than 40 cents per pound. In West Virginia, you can buy it at 35 cents per pound. .

When you gossip about someone trying to make them look bad and you look good, it has a way of coming back to you. If you don’t

know how to bridle your tongue and practice self control, the truth has a way of coming around and slapping you in the face. The person who tells the truth shall be set free, but the gossiper won’t. . I thought we had freedom in this country. If you want to use grocery store bags to put garbage in, why not? I take mine to the thrift store for them to reuse. Might as well reuse them. . All Magistrate Woody Holbrook knows to say is ‘yes, yes, yes.’ . Do our officials need a vote so bad they are going to give sex abusers their rights back? Don’t give them back their rights. It gives them a chance to go back and do the same things again. Vote against sex abusers. Please don’t give them their rights back. . I’d like to respond to the person who wondered why Jesus wasn’t born in China or a bigger country. It’s simply because all the prophets before had prophesized that He would be born in Bethlehem. And to answer why He doesn’t come back today, we have a record of all the things that He did if we only would read the Bible. If they don’t accept that then they probably wouldn’t accept Him if He came back anyway. If He came back and started healing people, our federal government would certainly have Him arrested for doctoring without a license. If He raised someone from the dead and it happened to be a white person the ACLU people would certainly have him arrested. . To the lady who commented that her son’s parole hearing didn’t go the way they hoped it would and that one day he will be home to eat at their table and sleep in their beds again: He’s been gone 16 years. I hope that day comes and one day he does get to eat at that table again. But I hope it is another 100 years. I hope he serves every day. As a scumbag who has been convicted of murder, he needs to be right where he is. . This is to the person who said that the magistrates need to get a real job: I remember living in Bill Moore Branch when former District Three Magistrate Homer Rose used to bring his own personal backhoe back there and scraped the roads after dark when the county didn’t have time to do it. He had a real job and worked on a strip job all day. Magistrates do more than what you know. . The only reason anybody ever loved me is for what I could do for that person. . To all you Jenkins boys wishing Pikeville boys such good luck in their championship game, especially the coach: As bad as Pikeville beat Jenkins, I think you all are a special kind of stupid. . To all you weirdos on Facebook putting down President Obama: You need to get a life. He is still going to be your president for the next year whether you like it or not. All you are doing is hurting everybody in eastern Kentucky. Get a life and grow up. . McCoy Elkhorn Company in Pike County closed down, laying off 200 workers and paying no severance pay. Several people called WYMT-TV station to have a piece done about this, but WYMT cares more about the coal company than it does the workers who lost their jobs. They wouldn’t do anything on it. .

Someone called in a comment last week about Hal Rogers and pain medication. I am 56 years old and I have severe neck and disc problems. It is a sad thing when your doctor can’t prescribe you something for what you need. Instead, you am treated like an outlaw.

. All these people out beside the road taking that money is going to cause wrecks. They need to quit that badly. .

To last week’s caller: You say that The Mountain Eagle

ought to put delinquent taxes in the newspaper. I’m 70 years old and as far back as I can remember, The Mountain Eagle has always put delinquent taxes in the paper. Have you just moved to town in the last week or so? . Well, we’ve gotten rid of one crooked judge. . So you believe in manmade global warming. Well, over 31,000 highly trained scientists have denounced it. One ecologist attended a climate change meeting and found out the purpose was to put small electric companies out of business and nationalize the electric industry. If you believe that the ice melting in the ocean causes the water to rise, then put some water in a clear container and add some ice. Mark the exact level of the water on the outside of the container. When the ice melts the water will be at the same level or slightly lower. NOAH feeds information into a computer that will get the kind of results that the establishment wants. But you only get one guess as to where the funding for NOAH comes from. . I read in the Tuesday, November 17, edition of the Lexington-Herald Leader where Governor Steve Beshear stated that we should do ‘the Christian thing’ and welcome all refugees who clear the vetting process. My question is, why did he not do ‘the Christian thing’ and stand up for Kim Davis as she stood for what is right? Our politicians want to act like Christians to make themselves look good or to make their agenda look good, but if they don’t stand for what is right all the time then they are being a hypocrite. It seems to me that the Democrat ideology is about the same as the Muslims. It seems that anything to destroy our nation is what the Democrats want, the Muslim terrorist wants to destroy our nation and the Democrats want to open the door and welcome them in. Our nation suffers from a lack of leadership. Instead of wanting to protect our people, the leaders of our nation want to put our citizens at risk of being slaughtered by terrorist Muslims. It is a sad time in America as our elected politicians have rejected the laws of Almighty God and have brought a reproach on our nation. If politicians don’t have the backbone to stand for what is right and serve the true and living God, that is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and His name is Jesus, then they don’t need to be running for office. If this nation’s leaders would repent of their sins and turn from their evil ways and cry mightily to God, then God would help us. But if they don’t repent and God rains fire out of Heaven, then it will be too late. .

Since so many people are commenting about the parks and recreation director’s duties and responsibilities, The Mountain Eagle needs to publish his salary and what he pays, and what part the county pays for his health insurance, how many vacation/ sick days he gets. Also, The Eagle needs to list any other fringe benefits the county pays on his behalf. The Mountain Eagle needs to do this for the County Judge/ Executive, Deputy County Judge/Executive, Commonwealth’s Attorney, County Attorney, all magistrates, Fiscal Court Clerk and the Recreation Center Coordinator, Jennifer Malan. All of it is public record, so hopefully you will be able to publish. Maybe when the citizens/ taxpayers see what the county employees make for what they do for this county it will encourage some citizens to run for some of the elected county positions when they come up for reelection. Furthermore, I want to applaud The Eagle for posting all the comments in Speak Your Piece about the parks and recreation director since it’s your in-law and husband. ( At some point, the question becomes ‘when is enough?’ in terms of the number of pointed, and sometimes personal, attacks Derek Barto must endure in Speak Your Piece simply because he is related to the family that owns and operates this newspaper.)

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