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I am a World War II veteran from Jenkins, and this is addressed to a caller in last week’s paper: There are men in this community who were prisoners of war in the Philippines. Some were in the Bataan Death March and came home weighing less than 90 pounds. Yes, I do think we should have a World War II memorial.

I saw a certain man in Jenkins the other day who I believe to have just recently gotten divorced. Buddy, I saw you with a new lady the other day. She is some woman. You ought to keep her. If you take your other one back and leave this one behind you are stupid. The other one looks sick compared to the new one.

Aw shucks, guys, am I spoiling your fun? Are you mad because I won’t come out and play?

It’s Wednesday night again and old nosy is up to her old tricks. When it gets dark the money starts rolling in.

Curtis, I miss you. Please come back. I need you so bad right now.

I’m sick and tired of watching boxing on ESPN Classic every time I turn the channel over to there. What’s the deal? I thought they would put on some wrestling.

The guilty dog barked here on Little Colley. Who would want to come onto your property? Not me. We don’t do drugs.

I’m a widow of a World War II veteran and I can’t believe anyone would object to the memorial to the veterans of Jenkins. To me, there aren’t enough monuments to honor these honorable men. Those that are still living need to know they are living in the United States of America, where we honor all good men. These men are dying at the rate of 1,500 a day. In 10 years from now they probably will all be gone, since they are in their 80s. So let’s remember them and the sacrifices they made for all of us. Thank you.

This is going out there to all the folks who may have run into the same problem I’m having. LKLP Transportation is supposed to be there for the public. A person is sick and they go through all the red tape of getting a ride scheduled, then the driver tells you to be ready at 5 a.m. and he will pick you up at that time. You explain, well, your appointment will be at 8:30 or 8 a.m. He tells you that you have to go with him on his regular run to pick up people who go to Harmony House and to Mental Health Service at Isom. You try to explain that you are too sick to have to go up in all these little hollows to pick up people. You ask him to call his boss to see if someone else can haul you to your appointment so you will not miss it. You get a call back and are relayed this message: there is no one else that can haul you. You can ride with him at 5 a.m. or you will not be going to the doctor. So I’m running a temperature of 102. I’m not in any condition to argue. So I will not be going to the doctor tomorrow as LKLP has ‘gone to the dogs’ since the office that was in Whitesburg has been moved to Hazard. My last appointment before this one, I was 2-1/2 hours late for it as the driver was told to pick me up at the wrong time. I don’t blame the drivers for this mess. It lies right in the laps of those who tell a driver to pick up too many people and expect to get them all there on their appointment time. But for me to have done everything I was supposed to do to get a ride scheduled then to have LKLP say they cannot haul me unless I’m in the van at 5 a.m., well that stinks. They better hope and pray that I get better. This is from B.J.C., someone who is fed up with the mess LKLP has become.

l thought I would write a few remarks about a newly-opened business. The outward appearance seems very family oriented, clean and refreshing. Nobody ever knows what goes on behind closed doors. I know, because I worked there. My day was filled with wonderful customers and a pleasant co-worker. I loved what I did and was good at it. I did it better than you could, and yet you still let me go. I could never do anything to your expectations. My area was never clean enough, my drawer – confusing and odd – was always short. I tried and tried to give you the most respect until I started getting disrespected. I never wanted to disappoint you nor take anything away from you or your family. I loved working there and was heartbroken when you let me go. You knew what I had riding on me and my job. I will never forgive you for doing this. You know who you are and you know what you did to me. Take it from me, I was not the one taking things away from you. Trust me, I know.

To my dear Chavez: I don’t know where I would be or how I could make it without your love. You are my day and night, my sun and moon. These past months have been a test of our relationship. We have grown so strong and I have fallen head over heels in love with you. I want your love a part of me for the rest of my life. Nothing will ever tear us apart. If it wasn’t for the love you have for me, I would be lost. I love you, I love you, I love you. Dream about me always. Your baby, cell 111.

My husband is a World War II veteran. He has had a stroke and can’t speak very well, but he can write. Here is what he asked me to phone in to Speak Your Piece: I am a World War II veteran and I am sorry that a person from Letcher County would be so disrespectful to a veteran as was the caller in last week’s paper. Apparently, he has no respect for himself, let alone a veteran. I wish he could have walked a mile in my shoes in Iwo Jima. Maybe then he would like to see his name on a memorial or a wall. Apparently, he knows what’s going on with the fiscal court to have his facts so straight. Thank you.

