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Mines are shutting down and we don’t know what is going to happen to the people. I’d like for an educated person to tell us what happened to all of the unmined coal tax that was paid in the state of Kentucky. Was it pocketed by politicians? Where did all of that money go? I think the state should have to pay back every dime of unmined coal tax paid in the last several years on people who had property that had coal on it. Why doesn’t the state have to pay all of that back to the individual property owner? I’d like to have an answer to that.

. What is happening to the senior centers? The word for a while was that they would be leased to the communities as community centers, but no one seems to know what the situation is now. Why not take back the $300, or $600, or whatever the magistrates and judge are taking from the poor people, and seniors, and reopening the centers with it?

. The EPA didn’t quit until shut down nearly every coal mine in this country, but yet they let that city in Michigan pump that sewer water right back into those people’s houses. Where were you, EPA? Why didn’t you do those people like you did the coal companies and the coalminers? Somebody got big lots of money put in your pocket didn’t you, EPA? I wish somebody would catch you but they won’t. They’re in on it, too.

. I’d like to ask the court system one question. When are they going to set trials for the two killed the Hogg boy?

. I think Jamie Hatton would make a fine county judge.

. I think we ought to let the people who run the water department take over the Letcher Fiscal Court. They are the only ones in the county who haven’t raised rates.

. To a certain girl who lives in Bill Moore Branch: The next time you stop and talk to my wife, you are going to have some serious problems.

. When a government offi- cial has been shown beyond doubt to have violated the public trust they often resign rather than continuing in disgrace and contempt. Someone is then appointed to fill out their term until the next election. The people who have done away with the senior centers and recycling center, reduced law enforcement to a shell of what it should be, raised different rates, and the given themselves pay raises, should resign.

. I’m wondering if anyone has anything to say about the comment that was in Speak Your Piece recently from someone who said our nation’s military members should be making more money than football players. Does anyone else have

any thoughts on this?

. That pious magistrate who explained his vote for the pay raise by saying he didn’t think the other magistrates would work much if they didn’t get it should be asking for guidance for himself on how to be an honest person and an honest official. He was probably right about the other magistrates, though, How he and the others, and the judge, can face the public after this is beyond me. I think they should all resign.

. Both quarterbacks that are getting ready to play in the Super Bowl are from the Southeastern Conference. I’d like to know how many SEC players are on both of those teams.

. They ought to change the name of Letcher County to Leech County. All they have there is a bunch of leeches.

. I want to wish our granddaughter Abigail Faith Wilder a happy first birthday. We love you, Sweet Pea. Mamaw and Papaw Wilder.

. We want to wish our niece Olivia Grace Myer a happy fifth birthday. We love you. Love, Aunt Melissa and Uncle Charlie.

. We want to wish Abby Wilder a happy first birthday. We love you. Love, Aunt Mert and cousin Chris.

. We’d like to wish Olivia Myer a happy fifth birthday. Love, Aunt Mert and cousin Tiffany.

. Why aren’t the streets in Neon cleaned? It’s not like it is downtown New York. The bank, the library, the drugstore and other places like that need to clear the sidewalks and the parking lots in front of and around their places of business.

. We would like to wish our great-granddaughter Abigail Wilder a happy first birthday. Love, Mamaw and Papaw Blair. We want to wish our granddaughter Olivia Grace Myer a happy fifth birthday. Love, Mamaw and Papaw Blair.

. We would like to wish our great-niece Abby Wilder a happy first birthday. Love, Aunt Cheryl and cousins Olivia and Emma. Happy birthday, Abby.

. We can now, with a proper license, grow hemp again. If you have nine acres or more you can make money with it. I’ll let you know where the markets are. So let’s get with it and bring the economy back to this county. Go online to hemp licenses in Kentucky to get started. If you own a strip mine site, we need hemp on these sites as there may be a possibility of bringing water tables back to these sites.

. Can anyone provide one example of what any of the magistrates who voted to raise their own pay have done for the county except go to the meeting once a month?

