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There’s an old saying that ‘if you can’t be totally honest; be vague.’ So it is with Donald Trump concerning David Duke (head of the KKK) who offered Trump his support. Instead of disavowing the offer, Trump said he did not know anything about David Duke. What a chicken-poop liar Donald Trump has become. On the positive side, both Senators Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have publicly repudiated the obvious racism exhibited by Donald Trump. I was not a fan of our Senator McConnell since he fought the Affordable Health Care Act vehemently, but I guess there is some good in the worst of us.

. After watching the last installment of the Republican debate I can only conclude that of the four, John Kasich is the only one who has one lick of sense. I hope the other three can find some sort of employment after this is all over. I suggest they may want to become players on Comedy Central or perhaps a remake of the movie, ‘Dumb and Dumber.’

. As predicted in comments in 2010 and again in 2011 in The Mountain Eagle, the day has come that the police, the ignorant people, the sorry doctors who gave up their rights to be a doctor, the sorry pharmaceutical companies who have raised prices by 700 percent on most pain medicine, the really sorry multi-milliondollar self-righteous socalled pain clinics, and the UNITE organization would open Pandora’s box by making is so difficult for people to get pain medication. Just the other day I heard representative say, ‘We wish now a pill was our only worry.’ It did not take the intelligence of a worm to realize that heroin and other non-marked illicit drugs would take the place of a marked dose pill. The OD rate has gone from 73 dead per year to way over 1,000 in Kentucky. Kind of seems to prove a doctor should be able to be a doctor and not the DEA. The DEA and all police have done nothing except make themselves rich, the pharmaceutical companies richer, while the so-called pain clinics are making as much as $50,000 per day milking Medicare and insurance at 25 times the price their family doctor would charge for the same service. I would hate to say I told you so, but if everyone wasn’t all about the money and control, this would not be this way. Now deal with the heroin and fentanyl (100 times stronger than heroin) cocktails killing so fast they have overlapping funerals. UNITE has done a great job of funding their own huge salaries, but that’s about it.

. Hey, coal miners. What has Friends of Coal done for you lately?

. Wow, The Donald got 410 votes from the 3,978 registered Letcher County Republicans. That’s only a

little over 10 percent. His support here is really, really small.

. I just watched Letcher Central get beat by Buckhorn in the 14th Regional tournament. Pitiful. A peewee coach could have taken the talent on Letcher Central’s team and beaten Buckhorn by 15 points.

. Be careful when driving into downtown Whitesburg from the east. Cars pull across right in front of oncoming traffic to go to the health department. It is very dangerous. I’m not sure why they think they don’t have to stop and wait to turn in there.

. Why are they changing the time forward again? Leave it alone on old Eastern Standard Time. It would be a lot better. Leave the time alone. Everybody is satisfied with it.

. Times must be hard. I was in the BP station early one morning and saw a little old lady putting chicken in a bag and taking it to her car.

. To the Walmart employee: You need slow down going to get your pizza.

. People better watch, because a certain restaurant is overcharging people. Check your bills.

. Donald Trump’s candidacy shows that Letcher County’s voters haven’t gone as conservative as some people were led to believe. It’s hard to believe so many people got out and voted for a man who gives money to liberal causes and whose policies — if you can call Trump’s ideas policies — certainly are not conservative. Fact: Ted Cruz is a conservative; Donald Trump is a Democrat-leaning moderate. Shame on my fellow Republicans. What are you people thinking?

. I remember when my water bill used to be $25 a month in Neon. Now, it is $40 a month. No wonder nobody is going to clean up around his or her houses.

. I went on a Sunday drive all over Letcher County. I want to take my hat off to Cowan. I give them an A-plus because they have the prettiest community in Letcher County. No junk in their driveways. It’s a nice place.

. Why is the landfill in a hollow on Kingscreek?

. I’m so glad you can be friends with people on Facebook, but still don’t have to follow him. I get so sick and tired of people fishing for stupid compliments.

. Are people on Sandlick stupid enough to keep going in a meth lab trailer that has been taped off with ribbons and signs posted? Are these people this ignorant?

. Hey, moron. They are called driving lights. They

come on automatically.

. Would somebody please fix the stupid red light at the old Whitesburg High School before somebody gets killed?

. To ‘Mr. Brian Damron the Second’: Play it up while you can, but as soon as that video goes viral, your behind is history.

. The lock-them-up attitude of this country is wrong. The United States has a population of approximately 300 million and has more people locked in prison than China, India or Russia. What has happened to Pound, Clintwood and Haysi in Virginia since the Red Onion prison was built? Restaurants and businesses closed. The population dropped and even the liquor store moved out.

. Did anyone else notice that it wasn’t until the black guy dropped out of the Republican race for president that they started talking about who has the biggest manhood?

