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In November, the month Matt ‘Goin’ to Heaven’ Bevin was elected, the unemployment rate in Kentucky was 4.9%, the lowest it’s been since President George W. ‘W’ Bush’s Great Recession. It is 10.1% in Letcher County. Write those numbers down and compare them to the figures of the next 4 years.

. I love this heat wave, because it brings out my favorite two guys in shorts. Mr. Spaghetti Legs with his black socks is always good for a laugh. The other guy, well, I can’t breathe until he goes out of sight.

. If the county judge and his magistrates would run this county like they should run it, they would run it like a business. Shut down the government channel; they can use that money to help keep the senior citizens centers open. Shut down the recycling center; it is losing money.

. To Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: Why did you have to go to the veterans center and crash the veterans’ party when you have your own TV station and radio show? Couldn’t you let the veterans enjoy their night?

. People of Letcher County, you have rights. There’s no law that says you have to recycle this or that. Let’s just stop this recycling stuff.

. If the site manager at the senior citizens centers hadn’t let people eat there all these years that aren’t eligible, the centers would still be open. They didn’t go by the rules.

. The pitiful performance of the Letcher County Fiscal Court in trying to respond to the bright and knowledgeable lady from Neon was very disturbing. We have a financial crisis in this county, and we have no leadership to get us out of it. Two of the magistrates never speak except to make, second, and vote for the judge’s motions. A third talks almost all the time but would do well to remain as silent as the other two. While I know it cannot be legally done, it would be good if those three magistrates could withdraw and be replaced by the lady from Neon, whose knowledge is greater than that of the three combined.

. The right-wing fool who keeps calling or writing in about our heathen government is going to stroke out when Hillary Clinton easily wins the presidency next November.

. This is the sorriest contract crew they have putting the water line in Dunham. The girl they have working for them lays on the hood of her car with her feet propped up, her shoes off while relaxing on her cellphone. I don’t know if she wants me to stop or

keep going. All she does is text on her phone. Where is her boss?

. To a certain person: Who are you to call anybody psychotic?

. Bravo, Robin Mullins. You gave the fiscal court a much-needed lesson on what’s wrong with Letcher County, and how they’re responsible for most of it. You were certainly accurate and comprehensive in your coverage, but if you think of anything else please come back. The county needs to hear a lot more of that.

. To a certain person: See what happens when you lie? It comes back and bites you in the butt.

. Republican candidates’ solution for the Social Security problem is to raise the age for poor people are able to work. Politicians don’t do anything but blow wind. Blowing wind isn’t manual labor. Manual laborers can’t work at age 70, whether Republicans want them to or not.

. I just worked hard and came back to Cumberland. I went to Whitesburg and then I went up to Seco. Everywhere I went, there I was. I’ll be there.

. I think it is a shame that in order to protect himself the young boy had to pull out a gun. What are the rights? Are we not allowed to protect ourselves when someone is trying to kill us? Please pray for that family.

. To the person who called in and said the county should quit paying for quilting at the senior citizen centers because they are using light bulbs all day long: I would like to offer a couple of solutions. They could wear headlamps that are made out of carbide or battery-operated headlamps that you can find in the hunting section at Walmart.

. God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.

. To a certain person: You think nobody saw what you posted on Facebook, but it has been seen.

. Hey. This is the old cat killer calling the dog killer. I’m proud of you. It’s a shame that our county laws won’t put a stop to these dogs barking at night and cats running everywhere. They ought to give these people an ultimatum to do something with them. Keep them on your own land. I appreciated your comment. Hang in there and don’t give up. Have a great big bowwow day.

. People in Letcher County need to hold an election to see if we can vote the county wet to make up some of the coal severance money that the county has lost.

. I would like to applaud

Robin Mullins for her performance at the fiscal court. She told it just like it is to the officials who have created most of our financial mess, and I hope they will take heed and try to correct some of it, if we aren’t past the point of no return. I also hope that the voters

will do the right thing and remove most of the court come election.

. I’m glad Donald Trump has the backbone to speak out against the heathen Muslims coming to our nation. I believe Mr. Trump will be president because

he is not a yellow-backed coward Republican as most of the party is by being afraid to offend heathens. The Muslims need to be offended, then maybe they will repent of their sins and be born again and then they won’t have to go to an eventual hell. We are a Christian nation. We were founded on Christian values, yet our ungodly leaders have rejected the laws of God and have brought a reproach on our nation. We had better get rid of the stupidity of political correctness and start speaking out against the stupidity of the Democrats and the

Muslims. Everything this president has done has been against the freedom of our nation. Congress had better stand against him. The American people want our nation back. We are sick of the stupidity of our nation’s leaders. Keep the Muslims out of our nation. The Muslim religion is not of God. Mohammad cannot save you, only Jesus can save you. I also do not agree with Mr. Trump’s talking bad language. I hope he will repent of his sins and be born again, but I do believe he has backbone to help our nation, not as the golfer we have now.

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