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Thanks a lot, Deputy Sheriff Kenny Terry, for exposing meth labs in Letcher County. Not only are you a detective, you are also a doctor.

. I read an article in The Mountain Eagle that said the magistrates are getting $600 extra each month instead of what we thought was originally $300 each. Before the magistrates get that $600, they should have receipts showing where they have actually gone out and helped the county. There isn’t a lot of magistrates that go out and do anything. They get credited for nothing. I think this should be looked into. Also, I think everyone in the courthouse and the magistrates should be drug tested.

. I went into a certain place of business in Whitesburg and it smelled like a marijuana barn.

. Looks like nothing is going to be done with those boys that killed that Hogg boy on New Year’s Eve two years ago. Just like everything else in Letcher County, if you’ve got the money you don’t get any time in jail. I feel so sorry for that boy’s mother and dad. They are good people. The boy who got killed was a good person.

. I think it is awful dirty the way the radio station did Paul Morris. He played good music. That’s wrong.

. All that is in Speak Your Piece is a bunch of people griping. Welcome to Letcher County — home of the griping people.

. To a certain person: You have been mean to me. I have been kind to you. I cast spells at your own hand, not mine or anyone else’s. I wish you all ill will.

. There will come a day when you won’t be able to tell the one month from another month. If you’ll notice, that time is here right now.

. I’d like to ask all the people of Letcher County to please back Mr. Darrell Hall in the coming election for Letcher Circuit Judge. I have known this man for several years. He is an honest man that we always need more of. He would be a great asset to Letcher County.

. Jim Ward, what you have done to our senior citizens starts with an s and ends with a t. Also, about your magistrates, I’ve seen your meetings on TV and all I see is a bunch of restless men shuffling papers and writing down anything just to look busy.

. I know Paul Morris is probably disappointed about his radio show being canceled. I’ve listened to the show, but WXKQ is now a rock station. Mr. Morris might find a spot on WMMT. It’s just a suggestion.

. To County Judge Jim Ward: You have made some very bad decisions here


. I see where Jim Ward and the magistrates are trying to give themselves another raise. I’d say they better hope that they get all the money they can fit in their pockets this round because none of them will ever be in office again in Letcher County. I’ve been talking to Bobby Howard about my mom’s bridge for almost two years now and he hasn’t done the first thing. It’s about to fall in the river.

. I don’t know how Jim Ward can lie down and sleep at night. On the TV he is hollering about the lack of coal severance taxes for this county and he is the very one who let the gas companies come in. That’s the reason why the coal business has gone down. I hope he rests good at night knowing what he has helped do to the people of Letcher County.

. I was coming home from work at Pert Creek. I’m one of the five people who actually has a job. The neighbors were spring-cleaning. They had their kids out in the yard throwing their trash in the creek while the water was up.

. I think every business should have public restrooms.

. All Letcher County residents need to get together and get rid of every official in Whitesburg, including the school board and especially Jim Ward.

. If anybody votes for Hillary Clinton, they are voting for Obama again. You see what a mess we are in now? Most of us can’t even buy groceries, take care of our families and pay these huge electric bills. We need someone who will look after us.

. I read in The Mountain Eagle where Paul Morris is having a problem with the radio station shutting down his music. I enjoyed that music for a long, long time. I also noted the comment about the manager at the radio station not calling him back. As administrator of the equal parenting rights group here in Kentucky, we have tried to get on the radio and The Round Table on several occasions and we were told the same thing — that the radio station manager would call us back and let us know what we could do, what we could say and what we couldn’t say on The Round Table. Unfortunately, after about three or four tries of talking with the host of The Round Table, we never got a phone call back. We have been trying to help people in this county get 50 percent custody of their children. We are a group that is trying to get families put back together and get more time with their children. We didn’t get any help from the radio station, so I sympathize with Paul Morris. He is a good man and I hope another radio station will pick his music up so we

all can continue to enjoy his show.

. I read on WGN news on Facebook where they had 51 killings in Chicago in January and 292 shootings. If that is remotely true, for the life of me I can’t understand that. Do people in charge have any morals or values? You think they would put with this in Indianapolis, Louisville or Lexington? It would be worldwide news. You can’t even get a peep out of the news about the number of killings in Chicago. What an insult and embarrassment the news media is to this country. You’ve got no values whatsoever and I’m ashamed of you.

. I’ve got a family member who went to Letcher County Attorney Jamie Hatton for help. Her neighbor was threatening her and this lady is 70 years old. His advice to her was at her age she should just go home and rock in a rocking chair. What kind of statement is that to make to a 70-year-old woman? Attorney Hatton is supposed to be down there to help people, not to sit down there and make fun of people. I think this is a dirty shame.

