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Fortunately for America there are not enough stupid, illiterate people in the United States to elect a fear mongering man like Donald Trump. His place in history is right beside Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s and Governor George Wallace in the 1960s, who tried to scare the public into thinking irrational thoughts. Donald Trump just drives another nail in his own coffin every time he gives a speech. What I am looking for in a political candidate (either party) is one with the intellect of Senator Bernie Sanders and the gonads of Governor Chris Christy.

. I would like to commend Letcher County Fiscal Court for the massive job they have undertaken to improve and maintain the Fishpond Lake recreation area. I walk there for recreation at least 100 times a year in all seasons. I have observed other people walking, running and even pushing babies in strollers. There are people riding bicycles, motorbikes, all-terrain vehicle and horses and motorists cruising through just to enjoy the scenery. Many others are there to enjoy fishing and camping. Hundreds of people from Letcher County and surrounding counties including southwest Virginia go there regularly. While enjoying the facility I have seen deer, wild turkey and various birds including a bald eagle. It would be a shame to allow such a wonderful asset to be abused or fall into disrepair. I feel that I must report something that must be nipped in the bud. About two or three months ago I observed blood on the pavement at a deer crossing where evidently some lazy, greedy hunter had waylaid a deer where there was a beaten path where the deer came out of the woods to go to the lake to drink. I doubt that the fiscal court allows hunting in this recreation area. More recently I have observed the remains of a deer that had been placed in a black plastic bag and thrown over the embankment. Maybe the same hunter that killed the deer field dressed it and disposed of the remains near the site where the deer had been killed. The odor of the rotting remains is terrible. I hope someone from fiscal court will send someone there to bury the remains with dirt to get rid of the odor. Hopefully the rangers can make more frequent rounds to prevent further abuse of this wonderful asset to Letcher County. (Great comment. Unfortunately, the person who would ‘waylay’ a deer in a public park in the manner you describe is probably too ignorant to read it.)

. People that come to our center are just like vultures. You ought to see what all they have drug out of that center and carried off.

. There is a woman in Jenkins who has gray hair on top and red hair on the bottom. Either cut it off or dye it all cause people are laughing. You are funny looking.

. We would like to wish

Hope and Roark, all the Fieldses, all the Boggses, all the Roarks, the Couches and all my relatives in Whitesburg a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We love you all and think about you all the time. We pray for you.

. I know about two good ways to stop all of this griping and complaining and people talking about each other. First off, stop Speak Your Piece and then stop that government channel. Get rid of those two things and people won’t have anything else to complain about.

. I would like to thank whoever fixed this road on Camp Branch. Now, I don’t have to go to the other side of the road when I come to certain spots. Thanks again.

. It’s hard for me to understand how someone after losing a spouse can be engaged to someone else in less than a year. Do they stop loving that person? Do they love the person they are engaged to? I know life goes on.

. I can’t figure out how the judge can give a woman two years probation and allow her to go back home and live in the same home with her stepdaughter that she hit in the face with a belt. The father knew about it, yet they are not doing anything about it. I just do not understand.

. Someone said Woody Holbrook sold his business just to be Jim Ward’s ‘yes’ man. Is this true? (In a word, no. After years of keeping the well-known service station/convenience store open at Mayking, Mr. Holbrook reached retirement age and decided the time was right for closing the business in these tough economic times that have swept through eastern Kentucky and the rest of Central Appalachia. The station is missed by many already.)

. What five things have two arms, two legs and all say yes? Jim Ward’s magistrates.

. Hey. Remember me? I always love you no matter what happens. Remember that.

. Jesus is coming back.

. Sapphire Coal Company had a chance to open its mines back up, but apparently Jim Ward and his magistrates didn’t want it. (How could Judge Ward and the magistrates stop the Sapphire mining operation from reopening even if they wanted to?)

. Big corporations are getting Mexicans to come to this country to work for nothing and they blame the Democrats. They ought to blame the big corporations and businessmen for bringing them over here.

. Four dollars and fifty cents a week for garbage pick-up? Close the recycling center.

. I want to congratulate Brittany and Adam on their new baby who was born December 11 in Hazard


. This is the old cat killer. went through school on straight F’s and I’m halfway straighter than people in Washington, D.C. They have an ISIS problem. As for the people coming over here filling out papers — make them take a lie detector test. That would stop a lot of them from coming over here.

. They are saying there at 50,000 cases of HIV a year. How many cases does it take to make an epidemic? One is too many. That seems like an epidemic to me. Treat everybody like they have AIDS.

