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I’d like to ask Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward to get down here and get people who aren’t paying their garbage bills to pay what they owe. I thought this was supposed to be mandatory. I know people on Highway 7 who don’t pay garbage bills, and now Jim Ward wants to raise ours three more dollars.

. What is the purpose of the pink pig at the log cabin located above the old Sugar Shack? (Maybe somebody likes pink pigs?)

. In November, the month Matt ‘Goin’ to Heaven’ Bevin was elected, the unemployment rate in Kentucky was 4.9%, the lowest it’s been since President George W. ‘W’ Bush’s Great Recession. It is 10.2% in Letcher County. Write those numbers down and compare them to the figures of the next 4 years.

. This is to Jim Ward: You said the county is broke, but you put a big old fence around the recycling center. Who is going to pay for that?

. To a certain person: It’s a shame you would be raised in a good family and take up with a two-timing piece of trash.

. You can give and give to these senior citizens and then there are two old greedy ladies that take everything. People, you better stop giving stuff. You are just giving it to two old greedy ladies.

. ‘Even a race to Obama, she was going beat Obama. I don’t know who would be worse, I don’t know, how could it be worse? But she was going to beat — she was favored to win — and she got schlonged, she lost, I mean she lost,’ Donald Trump said, using a vulgar Yiddish word for a man’s penis.’ This is what The Donald said of Hilary Clinton, as an early answer to whether the Republicans will be as misogynist as they have been racist. Will his primary opponents agree with him or show some class? And you Trump enablers? This says a lot about you.

. To the guys at Alpha: Shame on you for not fighting back for your company payouts. The CEO’s are now going to get bonuses of $2 million.

. I think they should do away with the senior citizens program. I went to the one in Ermine about five years ago and they let two old women run the place. That isn’t right. The employees need more control of what goes on in those centers.

. To Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: Tell it like it is. You want to raise garbage bills for senior

citizens by 60 percent. I have about one to oneand a-half bags of garbage a month. That is $16 each pickup, because I only put it out once a month. Sounds to me like you to need to reimburse me for the times I don’t set out garbage.

. Recycling is not a necessity for public health and safety. Therefore, I don’t think it is legal to force the public to pay for recycling to keep it active.

. To the Isom tree cutters: All the trees you cut were around the creek in Craft’s Colly. When this hollow floods we can thank you guys.

. Merry Christmas to my BFF B.B. AKA Russell. Ho. Ho. Ho.

. To a certain person: No one cares how you feel, hypocrite.

. There’s so much griping and complaining on Speak Your Piece. People are worrying about what everybody else is doing and complaining about what this one is doing. The good thing about it is that one day the good Lord is coming back. I guess you’ll complain about that, too?

. It’s amazing to me how there used to be all kinds of soap operas on TV like ‘Another World,’ ‘Santa Barbara,’ ‘Young and the Restless’ and ‘General Hospital.’ You can’t see any of them nowadays. I can sit on my front porch and I can watch ‘Young and the Restless’ anytime I want to day or night. It goes on in my neighborhood. It’s amazing what people wouldn’t do to get noticed. Happy holidays.

. If they raise the garbage bills, I will no longer be recycling. It will all go in my garbage bags. I don’t think the fiscal court should raise the garbage bill because of the recycling center. If the recycling center can’t make money they should shut it down. There are other recycling places in this county and they make money. Why can’t that one at Cowan make money? Shut it down.

. People are bringing foster kids and teenagers to these senior citizens parties. They aren’t supposed to be there. Someone needs to say something.

. Close the recycling center.

. I can’t believe greedy some people are. They came to the senior citizens party and it isn’t even for them. It is for senior citizens.

. I’d like to speak my piece about Jim Ward about raising the garbage bill $3 a month. There’s a lot of people that can’t afford $3 a month. We voted for Jim Ward for our judge/executive.

We didn’t vote for the judge’s assistant. We could take his salary and put it toward the recycling center. Everyone should stick together and refuse to pay our garbage bills. If everyone feels the way I feel, they’ll refuse to pay it, too.

. This is a concerned citizen in Pratt Fork. I came up with a new nickname for this hollow. It’s called Dog Hollow. We have a real abundance of dogs. If anybody wants some dogs, come down here.

. Nobody ever told me that my cousins were saying all of this horrible stuff about me and were threatening to do things to me that aren’t nice. Why didn’t you speak up back then? Why is it all coming out now?

. To a certain person: It doesn’t matter what you say or do. You will always be trash. You belong in jail.

. I’m very disappointed that a moderator of a Old Regular Baptist Church let a member take part in the services Sunday with two living wives.

. Friday night on WMMT around 7 p.m. a song got stuck on the playlist and it played for at least 20 minutes. I timed it. My wife said at least it was a good song. We listened to it waiting for a new song to come on. God bless you. Goodbye. (We asked, and what you describe did occur, but it wasn’t on a Friday night.)

. I think it is about time the county quit paying for quilting meetings for senior citizens to sit there all day and use lights.

. There’s a ‘diploma divide’ in the GOP: Donald Trump may be polling at 30 percent among Republicans nationally, but he has the support of just 19 percent of Republicans with a college degree, and 37 percent of those without a degree — a massive 18-point difference. If you can figure out the implication of this, you probably have a college degree.