. Five thousand years ago Moses said to the children of Israel, pick up your shovels, mount your donkeys and camels and I will lead you to the Promised Land. Seventy-five years ago when welfare was introduced, Roosevelt said lay down your shovels, sit on your donkeys, light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land. Today, Obama has banned your shovels to prevent climate change, taxed your donkeys, raised the taxes on camels and mortgaged the Promised Land to the Chinese.

. They say taking stuff out of a restaurant without paying for it is called stealing.

. I guess everybody likes to hear Jordan Smith sing, but I’d rather hear Ralph Stanley myself. I know everybody knows Jordan Smith now, but thank God I know Jesus Christ.

. Mountain Eagle, thank you for providing people a voice. To WMMT, I’m disappointed in your radio host commentary on February 3, which in my opinion trashed Ted Cruz. I believe that Ted is the best educated, most knowledgeable of the laws and the constitution. He is the most experienced in the government of all the candidates seeking nomination. I believe he will follow the constitution in making decisions. The host made what I thought were outrageous statements to stir up hate for Mr. Cruz. He didn’t provide any proof such as sound bites for what he claimed regarding Mr. Cruz. Here is what I think about radio hosts that take advantage of the microphone to spit out their opinions, which don’t help anything. It does cause confusion about what is the purpose of the media. In the past, the people behind the microphone were honest and left their opinions out of their reporting. The host seemed to approve of Fox News as an appropriate source to get facts. I’m beginning to see them steering their shows to people they like and stop the ones they don’t like. I apologize to that WMMT host if I called him stupid when I called. I meant that his commentary was stupid. I’m like to recommend the book ‘The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America’ by Daniel Hannan, an Englishman. He says to not let our politicians

take us down the road of European union-style social democracy. To close, all I hope is that America will elect a president that loves and appreciates America.

. How does Neon not clean up this little so-called town? Pallets and garbage everywhere and clothes almost out to the street in front of that old grocery store building. The old library is burned down with bricks laying everywhere. That is a horrible hazard. Looks to me like somebody would make them clean it up.

. Someone recently threw chocolate Labrador puppy out of a car window at Cowan. Two girls saw it happen and took the puppy to a vet. It’s throat had been cut and it was so infected. The puppy had Parvo and died at the vet. The girls picked up the puppy from the vet and buried it. They paid the vet $200 for someone else’s horrendous actions. How can someone be so cruel to animals?

. I thought Grace Closet was supposed to help the community and not charge for everything that was given to them for free. What happened to helping people?

. I’m not exactly sure why you all think having multiple whiteboards at work is an issue because if I just had whiteboards all along the base of my desk I could be so much more productive. I could doodle and write my thoughts on the whiteboards. It just really irritates me that other people can have five cup holders and I’m only allowed one whiteboard. All I ask is that I can have multiple whiteboards on my desk.

. I wish that someone would look at the red light on the bypass. It has been out at least a week.

. I didn’t think the housing development at Jenkins would rent to sex offenders, but evidentially they do. Evidently, you all didn’t check her background. She is also a big drug user. She’ll steal you blind.

. Rose are red. Violets are blue. Better watch yourself ‘cause they are watching you.

. This is the law enforcement of Letcher County. Eolia is getting worse and worse with drugs, drug dealers and meth makers. Doesn’t anyone care? Doesn’t anyone believe in sending anybody undercover? Think about the lives that are being destroyed.

. Why don’t you drug dealers who are poisoning families and killing innocent young people get off of your lazy butts and work and do an honest living? Be proud of yourself and be honest instead of doing the crazy, sickening stuff you are doing?

. Why did that radio station take Paul Morris’s show off the radio? Everybody liked him. We liked the gospel songs. We liked the bluegrass. I’d like to know why they took him off. What was the problem? He is a good Christian guy. He didn’t bother anybody. He just played music.

. Well now it’s me again. Here’s birthdays for the month of February starting with Jody and Dianna Barron who lives at Rockhouse; Jamie Pack; Opal Boggs; Cody Fields; Xavier Cornett; Joseph Pack; Johnathan and his brother as well; Kathleen Brock; Marie Amburgey,

Cowan knows her as her married name, Parker. She lives in Florida. Cassel Couch in Hogg Hollow; and Edgar William Sumpter. Hope you’re okay wherever you are at, buddy. That’s all. Please print this. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. If you’re not going to eat and want to look like a gray, starved, bigheaded skeleton, that’s your business. If you’re a mother with children and you don’t feed them, that’s CPS’s business. Your children look like refugees, and I’m going to call CPS if you don’t start feeding them. The school is already looking into it. Fair warning.