The other evening I had the opportunity of seeing one of the most terribly officiated basketball games I have ever had to witness. No, it wasn’t UK or the East Kentucky Miners, both of which I have had the pleasure of seeing this year. It was a secondand third-grade game being played at the Jenkins Head Start gym between the Celtics and the Bulls. The lady refereeing this game not only embarrassed herself, but whole school system. Lady, these are kids. At least if you’re going to be paid $20 to $30 a game you can call the game correctly and not be biased. The bad thing is that despite all of your terrible calls the Bulls still won. Whoever hired this lady should be reprimanded for allowing her to referee. By the way, I’m a parent of a member of the Celtics.

You need not stick your middle finger up at me, little girl. I was gone having my oil changed when that went down. God bless you, my ignorant little child.

Judge Ward, if you would spot me the gas money I would take these dogs away from Craft’s Colly. It’s a long way down to the animal shelter, so it would probably take about $20. If you would just bring the money to me I would get rid of the dogs myself and we wouldn’t have to worry about having a dog warden.

I’m running for president of the United States and I am a minority. My wife spent the first 40 years of her life not liking this country. Now she likes it. If she is hurting my ticket, should I divorce her and find someone who liked America the first part of her life? Or should I just hang in there and keep her? She’s going to be the First Lady. Signed, a future president of the United States.

If the county would pay the dog warden ‘per dog’ instead of by the hour, maybe this county would be stray-free by now. As it is now, it sounds like Judge Ward needs a new grader operator. Guess where the dog warden is? On the grader.

To PJ hater: You old people need to look in the mirror before you judge. Who are you – Hitler? – to say that PJ’s worn during the day are unacceptable? This only shows how smallminded you are. Don’t you have something better to do with your time here on Earth than to look at someone with PJ’s on and lose sleep over it to the point you have to call Speak Your Piece? We all have to die someday – yes, you too. Is this how you want to be remembered – as the old lady who dresses the way the public prefers? You have probably lived your whole sad life for the public’s eye and not for yourself. Acceptance starts within, not with others. So stop at Family Dollar and buy yourself that nice black nighty you have been eyeing. Don’t be afraid of what the cashier will think. Just go wild. Go home, put it on, go outside and mow your lawn. Just let it go, and quit putting others down. All you are doing is emptying yourself more.

Mayor Dixon, when is this garbage going to be cleaned up? It’s in my back yard again. I heard these citizens were given a citation, but the garbage is still here, plus more. This matter needs immediate attention. Thanks.

I can’t wait until my son goes before the grand jury and makes a fool out of a certain guy who has done nothing but lie about a fight, just because he had his pride hurt. So let’s do this court thing. My son has never been in trouble for anything in his life. And he did not use a weapon on you. You step on his toes or his family’s, may God be with you is all I have to say.

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? The thing is, I never heard anyone say no. Someone is lying or our prisons would be empty. Guess what? My God, He knows. Don’t worry, you’re going to get another trial. You don’t need to swear. It’s all going to be played back, even every idle thought. You’re going to need a good lawyer. I know one. He paid with his blood so He could represent you. None of the others did this. As a matter of fact, it’s something to think about.

Can anybody tell me what the differences are in murder? You have a Fields woman who killed a child and put it in a garbage bag. You have the Slaven couple who killed an elderly man. You have another Fields woman and the McClain man who killed a woman and left her body on Little Shepherd Trail. To me, murder is murder, but it looks like murder is only important in Letcher County if you are broke. If you’re broke you’re going to prison for life. If you’ve got money you’re going away for 10 years – the same term given to someone who robs a house. I guess it’s just who you know and who you are in Letcher County. Murder should be murder, no matter how you look at. And to me, killing a child is the worst crime you can commit.

To Mary in jail: If at any time you need any help or anything, just call us. As far as doing him wrong, honey, you need to do what’s best for you.

I was over at the courthouse last Tuesday with my dad while he was tagging his car. While sitting out in the lobby waiting for him, I realized juvenile court was going on. I saw a social worker and three women come out into the hallway and talk pretty nice to each other. Another woman and young girl came out and the social worker was talking to them. I have never heard anything like that in my life. The social worker was screaming at the young girl and calling her a liar. Everyone in the lobby now knows the name of those children, the mothers, and the grandmothers. We heard a lot about the case. I thought there was a law protecting the privacy of young children. If this is how the social services workers handle children’s privacy, I don’t think I’ll ever report anyone for anything. And to conduct themselves in such a manner is a disgrace to our county.

The worst crime you can commit is a crime against a child, but in Letcher County you will only get a slap on the hand if you harm a child. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and it was dead wrong for this Fields woman to have killed her child and pretty much just get away with it. Anybody can do five years in prison – anybody. How many people can do 25?

