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I noticed that once more someone has complained in Speak Your Piece about a dog that was hit and left on the road without an apology. That person even had the nerve to say that she should ‘be ashamed’ and thought that she was a better neighbor. I do sympathize with anyone who loses a pet, but I sympathize with the dog even more. He was just being a dog. Why was the dog in the road? Would the owner be ‘ashamed’ if the lady in question had wrecked her car to avoid this dog? Perhaps been injured or killed? What if her car was damaged? Should she be ashamed to ask the dog’s owner — who allowed this dog to be in the road — to pay for damages? A good neighbor doesn’t allow their dog to roam loose where it will get into garbage, dig or defecate in another person’s yard, or go onto the road to cause an accident. Most people shouldn’t be allowed to own pets.

. I think it is a shame that principal can curse and go on and not get in trouble for it.

. How long was the recycling center running in the red and not turning a profit for the taxpayers of Letcher County? If it had been going for several years and this money has been wasted by our county judge, doesn’t something need to be done about this? That is misappropriation of funds. Somebody needs to look into that. That’s money that could be in the government system now. This thing should have been taken care of years ago.

. Turns out it was the ground that tripped the speech therapist. Poor honey can’t even walk on flat ground.

. Does the cameraman for the Government Channel make $60,000 a year?

. Watch these bottles of water that you buy these days. I bought one this morning. Get a bottled of water, turn it upside down and shake it around. You won’t believe it until you see it.

. Ted Cruz vows to ‘carpet bomb’ parts of the Middle East so thoroughly that he’ll find out ‘if sand can glow in the dark.’ The other half of the time he’s talking about what a great Christian he is. Really? Is mass killing what Jesus would do? Or would Jesus try to change the hearts of his

enemies instead?

. I’d like to tell County Judge Jim Ward and Magistrate Keith Adams to get off their hind ends and come to Route 7. They need to look at the garbage dumped on Burton Hill. They make us pay for people who aren’t paying. This is all mandatory. It’s good enough that he lost the recycling center.

. This situation in Oregon with the right wing terrorists seizing and occupying federal land is a perfect example of white privilege in America. If those lunatics were Muslim or African American, they would already be dead by now.

. I think I’ve narrowed it down to two possible reasons why the Republican candidates keep talking about how horrible the economy is despite the facts that we have now had 69 straight months of job gains and the unemployment rate is down to five percent, half of what it was when President Obama took office. Either they have their graphs reversed and don’t know it or they realize that half the people in this country are gullible enough to fall for it. I mean, do they think it was better when we were hemorrhaging 800,000 jobs per month under President George W. ‘W’ Bush’s Great Recession?

. Every January 12 grieve even more than usual for my best friend, who would have been 39 June 17. Probably would have had teenage kids of his own by now.

. To County Judge Jim Ward: I think it is an outrage that you have all the senior citizens coming to one place in Whitesburg. Are you kidding? How are they going to get there? How are they going to travel? That’s a long way. I can’t believe it.

. Does Jim Ward really have his name on county vehicles? I don’t know. I haven’t been to Letcher County in years.

. Without resorting to Google, answer this question: Which has the Donald done more times — gotten divorced or taken bankruptcy?

. I’d like to respond to a comment that was in Speak Your Piece on December 9. This fellow was calling people on Facebook weirdos. Maybe they are. Talking about them putting down President Obama and saying

they needed to get a life. He may be the president for the next year, but he is not my president and I have never recognized him as the president of the United States. This fellow’s comment tells people to get a life. Well, there’s not much of a life around here to get anymore since he put all of the coalmines out of work. The other day I filled out a paper to be a Republican. I hope and pray to God in heaven that they will do something. You, mister, must be either on the draw or you have a good job and what Obama has done is not affecting you. There are people here in our county that are out of jobs because of him. Take that and smoke it in your corncob pipe.

. Just a note to the ‘heathen Muslim’ commenting clown who keeps vomiting his or her hatred and bile in Speak Your Piece: I just wanted to give you a little history lesson. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are generally referred to as the Abrahamic religions. That’s because they all came from the teaching of Abraham. That means that the god of Islam is also the god of Christianity and Judaism. Allah is just an Arabic word that means God, just as God is the name that Christianity uses for Yahweh or Jahova. Get it? Same God.

. To Jenkins Councilman Rick Damron: I am so glad that you brought up the lost water report. First you stated that it started four years ago. You started under Charlie Dixon working on your water system. You had over a 70 percent water loss. You started at the water plant and went toward town when the project started. Then you had four years under Mayor Kincer and one year under Mayor Depriest. That is nine years total of upgrading your system. So if you started with over 70 percent water loss and you have spent millions, why do you still have a 70 percent water loss? Think, Rick. It’s like an old friend told me long ago, if you fix the problem you will no longer get any more, so the solution is continue working on it.

. To a certain person: I apologize for calling you the two-timing trash two weeks ago. I know I’m not in that family anymore and it is none of my business what you all do. I’m sorry.

. I wonder who likes to have their picture taken the most in Letcher County — Jim Ward or Shirley Sexton? I think it is a toss up.

. On January 4, Jim Ward told the senior citizens they could walk, bowl, play ball, climb the rock wall, anything in the recreation center from 9 a.m. on, but it never happened. He did let us walk 30 minutes on two days with the group. No machines. WYMT, The Mountain Eagle and the News-Press better come back and get the truth. I asked the lady at the front desk if we could play basketball and she said no. Jim Ward, you tell us we can and they say we can’t. What can we do?

. How come people on Social Security don’t get a tax break?

. I hope members of the Jenkins City Council have

made their New Year’s resolutions. I hope their resolutions include the following: to dredge the Jenkins lake to remove water lilies and provide for more water to be stored. 2. Removal of the old Beth-Elkhorn shop buildings and clean up this polluted area. 3. To enforce the blighted, deteriorated and nuisance ordinance to the fullest extent.

. I have a question from the taxpayers of Letcher County to the politicians in Letcher County. How can we elect a county court clerk that we never see in the office anymore? First thing they do is start closing the offices on Saturday. Also, we never see the PVA or the sheriff anymore. We are in a money crunch right now. Why can’t they do the jobs we elected them to do?

. Why does a certain county worker think she is first lady of the county?

. While driving through Letcher County this weekend I noticed a very tattered American flag flying down around Isom. I know that some might not respect the leaders of this country, but please don’t disrespect our country or our flag either. Take it down or replace it. Thank you.

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