. I am a senior citizen, but I don’t want to see this county take food off the table of the working people to keep senior citizens centers open for seniors who are probably better off than the working people of the county. What the county government doesn’t seem to understand is that we are going through hard times. We are going to have to cut back the county’s spending just like each and every working person in this county has had to cut back. You’ve got people in this county wondering how they are going to get milk for their children while officials are sitting in Whitesburg wondering how they are going to raise taxes to support something down there that we just can’t afford anymore. They need to wake up. Live in the real world. If they need to raise garbage bills to continue garbage collection, that is fine. We don’t need camping places at Fishpond Lake if we have to pay matching funds to get put up there. We don’t need Pine Mountain Search and Rescue running up and down the road wasting tax money and gas money. I lived in this county before 9-1-1 was here; we called an ambulance if we needed help and we may have to

go back to doing only that. We need to live within our means. We can’t tax the people out of this county by continuing to live a lifestyle we cannot afford. We pay our magistrates more than $30,000 for what they do. Why can’t they be truck drivers, grader operators, sanitation workers in addition to being a magistrate? That way they would provide a service for the people who elected them to be in office. If the county doesn’t straighten up and start living within its means we need to start protesting. We need to let them know they aren’t going to be able to sit in their offices and tax every phone bill, every TV cable bill and take the food off the working people’s tables. The more people that have to leave here because they can’t afford to live here anymore just takes away from the county.

. If the county did away with mandatory garbage pickup and the recycling center, can you imagine the amount of trash that would be dumped on roadsides? Letcher County would no longer be a certified clean county. We live in a beautiful area. Let’s keep it clean so we can all enjoy it.

. I’m responding to a comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece about the Jenkins lady’s hair. It’s none of your business. Go ahead and have a good laugh.

. To Patrick Towles, the quarterback for Kentucky: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Just go on.

. When is Senator Mitch McConnell going to give the working people a tax break?

. The government is going to take health insurance away from the working people and let the people who don’t work keep theirs. Life is unfair. So is our government and the Republican Party.

. To a certain person: Either the devil is living in you or you are psychotic. Either way, you have serious problems and I actually feel sorry for you.

. Merry Christmas, Mary Sue. I love you and I’ll see you soon.

. They say Donald Trump doesn’t have any political experience. All he has to know is how to lie and steal. He isn’t going to do either one of them and that is what is going to get him beat.

. To the woman who hit a girl in the face with a belt: I wear a belt every day, so as soon as I see you you’ll get what is coming to you.

. Whitco looks like a trash pile because they won’t clean out that trash piled underneath that bridge.

. Drugs are taking over Whitco. It’s a dirty shame.

. Hey, Cat Killer. Why don’t you come to Doty Creek and join me? I’m the dog killer. I’m going to put an electric fence up and I’m going to have Southern fried hotdogs for dinner.

. I think all the elected officials in Letcher County and anywhere else should be serving two terms — one in office and one in jail.

. Pray Obama will repent of his sins and be born again and

have a right mind. I agree with Donald Trump, the Muslims need to go back where they came. Obama has done more damage to this nation than any president that ever lived. We have heathen Muslims here in America that are killing our innocent citizens and he wants to cry about gun control, but yet he arms heathen Muslims in Syria and other countries and he calls the Muslims our allies. That is a lie, there is no Muslims that are America’s allies. America’s ally is Israel, but our heathen Muslim president is against Israel. How can our nation stand if stupidity is allowed to keep destroying our nation? He is against the American people. The Muslims need to repent of their sins and be born again of the spirit of God, and then they will have love in their heart instead of murder. The Muslim religion is a false religion. They do not know God. Jesus is God. Muhammad cannot hear them when they pray. They serve a dead ideology. But if they will call on Jesus then they can be saved from eternal hell. Buddha cannot hear people. He’s a dead, fat man made of stone, a false religion. Religion cannot save you, only the living God that created the heavens and the Earth can save you. His name is Jesus.

. I wish I had a dollar for every time ‘kill’ or ‘bomb’ was mentioned during the last Republican debate. I’d buy myself an island in the Bahamas. And from all those big ‘Christians,’ not a peep of anything like ‘negotiating a peaceful solution,’ because killing is cool and talking about peace is for wimps.

. These so-called highly educated people who say what Trump said was unconstitutional had better go back to school and learn American history and the constitution. We are a sovereign nation. Our

constitution does not apply to citizens from and living in another country. In the beginning only people from certain countries were allowed to come here. Jimmy Carter banned Muslims from Iran and deported thousands of students from Iran. Also in 1942 FDR banned people from certain countries. Again, I would remind you that our constitution only applies to U.S. citizens. However, our laws apply to anyone on U.S. soil.

. To my special girl: Your beauty is perfection. I pray every day for our love to grow as it has for five years. You’re still my first thought when I wake and the last when I lay to sleep. To live a day without you feels like an eternity. To see you is to see a glimpse of heaven itself. Your name means ‘angel like.’ You’re my angel. Just know that I love you more now than I ever have. You’re not only my lover but also my best friend. You mean the world to me. You’re all I’ll ever want. I’m looking forward to seeing your smile for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to see you and hold you in my arms. I Love you.

. The American Civil Liberties Union is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization whose mission is ‘to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.’ The ACLU represents both the far right and the far left in Constitutional matters. So, next time someone tells you he doesn’t like the ACLU, ask him what parts of the U. S. Constitution he doesn’t like and why he can’t learn to love America and become more patriotic.

. Anytime you forget what you were talking about, it’s time for another beer.

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