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To the Kentucky State Police and Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office: Is a person who lives on Daniel’s Branch still on the cops’ payroll as a snitch? Is that why the snitching thief gets by with making meth, usually on weekends? Also, a certain person is bringing this Daniels Branch snitch and others in the area Sudafed from the Winchester- Lexington area, usually on Saturdays, to use to make the meth. Why hasn’t he been caught?

. Why does Donald Trump consider the New Hampshire primary a major victory for his presidential hopes? Sixty six percent of the Republicans voted against him. DUH! That is simple arithmetic. He is nothing but an arrogant, racist, demagogue who is very capable of arousing the emotions of the general populace who want to blame the establishment for their own shortcomings. The Republican field of candidates is quickly narrowing. Will someone please tell me why Dr. Ben Carson thinks he is qualified to be president of the United States? It takes more than a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist to be president. He will be the next one to drop out. Now let me bash Senator Marco Rubio; he is a good-looking, slick-talking candidate who has no platform. He still thinks he is running against President Barack Obama. Another DUH!

. Every time I see a house or car sporting a Confederate flag, I wonder what is behind that person’s decision. When I talk to these folks, I find it’s pretty easy to tell. So here’s a little test to help you figure it out for yourself. Ask yourself these questions: 1. Who was the president of the Confederacy? 2. Who was the Confederacy’s greatest general? 3. Which Confederate general was fatally wounded by his own troops? 4. What two cities served as capitols of the CSA? (Bonus points if you know the third city that served as temporary capitol at the very end of the war.)

5. Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired? If you can answer all five of these without looking them up, you know your basic Civil War history. Even so, many folks just like you believe that the flag now belongs in a museum, except for its use at reenactments. If you can’t answer even half of these without help, you are probably flying the flag because you’re an ignorant redneck bigot. Some of the folks who knew all the answers are bigoted, but at least they aren’t ignorant. If you could not answer even one question, then you are a disgrace to the memory of those who gave their lives, on both sides, of this war. Take it down. It was probably made in China anyway.

. To the person who wrote the humorous piece on Ted Cruz last week: It was truly funny, but we have Politifact, Snopes, and Factcheck on our side.

. On January 11, Gynnya McMillen was found dead in her room in a Kentucky juvenile detention center after being in custody for only a little over 24 hours. Even after firing the state’s juvenile justice commissioner and a staffer at the detention center, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is refusing to release surveillance video of her detention room. Is this a sign of what the Bevin governorship is going to be like?

. Yet again the Republicans are confused about how government works. They say we should give the people a say in choosing the next Supreme Court Justice by who we elect this fall. Well, giving the people a say is a great idea, but they’ve forgotten that we’ve already done that by electing our current President — and by five million votes.

. When did it become acceptable for people to use social media as a platform to call out businesses and individuals by shaming the business or individual until they get their way? It’s like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum in the middle of Walmart to get a certain

toy. What does the toddler learn when it gets the toy? The louder he screams, the quicker he gets the toy so he will stop throwing a fit.

. What happens to the groundhog for seeing no shadow? (According to legend, that means we would have an early spring.)

. Hemp oil helps chronic pain. I’m going to be checking into it further. If it keeps doing as good as it is now, it is going to be amazing.

. This is the old cat killer. saw Bill Clinton on television wearing a red shirt like he was a lumberjack. I’d love to arm wrestle him and about 10 more just like him. I am a retired coal miner. I’d beat him and 10 more just like him, one right after the other. He is a piece of trash. Hillary Clinton is a piece of trash. I was a Democrat, but they caused me to give up 155 years of being a Democrat and I changed it over to Republican. Have a great big meow day.

. My name is Paul Morris. Thank you to Speak Your Piece for printing my comment about the sudden cancelation of all my radio programs in the February 3 issue of The Mountain Eagle. I’d like to add a comment to the many folks who loved the Sunday night music: The program is still on the radio, but now on WXLN 93.3 up here in Shelbyville. It’s online on your computer at www.wxlnradio.com every Sunday morning at 7 a.m. and every Sunday night at 8 p.m. Thank you.

. There’s a whole lot of people out there that don’t like the way Paul Morris was treated by a local radio station. There aren’t as many people listening to the radio any more as you think there are.

. I saw that duck commander looking fellow the other day with that spaghetti legged woman making a big deal over some kind of toy. She thinks she is so attractive. She couldn’t attract anything but flies and buzzards.

. I’m answering the person who made the comment in the January 27 issue of Speak Your Piece about wondering what I can do to better my life. I can tell you what to do. Turn to God. Put Jesus in your heart and if you turn to God you will have a better life. Thank you and God bless.

