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The traffic light near the old Whitesburg High School is really becoming a nuisance. It has always created congestion but now it appears to be malfunctioning as well. Traffic is regularly stopped with no vehicle triggering the change. It seems that a good solution would be to do away with the light and have motorists traveling north on 15 toward Rite Aid enter the highway from downtown via the access road by the old high school. Drivers headed south toward Pine Mountain Junction could still use the existing entrance at the lights. With this arrangement, no stoplights would be necessary; drivers would enter the flow of traffic when it’s clear. Flashing caution lights at both places should suffice. Thank you.

. I’d like to tell Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward and Magistrate Keith Adams that the poor people can’t live on fixed incomes and pay the increase in the garbage bill. The foot of Burton Hill is piled up with garbage. Jim Ward needs to try to do something for the people instead of take from them.

. I saw on the news where woman in Laurel County got caught for housing more than 300 dogs. There are dog hoarders in Letcher County. Instead of feeding them they let them run loose in neighborhoods at night getting into people’s garbage.

. Last time the Republicans ran a candidate who was handsome and had great hair he lost, so this time they’re going the opposite route.

So Letcher County, how do you like this month’s power bill? Even though it was the hottest November in years and I turned off four dehumidifiers, my bill went up $20 instead of down $10 or more. It does not matter if you are even at home or not, the bill goes up. In 2011 I was gone three weeks with no one in the house and it still was the same amount. I called them and they said my children and wife must have used it. I have no child or a wife. Worse is the neighbor had his power turned off at the pole breaker and he continued to get a service bill, as they call it, that amounted from $12 to $17 each month. I can run a generator for two weeks and still get the same or more increased bill. Now we are building their plant, then will be paying their profit after it is built. It is hidden in one of the nine extra charges you have on your bill. The company will tell you what they told my mother if you call — that it will be cheaper on the customer and cleaner on the air. You can believe Kentucky Power like you can a politician. They do not talk about all the coal jobs they have cost us, nor do they tell you that the carcinogens used in their fracking nor natural gas causes cancer and that you will die from drinking the ground water. Go on a diet, don’t get sick, because the power company is going to show you their power. You cannot afford medical bills, food, and heat all at once. It would be nice to have a state representative or a senator that would help us out, but all they do is help themselves to kickbacks. Oh yeah, the power company also says we are still paying

on their great highly accurate meters that are plastic made in China and were put in years back and should have been paid five times over by now.

. Did they ever find out who tripped that real pretty speech therapist at West Whitesburg last year? That poor beautiful woman’s been on my mind ever since then.

. Whoever has the cool Christmas pig by the old Sugar Shack, I wish they would leave it out all year round. I have never seen anything like it.

. Cat Killer, this is Holler Honey. I’m calling you out. Stop killing all these innocent cats. Women like me need them to comfort us when we get old, because mean men like you can’t. Stop this right meow. By the way, has anyone heard anything about Letcher County getting a Taco Bell?

. If you want to work in

Letcher County again, you had better vote for Donald Trump. He is our man.

. This is to a woman in Turkey Creek: You are going to get caught in your trap. This isn’t an April Fool’s joke and I’m not playing. You sit on your couch and sell your dope. You get away with a whole lot more than a whole lot of other people would. Your day is coming.

. To the psychotic liar: If someone posts something on Facebook, I’m sure they want it to be seen.

. The next thing the fiscal court needs to get rid of is the Letcher County government politician channel. It’s politics year-round, just like Jim Ward having his name on all of the county vehicles.

. I wonder how Letcher County is going to operate when people who have three or four cars in the driveway and pay taxes on them decide to downsize to one car. How is the county

going to meet its budget then?

. To the girls at Jenkins Family Dollar: You are doing a very good job. The store is very clean. Keep up the good work. The manager is doing a very good job. It is the best it has looked in a long time. From D.V.

. I saw on the news where woman and man were arrested for having children in a nasty home. How come they don’t do this in Letcher County? I have neighbors that haven’t seen a bathtub in six months, and they send their kids to school like that.

. To a certain person: I were you I would be ashamed to have hit a little boy’s little dog and left it lying on the side of the road to die like you did. We thought you were a better neighbor than that, especially you being a nurse. The least you could have done was to come and apologize to that little boy.

. I’m calling about the garbage bills being raised three dollars. Why don’t they shut down some of these fire departments that aren’t being used, except for hangout places? It would make it a little easier on us poor people.

. I guess we’ll have all

new magistrates and a new county judge when they clean the courthouse out, because these we now have sure aren’t going to do anything for us.

. What is antichrist? That means you don’t do things like Jesus and the disciples did. In Matthew 8:10 he healed the sick and raised the dead. Freely you have. Freely give. So if you charge, you aren’t doing things like he did so therefore you are one of the antichrist.

. To a certain person: You would know trash, wouldn’t you? The best thing he ever did was take his trash out. You know what they say, that when you truly care for someone no obstacles will keep you from them. That says a lot about you, huh? He’s forgiven things I’ve done because he truly loves me. That’s how you know. So just continue your self-pity, jealousy, and envy if it makes you feel better about yourself. If you were not a coward, you would talk to me face to face about this stuff. That will never happen.

. Second request: Do not dump your kids off at their friend’s home without first talking to the parents to get permission or an invitation. Thank you. It is called respect.

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