I think the craziest thing they’ve done yet in Letcher County is to build a baseball field instead of building a home for the homeless people. Some women don’t have a place to go because of their crazy men. I’ll tell you something else: They give out money to help people pay their power, but a lot of people still had their power cut off because they couldn’t pay it. You can call them at 633-4458 and they tell you they don’t have the money. Why don’t they give some of that money out in October, then the rest in January and February when it’s needed the worst? People in Letcher County better wake up.

I think it is a shame the women get out and whore around while they leave their little children at home to take care of themselves. I think it’s as low as you can get for a mother to leave her child at home alone while she’s out running around.

It looks like a woman from Turkey Creek and her old ma are living high on the hog on an old man’s money.

I called my doctor’s office the other day and was told to wait a minute. I held the phone for 30 minutes and they never did come back. What makes people do that? That’s not nice.

This message is to the people who operate the Letcher County Public Schools television station: Guess what? Seven families have blotted you off their list and blacked you out so that you can no longer be seen in our homes. My child and his friends turned on the TV the other day and came in crying because there was a science project on TV showing the dissection of an animal. I thought it was horrifying that they would have the audacity to show such a thing where children could find it on the TV. I called a couple of other mothers in the area, and we’ve decided Channel 22 is no longer on our channels to watch.

No one is going to give someone $9,000 for a car that is 10 years old with 120,000 miles on it.

I can’t believe they’re going to let that Fields lady off so easily after she killed her child. It was a baby, and it was killed when she put it in that plastic bag. No bleeding went to her brain and caused her to do that. I think she should have to serve the full term for killing her child. Thank you.

I just read a comment in Speak Your Piece about the supply of coal running out in 10 years. What is the deal with all these people saying coal is going to run out? That is so stupid. Coal will be here, probably, for the next 60 years. Coal furnishes up to 60 percent of our electricity. Every time these people take a bath, turn a light on, or fire their stove up to cook, they use electricity. They need to quit griping about coal and be thankful there are people who go under a mountain to give them all of these luxuries. All of these people who say ‘stop strip mining’ and ‘stop coal mining’ are stupid. That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.

The mayor of Brickyard Hill would like to announce the results of the annual census. We have eight decent households with nice families, a few who like their beer but are no problem. We also have one drug dealer and one household of burnouts. A couple of places are available to drug dealers or anybody on drugs. We also have 15 cats and six dogs – one yelping dog that is a short timer. Worst of all is our one broad-butted female troublemaker. I remember the good old days. This hill has gone to hell.

Here’s your fair warning. If I don’t sleep, no one else in the whole neighborhood is going to sleep. You’ve been warned.

Me and my wife have been reading Speak Your Piece. Yes, the caller was right about the man from Cram Creek doing his wife wrong while everyone around him has been getting busted. Everyone knows who I’m talking about. Just don’t get around him. He’s hanging with a woman he was given by another man. He’s nothing but a jerk, and is the only one from the area who didn’t have to stay in jail for too long. If this ain’t in the paper we’ll know why. Thank you.

I would like to see the drug kingpins up on these mountains planting trees. FBI, charge these people and get them convicted. Courts, sentence these people to planting trees on our mountains. Then we could all enjoy driving around watching these people planting their hearts out, day in and day out. Convicts really getting their hands dirty, working, restoring, sweating. No bare mountains, more oxygen. Two problems solved.

To my wonderful husband Clarence: I love you very dearly and I wouldn’t be able to breathe without your love. Please know you do very well for me, and your love makes me the happiest woman on Earth. I am very lucky and blessed to be loved by such a good provider who is all heart. Love always, Ethel.

The guy who called in is right, what goes around comes around. And the one who claims to be a big Christian? Puh-lease.

To the lady who drives up and down Thornton with the married man: He will steal you blind. Thank you.

To the boy in a mini-truck in Jenkins: I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much, and I cannot wait until we get back together. I’m so excited. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m sorry we broke up before, but we have the future to look forward to. I’m back now and I love you, baby.

I would like for people to start acting like Christians. You act like it couple times a week but the other five days you don’t. You are supposed to love one another and have no grudges like some folks do now. How can you get along with folks in heaven as you claim you can but you can’t here on earth and hold grudges? Wake up before it’s too late. In Christ’s mercy grace. Geneva.

I am so let down by our justice system. Delania Fields admitted to causing her own daughter’s death and she is living here in our community and not in prison. I will never understand how she is a ‘free’ woman and running around town like she didn’t do anything wrong. The guilt she should feel and humiliation for what she did to her own child should keep her locked inside her home. Why do we even need jurors anymore? Seems to me like judges and money make all the decisions.

The greatest food recall in history, at least 43 million people drinking polluted water, 343 counties with air not fit to breathe, ailments that can’t even be identified – eastern Kentucky still cheering for mountaintop removal. Madness!

