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This is a comment for Judge Jim Ward. Some of my friends worked at the recycling center and one guy has been there almost eighteen years. I think it is a shame that they were sent home and now the City of Whitesburg is freely fronting their own men. They should have at least given these guys a chance for a job. Does anyone know how much the rec center brings in each month and what it is paying out? I think the public needs to know.

. Did Ryan during the State of the Union address? He didn’t like hearing that we have the strongest economy in the world. He was stony faced about us having the best military in the world. To top it all off, he wouldn’t even clap for the idea of curing cancer. Is that what his party has come to? They are so paranoid of a halfblack man getting credit for something they are even against curing cancer?

. When Webb was young and did the kudzu poetry reading, he was my hero. He is cantankerous. He is my role model.

. I don’t like The Mountain Eagle. Just joking. You all are an awesome newspaper. Thanks for being informative.

. There isn’t a law against raising chickens and selling them to whoever you want.

. I’ve been going to the senior citizens center at the rec center. I don’t know what’s wrong, but they say we can’t do anything at the rec center. They won’t let us play basketball. We can’t get on any of the machines. We can’t bowl. They let us walk a little in a group. Jim Ward, you need talk to the workers or tell us the truth.

. This is the old cat killer. read your comment in Speak Your Piece. I guess I could say I liked it, but these people set three and four cats out at night on me. What do you suggest that I do about it? I don’t have enough money to feed them. They want to hang around here and have lots of kittens. I’m open to suggestions. Have a great big meow day.

. I watched with great interest the Republican’s response to President Obama’s State of The Union address and was very impressed with the some of the comments of South Carolina’s Governor

Nikki Haley. I personally don’t want any of the present Republican candidates in the White House, but she certainly outshines any of the present contenders. She says she would consider being a running mate for the eventual Republican nominee, but I’ll bet she would not want to tarnish her reputation as being a Vice Presidential loser with that bozo Donald Trump.

. ’What went wrong for Arch Coal?’ is the top column of the opinion page in last week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle. This question is of little value, simply because we already know the answer. Page 12 of the same edition continues with more fruitless dialogue. We know that market pricing for natural gas has fallen, making it a logical choice for power companies to convert from coal, and we know that demand for metallurgical coal for steel production in China has fallen. These are two factors of which we in the United States have had little, or no control. The one remaining factor, of which we have some control, is that of our domestic leaders. Over the previous seven-plus years, the so-called ‘clean air’ agenda has prevailed, at the cost of great harm to the people and economy of eastern Kentucky, as well as central Appalachia. When the elections of 2016 come around, Kentucky, and much of Appalachia, may see things in a different light. (While you may not find statistics showing that Kentucky power plants are now burning little to no coal from eastern Kentucky newsworthy, many do.)

. This is to Jim Ward: He broke the county; now he is after the City of Whitesburg. I think James Wiley Craft has him beat on breaking the city. They need to go to the White House together. They are kin to Obama.

. WMMT has the most delightful young DJs on Tuesday evening.

. It’s amazing to me that the sheriff ’s department never arrests any drug dealers on Doty Creek.

. Mr. President, your ego has gotten plumb out of whack. You are definitely struck on yourself. That is all I have to say about that.

. ’This President has done nothing to combat terrorism,’ said Chris Christie during the last debate, talking about the guy who

killed bin Laden. Why are the Republicans so confused all the time? Why do they think they are running against President Obama?

. I read in the newspaper where Arch Coal has filed for bankruptcy. They have every excuse in there as to why. I’d like to see Peabody and Consol pull that main switch at the belt head and let’s cut it off. These politicians and environmental people think they are the brains of this country. Well, let’s put them to the test and find out if they are. They should be careful what they wish for because they got it. They want this coal destroyed. Let’s see if they’ve got what it takes to power this country, talking about all this crap of windmills and all of this stuff. The sun will go down and the wind will stop blowing. I know that. Let’s call their bluff and see how it works out for them.

. United States Senator Rand Paul keeps on embarrassing us. He threw a hissy fit when he didn’t make the grown-ups’ table during the last debate even though he is only polling about two percent across the nation and is in tenth place out of eleven candidates. This means that forty-nine out of fifty voters in his own party would rather have someone other than him. Presumably he’s even less wildly popular among Democrats. Why in the world should anyone waste time listening to someone who doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades of being the nominee?

. I hear they are trying to bring back the Hillbilly Nation Celebration. I hope to live long enough to take my baby to a Hillbilly Nation celebration.

. Doty Creek might as well be called Sex and Sin City because that is all that goes on around here.

. The next smartest thing the Letcher Fiscal Court can do is shut down that politician channel. The county doesn’t need to pay that much money for the government channel. It’s just a big joke.

. The Republican presidential candidates got their panties all in a twist because Obama got our sailors back in almost no time flat and without any killing. When did peaceful resolution become an extreme liberal flaw?

. I believe a man with helmet defending our country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football.

. James Wiley Craft needs to walk through town and look at the torn flags flying. It looks awful in town.

. To the person who said that the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jehovah is the same as Allah: You have lost your mind. Do you think Jesus is the son of Allah? No. It’s not the

same god.

. A certain locally-owned company needs to do something about some of its employees. They are stealing the company blind. They need to watch their back.

. Jim Ward, you said we could climb the rock wall, play basketball and bowl at the rec center. What happened? From a concerned senior citizen.

. Mittens promised us that were he elected he’d get the unemployment rate down to six percent. Now it’s five percent. Gingrich said he’d get gasoline down to three dollars. Now it’s less than two dollars. Remember this when you hear what the GOP is spewing.

. Stupidity has spoken again from the White House shedding crocodile tears. Listen, Mr. President, if you want to stop the innocent people from being shot, then keep the heathen Muslims out of our nation. We need Muslim control and leave our guns alone. Our children need to be taught in public school ‘thou shalt not kill’ instead of all the stupidity that they are being taught. Then maybe they won’t grow up to be ungodly politicians that are for murdering innocent children and calling it abortion. It is cold-blooded murder and you politicians will stand before Almighty God with blood on your hands. God’s people do not murder people, so if you have murder in your heart then you are of your father, the devil. Sin will take you to an eternal hell. The Muslim religion is not of God. There is one God. His name is Jesus. The Muslim religion is an abomination. Being religious will not get you to God’s heaven. There are many religions, but there is one way to heaven and Jesus is the way. If you die without Jesus in your heart then you will open your eyes in eternal hell. This world will soon catch on fire. If you don’t want to burn with it you better be repenting of your sins and be born again, for the Lord will soon return.

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