. Jim Ward, why would you think of messing with the current water system?

. If you think that Ted Cruz not eligible to be president, you should check out the law. I was following Ted’s career even before he ran for the Senate. He took the fight for the second amendment all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won. I knew that Ted was born in Canada, so I wondered why he would run for president. Then I did some checking and found that his mother was an American citizen, born in Delaware. That makes him eligible. No one ever questioned Romney. He was born in Mexico. Check it out.

. When I was published some years ago, I called the editor in northern Kentucky. His secretary asked me if I read Jim Webb’s book. I told her no, I don’t read poetry. When I was featured as the hillbilly poet in the Pike County Post, my ego was downsized because the readers I met asked me if I had read Jim Webb’s poetry. Did you all know that Jim Webb was a poet?

. The people of Jenkins, Elkhorn Creek, and Neon would like to ask ARH to reopen Jenkins Hospital. Too many people have suffered due to its closing, let alone the number of jobs lost — good jobs and lifesaving jobs. The problems were it wasn’t run correctly by former owners. It was a wonderful hospital and saved many people. Its closing has done away with the golden hour. Please reopen our hospital. We need it. You can make a profit if you run correctly.

. I need to find out what we have to do to get an election to get rid of our magistrates. They are a waste of money. They let the judge decide everything and go along with whatever he says. When the county can’t even call the people when there is a boil advisory and instead let them drink who knows what, that is bad. I asked why they didn’t call; they said they didn’t have the money. Since it’s a recorded message how much could it cost? Let me know next week what we need to do to get rid of these sorry magistrates.

. There is a reason people throughout the country have so much criticism and negativity toward the people in eastern Kentucky. We have shown our intelligence or lack thereof by our history of the ‘leaders’ we elect, and I use that term only because I don’t want to say publicly what I really think they are. It would not look very pretty in type. They have closed the senior citizens, closed the recycling center, but given

themselves a raise of sort. Check out how many vehicles for which the county is buying fuel, maintenance and insurance. Seems everybody from the judge down to the janitor is riding on us. The county judge, road foreman and the 911 manager should be the only ones with county vehicles. The sanitation manager needs to ride in a garbage truck picking up garbage, not running around in a county vehicle. The possum cop, I mean dog catcher, could use a bicycle for what work he does. As for the Letcher County Rangers, what are they anyway? Why do we need to pay salaries and expenses to have a county judge’s police department when we have Kentucky State Police, the Sheriff ’s Department and Vehicle Enforcement. Must be a bubby job, huh? Cut the sheriff ’s funds but keep the Power Rangers? And many jobs does the DES coordinator get paid for? How much is the cost of maintenance that is being outsourced to only one garage? Why are some things bid on and others not? We have people making decisions that affect us all but are making most of them to benefit their own agenda.

. I really appreciate the editorial in The Mountain Eagle calling for the magistrates and the judge to back off on the pocket-lining pay raise they voted for overtly or, in the case of Judge Ward, covertly. The Mountain Eagle is right and I give it full credit for having the courage to do that editorial. However, I do think The Eagle was too kind to the Judge and those three magistrates in the process, so I would like to present a dissenting view. The Mountain Eagle, just like the people in power, blamed all the County’s current fiscal woes on the decline in coal severance tax and never once mentioned the awesomely bad judgment by the essentially same crew on the Fiscal Court in voting for a white elephant recreation center at a time when everybody in the county who wasn’t brain dead could see coal severance was declining and knew full well what that meant. That $600,000 a year for thirty years they indebted us for could have gone a long way to funding the Sheriff, the Recycling Center, the Senior Centers, and the shortfalls in garbage pickup — and saved the jobs that were cut when those functions were cut. Or, to look at it another way, it would have kept a lot of functions going that benefited everybody in the county instead of one facility primarily patronized by Whitesburg, especially well-to-do Whitesburg. It won’t make any difference how the three selfish members of the fiscal court vote on their pay raise now, in regard to their reputation. They have shown their true feelings on how little they care about the people they are supposed to serve, and there is no way they can regain any respect.

. Marco ‘The Rube’ Rubio finally said something we all can agree with. In fact he said it over and over: ‘President Obama knows exactly what he’s doing.’

. The unemployment rate is down to 4.9 percent. Thank you President Obama. That is less than half of the horrible number you inherited.

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