Those who are trying to rationalize the toxic air, water, and food we have to deal with, all for the sake of a marginal economy, should allow themselves to consider the down-the-road results of such irresponsibility. Secondhand smoke is probably one of the lesser pollutants in this environment. Anyone who has ever driven through Hazard during a windstorm has had a visual display of what our respiratory systems have to deal with. If this continues there will be an epidemic of emphysema in the next two or three generations, not to mention all the afflictions, some not even identified yet, that will come from the food and water.

Most of the log trucks on our roads are carrying at least twice the allowed load, and they are the greatest danger on the roads.

The rally the mountaintop movers and their political toadies had at the Capitol the other day just showed what a scare they got from the stream saver bill. All they’ve done is buy time, though, and it won’t do them any good. While they still have the support of the majority in eastern Kentucky by convincing them their livelihood depends on polluting the earth, they have lost the support of the nation. Social pressure is a powerful force and they are becoming the villains. They are in the same position tobacco was in a few years ago. Any thoughtful person is extremely concerned about the pollution and destruction of their habitat – 43 million people and probably more, who are drinking water that you don’t want to even think about, towns covered with coal dust to the point you can’t read the street signs, and global warming, which is happening, despite that eminent scientist Jim Gooch’s denials. Coal, any coal, produces too much carbon and it will be regulated to the point it isn’t a major industry by the federal government. These things aren’t debatable for very long. It’s going to happen, Mr. Gooch, so you’d better be looking for a different sponsor.

I am a wife to one of the employees at a certain coal company. I really don’t think it is fair for the company to tell their men every week they’re going to get a Saturday off, then make them work. These men work hard and have families. I thought this was a family-oriented company. My husband never gets to spend time with his children. The children are in bed when he gets home, and, for most families, they are gone to school before he wakes up. We never get to go out as a family at all. I’m not saying to give them every Saturday off. Just be fair, and keep your word. A man is only as good as his word.

I live in a trailer court at Whitco. There is a pack of dogs running loose here that is killing cats. These dogs are vicious and will attack anything. There are a lot of children living here and sooner or later they will attack a child. I have contacted the judge’s office, sheriff’s office, and everyone else I can think of. I am an animal lover and love dogs dearly. I don’t know if someone owns these dogs or if they are homeless. But these dogs are hungry and need to be removed from here. They need a home where they can be fed and taken care of. When these dogs attack my child or any other child I am going to make sure that everyone knows the local officials would do nothing to help take care of this situation. I am also going to make sure the owner, if they belong to someone, is sued for everything they have. We desperately need a good animal shelter in this county.

The person becoming suspicious of his lawyer is certainly not alone. I guess that’s part of being involved in legal things, but it’s a shame that anybody has to deal with those suspicions at a time when they’re already under a lot stress. A legal process is full of anxiety and tension, and the last thing anyone needs is to be uncertain about someone they’re paying to help them. Keeping a case going just for more revenue is probably a very serious matter, but I doubt it would be possible to get another lawyer to handle a complaint. The commonwealth’s attorney might be a good contact. He could probably point out the right direction.

The word is that a Rogers/ Fletcher disciple in Letcher County has used his position to pressure professional associates to give support and funding for political candidates. Some of those who did not cooperate say that their livelihood was threatened. If these stories are true, Letcher County has reached a new low in corruption. Is nothing sacred anymore? Is anyone or any profession safe? How about ministers? They reach and influence a lot of people. Does anyone think this arrogant network would hesitate to use them? I don’t think so.

Well, I always thought the U.S.A. was a free country. I think it is a shame that a working person cannot do whatever they want to on their days off of work. All of this drug testing is a waste of money. They are just focusing on the coal miners and truck drivers. If they are going to do them, then what about all of the county, city and state workers? What about the lawyers, judges and cops? Are they being tested every week? I know people shouldn’t be doing drugs but it is their choice – if they work all the time when they are off they should be able to do what they want to. Is there anything we can do about this?

Our court and social services officials in Letcher County are abandoning many of the weakest and most disadvantaged of the county, the children, to vicious and abusive parents. In any parental dispute over children, they have an uncanny ability to give possession to the worst parent. A father can physically abuse his family to the point that the neighbors can hear the wife and children screaming, can lose them to divorce because of that domestic violence, and can still take a young child and refuse to let the mother see it, and can even get an EPO against the mother who is trying to reclaim and protect her child from his behavior. The officials should be able to check the court records and find the record of abusive behavior on the part of the father. This official negligence is allowing these misfits to reproduce themselves because their behavior to their children causes lifetime physical and psychological impairment and results in the children’s being duplicates of the abuser.

Everybody wonders why we have more drug problems than other counties. It’s easy. The court is soft on druggies. The druggies know it and are pouring in, like flies to sugar. That’s also why we are having so many more break-ins.

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