. My name is Paul Morris. On January 3, all of my radio programs on WXKQ were canceled without warning. I was not aware of these cancelations until I started getting phone calls from my listeners. I called WXKQ on January 3, January 11 and January 12. Finally on January 12 I was told of the cancellation of my bluegrass music program that began 39 years ago. I requested by e-mail on January 15 a reversal of this sudden and secretive action. As of January 27, 12 days later, I have received no reply. I telephoned the station twice during this time and was told that Mr. Kevin Day would call me back, but he has never done so. I can only assume that the cancellation is irreversible and final. I was given no opportunity to say goodbye to my many faithful listeners on the radio or to say thank you to my friends and sponsors. So I hope through Speak Your Piece to be able to do so. My sponsors included the following: Tim Ison Insurance Agency; Parkway Pharmacy; Dr. Bill Martin Collins; Double Kwik markets; Pine Mountain Grill; Dr. William D. Sizemore; Cardinal Automotive; Letcher County Court Clerk Winston Meade; The Copper Comb Barber and Beauty Salon; Isom IGA; Potter’s Monument Company; Rolane Appliance, Hardware & Marine; Messenger Florist ; Whitaker IGA; Action Auto Supply; Millstone Construction Company; Dairy Queen; Whitaker Bank; Cozy Corner; Breeding’s Plumbing and Electric; Jimbo’s Complete Collision Service; Pine Mountain Outfitters; Turner Brothers Car Care; Frazier’s Farmers Supply; James Hubbard, Attorney at Law; Mountain Truck Parts; Parts City Auto Parts; Standard Laboratories; Tim Short Ford; Mountain Medical Equipment; Howard’s Carpet; Conjun Laboratories; Bella Home Furnishings, and Napa Autoworks. It all started with a handshake with Don Crosthwaite 39 years ago. That’s a lot of good music. It is regretfully all over. My sincere thanks to all of you and to The Mountain Eagle for always being confident in my music and me. Thank you.

. These people who think they are getting a real good deal on this gas need to be watching the news and see how many houses get blown all to hell with it. They think they are saving money, but that money isn’t going to do any good when that house blows up and kills them.

. It’s a slap in the face that the magistrates voted for a raise for themselves.

. I don’t understand the article on the $300 pay raises. There isn’t enough detail. There are more questions than answers, and they demand explanations. The paper said the raises appeared to be illegal, and they apparently are, but why did the county attorney not do anything about them? He and the judge just agreed, and the judge’s abstaining from the vote was just like a vote for the raises. This is serious business, and all of those involved must be held accountable.

. How could the recycling center not have been making a lot of money?

. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell voted to cut black lung benefits. That is what coal miners get when they vote Republican.

. The government gives those of us who have worked more than 30 years $800 a month to live on, then give the same amount of money to sorry people who wouldn’t strike a lick at a snake if it bit them. I wish I never worked the first day in my life. To heck with this sorry government.

. I’m calling about the county magistrates and their disregard for our funds which we pay. County Attorney

Jamie Hatton should show the fiscal court members how this expense account is inappropriate and illegal. Not a single voter out there supports this. These magistrates better change their ways or they will be short timers. We’ll have to find others to take their places. We need real magistrates to work for the people.

. Can the magistrates and the county judge be impeached like most elected officials can be?

. How did a $300 expense account turn into $600? And the $600 is almost $60,000 a year and here you guys laid off workers from the recycling center? Do you all not have a heart? Some of the court members are retired plus drawing that and county retirement.

. I just wanted to comment on how another newspaper gave so much space for a relative of an accused murderer to ask ‘what if’s’ with some questions of my own: What if the accused hadn’t stabbed the Hogg boy multiple times to make sure he would die? What if the accused hadn’t slashed the tires of the vehicle, which kept the Hogg boy from getting to the hospital and having any chance of his life being saved? I’m related to one of the accused and I hope they both get the maximum punishment.

. I would like to speak my piece about the 2016 presidential election: I’ve been around since Jimmy Carter was elected president and I have been following every election since then. This year’s election is like a three-ring circus. Mr. Trump needs to grow a black mustache so he can be like Adolf Hitler. If he gets elected president, it will be like Germany and the Nazis. All I can do is hope and pray that we elect Hillary Clinton president. She is our only hope. She is clearly the best choice and we need to vote for her.

. Angie Hatton is running for state representative, but my family will not be voting for her. That’s because she is always trying to impose child support on men who are unable to pay it. She works really closely with the social services people and they are definitely not the kind of people who want families to grow and be together.

. I live in District Three. We had confidence in Woody Holbrook, but since he became a magistrate he seems to have found a way to raise his own salary. It’s time for a change in the courthouse. My family, which is a large family in Letcher County, will no longer be supporting Woody Holbrook. The courthouse needs to be cleaned out.

. Some people can never be content with just living life.

. Guess what. I have a surprise. More news is coming next week.

. While in Food City the other day I saw a beautiful man whom I still love very much.

. To a certain person: I’ll always love you.

. When we the people of Letcher County elect candidates to office, why can’t they work in their office instead of hiring somebody else to do their job for them? As soon as they get elected, they vanish and we never see them anymore. And people continue to vote for them. Why?