. If the fiscal court raises garbage bills, I will stop recycling. If the recycling center doesn’t make money, they need to close it down anyway. Don’t try to keep it open on somebody else’s money.

. To the Letcher County Fiscal Court : First, close down the recycling center. Second, take the $66,000 that is spent on the government channel and transfer it to sanitation and let local businesses sponsor the programs on the government channel. This way, no increase in garbage rates will be needed.

. People can’t call into Speak Your Piece because the answering machine is messed up all the time. Why don’t you all fix it? (We didn’t know the answering machine was malfunctioning. Thanks to you, now we do and we will try to fix it.)

. I’d like to know what the electric company is trying to do to people. Is it greed? They keep raising the power bills and people can’t afford to pay the power bill.

. When Republicans talk about compromise they talk about cutting Social Security, which is something they have talked about since the 50’s.

. Instead of bringing more Muslims here they need to be sending the ones that are here back to where they come from.

. I will vote for Donald Trump if he is nominated for President of the United States. I agree with his idea to stop the immigration of Islamic refugees and Muslim people from entering into the United States. I am an American citizen living here in the U.S. — this is my home. I don’t want some insane ‘hyped-up’ crazy jihads coming over here and killing me without any kind of resistance at all. To hell with Obama’s plan to ‘take them all in as an act of humane duty.’ It is not my humane obligation to make love to an animal disguised as a human. Besides, every time a news reporter tries to talk to a Muslim about the problem of Muslims in the U.S. killing us citizens, the Muslim being interviewed ‘sides up’ with the jihad brother against the United States. I don’t owe the Muslims anything — especially my life. That’s why I’ll keep my gun — to protect myself with.

. Dear Speak Your Piece and the staff of The Mountain Eagle: You have my sympathies for having to hear and read some of the incredibly ignorant comments that come to you, and then see this manifest stupidity actually printed in your paper. It must seem like a small death each time you have to do it. Nonetheless, being true to your cause, you fulfill your promise and let the masses be heard, no matter how mean, ignorant or misguided they may be. Again, you have my sympathies.

Rather than worry about silly things like the moonshine distillery using the word ‘Kentucky’ in its logo, the University of Kentucky should be worried about a few of the things that embarrass our state and its people in the name of the university. UK should do something to put an end to this dancing fool who invades the nation’s television screens from the lower section of Rupp Arena every time the Wildcats play a home basketball game. I guess this fool has the right to do what he does, but the school should insist that the networks that carry the games stop showing this foolishness. Once or twice was OK, but now we have to watch him every game?

. Do I understand this correctly? If Louisville native Muhammad Ali, who won an Olympic medal for the United States, takes a trip out of the country under President Donald Trump, he wouldn’t be allowed back in because he’s a Muslim? I have to admit, if he’s a sleeper terrorist, he’s sure had me fooled.

. I’d like to wish a whole bunch of people a merry Christmas starting with Christine Fields, Margaret, Archie, Ray, Astor Junior, Jerry, Nell, Kara Miles, Riley Junior, Terry Rayburn and family, and some more. All the Days on Cowan and elsewhere, the ones who live in the Whitesburg Housing Project, Gwendolyn Pack, Lesley Adams, our niece, as well as all the inmates at the Letcher County Jail, Diane Smith, Tex and their families. By the way, Diane Pack Smith, I want some peanut butter candy, okay? Please print this. All this will be appreciated. Thank You, Stanley Pack.

. For anyone who has not had to care for a veteran, please do not talk about something you do not understand. I cannot get my veteran to take a bath. He puts his clean clothes on over the pajamas he has worn a week. He is a grown man, so what can you do? He is under a doctor’s care and takes meds. I say it was a good day that the person you were talking about got her veteran to just leave the house. Don’t talk about someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.

. Funny how all the other candidates of the God Offal Party are disparaging The Donald for being so hateful to and dishonest about Muslims while he is leading in the national polls. Don’t they realize how much their base hates the U.S. Constitution?

. Now Franklin Graham is pointing out that he wanted to ban Muslims before big Christian Donald Trump did? This kind of hatred is one of the greatest tragedies of religion.

. To a commenter is last week’s Speak Your Piece: It is the ice in glaciers and ice sheets on places like our own Alaska, on Greenland, and on Antarctica that, when it melts, causes the oceans to rise. There are instances of this happening all over the world if one cares to look. Saying that you can put ice in a glass of water and its melting doesn’t cause the level to rise has nothing to do with global warming and is what’s called a ‘straw man’ argument ; you lie about what the other side is saying and then talk about how bad it is. So, anyone who uses this argument is either stupid or dishonest — or thinks you are gullible enough to fall for it.

. Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Love you.

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