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Has anyone come across from Colley Gap going down Sandlick noticed a pipe and a hole coming out of the ground? There’s waste coming out of that. It is a straight pipe. Letcher County still has them. We have to smell this stink as we drive past it every day. This is a shame. I hope and pray that old people don’t live there. If they do, they need to get help and get a real tank put in. This is unreal.

. We recently buried a loved family member. The support the community gave the family was truly heart-warming, but I want to point to a unique rural tradition that makes me proud that my roots are in this area. As the funeral procession made its way from the funeral home to the cemetery, almost every car we met either pulled to the side of the road or stopped in place as the funeral procession passed. This is our way of showing respect to the deceased and their family. It is an Appalachian tradition that does not exist everywhere. Oddly, the only car that ignored us and went flying by was a black pickup truck with a ‘Blessed’ front license plate.

. Is Whitesburg still going to get a Taco Bell?

. No wonder people have lost faith in law enforcement agencies or the judicial system. Can someone tell me how a known drug dealer who is ‘legally’ barred from even being in the state of Kentucky can sit in a basement in the Payne Gap area of Jenkins and sell heroin and other narcotics? How can his ‘Christian’ grandfather allow such behavior? The Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department and Kentucky State Police, as well as this person’s parole officer in Virginia, are all aware that this is going on. I guess that once you are an informant for law enforcement you are then protected from any further arrest and prosecution no matter what you do. Maybe it is going to take some overdose deaths to bring this trash to justice.

. I guess anyone except the poor can have an apartment at Mountain Breeze in Jenkins. I think it is a dirty shame that they will lower standards for some of the people they let in and then they won’t let poor people in who really need a place to stay.

. This is to the Donald Trump hater: I hate to make you cry, but I just heard that the Democrats in Hollywood have money and power in California and are going to vote for Trump. They woke up and are sick of the Clintons. Can you imagine Hillary Clinton dealing with Putin?

. This is to all you millennials and hipsters out there: When you are speaking on the radio or just in conversation

and use the expression ‘so yeah,’ it means nothing. It is useless. Stop it.

. Has anyone ever figured out how much it is going to cost the county’s taxpayers when we have to pay to get Jim Ward’s name erased from every county vehicle? Shouldn’t Ward have to pay the cost of doing this when the time comes?

. So Marco Rubio has gone even farther into the gutter by making fun of people with small packages? Isn’t he afraid of turning off the NRA vote by doing that?

. I didn’t vote for Jim Ward for county judge/executive. He has five secretaries. Ask them why they need to give these magistrates a raise. We don’t even know them. They don’t do anything for us. They shouldn’t have a raise. He should think more about the people than his own private secretaries. We do need help with senior citizens and we need more help than what he is giving, instead of taking.

. Why don’t the people stand together and vote Jim Ward out of office? Letcher County is broke because of him.

. I think it is time they clean up that garbage dump in Isom. All you see is garbage and junk cars. Is that any way for Isom to get any business? We don’t need a garbage dump in our community.

. To County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: Can’t you do any better? You are killing the people who draw Social Security and disability checks. Why did you give the magistrates a raise? They don’t do anything. They don’t come around. Get rid of them.

. To the mother and daughter who are always putting their glorious photographs on Facebook: The daughter needs to do something to her hair and brush her teeth because you can see the cheese on them. The mother needs to get some Fixodent and sunglasses to hide that Neurontin and hydrocodone glaze in her eyes.

. After his victory in the Nevada primary last week, Donald Trump said he really likes uneducated people. What he means is up for debate, but I don’t think that in his heart he means that he likes uneducated people because they are the salt of the earth, with some inner common sense that allows them to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake. That would apply to intelligent people, which, regardless of how much the ignorant deny it, usually means educated people. Trump likes uneducated people because they generally don’t understand the important issues that affect the United States. Instead, they go with their gut, which means following

their likes and more importantly, their dislikes. This includes their bigotry, racism, and nationalism, all of which Trump has exploited ruthlessly. So if you see Trump as the savior of the United States, what do you think he is saving us from? The economy is in the best shape it has been in for years, with unemployment under five percent. The deficit is shrinking and the national debt is in decline, although it is still large — primarily because of George W. Bush’s two unfunded wars. The military is the most powerful in the history of the world and we are gradually getting out of the wars Bush got us into. But uneducated people don’t know this because they only get what news they actually do get from Fox News, which lies as much as Trump does.

. Our garbage bill is $40 a month and most of us don’t draw very much Social Security. We don’t have a bag or two of garbage a month. Why did Jim Ward do that to the old people? I don’t know what is going on in the county, but I do know that he won’t be elected again. We probably won’t vote for him if he runs for dogcatcher.

. I can remember the cartoon show on TV, ‘Beavis and Butthead.’ It was funny. It was stupid. It was entertaining to some degree. I’m listening to WMMT on a Tuesday night to a show called ‘Kill Your Radio’ and I don’t get it. I’ve heard no music. I’ve heard a bunch of adolescents. I don’t even know what they are talking about. I hate to be negative. It’s stupid. It’s useless. It’s pointless. Guys, stay in Leslie County and do your own thing. Sorry.

. It’s amazing how the Appalshop can allow such trash to hang around there three days a week and be guest DJs. They are rotten apples.

. I want to talk about the probation and parole office down there. There are a lot of people on probation and parole that are running the roads. If they get out and do their jobs, they might see them. They don’t do home visits like they are supposed to. They need to try to do their job. If anybody else agrees with me, please comment in Speak Your Piece.

. I read in The Mountain Eagle where Summit City is closing. People in this county wonder why our younger generation is on drugs. It’s because there is nothing to do. The ABC, FBI and DEA need something where they can put money in their pockets. I hate to say this, but we have so many so-called Christians in this county that if we don’t go to church we are condemned to die and go to hell. It’s a shame we don’t have more to do to keep youth occupied and away from drugs.