. I heard the county judge make a statement the other day about getting a grant for the county court clerk’s office so they can get deeds updated. I think it was for $27,000. He said that was for the people of Letcher County. That’s not for the people of Letcher County; that’s for these fee-grabbing out-of-state investment

firms coming in here to sell your taxes for a profit because you aren’t paying any taxes. They charge you outrageous fees to get liens taken off your property. It’s also for the benefit of mineral companies coming in and trying to take your property and land.

. The 9-1-1 service fee — everybody in the county is paying $2 or more for this fee on electric bills, TV cable bills, cellphone bills and in every other way they can charge it to the people. Where does that money go? What is the 9-1-1 service? That is a lot of money that is being generated and taken away from people who can barely afford to live in Letcher County? How much is 9-1-1 service worth to the people? I lived without out it when I grew up. I’ve never seen a big advantage to having it. If you need an ambulance, just call an ambulance. If you need the police, call the police. I don’t see why we should pay our last dime to support our 9-1-1 service in the county if we can’t afford it. I think we can live without it. We have in the past.

. Wherever you go around the county — fast food places, coffee hangouts, post offices, bars, and other gathering places — all you hear talked about is how the fiscal court closed the senior centers, slashed the sheriff’s budget, laid off their constituents and neighbors, and then gave themselves pay raises. The people of the county, from Jenkins to Ulvah, and from Partridge to Neon, know that they have been victimized — that their social life has been wrecked, that necessary meals have been eliminated, that insult has been added to injury. They are confused, but not nearly as much as they were a couple of weeks ago, and they are getting things figured out. They are angry and they want some stability restored to their lives, and, most of all they want those magistrates to pay back those pay raises, and that money used to aid the desired stability. There is no need for four members

of the fiscal court to try to dodge and evade this issue. It has gone beyond the point of no return, and they have lost any support and respect they may have had, probably for the rest of their lives. It is now time for them to give up any illusions of regaining anything for themselves, and to try and correct some of their wrongdoing. If they can’t do that it’s time for the Attorney General and other state agencies to step in and do something to mitigate the damages they have inflicted on the citizens of the county.

. I’m getting sick of tax bills going up. I don’t know who gives the school board the authority to do that. If the schools needed the money it would be different, but they don’t. They’ve got a good account. I don’t understand why they keep raising our taxes. If it is to draw money into the county, then somebody needs to check and see what the county is doing with the money. Evidently, somebody isn’t handling it too well and I’m sick of it.

. I’d like to see Edison Banks retire from his position as Letcher Commonwealth’s Attorney. I don’t know why he won’t. He lets the cops, state police and sheriff ’s office do whatever they want, so why do we even need him?

. I’d like to thank my neighbors in Bill Moore Branch — Damron Mason and Jimmy Vance — for keeping the snow off the road. They are good men. I wish the rest of my neighbors were like them. I wish I were like them, too. You are good men.

. You would think a certain person would get tired of gossiping about another certain person. I’ve had people come to me telling me things that were said. Then they would say they weren’t going to fool with that gossiper anymore. But I say don’t stop talking to her. Be her friend, I don’t care. The way I see it she needs all the support she

can get, because it’s clear she’s not capable of moving forward with anyone. Maybe she can’t find anyone who wants. I have a husband, family and friends that love me. That’s all that matters.

. Of course Jim Ward wouldn’t vote in the pay raise scandal. He wouldn’t vote for it to save himself embarrassment, and wouldn’t vote against it to protect his ‘three yes men.’ You help me — I’ll help you, right? Why does the Government Channel continue to have priority over everything else? Seems to me it’s not needed as much as senior centers. For political reasons? Taxpayers have a right to know answers.

. I hope everyone watched the most recent God Offal Party debate and once again how much they talked about what big Christians they are, how much they would bomb, kill, and destroy, and last but not least, how peaceful resolution of problems is not even in their vocabulary. What are your morals?

. Does everybody out there realize how bad Jim Ward has treated all of us since he’s been in office? He raised our 9-1-1 fees. He shut the senior centers down and laid off lots of county workers who need the jobs. He raised the old people’s garbage bills so he could give it to those three magistrates who don’t care whether anyone else has food in the house or not. You know I guess nary one of them ever read the Bible. My family and I voted for Jim Ward when he ran, but I will never vote for him again. I’ll see that my family doesn’t vote for him again, either.

. To answer what a writer wrote in the January 20 edition of Speak Your Piece: He or she must have been ignorant on what Hillary Clinton said about agreeing with Obama’s policies or does not want to believe what Hillary says. The coalfired plants, according to Obama’s spokesman, will be shut down by the year 2020. So, we should read and compare the facts of what we are told by the media.

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