. I’m sorry for what I said. shouldn’t have put that in there and I am sorry.

. I agree with the person who said Jim Ward needs to get out of office. This county is broke and is in bad shape.

. I’m calling in about Summit City closing. It’s a shame that the City of Whitesburg and the people who could have helped have let a landmark like that to just go. That was the spot, the landmark. People started building around them because of Summit City. They were the best and it is just a shame. They draw in out-oftown acts, which no other restaurant has done. I think it is a shame. There must be something that someone could do about it. (In all fairness, Whitesburg’s city officials have been taking steps to see that Summit City and other similar establishments can reopen in the case of the former or stay open in case of the latter.)

. I have a question for the Letcher Commonwealth’s Attorney. Why is that every time you see on WYMT news that someone who is proven to be on drugs and causes a car wreck which leads to someone’s death, the offender is charged with vehicular homicide or murder? In Letcher County, when my family member was killed and the driver was drug tested and had Xanax and all kinds of drugs and marijuana in his system, he was only charged with manslaughter. I don’t understand why Letcher County is the only county that gives a lesser charge for the same crime. After this guy did this, he was caught a week later driving in the middle of the road and had drug residue hanging out his nose. Why is this? Is it what you do or who you are that determines the charges you will face?

. Is there going to be a town hall meeting where people can ask questions for the Democrat candidates who are running for state representative? We need to know these people more than what issues they stand for. We need to know where these people are coming from and where they are going. We need people who are focused on Letcher County.

. I think it is really good that Jim Ward lets his son cater to the senior citizens … (Letcher Judge/Executive Jim Ward’s son, who is a restaurant owner in downtown Whitesburg, does not —we repeat, DOES NOT — provide catering services to the Letcher County Senior Citizens Program.)

. If everyone would clean up his or her yard, it would be beautiful in Letcher County.

. How revealing to have so many prominent Republican leaders running down The Donald, then saying they’ll back him if he

becomes the nominee. They couldn’t make it more clear how much more important it is to them to hang on to power than to do what’s right for America.

. I have worked 33 years of my life, like many other honest, disabled retirees. Sadly, I can’t get that extra $700 or $800. I have nowhere to go and am too broke to go if I wanted to. You watch the calendar and watch waiting on the check. It only took five or six years to get. I didn’t do anything wrong. I got hurt. I got old. I got fed up. If you work hard all your life and pay your dues, sorry. You don’t qualify. I screwed up by working hard.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin are turncoats. Mc- Connell has helped Obama ever since he got voted in the last time. Bevin is an up-East elitist who thinks he knows what Kentucky needs. He knows nothing. Is he supposed to know more than the normal hillbilly? I beg to differ with him. He knows nothing. It seems now that Matt Bevin even believes he has a medical degree and knows how much medicine you need and how much is to be dispensed. I am a Republican. I will go house to house to make sure he doesn’t get any votes. Welcome to 2016.

. Get that white elephant genius out of office. He screwed up everything. He and his cronies are useless. Get him out.

. You’d think that a person would get sick of talking crap about another person. I’ve had people come to me telling me things said about me. I just laugh. They say they aren’t going to fool with that gossiper anymore, but I say don’t worry about it. Continue to talk to her like you always did. Be friends with her, because I don’t care. She’s stuck in a rut and can’t move on with her life, or she can’t find anyone to move on with! I choose to be the better person and move forward with a husband, family and friends who adore me.

. I would pay 20 cents more gallon for gas if someone would open a ‘Full Service’ gas station. Many of us either like or need someone to pump our gas for us, clean our windshields and check the oil in our vehicles? We don’t want to have to stand pre-pay and stand out in the cold for 30 minutes to pump gas in our vehicle and have it splash gas all over us. Yes,

I’d pay extra.

. I am concerned that our president will nominate a heathen to further destroy our nation with the Supreme Court nominee. All this president has done is destroy our nation and lie to the American people. It would be good if the American people would do away with both the Democrat Party and the yellow-backed Republican Party, as neither of them will stand for what is right. We the people want our nation back from the heathen childlike cowards. We are a nation by the people and for the people. We do not need to be told what to do by tyrants like the one we have in office. We want to elect a president not of the Democrats or the Republicans,

for both parties have failed our nation and our people. We want a man of God who loves God. Jesus is God. If this nation’s leaders don’t repent and turn from their evil ways, this nation will sink like a battleship with a hole in it. Only Jesus can save us.

. I want to ask the American people this: Does it seem odd that recently the Supreme Court ruled against Obama’s stupid agenda of climate change, and after that a Supreme Court judge was found dead and no autopsy was done, no investigation was done. I would not put anything past the Obama administration or Democrats trying to cover up their wrongdoings.

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