. We’re already hearing ads for the special election and soon the May primary ads will start. Is there not one Republican who doesn’t know they are not running against President Obama? The GOP ads have thrown dirt on him for eight years now, hoping the voters will be as racist and bigoted as they are. So what evil things has this president done? 1. Gotten us out of the war in Iraq, which was started by Bush under false pretenses. 2. Eliminated Osama bin Laden and several other al Quaida leaders. 3. Passed a

program of universal health care, for which Kentucky’s program was nationally recognized and Republicans want to kill. 4. Opened relations with Cuba, which will benefit both countries in the future. 5. Improved communications with Iran. 6. Saved the American automobile industry 7. Helped us recover from the stock market crash, which happened under George W. Bush in 2008. 8. Reduced unemployment to half of what it was under Bush. There are others, but this is long enough, and he would have done many more things to help the middle class if our own Senator Turtle had not tried to block him. Now, tell me one thing the Republican Party has done to help anyone but the rich and powerful.

. A drug addict and alcoholic are running a certain restaurant. The equipment doesn’t work well and the food isn’t staying warm. The food isn’t being kept well. There are rats everywhere. So when you go there, you better have health care. All they are worried about is getting your money. You better be careful.

. To the person who called in a comment in Speak Your Piece about the prison being built here: With this prison being built in our backdoor, has anyone ever considered the value of our homes with a prison within miles of it? The housing market is already down. Can you imagine if you were to try to sell your home after the prison is built? Who in in their right mind would want to buy your home? By the way, how many jobs is this supposed to produce? I’d say the jobs won’t be for our local people. The only reason I can imagine the prison being built is maybe for a retirement home for all the crooked politicians. (According to official estimates, the prison will create 300 jobs. Can you be certain the value of your property won’t rise with that number of new jobs coming to Letcher County?)

. I was talking to my brother who lives in Kentucky and he was telling me about a poor widow woman who lives on the Cumberland River side of Pine Mountain. He said he was talking to her while it was coming a big storm and she had pots and pans sitting all over the place to catch the water that was coming through her roof. This is a good Christian woman and her tin roof is deteriorated. Some of the Christians on the Cumberland River side should get together and help this woman. At the least they should put some tar on the roof to keep her from wondering if her roof is going to cave in on her during these storms. There are good people in eastern Kentucky. My people are there. I’m not able to work or I would help her.

. Have you ever wondered what the mischievous cartoon character ‘Dennis the Menace’ would look like when he grew up? Use your imagination; Donald Trump is a spittin’ image of ‘Dennis the Menace.’

. One of these days you are going to hear a loud bursting noise. It won’t be a jet plane breaking the sound barrier; it will be Donald Trump’s bubble bursting.

. My wife has developed speech impediment. She occasionally has to stop talking long enough to breathe.

For you young kids who aspire to be great basketball players, you will do well to emulate UK’s Tyler Ulis or his high school counterpart, Whitney Creech of Jenkins High School. They both got game.

. Listen, mister, I know it was you who had my tree in the backyard cut down. You aren’t getting this land no matter what. Go ahead and get my mom all stirred up again. The law has to be able to do something about you. Do you think you are God? If I see you in this yard I will call the police.

. Burn those park lights. Get that attention.

. They need to make some changes at a certain store in the Neon area. It has gone to the dogs. Even the bathrooms are disgusting. You can’t eat the food after 4 p.m. It is so old and looks awful. All the employees want to do is stay outside instead of doing the work that is needed inside. Don’t they know that people are looking for jobs every day? What is wrong with this younger generation?

. Donald Trump likes to boast about his wealth, which he claims to be billions of dollars. Why can’t he do simple arithmetic? The border between the United States and Mexico is approximately 2,000 miles long. What would it cost to build such a fence? Is he so stupid that he does not realize that any moron would find a way to climb over the fence or dig a hole under it? Does he have the funding to place an armed guard every 500 feet to prevent a person from impaling or digging under the fence? History will record his proposal as ‘Trump’s Folly’. Next on the list of Trump’s stupid ideas is that he will round up 10 million illegal Mexicans and send them back to Mexico. What would that cost? But more importantly, what would that do to our economy? Do you think there are 10 million white men who will labor all day bent over in the fields

. I’m giving April, Michelle, Dalton and Austin a five-star rating for their service at the drive-thru at Arby’s.

picking tomatoes or other crops? Hillary is probably hoping that Trump will win the Republican nomination so she can give him a good ass kicking in November!

. I work at a certain business and my boyfriend wants to work there, too. They say they won’t let him because it is against policy. At a certain location of the same business, two girls who are girlfriends can work at the same station on the same shift. Isn’t that against the rules, too?

. It is unfathomable that in a nation of more than 300 million people a nincompoop like Donald Trump would emerge and become a candidate for president of the United States. If John Wayne were alive today I would vote for him for president and we could use Donald Trump as a poster boy for his famous quote, ‘Life is tough and it is tougher when you’re stupid’. In November, history will record the most lopsided election in modern history. Two thirds of the Republican registered voters have in effect voted against Trump in the primaries. Doesn’t that send a message that the American people don’t subscribe to his radical (yet entertaining) rhetoric? I still have faith in the American people, especially ‘the silent majority’ who will turn out to vote in November and give him the reality check he deserves.

. I was at the rec center watching a youth basketball game over the weekend and saw that the ‘Bobby Knight’ of high school basketball’s son was the coach of a youth team. As the old saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Just like his dad he never sits down and never closes his mouth. They are only eightand nine-year-olds after all.

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