. If I live to see next year and I have to file an income tax return, H&R Block won’t get ahold of mine. That is all I have to say.

. To the person who made the editorial comment that referred to The Mountain Eagle and the white elephant for the recreation center: You really hit it square on and described everything perfectly. That was very well thought ought. Thank you so much.

. The men at a certain auto service center are so rude and are constantly using vulgar language. They rip the customers off because they buy parts dirt cheap and then charge their customers outrageous prices for the same parts. I will be taking my vehicles somewhere else from now on.

. I can’t wait until Obama goes back to Chicago.

. I don’t know about everybody else’s magistrate, but our magistrate, Terry Adams in Isom, is a good person.

. It’s amazing how someone can keep six dogs in their house. How could you stand the smell of those miserable mutts in a house?

. Does anyone have a good fried chicken recipe? Thank you.

. You’re casting spells now? I always knew that you were. And you are watching me? I am shaking in my shoes. The only person I am afraid of is God. I sure don’t fear trash.

. Roses are red, violets are blue. It won’t long be long before they’ll be growing over you.

. I’m calling about the recycling program in the county. I have heard a lot of people talk about not wanting to buy blue bags. I also found out in the last few weeks that a lot of these cities whenever the garbage pickup people come by and pick up the people’s garbage, they will drop off one or two blue bags at that person’s house for them to put their recyclables in. If the City of Whitesburg wants to make this work, why don’t they provide blue bags to people who will recycle?

. Since the coal companies in Wyoming and places are having to file bankruptcy it has brought back to America’s attention what the coal industry did for America. It was the backbone of America. We need to get this coal rolling again. Appalachian areas and places in Pennsylvania are dead. The towns are dead. They are dying off because of the coal industry shutting down. This EPA can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. Most of it is bull crap.

. Probation and parole employees need to do their jobs. They’ve got people on wanted posters and they need to do their jobs and check the people.

. Mountain Eagle, thank you for giving people a voice. To the man behind the microphone: You could be a lot of help in serious times that we are in. But telling how much Ted Cruz tithes is not what I am talking about. That amount is no one’s business. Tithing is between the person and God. If he wanted to put some money aside for his children’s future that is well and good. You don’t have to be a Christian or a member of a certain church to donate money when you see the good they are doing in the community. If you really need to report on people’s tithing habits how about telling us the amounts for Hillary, the Donald, Burnie and yourself. Just kidding. It is no one’s business. Do you think you could possibly leave Ted Cruz be for awhile and concentrate on being fair and balanced like Fox News? Eight years ago we heard about fundamentally changing America, transparency and hope. We know what a fundamentally changed America looks like now. We know what transparency isn’t now and hope seems to be in short supply now. Man behind the microphone, I know you must be a smart man. I for one don’t know what Hillary means by being a progressive. How would she change America? Give me specifics. We shouldn’t accept everything they say without knowing what they mean like we did eight years ago. Thank you.

. Attention, Letcher Countians: You have an opportunity to elect one of our own for state representative.

Please go out and vote for a Letcher County candidate in the coming race. We have good people running and we need Letcher County represented.

. Angela Hatton Mullins running for state representative. She is a Letcher County resident and she comes from a good family. She is a proven attorney. It’s time Letcher County is represented in Frankfort. The last lady who was our state representative did a great job. Let’s keep it going. State Representative Angela Mullins, doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

. Can someone tell me why we have to pay for the upgrade on the power plant? That is absolutely not our debt. Everybody contact their congressman, legislator and anybody else we contact to see why they are putting this on our power bills.

. I think it is a disgrace people are paying all these library taxes and the Letcher County library is closed all the time when the weather isn’t even that bad. Something needs to be done.

. It is my opinion that Donald Trump is the only person who can rescue the United States from economic and cultural collapse. The United States today is in the condition of decay it is in because of political and cultural mismanagement, mainly political correctness gone wild. If you were born in the United States of America, then you automatically are classified as a Christian because that is the way it should be in a nation where the culture is, by history and majority, Christian. If you are a born citizen of an Arabic nation, then you are classified as a Muslim (Islam) and that is the way it should be. My military dog tags say Church of Christ and I am not a member of any church, nor have I ever been. I do not want to be a subject of Islam — I prefer Christianity. Obama’s plan for America seems to be to change our religion — or at the least change the concept thereof. Trump will cause the perpetual culture of the U.S.A. to continue and recover from the damage the socialists have already done. I will vote for Trump if his name is there. Anonymous.

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